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Misc Browns… early 1700s

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Maybe some were bastards…. maybe not?

Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina

 North Carolina. General Court
 August 02, 1716
 Volume 02, Pages 261-264

Wee the body of the Grand Jury for Albemarle County in the Province of North Carolina do present Charity Brown for that she hath a Bastard Child at the House of Mr Thoss Rogers in this Precinct of Chowan

Also in Currytuck Precinct one Edwd Boune leaving a wife in Virginia and keeps a whore in this Governmt by which it very plain appears that She hath severall Bastards by him the sd Boune.

Also one Susanah Brown living at Petty Shore hath two Bastards

Information of Capt Jno Worley also who keeps in his house the wife of Jno Hawkins she having severall children Contrary to Law.

It seems to me that these children would be coming of age by 1736… and having the mother’s name.  They were likely indentured out to locals.  So it may be they show up later and may not fit in a convenient family tree.

I’m not saying below are bastards.  I just haven’t found a convenient tree…

brown_Francis 1745

… The Francis above might be explained by these records…

9 Sept 1742 francis Brown proved his Rights to wit francis Brown, Jane Brown, Francis Brown Jr, Mary Brown, William Brown, John Brown, Sarah Brown, Jane Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Benjamin Brown, James Fairchild: whites  Bertie Ct Records

 Will of Francis Brown, the elder  written 7 Nov 1748 – proved May Ct 1750
Son Francis Brown – plantation which I purchased of Daniel Brown, to be divided from where I now dwell.
Son William Brown – 160 acres adj the mouth of the Plumbtree Branch adj. John Wynn, Flatt Swamp.
Son John Brown – all my land on Cyprus Swamp estimated at 440 acres.
I have already given gifts to my daughters Anne, Mary, Sarah, Jane, and Elizabeth.
Remaining estate to my youngest son Benjamin Brown, reserving its use and possession for my wife Jane during her widowhood.
Ex. friend John Wynns
Wit: Isaac Hill, Dan’l VanPelt, George [x] Rives
Probate indicates Francis Brown, Junr qualified as exr.

found at Sally’s site

But what about that pesky Daniel Brown that Francis sued in 1745 and that he purchased some property mentioned in his will?  I can see a couple brothers having a fistfight but not going to court.  Of course it is possible… but my hunch is these were different families.  The more I dig into Browns in this area the more they turn up. Like locusts I tell ya!

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August 4, 2013 at 5:43 am

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  1. I am not a bit surprised at these findings and it would explain quite a bit. After all, illegitimate children have been a fact of life since the beginning. Now if we could just sort it all out. I doubt the family Bibles made mention of these children who were “born on the wrong side of the blanket”.



    August 4, 2013 at 10:42 am

    • Smiling… well I keep telling myself as all of these numerous folks keep popping up… Just be glad we are not from a century or so in the future and looking back at the mess we have nowadays.



      August 4, 2013 at 10:54 am

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