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My A-Number 1, super-duper and favorite theory of the James Anderson of Oconeechee Neck being the son of George Anderson of Isle of Wight is just that… a theory.  I have studied the Reynard and Thomas Anderson families of Prince George, VA and wound up stumped… the suspect son of Reynard seems to have died around 1719 and the son of Thomas is well documented.

Some thoughts to ponder:

The John Anderson that was associated with Munford was a known Indian Trader… their tract of land for 2800 acres was located just above the Roanoke River in VA. (Anderson d.1725)

The John Anderson of Bridger’s Creek below Oconeechee Neck was his nephew.

Richard Cureton (by an undocumented account) may have married  an Anderson.

Reynard Anderson is identified as a head right in the patent of Martin Coale for 300 acres on the south side of the Great Wicomoco River in Northumberland County on 07/01/1654.

Thomas Curriton

09/22/1682               150 acres      Virginia Patent Book 7   page 192

South of the James River. South of Dry bottom run along Munford, Warradine to head of Wolfe Slash. For the transport of three persons; Samuel Marschall, Robert Bittern, Reginald Anderson.


Curitton, Thomas.

Publication 22 September 1682.

Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41.

Note Location: Charles City County.

Description: 150 acres on the south side of James River; beg. &c. on the south side of Dry Bottom Run, adjoining the land of James Mountford.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 7, 1679-1689 (v.1 & 2 p.1-719), p. 192 (Reel 7)

(Patents for James and William Cureton show up about 1770 in this area…none for Richard)


Thomas Cureton patented 150 acres of land on the south side of the James River in Charles City County, in Westover Parish, beginning at Dry Bottom Run next to James Mountford’s line, thence to the line of Mr. James Warradine, thense S. W. along King’s Road…. Sept 22, 1682.  The Quit Rent rolls of 1704, Prince George County, show Thomas Cureton with 150 acres.  By 1714-23 John, William and Richard were noted on the north side of the Blackwater, near Petersburg.


Curiton Thomas              Prince George County, 1704  Rent Roll

(the only Cureton in the roll)


p. 49 April 8, 1715. James Thweat of Pr. Geo. Co. and Judith, his wife
to John Cureton of Westopher Parish of same county, 200 acres on north side
of Blackwater Swamp, Pr. Geo. Co. next to Robert Birchett’s cart path
(No witnesses) James Thweatt
Rec. April 12, 1715 Judith Thweatt

p. 197: Nov. 11, 1717. JAMES THWEATT of Pr. Geo. Co. to WILLIAM EATON of
same, 200 acres on north side of Blackwater Swamp, south side of reedy
branch, next to John Cureton, Mr. Henry Batte, Robert Burchitt, John Womack,
George Reives.
James Parram
William (x) Temple James Thweatt
Judith wife of James Thweatt, relinq. dower right
Nov. 12, 1717

Prince George Co. Book 1713-1728, Part II, Page 349

Sept 7, 1719 James Anderson of Pr. Geo. Co. to Richard Cureton 200a in Bristol Parish bounded by Ed. Browder, Ed Burchett for 15 pounds. Wit: James Thweatt, James Thweatt, Jr.

March 11, 1720, in the action of detinue of William Cook and Rebecca, his wife, versus James Jones for £40, a jury was impaneled: John Thweatt (foreman), Henry Thweatt, Thomas Poythress, Richard Cureton, John Lessenby, Chichester Sturdivant and James Moody and they were to deliver to the sheriff when they agreed.

Margaret Goodrich to Abraham Odium

02/09/1721     100 acres

Prince George County Book 1713-1728 page 516

This Indenture made the Ninth Day of February in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven hundred twenty one, Between Margaret Goodrich Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Edward Goodrich late of Prince George County Dcscd: of the one part, and Abraham Odium of the County aforesaid of the other part.  Witnesseth that the said Margaret Goodrich for divers good causes and considerations her thereunto moving and for the rents and covenants hereafter mentioned, hath let lease and to Term let, and by these presents doth let lease and to Term Let, unto the said Abraham Odium his Executors and Administrators, one certain Tract or parcel of Land Lying and Being in the Parrish of Martin Brandon and County of Prince George, bounded Westerly on the old Town Run, Northerly on the Lands of Phillip Jane and Easterly on the Lands of Edward Hill dcsd. and Southerly on the main woods and the Lands of Richard Pace, containing by Estimation One hundred acres, be the same more or less, which tract and parcel of Land was formerly purchased of and conveyed by John Jane to Thomas Anderson as by a Deed for the same acknowledged and recorded in the records of Charles City County Court will appear, and by the said Anderson in his Last Will and Testament given and devised to Mary his relict during her natural life, and thereafter to come and decend to his eldest son James Anderson and his heirs forever as by the said Will proved and recorded in the records of the County Court of Prince George will appear, and by Cornelius Cargill and Mary his wife the aforesaid relict of the said Thomas Anderson, and also by the said James Anderson sold and conveyed to the aforesaid Edward Goodrich, as by Deeds for the same acknowledged and recorded in the records of the said County Court of Prince George the Fourth Day of January 1720 given to and vested in the aforesaid Margaret his Executrix to be sold for payment of his debts as by the said Will it more plainly appears.  To have, use, occupy, and enjoy the said tract and parcel of Land, with all and singular the appertenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining unto the said Abraham Odium and his Executors Vz: for & during the Term of one whole year to commence from the day of the date hereof, and fully to be completed and ended, yielding and paying for the same at the expiration of the Term aforesaid the Fee Rent of One Shilling Current money if the same shall be lawfully demanded unto the said Margaret Goodrich her Executors Vz: to the Intent and purpose that by Virtue of these presents and of the Statute made in the Seven and Twentyeth year of the Reign of King Henry the Eight for Transferring of uses unto possession the said Abraham Odium may be in actual and peaceable possession of the said Land and Premises and thereby the better enabled to take and [?] of a grant or conveyance of the Reversion and Inheritance thereof to him and by his heirs, to the Use of him his heirs and assigns for ever In Witness whereof the said Margaret Goodrich hath hereunto set her hand and seal the day and year first above written

Signed Sealed and Delivered

in the presence of                        Margaret Goodrich sealed with

Richard Cureton a wafer

John Chues

Charles Ryall

Deposition of William Wynne
(Deeds etc. 1713-28, page 484, Prince George co.VA.)

In the suit depending between Richard Cureton and his wife p’ts., and Richard Harrison defend’t, William Wynne aged about twenty two years,being sworn & Examined before the Court held for Prince George County the 8th day of August 1721 by order of the said Court on his corporall oath saith that on or about the 6th day of June 1720 Richard Harrison being at the house of the s’d. Richard Cureton where a company were drinking strong Liquor, Cureton’s wife haveing a cain in her hand,
called the said Harrison Son of a bitch , and told him that she would split out his Brains if he offered to come into the House whereupon the said Harrison offered to go in, the said Cureton’s wife struck the said Harrison twice with the said cain, and then the said Harrison kickt her once or twice, upon which the said Richard Cureton took away the cain from his wife and struck the said Harrison once with it, which said assault and Battery the said Deponent saith he thinks to be the same for w’ch. the said Cureton and his wife have brought suit against the said Richard Harrison to Jamuary Court Last and not other or divers. And further this deponent saith that the above said Evidence is what he has or can say in any suit brought by the said Cureton against the aforesaid Harrison. And further this deponent saith not.-

Test Wm. Hamlin ClCur.

At a Court held at Merchants Hope for Prince George County on the second Tuesday in August being the Eighth Day of the said month Anno Dom: 1721.
The next before written Deposition of William Wynne was taken in Court and on the motion of Robert Rogers Attorny of Richard Harrison the same by order of the Court is truly recorded.

Test Wm. Hamlin ClCur.


start of North Carolina connection

11 Dec 1721

Deed for lease

Hubbard Gibson and Mary his wife and Edward Gibson their son of North



Peter Poythres of the Colony of Virginia

Sum: 5 shillings, 1 year lease

Land: 200 acres, Northside of the Blackwater Swamp the County of Prince

George, the same being a part of a greater tract formerly granted by patent

to Francis Poythres now dced and since his death the land is granted unto

John Poythres, son to the aforementioned Francis Poythres, as lapsed from

the deed and by the said John Poythres sold unto the aforesaid Hubbard

Gibson and Mary his wife and Edward Gibson their son by deed dated 11 Dec

1704 to the said Peter Poythres

Signed: Hubbard Gibson, Mary Gibson, Edward Gibson (sealed w/ a waxer)

Wit: Richard Cureton, Richard Sykes, John (X) Fennel

(PG Wills, Deeds & Settlements 1713-28 with 1719-22 as a separate book, p.


Prince George Co, Va Wills & Deeds 1713-1728 Weisiger 975.5585

Page 87 p.719 John Clay of Province of North Carolina released land to Henry Thweatt of Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co, Va. And appoints friend Major Robert Munford attorney in transaction.

Dated Sept. 2 1723

Wit: James Thweatt John (X) Clay

Miles Thweatt

John (I) Ellis, Jr.

Recorded June 9, 1724

p720 Sept. 2, 1723 John Clay of North Carolina to Henry Thweatt of Pr. Geo. Co., Va, land on south side of Baleys Run, being ½ of a tract belonging to JOHN CLAY, deceased; bounded by Henry Thweatt, Blackwater Swamp, Richard Cureton, and Quakers path. 70 acres.

Wit: James Thweatt

Miles Thweatt John (X) Clay

John (I) Ellis

Recorded June 9, 1724

1725; LAND-SALE: NCBER-DE2 p. 31, WILLIAM GREEN to JOHN ROTTENBERRY, 10pds 100 acres on the south side of the Morattock River in Plumtree Island adj. JOHN GRAY and ROBERT LANG dated 8 May 1725, W: JOHN GRAY, SETH HATCHER, and RICHARD CURETON

Will of Richard Turbavell, Bertie Precinct, NC, written 04 Dec 1725, probated May 1726

Wife Anne Turbavell – plantation where I now live for her lifetime. Eldest son John Turbavell – plantation and land where Jacob Colson now lives on the west side of Reedy Run. Second son Frances Turbavell – 100 acres on the south side of the Maratuck* River in a survey of land bought of John Lax (X). Third son William Turbavell – land where he now lives, to be divided from the Piney Meadow across the survey. Fourth son Walter Turbavell – plantation where I now live after his mother’s death. Daughter Elizabeth Turbavell – cows and caves, etc. less than one year after the death of her mother. Grandson Daniel Colson and granddaughter Mary Colson – cow and calf each, to be paid them when they are twenty-one.

Witnesses: John Hogg, Richard Cureton, and John Hatcher.

Clerk of the Court: Rt. Forster.

The Monroe Journal, 10/1925 contains the following sworn statement from Thomas Cureton, son of James Cureton, Sr. of Waxhaw District of South Carolina.

…my father, James Cureton, came to this Waxhaw Settlement from Roanoke River, in North Carolina, about 73 years ago when I was about one year old; and my brother Jeremiah Cureton, who was about 20 years older than mself came with him.  My brother Jeremiah Cureton bought the George McCamie place sometime after he came to this country in about 1796, and …my brother Jeremiah Cureton was of the opinion, from information received from old Mrs. Molly Cousar, the mother of Richard Couser, that Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, was born at the George McCamie place as described.

(on the Trading Path)


See here for an account of Curetons who moved to South Carolina:

This appears to be where Richard Cureton resided by 1754 or so…  it is perhaps 50 miles SW of Oconeecheee Neck near Halifax town where he also had property.

A Revisit of my notes in Dec, 2022.. I’ve still not got any evidence to his having an “Anderson” wife.

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