Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

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Robert Anderson of Cashy River

with one comment

Robert mysteriously pops up in 1715 or so near the Cashy River… I don’t know if he was a drinking man or not he seems to have led a peaceful life and died there.  His grandson William evidently did not partake of “Spritous Liquors” thankfully.


Hathaway Vol 1

Smithwick, Edward, Chowan, Jan’y 21st, 1715-16. Oct. Court 1716. Son Edward, daughter Sarah, my grand-children, Edward, John, Martha and Sarah Griffen, grand-daughter Africa Smith, son Samuel, Wm. Charlton and Luke Mizell Exrs. Test, Robt. Anderson, Stephen Aldrys.

Hathaway Vol 1

At a Court held for Chowan Precinct at ye house of Wm. Branch, September 16, 1716. Present, the Worshipful Wm. Charlton, Thos. Garrett, Jr., and Henry Speller, Justices.

The last will and testament of Edward Smithwick, is proved by the oath of Robert Anderson.

Hathaway  Vol 2

Edward Smithwick, Jr., and wife Grace to Robert Warburton. 50 acres lying upon the head of Edward Smithwick’s land and of the same tract he lives upon, part of the Smithwick and Robt. Warburton land; May 21, 1716. Test, Sarah Anderson, Francis Hobson*.

*Hobson, Francis, Feb’y 26, 1766. Sister Grace Cannaday, Francis, James, David, John and Ephraim Cannaday, Mary Griffin, Sarah Gainer, Francis Hobson, Mary King, John and Robert Anderson, William Anderson, Rachel Jones, (wife Elizabeth, Thomas Turner and David Standley Exrs. Test, Wm. Starke, John Capehart, Thos. Haskett.

Hope Plantation is located in southern Bertie County on the edge of Roquist Pocosin, four miles west of Windsor, adjacent to NC Highway 308. It was a grant in the 1720s from the Lords Proprietors of the Carolina colony to the Hobson family. Zedekiah Stone, of New England, acquired the property in the late 1760s with his marriage to Elizabeth Shriver, the widow of the previous owner, Francis Hobson.

Minutes of the North Carolina Governor’s Council

North Carolina. Council

December 05, 1760 – December 06, 1760

Volume 06, Pages 343-345

Ordered That a Commission and Dedimus issue for Pitt County and that Edward Salter, John Hardie, William Speirs, John Simpson, Edward Stafford, John Tyson, George Moy, Francis Hobson and Robert Lanier Daniel, be Justices of the Peace for the said County

DEED BOOK B#1, Chowan County, N.C. (Hofmann)

#941 pg. 402 LUKE MIZELE and SARAH MIZELE to WILLIAM CHARLTON 13 8ber 1716 letter of attorney to acknowledge unto GEORGE CLARK of Perquimans, land on ye south side of Rockquist Creek which he bought of me LUKE MIZELE Wit.: HENRY SPELLER, ROBERT ANDERSON A his mark Reg. 27 Nov. 1716

At a Court, held for Chowan Precinct, at the house of Wm. Branch. Present, John Jordan, E’iwanl Phelps, Henry Speller, Thos. Garrett, John Dove, Thos. Lutcn, E^qs., Justices.  (1717)

Ordered, that Luke Meazle, Phil Ward, Wm. Meazle, Jno. Smith- wick, John Bentley, Win. Lattimore, John Sessions, Fras Hobson, Edward Smithwick, John Hobson, Robert Anderson and Rt. Walburton be appointed a jury to lay out the main road down Kesiah Neck.

Hathaway Vol 1

Robert West, to Solomon Jordan. 640 acres on Kesiah River, adjoining land of Martin Griffin, commonly called Frost’s land ; August 16, 1717. Test, Isaac Hill, John Crombie, Robt. Anderson.

Hathaway Vol 1

Solomon Jordan, to Major Robert West. Assignment of sale of .land purchased of John Edwards; 15th August, 1781.[1718] Test, Isaac Hill, Robert Anderson, John Crombie.

Hathaway Vol 1

Nortan Moore, and wife Mary, to Martin Cromer. 200 acres known as Bear Island; July 18, 1719. Test, Peter Gray, Mary Gray, Robert Anderson.


#1863 pg. 63 July Ct. 1719 JOSEPH HUTTSON vs ROBERT ANDERSON the suit nor being prosecited is Dismissed

DEED BOOK F#1, Chowan County, N.C. (Hofmann)

#478 pg. 65 JOHN SESSIONS of Albemarle Co. to JOSEPH FEOWELL of AlbemarleCo. 7 Mar. A D 1720 12 L (Lb) Sterling money of Great Britain 473 acres in Kisia neck, joining ROBERT ANDERSON excepting only 100 acres sold to JAMES LEGITE the whole compliment being 573 acres and I oblidge myself and my Heirs to produce a patent for the sd. FEOWELL or forfeit 12 L sterling money to the sd. FEOWELL Wit.: JAMES LEGITE, JOSEPH FEOWELL his mark Reg. Chowan Ct. Wednesday 20 July 1720 Test.: THOMAS HENMAN, Clerk

Secretary of State Record Group

Land Office: Land Warrants, Plats of Survey, and Related Records

Chowan County

File No. 535, Robert Anderson


640 acres

Apr. 6, 1722

Book 3, pg. 94

(06 Apr. 1722   Chowan Precinct grant to Robert Anderson, 640 acres joining Chui-at-tuck (sic) Swamp and Sessions, witnesses Pollock, Gale, Sanderson and Blount.

19 Oct. 1722 Grant to Robert Anderson, 100 acres on Chewa Tock Swamp(sic).  Choowatic Creek on modern maps- 2 or 3 miles west of present town of Windsor.)

Acts of the North Carolina General Assembly, 1723

North Carolina. General Assembly

November 23, 1723

Volume 25, Pages 184-209

A List of Jurymen in Bertie Precinct.

Jno. Bently                1     Rog’r. Snell              19  Arthur Duggle        37

Wm. Bently                2    Jn’o. Gardener          20  Peter Gray             38

Ed: Smithwick 3     Rob’t. Bell                  21  James Leggile     39

Wm. Caneday           4     Francis Hopoon 22  David Hicks           40

George Brumley       5    Wm. Hardy                 23 Tho’s. Williams      41

Jno. Smithwick          6    Jonath Jacocks         24 Jn’o. Edward, Jn’r  42

Jona’th. Taylor 7    Jos: Hudson              25 Owin Daniel            43

Peter Standel            8    George Smith           26 Wm. Griffin               44

Martin Cromen          9    Jn’o. Coock                27 Martin Garner        45

Charles Pate            10    Jn’o. Horren              28 Ed: Moor                 46

Wm. Pate                  11    Jos: Shittlethorp       29 Nich: Fryer              47

James Feltham       12     Rob’t. Anderson 30 Jonath. Stanley      48

Laurence Searson 13     Jona’th. Rider           31 James Roberts      49

James Cashlow      14    Wm. Meazel              32 Cha: Barber            50

Chris’phr. Vanlubin 15   Philip Ward               33 Sam’ll. Herren          51

Jn’o. Brown               16   Rob’t Button              34 Wm. Redey              52

Martin Rasors           17  Jno. Hobson 35 Mich: King                 53

James Currey          18   Jno. Stephens          36 Jn’o. Hill                     54

BERTIE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA County Court Minutes (Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions) 1724 thru 1739 Book I, Weynette Parks Haun

18 Bertie Precinct… Att a Court held for the sd: Precinct at the Court house on Timber branch on Tuesday the 10th: day of Ffeby: 1724

28 Order for Constables to Appear & Qualify: Cop. Issd.

Ordered That the Provost Marshall or his Deputy Summons



Peter WEST


Robert SIMMS





Samuel WILLIAMS upon Roanoke River, John CREW Robert SIMMS & William MOORE Personally to be & appear at the next Precinct Court to Qualify themselves as Constables of sd. Precinct for the ensuing year. Cop. Issd.

(missing source)

7 Feb.1730 Bertie Co. deed, C-197,from Williamson to Robert Anderson, 450 acres on Connehow Creek, witnesses Sessums(sic) and Pace..


48 Bertie SS: At a Court held at the Court house on Timber Branch on Tuesday ye 9th: day of May An. Dom. 1732

56 A former Order having past for laying off a Road from the Westernmost Side of Cannaho Creek to SMITHWICKS Creek and over Connahoe Creek according to ye said Order and part of ye Jury being dead, It is ordered that the following persons or any twelve of them

57 -29 be appointed a Jury to lay off the said Road Vizt:



Eposutus GRIFFIN




Abraham OADAM


William MELTON

William PETERS



William PEARCE



John FORD Constable?

(missing source)

15 Mar. 1736  Tyrrell Co. deed, E-6, Robert Anderson to Legatt, 150 acres on Kesia Neck, land of Smithwick.

29 Jan. 1736 Tyrrell Co. deed, E-68, Robert Anderson to Johnson, 540 acres up Chui- Att-tuck Swamp.

29 Jan. 1736 – Robert Anderson to John Johnson, 70 pounds for 540 ares (“beside the hundred expected”) “all that tract of land with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, excepting 100 acres laying upon William Smith’s line” adjacent John Sessiens “up Churyantock.” Witnesses, Geroge Pierce and Helen Overstreet. John Wynns, D.C./C.

180 (At a Court…Timber Branch…1736)

Robert ANDERSON to James LEGATT ackd. 40/ pd.

195 98 (At a Court…Timber Branch…1736)

Robt. ANDERSON to Jno. JOHNSON pd. George PEIRCE. 40/ pd.

Hathaway Vol 1

Urquhart, William, Sept. 5th, 1738; Sept. 6th, 1738. James Mitchell, Robert Anderson. Test, Robert James, James Wallace, Jas. Ballentine.

(missing source cite)

1739 Tyrrell Co. deed, F-455, Johnson to Legett, 100 acres granted to Robert Anderson 19 Oct. 1722.

1739 Tyrrell Co. deed, F-549, Muzzell to Leggett, 90 acres Kesia Neck adjacent to Meizell’s old line that comes from the Roanoke River, adjacent to Smithwick, Robert Anderson and Jno Sessions.


20 Nov.1739 Tyrrill Co. grant, Patent Bk.8-38, 300 acres on East side of Little Conohoe Cr., joiningRandle.

20 Nov. 1739 Tyrrill Co. grant, Patent Bk.8-39, 640 acres on South side of Flat Swamp.

21 Nov. 1739 Tyrrill Co. grant, Patent Bk.8-40,  229 acres on the North side of Flat Swamp, joining Taylor.

A George Cockburn of Bertee Co. NC bought 299 acres from Robert Anderson of Tyrrell joining Samuel Taylor. Witnesses wereFrancis Hobson and John Anderson. It was probated or registered in Jun court of 1744. Another deed on pg 249 from Robert Anderson planter of Tyrrell Co. to George Cockburn planter of same is dated 3 Sep 1744. It too is for 299 acres which had been a patent to said Anderson 20 Nov 1739, on north side of Flat Swamp.

In 1753, Robert Anderson sold land on the South side of Flatt Swamp to George Cockburn Jr.


1755 Tax List Tyrrell County, North Carolina

Andersson, John                  1 white

Andersson, Robert               2 white

Cockburn, George  1 white

Cockburn, George Junr. 1 white

Hobson, Francis  1 white 3 black


A list of Taxables Beaufort County 1755

Robert Anderson junr. 1

Samuel Taylor 1


Hathaway Vol 2

Hobson, Francis, Feb’y 26, 1766. Sister Grace Cannaday, Francis, James, David, John and Ephraim Cannaday, Mary Griffin, Sarah Gainer, Francis Hobson, Mary King, John and Robert Anderson, William Anderson, Rachel Jones, (wife Elizabeth, Thomas Turner and David Standley Exrs. Test, Wm. Starke, John Capehart, Thos. Haskett.


1782 Tyrrell Co. Tax list a James Anderson

and a John Anderson


1782 Tax List (Tyrrell)


James Anderson

986 Acres of Land       540

3 Negroes             L80 240

1 Do                                 40

1 Horse                            27

25 Head of Cattle   25 872


John Anderson

580 Acres of Land       180

2 Head of Cattle       2 182



1784 Tax List

Acres Free Black

Anderson James    959       1       3

Anderson John       900       1

* Anderson, James Estate 1787 NC Archives/Tyrrell Co. Estates – C.R.096.508.03



possible marriages… from Tyrrell NCGENWEB site


Anderson, Ja(mes) Johnson, Rachel 23 Dec 1778 Jos. Spruill;

(w) Jno. Anderson


Anderson, John Spruill, Meriam 5 Dec 1778 Hez(ekia)h Spruill



William Anderson

1779 Tax List (Martin Co.)

Lb S cts

Andeson, John 170

Andeson, Wm. 2604 8 0


notes: George Cockburn


Secretary of State Record Group

Land Office: Land Warrants, Plats of Survey, and Related Records

Chowan County  Book 3  pg, 21


File No. 317, George Cockburn

Grant 440 acres

Aug. 10, 1720

S. side of Cassia river


1757. Bertie Deed Book H, Page 450. Ruth Moore, Robert Rogers and wife Mary of Beaufort County to John Allens, Jun. July 27, 1757. 20 Pounds for 320 Acres. “…Ruth and Mary being daughters of the late Edward Moore of Bertie County dec’d…Land on Northeast Side Roquiss Swamp adjacent George Cockburn at Flatt Pocoson, Part of a patent to William Smith dated 1721 and purchased of Richard Abbe by Edward Moore September 12, 1724. Witnesses are Joseph Wimberly, Jonathan Standley.


George Cockburn signed a will on 30 Jan 1779 in Martin Co. NC.284 George Cockburn’s will lists wife Elizabeth, dau Christian McLien, dau Mary Eavan, son George, dau Elizabeth Anderson, dau Ann Anderson,son John Cockburn (land & plantation where he lives on N side of the Spring branch and all my land in the North side of the Flat Swamp), son Francis Cockburn (my dwelling plantation where I now live and the lands there unto belonging saving which I lent to my wife and at the end of my wifes widowhood the part I lent unto her..all the land from Thomas Smith to the Spring Br and land in South side of the Flat Swamp to Isaac Mays line.


Will 1789

In the Name of God Amen November the thirteenth day Seventeen Hundred & Eighty Nine and in the year of our Lord I William Anderson of Martin County in the State of North Carolina Being in poor State of Health _____ but of _____ mind and memory thanks be to God ___ _____ Knowing it is appointed for all men Once to die I do make & ordain this my Last Will & Testament, Inpremis I commend my soul into the hand? of Almighty God that Gave it, and my body to the Earth to be buried in A Christian like Manner at the discretion of my Executors whom I shall appoint and intrust? ___ __ Estate __ __ _____ Almighty God to bestow upon me I Give and dispose of the same in the following Manner & form Viz:

Item I lend unto my well beloved Wife Ann Anderson my lands and possessions Tenaments Houshold Goods and Chattels for her Support and for the Support of the Rest of my family during her life and for the Education & Support of Children——-

And after her decease all my Lands Houshold Goods and Chattels likewise my Negroe to be Equally divided amonge my four Children Ann Elizabeth William & Isum to them and their heirs forever and in case either of my four Child should die without heirs then it to return to the Rest of my Children to continue to Them & Their heirs forever——-

Lastly I make Constitute ordain and appoint my Loving wife & Loving friend Stapleton Barnes Sen. and my loving friend Jesse Cherry to be my whole and Sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament revoking and disannulling all Other Wills by me made Ratifying and Confirming this to be my Last will and testament In testemony whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and affixed my Seal This Thirteenth day of November one Thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Nine Signed Sealed published and declared by the Testator to be his last Will and Testament In Testemony whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Affixed My Seal This day & date first Mentioned Signed Seal’d and delivered Published and declared by the Testator to be his last Will & Testament In the presence of

us Jesse Cooper

Anne her mark Cone William WS (his mark) Anderson & Seal

Rhoda Cherry

Martin County December Court 1790 There the Aforegoing Instrument of writing was proved in open Court to be the Last Will and Testament of William Anderson dec’d by Jesse Cooper A Subscribing Witness Thereto & ordered Recorded *** Thomas *andle? C Ct

Transcribed by Marc Anderson

Ann Cockburn:

George Cockburn’s will lists wife Elizabeth, dau Christian McLien, dau Mary Eavan, son George, dau Elizabeth Anderson, dau Ann Anderson, son John Cockburn

1790 Martin Co. census

Ann Anderson

1M over 16   2M to 26

1M under 16    1F to 45

3F 6S




Contributed by Anne Futch

Abstracts of Skewarkey Church Minutes

Martin County, North Carolina

“Saturday before the 2nd Sunday in November 1788 —- Conference opened & proceeded to business—- Bro William Cone confessed he had been overtaken in the sin of taking too much Spirituous Liquors & as he also give satisfaction to the Church he was continued in fellowship as before.

The reference sighting Bro Smithwick taken under consideration & he was continued in fellowship as before with reproof (?), Bro John Bennett confessed that he had drank “…

“A door was opened for the admission of members when Jacob Morris & James Powers was recv on experience to Baptism. The citations of Sisters Sarah Leggett & Milley Smithwick considered and they continued as formerly __________________ A charge exhibited against Bro Wm Cone of Drinking too much Spritous Liquors and as he repeatedly presists in that practice he was excommunicated.”…

(I couldn’t resist including the two paragraphs above…they are totally without any genealogical merit to this Anderson family…I just got a kick out of the “Spritous Liquors” bit.)

“Saturday before the 2nd Sunday in April 1789. Conference opened & proceeded to business. On Motion of Bro James Biggs that resolved that we make a contribution for Bro Barnes a traveling Preacher. Pu 2 Jas Biggs, 2/, Jacob Morris1/ – Jno Ward 1/ , Edmund Smithwick 3/ – Edward Byrd 2_, Hardy Stallings 2/ , Jas Bwers 5/ , Wm Anderson 2/6, Wm Ross 2/ .

Conference Dismist”

(Evidently Bro William stayed on the wagon.)


Reference to son and granddaughter of William Anderon:

Bertie Precinct Deed Index:

Year Grantee Grantor Book&Page

1753 Philip Ward from Wm Ward H243

Philip Ward from Wm Ward H 3

William Ward of Tyrrell County to Phillip Ward 7 May 1753 20£ for 640 A. Land on NS Moratuck River adj. Clark’s corner, George Clark, “to a green on Charlton’s line”, William Charlton. On SW branch of Roquist. Wit: William Hooks, Thomas Hooks, James Ward Nov Ct 1753

Will of Phillip Ward

In the Name of God Amen I PHILLIP WARD of Bertie Co and Provence of North Carolina being in a bad state of health but in my perfect senses do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament in following manner firs I recoment my Soal to God who gave it me and my and my body to be decently buried atthe discretion of my executors hereafter names as to my worly good I dispose of in the folowing maner first my desire is that all my just debts be paid as soon as possable after my dearth. Item I give and bequesth to my weel beloved son James Ward my manner plantation and that to make on hundred acres of land ajoining to him and his heirs and asigns forever Item I give and bequest to my wee beloved son Daniel Ward one hundred acres of land which I called Rachels to him and his heirs and asigns forever Item I give to my two sons George and Michael Wards two hundred acres of land in terril co to be equally divided between them tot them ther heirs and assigns forever I give to my well beloved wife Mary the suse of my cattle sheep hogs and household furniture during her natural life or widowhood I give to my well beloved wife the labour of my four negros Vise Tinea, Philis Jack Choloe her natural life or widerhood Item I give to my well beloved sun William Ward one negro boy called Sam which which I had delivered into his possession to him his heirsand assigns forever Item I give to my well beloved daughter Elizabeth one negro boy Samson to her her heirs and asigns forever Item I give unto my well abeloved daughter Millisent one negro gurl named Ruth only the the firs living child she hath my wi8ll and disire is that my Daughter Mary should have and that toabe her own proper right to them their heirsand assigns foreverItem I give to my granddaughter Mery Anderson one negro boy named Herney to her her heirs and asigns forever my Will and desire is that my whol estate after the death or mariage of my wife be equally divided between my ten children vive George, Sarah,Philip Michel Elizabeth Daniel William Milisent Jermis Mary not heretofore given my will and desire is that all my whole estate be equally divided between my ten children tht my wife hav the use of as well as the rest that is everything tht belongeth to the estate. I do hereby revolke all forrmer wills heretofore by me made id do constitute an appoint my loving son George Ward and my loving friend George Kittrell executorw to this my last Will and Testament in Witness whereunto I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Seventeenth day of June in he year of our Lord Crist one thousnad Seven hundred and Seventy six signed sealed and delivered in the presents of Us

George Clements jur

Mary Green

William Andreson Jur

Phillip (hisP mark) Ward (seal)

Bertie Co Feb Court 1777: proved by George Clements and William Andreson; Test John Johnston CJC


CNIDR <; Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: drafts1779.txt)

MARTIN COUNTY, NC – MILITARY – Role of Drafts and Volunteers, 1779.

Martin Co. Role of Drafts and Volunteers, 1779

Contributed by Roger Kammerer. From the original in the NC Archives and

History, Raleigh, NC. Series Mil TR.5, folder 15.

“A Role of the Drafts & Volunteers from Martin Co.

Now On their March to the So’ward Ñ Raised the first

day of December 1779

1st column:

Micajah Perry . . . . . Esign [sic]

John Edmondson

John Barbaree . . . . . .  (Volunteers [in margin, may

Lilliston Banks              refer to 2nd column]

Hezekiah Legget

Thomas Pennywell

Samuel Boyd

Thomas Price

Benjamin Boyt


Joshua Alexander Bengall

James Boyt

David Hogen

2nd column:

Henry Andrews

Benjamin Davis

John Peirce

Lewis Purvis

Wm. Edmondson

Wyat Warrick

Samuel Jackson

Andrew Anderson

Aaren Demeritt [Demeritl?]

Maurice Moore

John Buttry

Nathaniel Williams

James Mahoon

Martin Hurdle

Lewis Legget

James Crisp

William Ferrill

Thomas Shirlay

Henry Linch

Lewis Weathersby

David Whorton

Benjamin Boyt [struck through]

John Rodgers


Mathew Ward


CNIDR <; Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: coneneel.txt)

MARTIN COUNTY, NC – WILL- Neel Cone, 1782.

This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by:
Jennifer Cone  Dec 1998
Will of Neel Cone – 1782
Martin Co., NC
In the name of God Amen.  The Thirthieth day of July One Thousand Seven
Hundred and Eighty Two I Neel Cone of the State of North Carolina and
county of Martin Planter  being of perfect mind and memory thanks be
given to Almighty God for the same therefor Calling unto mind the
Mortality of my Body and knowing that it is Apointed unto all men Once
to died do make this my Last Will and Testament that is to say
Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the
hands of Almighty God that Gave it and for my body I Give and Recommend
it to the Earth to be buried in A Christian Manner at the Discretion of
my Executors whom I Shall Appoint Nothing Doubting but I Shall Receive
the Same Again at the General Resurection by the Mighty Power of God and
Touching Such Worldly Estate Wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me
with in this Life I Give and Dispose of the same in the following Manner
and Form———————————-
Inpremises it is my Will and I Do order that in the first place all my
Just Debts and Several be paid and Satisfied—
Item I give and bequeath unto my Well beloved Son Neel Cone the Land &
plantation he now lives on all on the Eastward Side of the Mire Branch
to the Division Line between my plantation Whereon I now live and his
Beginning at A Small pine in and near the (sic) of Small Branch called
the poplar Branch Joyning Benjamin Kenedys Line thence A West Course to
A Small running the the Old Field Between my field———-(Word torn
off) and his thence West to A Small Oake in the Old Field thence West to
A small pine at the Edge of the Old Field thence A South Course to tall
Marked pine all the Above Mentioned Trees being Marked Along A line of
Marked trees to A bottom thence down the said bottom to the lower
Cattail Marsh to him and his heirs forever—————————-
Item I give my Plantation and all the Land to the Aforementioned Line
between I and my Son Neel Cone to my two Sons Jesse Cone and Levy Cone
(to be Divided marded through) and Likewise A Negro fellow Named
Anderson Between my two Son Jesse Cone and Levy Cone to be divided
between them as they Can Agree to them and their heirs forever ———
Likewise I Give to my Son Levy Cone A Sorrell Mare and yearling the Mare
Branded thus N:C and Likewise all the cattle that is of my Proper that
is Called Levy s to him they and their Increase to him and his Heirs
forever———————————-well beloved
Item I Give unto my Son William Cone the Remaining Part of my Land Lying
on the South Side of the Miery  X  Branch the Land and Plantation he Now
Lives on to him and his heirs forever  Likewise A Feather Bed and
Furniture to him and his Heirs for Ever——————————–
Item I Give unto my Daughter Sarah Joyce a cow and thirty shillings to
be raised & paid out of the Estate to Her Heirs for Ever—————
Item I Give unto my Daughter mary Harvill (Harrill?) a cow and calf or
thrity Shillings to (sic) Raised and paid out of my Estate to her and
her heirs for Ever————————-
Item I Give to my Doughter Patience Morris a cow and calf or thirty
Shillings to be Raised and Paid out of my Estate to her and her heirs
for Ever
Item I Give to my Daughter Martha Cherry A cow and calf or thirty
Shillings to be Raised and Paid out of my Estate to her and her heirs
for Ever
Item I Give to my Daughter Charity Cone a Cow and Calf and all the Rest
of all my Moveable Estate to be Equally Divided between She and my two
Sons Jesse and Cone (sic)them and their heirs for Ever—————–
I likewise Make (——-not legible) and Constitute (?) my (–illegible)
Executorix and Executors my loving Sons William cone and Jesse Cone of
this my Last Will & Testament and Do denie all Other Wills and
Testaments before me Names Willed or bequeathed Ratifying and Confirming
this and No other to be my Last Will & Testament the Day and year above
Written under my hand Signed Sealed Delivered and pronounced and
Declared by the sd Neil Cone to be his Last Will & testament
In Presence of us                       his
Jesse Cooper                       Neel  X  Cone   (Seal)
his                              mark
William W  Brewer
Andrew A. Anderson

Headright from Virginia  1715?

I’m basically thinking out loud with this George Hamilton character but the coincidental associations just keep mounting up.  Purely by chance I stumbled onto this grant:


Hamilton, George. Publication 23 March 1715. Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. Related See also the following surname(s): Hambleton, Hamlenton, Hammilton. Note Location: Surry County. Description: 320 acres on the south side of the Three Creeks. Beginning and extending on the said creeks on the lower side of the mouth of a small branch at the foot of the hill of the old Toteroe Fort. Source: Land Office Patents No. 10, 1710-1719, p. 281 (Reel 10). Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

GEORGE HAMILTON, 320 acs. (N.L.); same Co., date and page. S. side the Three Creeks; on low. side of the mouth of a br. at foot of the hill of the Old Toteroe Fort. Imp. of 7 pers: James Watts. Robert Anderson, John Grimes, Andrew Lamb, John Newton, Thomas French, William Round.

Perhaps it was the date of 1715 and the rarity of the name “Robert” Anderson that piqued my curiosity that this might be the genesis of the Cashy River, NC Robert.  1715 is when Robert first shows up in North Carolina.  It is not out of the question that individuals went directly from VA to Cashy River…note this guy Cotton Robinson:


Surry County Tithables

1674        David Anderson, et David Anderson, Cotton Robinson 3

1677        Mr. Rob: Ruffen, Mr Tim Walker and Wm Anderson                    3

1678        Christ: Smith, Rich: Anderson                                                          2

1680        Xto. Smith, Ri. Anderson                                                                   2

1691        Xo: Smith for Andrew Anderson                                                       1

1692        Andrew Anderson                                                                               1

1703       Peter Anderson                                                                                    1

1703       Ingram Anderson      1

(This list is all the Andersons I found in the tithables)

“Surry County Virginia Records 1652-1684”
May 7, 1672
John Talbot aged 22 says returning home from Lt. Co. Jordan’s land day before New Year last 12 months, did call in at Francis Sorsby’s house ask for cider—-his fellow servant Cotton Robinson.  Francis Sorsby followed deponent over bridge and told deponent that his brother Thomas did tell him that Richard Tyas informed him at John Rawlings’, his mill, that his Master was going to arrest him.

Chowan pcinct. Ss: These may certify yt. at a Court holden for ye. Precinct __of Chowan ye. first Munday in Aprill at ye. house of Cap. Henderson Walk__ Ano. Dm. 1694. Psent. Thomas Blount Esqr. psident, Jno Porter Junr., Tho. Luten, James Long, Cotton Robison, Justices.

(This is shoddy research on my part but what are the odds that this isn’t the same person with a name like “Cotton” at that time?)


But back to George Hamilton that claimed the headright of Robert Anderson vizt. (a little colonial lingo there)-


The elder Hamilton evidently died ca 1739 as two of his sons Marmaduke and William Hamilton presented his (now missing) will in Prince George County.  His daughter Ann married Richard Jones of Surry County and sold property attributed to the elder Hamilton in 1763.  He had documented court transactions placing him in the (now Petersburg, VA) area up until his death, which leads me to believe he had a third son George Hamilton, Jr:

“Prince George Co. , Va. Wills and deeds 1713-1728″ abstracted by Benjamin B. Wesiger, III


P.108 June 14, 1725 John Sykes and Frances his wife of Pr. Geo. Co., to Bernard Sykes of same, land on N. side of Blackwater Swamp in Martins Brandon Parish, 100 acres, Part of a tract granted to Robert Lucy, deceased, by patent 3 Nov. 1673; bounded by Cattail Sw., William Harris, and John Sykes.
Witnesses; George Hamilton, Jr., Richard Sykes, Eliza (X) Simmons Recorded 13 July 1725 signed John Sykes and Frances Sykes..

If this is the son of the elder George Hamilton then his sister is married to Richard Jones.  He also is the one who claimed Robert Anderson as a headright when he was granted the property of the “Three Creeks” area of now Brunswick County, VA.  He is also the one who accompanied William Byrd II when he surveyed the “Dividing Line” between Virginia and N. Carolina in 1728.



1. Peter Jones,

2. Thomas Jones,

3. Thomas Short,

4. Robert Hix,

5. John Evans,

6. Stephen Evans,

7. John Ellis,

8. John Ellis, Jr.

9. Thomas Wilson,

10. George Tilman,

11. Charles Kimbal,

12. George Hamilton,

13. Robert Allen,

14. Thomas Jones, Jr.

15. James Petillo,

16. Richard Smith,

17. John Rice.

In the mean time, the requisite preparations were made for so long and tiresome a journey; and because there was much work to be done and some danger from the Indians, in the uninhabited part of the country, it was necessary to provide a competent number of men. Accordingly, seventeen able hands were listed on the part of Virginia, who were most of them Indian tradersand expert woodsmen.


Peter Jones,

Thomas Jones,

Thomas Short,

Robert Hix,

John Evans,

Stephen Evans,

John Ellis,

John Ellis, Jr.

Thomas Wilson,

George Tilman,

Charles Kimbal,

George Hamilton,

Thomas Jones, Jr.

James Petillo,

Richard Smith,

Abraham Jones,

Edward Powell,

William Pool,

William Calvert,

James Whitlock,

Thomas Page.

Will of Thomas Smith of Waynoak Parish, Pa. Geo. Co. To son John several items To son Thomas, several items To son Patrick, several items To son William, several items To son Richard, several items Son John to be bound apprentice to George Hamilton& to have his legacy at age 21; all sons to have legacies at age 21 Rest to my wife Judith, who with my brother Richard Smith, is exec. Dated Oct. 12, 1718 Wit: Francis (X) Sheffield Thomas Smith Elizabeth (X) Rouse Edward Prince December 9, 1718 recorded     Prince George County, Virginia, Wills & Deeds  1713-1728   Weisiger


There is no doubt one of these George Hamiltons knew the Andersons of Southside VA… one of them signed the will of Thomas Anderson.


Prince George Co. , Va. Wills and deeds 1713-1728″ abstracted by Benjamin B. Wesiger

4 April 1728 Abraham Odium to Bernard Sykes of Pr. Geo. Co. land in Martins Brandon Parish on west side of old Town Run, bounded on north by land of Phillip Jane, deceased, east by land of Edward Hill, deceased, and south by the main woods and Land of Richard Pace, 100 acres, for L 21; said parcel was formerly purchased of John Jean by Thomas Anderson, and by Anderson given by will to Mary, his relict, during her life and afterward to his eldest son James Anderson, and by Cornelius Cargill and Mary his wife (aforesaid relict of Thomas Anderson) and by James Anderson sold to Edward Goodrich, recorded in Pr. Geo. by deed Jan. 12, 1713. By Goodrich in his will recorded Jan. 10, 1720. Witnesses: William Binford, Timothy Rives, Richard Flewelling, signed Abr. Odium, Sarah Odium April 9, 1728 Sarah, wife of Abraham Odium, relinquished dower rights.
(Thomas Anderson and George Hamilton were neighbors)

1716, Peter Grammer, planter of Prince George, bought land from Richard Pegeon, ordinary keeper of Prince George, VA march 11, 1716. 100 acres, situated in fork of Old Town Swamp and Burcher/Burchan? Swamp in Prince George, bounded by Philip Jean and George Hamilton. Witnesses E. Goodrich, Thos. Goodwyn, Rec. April 9, 1717


Prince Georges Wills and Deeds 1710-1713; P. 36

Will of Thomas Anderson of Westover Parish, Prince George Co.

In the name of god Amen, I Thomas Anderson of prince Geor County and parris of Westopher, being sick and weak but of perfect sense and memory Thanks be to God for ye same do make and appoint and ordain this my Last will and Testament In manner and form, following hereby nullifying and making void all former wills and testaments by me made, and declared and this onely to be taken for my last will and testament.

Firstly I give and bequeath my soul to God that gave it me hoping by the merits of my blessed savior Jesus Christ to Inherit Eternall Life and my body to ye earth to be buryed In such dessent maner as my Exec. hereafter named shall think is fitt.

Secondly I give and bequeath the plantation I now live on for and during her natural life, and do give her to make use of any firewood upon any part of my land. For repearing the plantation and too give to my loving wife Mary Anderson, the plantation and privilege, and liberty during my son Charles his non age of the increase of hogs at the plantation commonly called The Cattails and after to keep hoggs upon the land during her natural life except she marry and then not to keep hogs there and I too here give unto my loving wife her Choyce of my Beds with Boulster and blankets and yarnset rug curtains and vallens one pare of sheets and to pillars and one small feather bed and the choyce of my horses for her own house and all my hogs running of the plantation I now live on.

Thirdly I give and bequeath unto my son James Anderson my plantation I now live upon and all the land I hold adjoiyning to the sd plantation and to his heirs for ever after the deces of my loving wife and fifty acres of land next to Capt Taylors Cart path westardly being part of the Cattail Land and one great Chest in the inward room which of the To he pleases and the father bed he lyes upon and one rugg and a pare of Blankets and sheets boulster and pillow one cutlis and gunn one pot which his mother picks.

Fourthly I give and bequeath unto my son Charles Anderson my first tract of land at the Cattail that is now leased and to his heirs for ever and one featherbed boulster and yarnset rugg and blanket and a pear of sheets and two pillows and one gunn formerly Wm Landry gun one iron pot pothooks

Fifthly I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Rees forty HHD in cask for her  one particular use after my decease If she lives and one cow and calf and one to year ould hefer to my grandson Thos Rees and one mare filly the first that be fallen of any of my mares after me decease. To my said daughter Mary Rees.

Sixthly I give and bequeath unto my daughter Jane Anderson one negro girl name Hannah and her first child If the sd negro have any To my son Charles Anderson and the negro Hannah to remain with my wife during my wifes life, and I give to my daughter Jane one feather bed in the trundle bedstead bedstead and the furniture belonging to it and I give my sd daughter one cow with calf and a hefer of to years ould. One chest and one silver tumbler and one small pott & pot hooks and to pewter cups.

Seventhly my will and meaning Is that all my wearing clouse whatever that be maid for my use in my lifetime equally divided between my to sons James and Charles, and all my working tools and books, excepting sundry moveables to be equally divided between my to sons.

Eighthly My will and meaning Is that all my cattall Sheep & Horses & what moveables soever I have not disposed of in this my will shall be equally divided between my loveing wife & my two sons by my loveing friends Wm Harrison Senr. Jethro Hairston if they be liveing at me decease & if they or one of them be dead at my decease then my loveing wife to make choice of such other friend or friends as she pleases to make the sd division so that it leeds to ye full satisfaction of my beloved wife and what goods may be sent me out of England for ye Tob. I have sent & what debts I have due to me at my decease to be equally divided between my sd wife & sons.

9thly I give & bequeath to my son in law Wm Sanders five hundred pounds tobacco

10thly I constitute appoint & ordain my loving wife & my son James Anderson jointly & severally my Executors of this my last will & testament, I give to my son Charles my chest that was Wm Lucys & my rapior & belt.

Sealed & delivered in presence of

Wm Harrison

Geo Hamilton Thomas Anderson

Wm X Sanders

On 11 June 1711, will proved by above witnesses and probate granted to the relict and James Anderson.

I have found no reference to a “Robert” Anderson to explain the headright of Hamilton in 1715.


Random note on Edward Smithwick:  (showing he traveled to and from Virginia)

Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina, including Chancery Court minutes

North Carolina. General CourtNovember 26, 1694 – November 30, 1694Volume 01, Pages 423-438


November Ye 28th Forenoon

Court meet Presnt The Honeble Thomas Harvey esqr Depty Governr The Honbl Danl Akehurst ffrancis Tomes Benj Lakar Maj SamlSwann Coll Tho Pollock esqr Lds Deputys Mr Will Duckenfield Mr Robert Wallis assistants

The list of tithables being brought in and being in number seven hundred eighty seven. By vertue of an order of Assembly impowering this Court to lay ye sume of one hundred and ninety five pounds eleven shillings and ten pence upon the tithables now brought in ordered that for the defraying ye sd Charge of one hundred ninety five pounds eleven shillings and ten pence the Collector Major Alexander Lillington or his deputy or deputys levy by distress upon ye sd Seven hundred Eighty seven tithable ye sum of five shillings per pole and that he make paymt thereof to the severall persons to whom it is due And that he pay unto Mr Edward Smithwike forty shillings and Mr Robert Beasley twenty shillings for their severall journeys into Virginia to ye Rt Honebl Governr Ludwell on ye Country service out of the forty pounds advanced towards publick buildings. And that alsoe ye sd Collector or his deputy or deputys be and are Hereby Impowered to make distrest for his just arrears of his last yeares collection for wch he hath not alreddy taken Bill

Mr ffrancis Tomes, dissents

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