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Misleading deed… Micajah Anderson 1768

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This deed had me near admitting myself to the funny farm. There was no way I could fathom a Micajah Anderson in Edgecombe in 1768.

Edge. Co. Db D, page 107, deed date 11 Aug 1768, recorded May Ct 1769,Aaron Baker and his wife, Martha Baker, Edge. Co to Samuel Ruffin, same county for (90 shillings) proc money, our right of dowry on all and each of several tracts of land whereof Doctor John Jameson died seized and possessed and our right in a certain tract conveyed to said Aaron Baker by Micajah Anderson dated 25 Apr 1768 and is the same land whereon Aaron Baker and his wife Martha now live, containing “one hundred and seventy seven and five acres” beginning at a white oak & hickory on the south side of Tar River a little below Sherwood Haywood landing then by a line of marked trees to a pine in the back line of the patent then along the said line south 40 east to the corner pine then by the other line of the aid patent north 50 east 160 poles to a beach on the side of Tar River near the mouth of a small branch then up the courses of the river to the first station, signed Aaron Baker, Martha Baker, wit James Gray (proved), John Egerton, Arthur Cavenah.  Abstracted 24 Sep 07, NCA film C.037.40003, CTC.

After researching more than I particularly wanted to know about Dr. Jameson and Mr. Baker I concluded that Micajah Anderson was actually Micajah ANDREWS… Read below and save your sanity… no charge.


Aaron4 Baker (Moses3, Moses2, Moses1) was born Bet. 1737 – 1740 in Bertie Precinct, North Carolina, and died 1782.  He married Martha Jameson 1763.  She was born in Edgecomb, North Carolina, and died 1769.

Notes for Aaron Baker:

About 1763, Martha Jameson married Aaron Baker, who in April of 1765 was appointed the guardian of David, James, and “Jane” Jameson. She and Aaron Baker maintained their guardianship and “trust” of Dr. John Jameson’s estate until February of 1769, when Martha Jameson Baker died. At that year Thomas Williams was made guardian of the three children of John and Martha Jameson until at least 1773. After that the children appeared in various order accountable unto themselves. While married to Aaron Baker the two made the following deeds. In April of 1768, Micajah Andrews made an agreement with Aaron Baker to divide the lands that Andrews obtained in a judgment for his wife, Elizabeth Jameson Andrews, daughter of John Jameson. Baker was then residing on Dr. Jameson’s plantation, claimed under his wife’s name, Martha Jameson, wife of Dr. John Jameson, under her right of Dower. The farm consisted of 175 acres on the south side of Tar River and Baker gave up his right to two tracts of this known as Poke Island and Walnut Creek. On August 11, 1768, Aaron and Martha Baker of Edgecombe co., sold to Samuel Ruffin of Edgecombe co., NC., all rights to several tracts of land belonging to Dr. John Jameson. This included the 175 acre tract which Andrews conveyed to Baker April 25, 1768 and several other tracts as well. On May 15, 1769, Andrews and his wife, Elizabeth, sold to Samuel Ruffin of Edgecombe county two tracts south of Tar River and just below Sherwood Haywood’s property amounting to about 714 acres, this being most of Dr. Jameson’s previous plantation, plus another 365 acres along Walnut Creek. Samuel Ruffin sold these two parcels(714 & 365 acres) on May 24, 1769 to Robert Gray of Edgecombe Co., NC.

Aaron Baker resided in Edgecombe co., NC. until 1771 at which time it appears he removed to the George town District in South Carolina. Along with him went David, James, and Jane Jameson as well and they along with Baker’s own children remained at the plantation situated between the Big Pedee and the Little Pedee Rivers just outside and northwest of Kingston Township. On October 15, 1777, Baker purchased a 500 acre tract from Thomas and Sarah Williams of Cheraw District, Anson co., NC. but seems to have kept the George town resident none-the-less. Mr. Baker died March of 1782 and the inventory of his estate was handled by David Jameson and auction by Jonathan Jackson, Sheriff of Anson co., NC. In a later sale performed January 28, 1784, the estate sold one “negro woman” to James Jameson of Anson co., NC. Baker was probably a brother of? Moses Baker of Edgecombe co., NC. who died around October of 1786. His 1781 will lists sons: Michael, Moses, Aaron, Thomas, Joshua, Jesse, and daughters Ann, wife of Ralph Vickers, and Mary, widow of Micajah Stinson.

Notes for Martha Jameson:

Dr. Jameson owned extensive land within Bertie and Edgecombe Counties. After his death his daughter Elizabeth inherited all the lands and plantation on which widow Martha Jameson continued to live with her second husband Aaron Baker. Aaron Baker became guardian to the minor children David, James and Jenny; he filed his last guardianship account with court in Feb. 1769. At the same time another neighbor Thomas Williams was appointed their guardian until at least 1773. His daughter Elizabeth Jameson married Micajah Andrews 26 Jan 1763. She and her husband Micajah Andrews sold all the lands containg 1079 acres on May 15, 1769 to Samuel Ruffin of Edgecombe Co., N.C. — 765 acres

which were located on the south bank of the Tar River., and 365 acres on south side of Tar River on Walnut Creek. This sale did not include the manor plantation of 175 acres which widow Martha Jameson and second husband Aaron Baker lived. This land was claimed as her right of dower by the widow and Baker in an agreement with Micajah Andrews and Elizabeth in Apr 1768. Baker had given up his right to two tracts, one known as the Poke Island tract and the other as the Walnut Creek tract. This was witnessed by a James Raley, and a Samuel Longbottom. Samuel Ruffin later sold the 714 acre tract to a Robert Gray, May 24 1769. The 365 acre tract was also sold to Robert Gray on the same day.



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  1. This is great news about Micajah showing up as Andrews.

    This period of time was still confusing regarding surnames such as Andrews and Anderson. Hixs vs. Hicks and Hickson has been found as somewhat interchangeable. Some never added the “on”; others did.

    Note by Cary: A Micajah Andrews is listed in the Craven Co., NC 1769 Tax List.
    [Clarence E. Ratcliff, North Carolina Taxpayers, 1001-1786 (Baltimore:Genealogical Publ. Co., Inc., 1989), page 5.]


    Dr. W Cary Anderson

    February 8, 2011 at 3:11 am

  2. I was in such a hurry to send the information re Craven County, I fogot something.

    THANKS every so much for this find! I’ve been staring at Micajah Anderson since 1969!



    Dr. W Cary Anderson

    February 8, 2011 at 3:22 am

    • What was maddening for me was that he was exactly where an Anderson should have been (the Walnut Creek area). The “Baker” researchers have done a good job with their trace.



      February 8, 2011 at 10:40 am

  3. Have you ever seen or hear of a book called “The Family of Micajah Anderson and Sippo and Caroline Anderson” that was published in 1985?



    October 14, 2014 at 7:07 am

    • Never heard of that one. The only book I am familiar with is the one he (Micajah) wrote before his death. Its my understanding that the later family was none to thrilled with the book.

      As far as I know it has never been determined who Micajah’s father was???



      October 14, 2014 at 8:03 am

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