Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

meant what they said, said what they meant

the Boundary twixt VA/ NC………a map

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My intrepid Sidekick Jennifer from California emailed me a link to a map I was unfamiliar with…

Here is the version that can be zoomed in…

But of particular interest to me personally is this additional map by the mapper of the above 1737 version that Mike McNamara has styled the “manuscript map”. This is a section showing the survey line of Byrd II in 1728. Moseley was there also but I figure him and William Little were probably drunk most of the time… I have no proof but I do have my suspicions… smiling.

Did I mention that Jennifer from California’s last name is Thornton? Observers will notice that one Thomas Thornton is noted on the map just a stone’s throw away from Carolus Anderson. It seems that William Byrd II was too busy trying to seduce William Kinchin’s wife to mention Mr Thornton. (Byrd wrote two versions of his exploits surveying the boundary line… the “secret” version is more entertaining)… cough…cough.

This is low resolution, my apologies… if you know of a higher res version let me know. Also click on the blue filename below for the bigger version to view.

Not a bad job on the map… considering they did not have aerial photography and satellite GPS in 1728…

Here is my version, as best as I can recreate…

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April 18, 2023 at 8:20 am

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  1. During 1724, Thomas Thornton buys 230 ac from William Bennet. Both parties of the County of Albemarle, Bertie Precinct. [Bertie Deed Book A 1721-1725; FHL Film # 007510477, image 344/470 (p.337)].

    Thomas Thornton sells the said 230 ac, in 1746, to Chaplin Williams of IOW. [Northampton NC Deeds, vol. 1-2, 1741-1759; FHL Film # 007517521, image 135/527 (bk 1/p. 258)].

    Please note that the 200 acres of 1724 is in the Precinct of Bertie, but in 1746, it’s of Northampton, NC. (Northampton County, est. in 1740, originally part of Bertie County)



    April 18, 2023 at 10:44 am

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