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more map musings… Thomas Pitman property in 1712

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Under Pages I have a map called “Notes & Misc”… it has Carolus Anderson and Thomas Pitman property.  I’ve been at a standstill for months because I’ve been stumped by a goofy old waterway called imaginatively, “Little Swamp”…. the ole boys really went out of their way with that creativity.  Anyway… I may take another foray into mapping because I think I found it.  And it also throws some new light on the Pitmans and others…  in 1712, Thomas is living on the Blackwater River at the junction of three counties- Surry, Isle of Wight, and what will become Southampton at a later date. (In 1712 Surry continued westward all the way to NC)

Here is the deed reference for the curious…


NOTE: This deed shows the adjoining property of Samuel Lancaster to Thomas Pitman.
SURRY COUNTY, VA – DEEDS – John Allen to Thomas Pitman, 9 A ug 1712

Deeds: John Allen-Thomas Pitman, Southmark Parish, Surry Co , VA


THIS INDENTURE made the 9th day of August in the eleventh y ear of the reign of our sovereign Lady Ann, by the grace o f God of Great Brittain, France &Ireland, Queen defender o f the faith &c. in the year of our Lord one thousand seve n hundred & twelve between John Allen of the County of Surr y, gentleman, of the one part and Thomas Pitman, Jr of th e County of Isle of Wight, planter of the other part witnes seth that the said John Allen for & in consideration of th e sume of five shillings to him in hand paid by the said t o Thomas Pitman, gentleman, at & before ensealing & deliver y of the presents the
receipt whereof & himself therewith fully satisfied, conten ted, & paid, he doth hereby acknowledge & for divers good c ause & consideration him, thereunto moving hath granted, ba rgained, sold, demised, leased & to farm-letter & by thes e presents doth grant, bargain, sell, demise, & to farm-le t unto the said
Thomas Pitman, Jr, his executors, sdministrators & assign s a certain tract or parcell of land scituate on the sout h side of the main Blackwater Swamp in theCounty of Surr y & Isle of Wight aforesaid containing three hundred & fift y acres of land be the same more or less which said tract o r parcell of land is part of a Pattent formerly granted t o James Allen dated the 25th day of April1701 for fourtee n hundred acres, & by the said James, given & bequeathed i n his Last Will & Testament to the above named, John Alle n & his heirs forever (as relation to the said Will being h ad may more at large appear) bounded viz:
Beginning at ye mouth of the Little Swamp on the south sid e of the main Blackwater Swamp aforesaid thence up the vari ous courses of the Run of the said Little Swamp to a mark d ash then north twelve degrees west thirty five pole t o a pine, then north fourteen degrees east on hundred seven ty four pole to a corner of Samuell Lancaster’s land & by t he said Lancaster’s line east a hundred & sixty pole to th e main Blackwater Swamp side aforesaid & down the various c ourses of the run of the said swamp to the beginning, toget her with all & singular the orchards, houses, gardens, wood s, ways & waters & all other royaltys, priviledges, profitt s, commoditys, & advantages whatsoever to the said tract o r parcell of land belonging, or in any wise appertaining o r therewith or with any part thereof used, enjoyed or accep ted, reputed or taken as part parcell or member thereof an d the reversion & reversions, remainder & remainders thereo f & every part & parcell thereof.

TO HAVE & TO HOLD the said tract or parcell of land with al l & singular the premises hereby demised, granted, bargaine d & sold unto the said Thomas, his executors, administrator s & assigns from the day next before the day of the date o f these presents for & during the term of one year fully t o be compleated & ended yielding & paying therefore to th e said John, his executors, administrators & assigned on th e feast day of St. Michael, ye Archangel, next ensuing th e date thereof one ear of Indian corn if the same shall b e lawfully demanded, to the intent that by virtue of thes e presents & of the statute for transferring uses into poss ession the said Thomas may be in actual possession of the p remises & be enabled to take & accept of a grant & releas e of the reversion & inheritance thereof to him, his heir s & assigns forever.

In witness whereof the party first above named to these pre sent Indenture have interchangeably set their hands & seal s the day & year first above written.

John Allen
Sealed with a waf er
Signed, sealed & delivered in the presence of:
Henry Harrison
Thomas Eldridge

At a court held at Southmark for the County of Surry Augus t ye 20th 1712

This day appeared in Court the above named John Allen & di d acknowledge the
above specified contents to be his reall, act & deed whic h is ordered to be
recorded & is recorded by:

John Allen, Cl. Cur.

Spelling appears as it did in original documents. Words n ot fully decipherable are followed by a question mark. Paragraphing was added by the transcriber for ease in reading . There are no paragraphs in the original document.

Source: Library of Virginia, Wills & Administrations,Deed s & Wills, Etc. 6, 1694-1709; 1709-1715, Reel 3

Here are the map metes & bounds… this is like candy for a mapmaker…

Beginning at ye mouth of the Little Swamp on the south sid e of the main Blackwater Swamp
thence up the vari ous courses of the Run of the said Little Swamp to a markd ash
then north twelve degrees west thirty five pole t o a pine,
then north fourteen degrees east on hundred seven ty four pole to a corner of Samuell Lancaster’s land
by t he said Lancaster’s line east a hundred & sixty pole to th e main Blackwater Swamp side aforesaid
down the various c ourses of the run of the said swamp to the beginning

And here is where I will locate where it is on the Blackwater River…  or so I will try…

Well this isn’t where I thought the “Little Swamp” was but it does solve one riddle… my question now is whether there was another one near the Meherrin River on the VA/NC border.

I may have to rethink where some of these folks were…


1711*Surry Co., VA Will Book 6, pg. 97
January 24th 1711… Will of James Allen, Leg: to brother Arthur Allen 1400-acres of land granted to me by Patent on April 25th 1701 situated on the south side main Blackwater Swamp, part in Surry and part in Isle of Wight, except 700-acres of land which I have sold to Thomas Pittman, and Samuel Lancaster and 300-acres which I have sold to Robert Lancaster Jr. and also 200-acres which I have sold to Joseph Wall, all of which said three parcels of land on part are part of above patent, and I gave them to my loving brother, John Allen and his heirs, etc. and he confirms the three pieces of land to said parties as soon as possible after my decease bequeaths Negro slaves to loving mother, Katherine Allen, for her life, at her death to brother, Joseph Allen. To Margaret Crocker wife of John Crocker 1000 lbs. tobacco, to cousin, Arthur Bridger, when he is 21 to be paid by executors and small silver tankard Val four pounds. Rest of estate to be divided between all my brothers and sister, viz. Elizabeth Bridger, wife of William Bridger, John Allen, Arthur Allen, Ann Allen, Mary Allen and Joseph Allen. All to receive legacy at 18 years old. Makes brother, John Allen, Executor, dated January 24th 1711 witnesses: Thomas Drew, Richard Taylor. Probated February 20th 1711.


1722*Isles of Wight Co., VA, Great Book, Vol. 2, pg. 508 (1715-1728)
December 24th 1722… Thomas Pittman, Jr. and wife Elizabeth Pittman, to John Pittman 250-acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp at the mouth of the Little Swamp. Signed, Thomas & Elizabeth Pittman. Registered, December 24th 1722. Witnesses: Robert Lancaster and Samuel Lancaster.


Notes for JOHN WILLIFORD, JR:On December 24, 1722 he paid Thomas ( TP ) and Elizabeth ( E ) Pittman, Jr. L 25 for 250 acres south of Main Blackwater Swamp at the mouth of Little Swamp in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, Wit.: Robert Lancaster and Samuel Lancaster. ( Great Book 1715 – 1721. Vol.2, Part 2, pages 508-510.)
See this link for an inventory of Arthur Allen in 1736… it clearly has a reference to one William Pitman
I’m thinking that the 2 deed below may be the Benjamin and Joseph “J” Pitman who wind up in Edgecombe Co., NC around 1750… sons of William Pitman?
1744*Isle of Wight Co., VA, Deed Book 7, pg. 186 (1744-1747)

March 7th 1744… Benjamin Pittman and wife Fortune Pittman of Nottoway Parish to his friend Thomas Pretloe of the same deeded 240-acres (being part of a patent for 590-acres dated March 13th 1743) adjoining Proctors Ferry, Copohonk Branch, Williford, and Micajah Edwards. Signed Benjamin & Fortune Pittman. Witnesses: Robert Lancaster, John Williford, Charles Cosby, Thomas Holloman, and Lawrence Lancaster. Registered, September 23rd 1745.

1745*Southampton Co., VA, Deed Book 1 (1749-1753), by John Anderson Brayton

June 7, 1745… (104) pg. 220-221, Recorded May 9, 1751, Lawrence Lancaster of Isle of Wight in Nottaway Parish and Soloman Delk of same place, to divide said land that formerly did belong to Edward Moreland, deceased; we pledge in sum of 50-pounds cmV, quantity of land falling to Solomon Delk is 85-acres; Witnesses: Thomas Pretlow, Robert Lancaster, Samuel Lancaster, Joseph T. Pitman, Arthur (x) Williams; Signed: Lawrence Lancaster and Soloman Delk

My purpose of this little map is just to try to wrap my head around these exceedingly prolific Pitmans… the Thomas that leaves the Surry /Isle of Wight area noted above winds up on the Meherrin River after about 1714. His sons can all pretty much be accounted for.  His brother William and older Williams are just perplexing … they seem to stay in Surry County, VA.  Some of the descendants however, wind up in Edgecombe County, NC and are just making my life miserable.

from Forrest King paper…

  • • In 1694, there are two William Pitmans, with one of the William Pitmans living in the household with a Thomas Pitman.
  • • In 1699, the only mention of Edward Pitman occurs.  He appears in the house of Thomas Pitman
  • • From 1700 to 1703, there are two Thomases and two Williams.

WILLIAM PITMAN was born in Surry County about 1661, based on his first appearance in the tax records.  He died sometime in Surry County after 1724 and did not leave a will.  William married ELIZABETH (—) in Surry County.

His most likely child is Robert Pitman.  Robert is placed with William Pitman because Robert did not go to Isle of Wight County.  As mentioned earlier, it is also possible that Thomas Pitman was a son of William as well.

Descendants of the 3rd generation Thomas (no will) , per Mr. King…

i. WILLIAM PITMAN, b. in Surry County about 1678, m. MARY RAY in Surry County, and d. in Isle of Wight County after 4 Apr 1753.

ii. EDWARD PITMAN, b. in Surry County in 1683 and d. in Surry County probably in 1700.  Edward Pitman shows up in the tax records only once in 1699 in the home of Thomas3 Pitman.  There is no other record of Edward Pitman in Surry County or surrounding counties.

iii. THOMAS PITMAN, b. in Surry County in 1684, m. ELIZABETH LANCASTER in Surry County, and d. in Isle of Wight County before 28 Sep 1730.

[iv] … numerous stepchildren (Holleman)

 And so I sit scratching my head…  I have a Moses and Benjamin Pitman in Edgecombe with no daddy…
There are 2 bible-thumping Quaker Joseph Pitmans who may or may not be father and son… 
There is a James Pitman who shows up in 1742 and vanishes in 1746… who’s his daddy?  …and was he the husband of the “widow” Elizabeth Pitman, neighbor of William Anderson?

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