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1810 Edgecombe census… Andersons

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Comments can be referenced to the page numbers… such as “William 724”.

I am trying to “start from scratch” for identities for these folks.  Over the years I have developed ideas which simply do not match the facts.  I have left the full pages because the neighbors help to identify.

1810 census copy

Written by anderson1951

December 27, 2014 at 12:02 pm

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  1. 755… This is George Sr and wife Jane (both over 45)

    +++George Jr. (born 1798)


    +++Nancy m. James Stallings


    +++Sally m. Erasco Taylor

    +++Mary (Polly) m. Willie Lee
    There are 2 females I cannot account for?




    December 27, 2014 at 12:55 pm

  2. 756… I am “certain” these are 3 daughters of William Anderson d. 1789. (from his will)
    Penelope and Mary are “to 45” and evidently never marry.

    Rachael is interesting (over 45)… also stays single. Why?
    … a female to 26
    … 2 males to 26
    … one slave

    Later on a Gary (Geraldus) appears in this area… who is he?

    And who is this Elizabeth b.1784 d.1880
    (this tombstone is very near the area where these women lived and died)
    This is the Walnut Creek area near Wiggon’s Lake.

    Edgecombe Deed Book 17, page 246 1 May 1820
    Rachel (X) Anderson to her daughter Elizabeth Anderson – bed, loom, calves, heifers, cards, hogs, chest, plates, dishes, puter (sic) basins, all my wood. Also to her grandson Bennet Anderson – cow calf, and heifer. To her grandson George Anderson – cow, calf, and heifer. To her grandson Gralandes (sic) Anderson – feather bed.
    Wit. Francis L. Armstrong, Joseph Armstrong

    comment from DG:
    This deed is puzzling. It reads like a will. Sometimes people made these deeds when they were preparing to move away. And sometimes they made them because they simply wanted to dole out some of their property.

    We can find Geraldus Anderson again in the Edgecombe records. He buys some land in 1826 from Benjamin Sharpe. This means he is at least 21 years old. As Garry Anderson, he is listed in the 1830 census of Edgecombe as living alone, age 40 to 49. In 1834 he sells his land to Richard Harrison and drops off the grid. (Richard Harrison was a wealthy guy, who married Martha Smith of Scotland Neck – a distant aunt of mine- but left no legitimate issue. When he died in the 1850s, he left all his property to various nieces and nephews, some of whom were part of the biggest families in Edgecombe – Powell, Speight, Wimberley, Lewis, etc. He fathered an illegitimate daughter, Priscilla Dixon, who married Loderick Fountain and left many, many descendants.



    December 27, 2014 at 1:13 pm

  3. 724…

    Note (neighbor on the census)Pauline Telfair:

    That Pauline Telfair is likely the sister in law of the man in this document below…

    All of which makes me wonder if this William Anderson is related to the earlier James Anderson?
    This William appears to have a lot in Tarboro…
    253-(199) William Anderson of the town of Tarborough to John Womble of same. 23 Oct 1798. £75. A fourth of lot 15 in the town of Tarborough, fronting St Georges Street.
    262-(205) Sally(x)Patterson & Sukey(x)Patterson, both of the town of Tarborough in Edgecome Co, to William Anderson of same. 23 Jan 1798. 35 silver dollars. Lot 15 in the town of Tarborough.
    544-(474) James Ferguson of Edgecombe Co to William Anderson of same. 15 Mar 1800. £20. Lot 4 in the town of Tarborough, half of the sd lot fronting on St Georges Street.



    December 29, 2014 at 10:04 am

  4. Marc…….there are quite a few Andersons in the book Colonial Soldiers of the South,1739-1774. I have found Robert, James, William, and there may be more. These are people who served for Britain in a war in the Caribbean from 1739-42. There were troops from NN, VA, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York . They were known as Gooch’s American Regiment and were transported to the war zone on British ships from the colonies. My5x great grandfather Peter died on one of the ships in May 1741 while at sea. He received a land grant in Edgecombe Co. NC in 1741 that he probably filed in 1739. I found an Anderson that was on the same he was on. This book is on ancestry. I can put the pages in a file and get them to you somehow or I can list them on here with ship and year.




    July 10, 2016 at 5:54 pm

  5. Marc…You may want to try this link also for Anderson land grants in Edgecombe county.




    July 11, 2016 at 8:26 am

    • Jerry
      Thanks loads for the link to that site (I added it to my links section on the right side of my main Page.)

      New to me… and very much can save a trip to the Archives.

      It may be that only me (as the Administer of this site) can copy/paste images… sorry . But your links work great.

      As to your info that your James Jolly died in a militia excursion and was connected to that Land Grant is interesting to me. (I haven’t had an Ancestry account in 8-10 years but may renew just to see what they have added)

      Thanks for the link (good stuff)



      July 11, 2016 at 5:28 pm

      • That’s Peter Jolly, not James. If I can help any more let me know.




        July 11, 2016 at 5:32 pm

  6. No slight intended Jerry…

    Basically you have stated that that your guy Peter Jolly died on a ship prior to his deed in Edgecombe in about 1740ish…

    “They were known as Gooch’s American Regiment and were transported to the war zone on British ships from the colonies. My5x great grandfather Peter died on one of the ships in May 1741 while at sea. He received a land grant in Edgecombe Co. NC in 1741 that he probably filed in 1739. ”

    Prove it.

    With respect,
    As an aside, with what I can gather from the deed you linked to… it “may” be possible to find out where the land was located at with references to other “grants” at the time…

    But then if he was dead, what is the point? The answer of course is you may be looking for some one who inherited the deed. Are we on the same page?
    Thinking a bit more…
    you say:
    ” My5x great grandfather Peter died on one of the ships in May 1741 while at sea. He received a land grant in Edgecombe Co. NC in 1741″

    That is a mouthful my friend…

    And please understand me… no disrespect… a little proof would be nice…



    July 11, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    • Let me start with this, Gooch’s American Regiment was made up of men from NC, MD, NY, PA, and VA. They were raised to fight in he War of Jenkin’s Ear. Robert Jenkins, master of the Rebecca, had his ship seized by pirates in the Caribbean in 1731. Jenkins accusd his captors of cutting off one of his ears. Seven years later the story of Jenkins’ ear tipped the scales and Great Britain declared war on Spain. The regiment existed Between 29 Dec 1739 and 25 Dec 1742. Most of the recruiting was done in 1740.

      The NY troops left for the Caribbean on 3 Oct 1740 and were joined at Sandy Hook by troops from East Jersey and New England. On 12 Oct the armada sailed for the VA Capes to rendezous with the troops from PA, MD<, and VA ut they had already sailed and made Port Royal, Jamaica ahead of the main convoy. The NC troops were delayed and did not arrive until March 1741.

      I have the record from the Muster Book of His Majesty's Ship Boyne for March 1740 to April 1741 which shows a Peter Jolley alive and well who was discharged Apr 1741 in camp most likely in the Caribbean and I also have the muster log from the same ship for May and June 1741 that shows Peter Jolly deceased 11 May 1741 at sea. This Peter Jolly/ey was born abt 1709. He had 3 sons I know of John, James, and Peter. Peter my 4 x great grandfather was born 1740 and died 1803 in Pitt Co., NC (his son Jesse born 1790 was my 3x great grandfather), . James stayed in Edgecombe Co. most likely on the land his mother was on until her death (no record on her death). The land James stayed on ended up in the newly formed Nash Co., and he died in Nash Co. in 1796. James was born abt 1735.

      I have "a true inventory of all goods and credits of Peter Joyle (Jolly) decd" signed by his widow Rachell Jolly with her mark in 1742 from Edgecombe Co. Court.. Is it definitive, maybe-maybe not, but the time line ties in pretty good. I have found no records around that time for Peter Jolly in any of the other colonies except for a Peter Jolly in Norfolk Co. born abt 1706 who died in 1730 and his son Peter who, according to the book written by William Joliffe in 1893, went to NC about 1738 and then further south. The Jolleys in Norfolk Co. also went by the name Jolliffe from the time they settled there about 1653. There are probates that ue the name Jolley but the majoirty of it is Jolliffe.

      Seeing as how I couldn't find any other Peter Jollys besides the one in Edgecombe Co. then it seems true that the Peter Jolly who died aboard that ship is the Peter Jolly who received the land grants in Edgecombe Co. in 1741 from King George.

      any way, that is about it. No problem. I believe in proof too. That is why I have not definitively said Peter 1709 came from Isle of Wight Co. because I do not have a positive indication.




      July 11, 2016 at 8:44 pm

      • I also have this for Peter Jolly…Minutes of the North Carolina Governor’s Council, March 6, 1741 to March 24, 1741……Scroll down to 17 March and you will find Peter Jolly 250 acres Edgecombe Co., His grant was granted March of 1741 most likely for service to the Crown which is one of the ways to get a headright grant. Headright grants were 50 acres per person in the family so 250 divided by 50 equals 5 which would be Peter Sr., Rachell, John, James, and Peter Jr.




        July 11, 2016 at 9:24 pm

      • Sorry, Here is the link. My son is having surgery Thursday so my mind is a little messed up.




        July 11, 2016 at 9:25 pm

  7. Bertie County, NC…court minutes…1724-1739…Haun

    At a Ct. held…Febry 1738..

    …”Peter JOLLY to John JONES ackd. 40/.”

    “Wm. PIERCE Const. in ye Room of Jos. JOLLEY”
    This is likely your guy in Feb/1738. At this date Edgecombe County is just forming so I have no idea where this area of Bertie would have been.



    July 12, 2016 at 4:24 am

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