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William Anderson… 1833… Edgecombe County

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William Jr_Martha1833

A little math… 1833- 70yrs = 1763.

This has to be one of the 2 sons of William Anderson who died 1789.  But after we laugh because the old man had TWO sons named William [Jr]… which one was this?  The old man married his second wife- Mourning Price- at about the same time this woman was born.

One William Jr. left a pension record of his service in the Rev War… the pensions were a big deal when they were enacted in 1832… no mention of a wife.  (But I suppose that does not mean this CANNOT be his wife?)

Click to access s6512.pdf

Wm And_death notice1834

The other son William just makes my head hurt over the mystery… I personally think he was perhaps a bastard  son of Mourning Price from a possible “dalliance” shall we say?… all speculation of course on my part.

So……… what do you think?

And who in hell was ARTHUR Anderson?


an aside…

The brother of each of these Williams moved to Henderson County Tenn. about 1837.  His son George is mentioned in an 1850 census…

GEORGE ANDERSON, 52, North Carolina, real estate valued at $900;    [born 1798]
MARY ANDERSON, 47, North Carolina;
JOHN ANDERSON, 22, North Carolina;
DELILAII ANDERSON, 16, North Carolina;
ROBERT ANDERSON, 15, North Carolina;
HENRY ANDERSON, 13, North Carolina;
JOSHUA ANDERSON, 11, Tennessee;
MOSES ANDERSON, 1, Tennessee;        [my great grandfather]
NANCY BILBRA, 63, North Carolina.

I have never figured out who that Nancy BILBRA was?   And in the 1832 pension record of William Anderson above,  a BILBRY is mentioned?

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December 18, 2014 at 5:52 pm

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  1. HI Marc, so glad to see new posts coming down the pipeline! 🙂

    The Edgecombe Co. 1830 census has a William Anderson in the age 70-80 catgegory with a female in the household in the age 60-70 category. So if this is the right person and his wife, he is slightly older, making him likely born prior to 1763. Does that help with identity?

    Could Nancy Bilbra be the mother of Mary, the wife of George?




    December 19, 2014 at 8:39 am

  2. I should add…of the two I find in the EC 1820 census, one is in the 26-44 category (and so is the oldest female) and the other is in the “over 45” category (and so is the oldest female.)




    December 19, 2014 at 8:44 am

    • Smiling…….. I had to check my Page for William d 1789…

      I forgot that each of these William Jrs also had a son Micajah… you just can’t make this stuff up.
      The older Wm Jr was born 1756 or 7 per his Rev War account… so I am guessing the wife was his…. but this is such a hairline call I just can’t be sure.

      I’m still searching the newspaper so maybe another clue will pop up….

      The Nancy Bilbra is only 11 years older than George… so I am suspect… unless he was seriously robbing the cradle with wife Mary Patterson…. (you did the Patterson report so I can check YOUR notes).

      I have always suspected she may have been a “Mammy”… (a little Deep South lingo there…) but now I am not so sure???



      December 19, 2014 at 11:27 am

  3. Love the info re Andersons of Edgecombe County. My spirit perks up when I read anything about them. I don’t think anyone has figure out who is who of all the ones there pre- Civil War and post Revolutionary War. I

    My great-grand father George Washington Anderson, b. 1812-1817, NC, d Nov. 1873 of pneumonia, Cross Co., Arkansas, buried Jamerson Cemetery. He married 27 May 1845, Edgecombe Co., NC, Sarah Elizabeth Fountain, b 26 Feb 1820, Edgecombe Co., NC

    George and Sarah (Fountain) Anderson are my great-grand parents. Yes, great grand parents. I had the privilege of meeting a number of the grandchildren of George and Sarah were still living when I began my research in the 1960’s. I was only in my 20s. Seems like I was the only one who was really interested in ancestry. “Aunt Annie (Anderson) Holt was a daughter of George and Sarah. I was able to interview a number of her children, (my father’s first cousins). Also other first cousins from all of Aunt Annie’s siblings were still living. I had a great time in the mid-1960s, finding all these old cousins of my father. I did get all 39 of their families identified and got personal records of them.

    I am just wondering if perchance the Andersons being discussed are related to my George Washington Anderson (born 1812-1817, Edgecombe, NC . George was the son of Nathan, son of Peter. Anderson.


    cary Anderson

    December 19, 2014 at 11:44 am

    • Doc
      Scroll down a few posts to the Henry 1824 post…

      I was questioning if your George may have been the guy who Hob Nobed with La Fayette in 1824… but you answered my question above….. your George would only have been 12 years old.

      Now I am befuddled…. how did one of my Georges’ wind up as a storekeeper in Halifax?????

      I’m working on another post…. this is getting interesting…. and all from these newspaper articles.



      December 19, 2014 at 3:12 pm

  4. Marc,

    Guilty as charged of not doing the math. But there’s a 16 year age difference between Nancy Bilbra and Mary…not impossible. She could also be another sort of relative of Mary’s. In any case, it seems that the Andersons certainly had some interaction with the Bilbra/Bilbrys in general.




    December 19, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    • The Nathaniel Bilbry (Rev War guy) apparently was (may) be a near neighbor… (how much butchering can a name survive?… no wonder I’ve never picked up on this guy) (of course IF this is the same guy… just thinking out loud)

      Bilberry, Nathaniel
      Aug 21, 1830. May Ct., 1836 Bk. F., p. 191. Wife: Mary, 2
      horses, riding chair and harness, side saddle, 1500 lbs pork,
      30 bbls corn, 30 lbs sugar, 15 lbs coffee, 5 bu salt, 30 lbs
      fodder shucks, 10 gal molasses, 12 bu wheat. Also lend her 3
      negroes, 1/2 of all stock, 1/2 household furniture, goods and
      tools. Also lend land, including mill – Reversion to
      son-in-law Reding Bonner. Lend another 80 A tract bought of
      Joshua Sasnett adjoing lands of Col Henry Ruffin and
      Zachariah Griffen – Reversion to Bro: Duel Bilberry. Dau:
      Francis Killebrew (wife of George Killebrew), land S side of
      road to Tarborough adjoing Col Henry Ruffin and John Griffin,
      it being the land bought of Marmaduke Bell and whereon I
      live. Dau: Mary (wife of Redding Bonner of Warren Co., TN).
      Bro: Duel Bilberry. Exr: Benjamin Wilkinson, George
      Killebrew. Wit: S.L. Hart, Josiah Spier.

      Click to access s6645.pdf

      My maternal grandmother married at 15… you’re preaching to the choir… smiling.
      My mother struck out on her own at 15…. worked her way thru “beauty school” in Wichita Falls, Texas working as a housekeeper for a family for room and board. Married her first husband (soldier of course) during WW II.



      December 19, 2014 at 3:06 pm

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