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Estate of Josiah Anderson

The widow Louisa H. (X) Anderson relinquished her right to administer the estate of her late husband Josiah, in favor of Micajah Anderson, Oct. 19, 1868.

Statement that Josiah Anderson is dead, and that his heirs are his widow Louisa Anderson, his sister Charlotte Anderson, and his brother Micajah Anderson, all of age and all residing in Edgecombe Bounty, Oct. 21, 1868. Louisa has relinquished her right to administer the estate in favor of Micajah Anderson.

Micajah Anderson gives oath that he will administer the estate of Josiah Anderson, Oct. 21, 1868.

The widow Eliza Anderson petitioned for her year’s support, Fall Court 1868. Her husband was Josiah Anderson, who died intestate, and Micajah Anderson was his administrator.

Account of sale of the property of the late Josiah Anderson, Nov. 10, 1868. According to this account, 65 acres of land were sold to S.H. Knight. Other buyers included the widow, Micajah Anderson, Mrs. Harris, E.M. Bryant, M. Parker, Benjamin Bradley, W.J. Lawrence, Baker Vick, L.H. Deal, E. Howell, R.A. Vick, H. Holland, Patrick Lawrence, H. Gatlin, A. Whitehead, Moses Howell (colored), John Anderson, Lawrence Billups, Arthur Parker, David Allsbrook, E. Alford, Dr. M.T. Savage, and Blake Baker. (All of these lived in the Lawrence area.)

Micajah Anderson brought suit (April 12 1869) against Charlotte Anderson, Edward (sometimes written as Edmund) Alford and wife Jane, and Thomas T. Hyde and wife Martha. This document states that the said Josiah Anderson, on Feb. 5, 1867, made a promissory note to Robert H. Austin for $336, with Micajah Anderson as his security, payable a year from that date. On that same day, Josiah Anderson conveyed to Micajah Anderson a tract of land containing 65 acres, and adjoining J.H. Knight, John Kea, and Dr. J.J.W. Powell, as a mortgage to indemnify the said note. Since that time, Josiah Anderson has died, leaving as his heirs the said Micajah, Charlotte, Jane, and Martha. Since that time, Micajah has paid off the note, but the estate does not have sufficient assets to repay him and pay other debts owed by the estate, which total nearly $1000, and the estate only has between $500 and $600 in assets. The mortgage made by Josiah to Micajah was to have been paid off in a year, at which time the conveyance was to be void, but it was not paid during the lifetime of Josiah. Therefore, Micajah petitions the other heirs that the land should be sold, with the proceeds used to pay the additional debts of the estate and the note. Josiah Anderson had died in October 1868.

Feb 17 1872 – the 65 acres were sold at the courthouse door. William Hodge(s) bought the land for $500, he being the highest bidder. (Even though S.H. Knight originally bought the land at the estate sale, this sale would not have been valid, so Hodge bought the land instead.)

Micajah Anderson filed an account current of Josiah Anderson’s estate, beginning October 1868 and running through March 15, 1876.

So we have learned a few important things:

1. Josiah Anderson died in October 1868. He left no will and no children, but did leave a widow. Her name is Eliza, per the marriage bond, the 1850 census (E. Anderson) and the 1860 Census, but for reasons unknown, she is listed as Louisa twice during the estate settlement. However she was illiterate, which means someone else filled out the papers for her and could have been mistaken about her name, and she was unable to read what was written to correct it.

2. Micajah Anderson and Charlotte Anderson were indeed siblings of Josiah. Martha Hyde and Jane Alford were also heirs. Based on the death certificate of Jane Alford, these two ladies were daughters of a deceased sister, Elizabeth Anderson Pittman. We know from his autobiography that 1803 Micajah had other siblings, but they must have died without issue before Josiah.

3. There were many debts against the estate of Josiah Anderson. So much so that Micajah paid off a promisory note when he legally didn’t have to. To do this, he had to have some wealth – which matches what we know about Micajah.

4. Josiah’s estate was not closed until 1876. Micajah was still living at this time – another reason to believe this is the 1803 Micajah and not the older one, who would have been 94!


1800 census

William (1) … it appears that he may be labeled “Senior”… note the comparison I added in upper right. (My hunch is this is “Town William” who dies 1815 in Lenoir County leaving two daughters). This guy is still on my radar because he is somehow connected to the Patterson gals of Tarboro… one of whom may have married George Jr.  A deed from him is also witnessed by George.

Click to access mary-polly-patterson-for-penny-fischer.pdf

William (2) …even tho’ this census in alphabetical… he is listed near what I assume is brother James? If born 1755, he would be 45.  6 sons, all born prior to 1800, 4 under 10……… 1 to 16………. 1 over 16.

William (3)…my hunch is this is son of Mourning Price… if he was born 1763 he would be 37.    2 daughters under 10.


… It looks like Malichi is the only Free Colored of the bunch. Garry (Geraldus) appears to be white.

The Henry noted appears to stay around… if so then I don’t see how he could be the one who married the Staton gal as we have considered.

1830 census 4bros


Is this Henry the son of William Anderson d. 1789?

Wm Anderson…1807 (with L. Abbington)   This is the only Anderson in all these pages… We know from Micajah’s book that he lived on the Avington Farm… this somewhat connects a William Anderson?

This is 18 pages… dozens of names…


1798… Littleberry Abbington and a John Anderson?????  The first “John” I connect to my bunch is the son of George Jr b.1801 or so…

John And_1798_Abbington

1801…Wm. Anderson buyer… next page has a John A?ndson

Wm_1801_buyer at est

I have the estate papers of Henry Anderson d.1801 on my “Henry” Page… at this point I was looking for Littleberry Abington to be a buyer… did not see him.



(David) Mary Newsom, Lawrence 1808


(Floyd) 1807 Andersonss… Malichi, Henry, Penelope….. note also Jones, Staton

Malichi Anderson1807

Wife Sarah Anderson 1822… Jordon Barnes (spills his guts and claims 2 bastard sons)

widow of Henry Anderson d.1801 was Charity   Is this his son Henry?

DB 15-425 HENRY ANDERSON was son of HENRY ANDERSON, dec’d.; three brothers of said HENRY ANDERSON JUNR. were deceased, to wit, WILLIAM ANDERSON, ALLEN ANDERSON, and FREDERICK ANDERSON, Dec. 29, 1815.


DB 8-686 SARAH ANDERSON, wife of HENRY ANDERSON was formerly SARAH COX, widow of ROBERT COX, dec’d., Aug. 6, 1796.


DB 16-90 MARY ANDERSON and HENRY ANDERSON were children of HENRY ANDERSON, dec’d., Feb. 24, 1818.


DB 16-64 MARY ANDERSON of Craven Co., N.C. was daughter of HENRY ANDERSON, dec’d., Feb. 3, 1818.

Edgecombe Co. N.C. Deeds Vol. 5: 1794-1798 by Stephen E. Bradley Jr

680-(686) Henry Anderson & his wife Sary (Sarah) of Edgecombe Co to Jesse Knight of same. 6 Aug 1796. £20. A tract which sd Sarah Cox now the wife of Henry Anderson has as right of dower at the death of her former husband Robert Cox dec’d. Wit: Allen Hardy, Frank Knight.

Proved Feb Ct 1797. Edward Hall CC

Edgecombe Co. N.C. Deeds Vol. 6: 1798-1802 by Stephen E. Bradley Jr

432-(358) Henry Anderson of Edgecombe Co to Joseph Kelley of same. 10 Feb 1800. $250. 189 acres, joining Briry Pond, Drewry May, Hillery Manning, William Little Jr, Abraham Little’s former line, Luke Manning, my own former corner. Wit: Jesse Knight, John Edmonson.

Proved Feb Ct 1800. Edward Hall CC

I have this Henry and wife Sarah moving to Georgia about 1804… but I have been miserably wrong before?????

Sarah Anderson 1822

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  1. Marc, I would like to visit about Henry and Sarah Cox Anderson – they did go to Washington County GA. My email has changed and we have moved from Lubbock. I need your email…..


    Judy Bennett

    September 7, 2021 at 8:04 am

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