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William Pitman of Surry/IOW

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My take on the Pitman descendants is simple… I think Capt Thomas had 2 sons… Thomas and William. They each die around 1730ish.  William left no sons.  Thomas Jr. had a son William early on by a first marriage and he leaves sons.  Thomas Jr. marries again and has another crop of kids.  The circumstances of the father Thomas Jr and his son William each having families has confused researchers.  I think other researchers have lost their minds trying to place descendants with the first William.

There is the question of whether there was another Thomas wedged between the immigrant and the one who died in 1730… I’m open to the theory…
But if there is only the immigrant Thomas b. abt 1614 d. 1680s (or 1691) and his son Thomas who dies 1730 then the below guy is his son and was not listed in his will of 1728.

I lean to the scenario of three Thomas Pitmans…

b. 1614 d. about 1691 (last mention in tithables) Surry Co., VA (age 75 yrs)
He was married three times.
wife(1) Frances ____
wife (2) Martha GWALTNEY, a widow.
wife (3) Lydia GRAY JUDKINS
Thomas PITMAN son of Thomas and Frances PITMAN
b c 1655 Surry Co., VA (a son is mentioned in 1680)
d. 1730 near Meherrin River & NC border (age 75 yrs)
He was married three times.
wife (1) unknown
wife (2) Mrs Mary CHAMBERS HOLLEMAN, widow
wife (3) Elizabeth LANCASTER

brother, William PITMAN b. c 1661 (first listed in tithables 1677)
… married sister of William Ray/Wray
b. ___ Surry Co., VA. died 1754/5
wife: Anne COPHER?
Thomas PITMAN was in Edgecombe Co., NC by 1739
Some snippets of the Tithables lists show all these guys roughly in the Lawnes Creek Parish area:

A List of tithables taken ye 10th June 1679

Samll. Judkins 1
Robert Judkins 1
Jno: Clemons 1
Jno: Hunicutt 1
Samll. Plow, Tho: Warren, Allin Warren
all 3
Tho: King 1
Sion Hill, Peter DeBerry 2
Capt. Pittman 1
Jno: Phillipps 1
Geo: Williams, Jno. Targett 2
Henry Baker 1
Tho: Binns & 5 Negroes 6
Jno: Pulistone, Wm. Jackson 2
Mrs. Spensoris Wm. Blunt, Jno. Young
Wm Wray, petr: & Mary Negroes 5

A list of tithables in Lawnes Creeke pish
within the precinct of Lower Chipoakes &
ye Blackwater this 4th day of June Anno

Blackwater precinct

Mr: Fra: Mason for 2 Negroes 2
Ant: Evans 1
Jos: Wall & James Kilpatrick 2
Wm: Pittman & Tho: Pittman Senr: 2
Mirco Mackina 1
Wm: Gualtney 1

A list of Tithables of the upper part of
Lawnes Creek parish taken the 8th day of
June Anno Dei 1700

Tho: Pittman listed twice
Wm. Pittman 1
Wm. Pittman jr 1

June 1701… Lawnes Creek

Widdow Savage p Tho: Barrow 1
Tho: pittman 1
Wm. pittman jr.
, Ezekiell Mathewes 2
George Simmes 1
Wm. Gwaltney, Wm. Gwaltney jr.
William, son of the immigrant Thomas, b about 1661:

1 Jun 1731. Surry County, Virginia, Wills, Estate Accounts and
Inventories, 1730-1800, by Lyndon H. Hart, III, 1983, pg 4. Page 138.

William Ray. Will. Date: 1 June 1731. Rec.: 20 Oct’r. 1731. William
Ray, Executor. (torn). Eldest son: William. Wife: —-.
Brother-in-law: William Pittman. Witnesses: Howell Briggs, William
Clary and Richard Parker. Surry Co., VA., Deeds & Wills, 1730-1738, page
William Ray, will dated 1 June 1731: ((Entire will only about 6-8
inches long, torn out at center, sides and edges water-damaged and
faded.)) Only words that can be read:—my Brother in Law—Pittman—
(and right before that looks like the word “Father”)— these were to be

Another abstractor gives this account:

Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia, 1671-1750, Eliza Timberlake Davis

RAYE, William: Leg.- (Too illegible and torn to read) Eldest son…William Ray…
wife…Makes brother-in-law Wm. Pitman, Exer. William Ray, one of the Exrs.,
presents will in Court. Wit: Howell Briggs, Wm. Clary, Rich. Parker, Made:
1 June, 1731. Prob.: 20 Oct., 1731.

If William Ray (Wray) died of old age, then William Pittman is likely of
a similar age since his wife is the sister of Ray. The wife of Ray was an only child.
The age factor is relevant when you consider that the brother Thomas Pitman dies in 1730.
I’m thinking this William Pitman probably died intestate between his recognition in the
above will in 1731 and say, 1740. Done deal… he dies and leaves no records. End of story.

(I do not think this Wm Pitman even had children.)

I think it relevant to note where this William Ray may have been living at the time of
his death. I think it was near Grey’s Creek which would be Lawne’s Creek Parish. Note in
the 1679 Tithables that Ray is only a few names away from Thomas Pitman “Sr”.

And since Wm Pitman is dutifully the executor of Ray’s estate he is likely living nearby.
English Settlement on Gray’s Creek

English Settlement on Gray’s Creek K-319 English settlement along Gray’s Creek began by 1609 when Capt. John Smith ordered a defensive fortification built on the tidal creek opposite Jamestown. Though the English did not finish constructing the fort (known as Smith’s Fort) and soon abandoned it, an earthwork remains on a high bluff overlooking Gray’s Creek. It is believed that Thomas Rolfe, the only child of John Rolfe and Pocahontas, inherited his father’s patent along this creek. The stream was named Smith’s Fort Creek and then Rolfe’s Creek. By 1648 it became known as Gray’s Creek for Thomas Gray, who had patented land at the mouth of the creek.

23 Oct 1690. William Wray. Surry Co., VA. 200 acres near the head of
Greyes Creek. Patents 8, pg 88.

There is another William Ray who leaves a will in 1735. I see no connection to this William Pitman. This makes
for some confusion and you really have to study the records to separate the 2 Rays/Wrays… one lived near
Greye’s Creek and the other near the Blackwater River.

The other William Ray got this patent one year before the other one:

20 Oct 1689. William Ray. Surry Co., VA. 314 acres beginning at a
white oak in Richard Washington’s line. Patents 8, pg 5.

Per this reference, the younger Wm Wray was living nearer to the Blackwater (actually Cypress Creek)in 1681…

Bk 3 pg 365–7 Mar 1681–”Wm Wray and Black Dick, servants to Thomas Jordin, having killed and taken a hogg of John Rogers Sr and the said Rogers appearing at this court praying judgment against them according to ye Act made in ye year 1665 and the Fact having been proved before Lt Col Wm Brown and now confess in court the said Rogers his petition is granted and ordered that the said servants, be punished accordingly, but the said Wray proposing to endeavour to pay his fine, his punishment with the consent of the sd Rogers is referred to the next Court… Black Dick is to be given 20 lashes on the back”

This reference shows he was living near the Blackwater in 1690…

Mr. RICHARD WASHINGTON, 772 acs., Surry Co., 23 Oct. 1690. p. 88. Beg.
by the main Black Water; adj. JOSHUA PROCTOR & NATHA. ROBERTS; WM.
; RICHARD PARKER; 200 acs. granted him, 20 Apr. 1685; 572 acs. for
MARY, Negroes.


Note this deed is for “Greye’s Creek” in 1690… this is a tough deed to read so the abstract follows after this image…

Early Virginia Families Along the James River: Their Deep Roots and Tangled …
By Louise Pledge Heath Foley

Patent Book 8
Whereas JOHN WHITSON, of Surry Co., purchased of RICHARD WELBECK 200
acs. in sd. county, near head of GREYE’s Cr., 14 Sept. 1672, to be held by
him & his heirs forever; & whereas sd. WHITSON was seized in his demesne
as of fee of & in sd. 200 acs., & being so seized committed rebellion & high
treason & was for the same legally convicted & executed & also legally at-
tained, as appears by Act of Assembly of 1680. whereby all his estate both
real & personal became forfeited to his Majesty; & whereas WM. WRAY, &
MARY, his wife, the only dau. of sd. WHITSON, hath made composition for
sd. land & payed what by the Charter, Law & Custome of Virga. is required in
such cases; know ye, therefore, &c. give & grant unto sd. WM. WRAY &
MARTHA, his wife, all the aforesd. 200 acs, &c. 23 Oct. 1690, p. 88.

I have no idea if these 2 Rays/Wrays were related but that would be my guess since the 1731 will
had an “apparent” son also named William as “executor” along with Wm Pitman.

As an aside, the John Whitson mentioned above was apparently a bit deranged. Prior to his hanging for
participating in Bacon’s Rebellion, Surry County court records show John Whitson had married Anne,
daughter of Captain Robert Spencer and that she was dead, leaving a child by her marriage. (1672)
The child was put under the care of the elderly Capt Robert Spencer. Spencer left a will in 1678 (filed
1679) leaving his property to his daughters Elizabeth and Ann, his granddaughter Martha Whitson and his wife Jane.
In 1685, Martha Whitson, age fourteen, and an orphan chose John Watkins as her guardian.
(Capt. Spencer’s daughter Elizabeth married John Watkins of Surry Co.) (D. & W. 1694-1709, p. 221).

Elizabeth Phillaps aged about 22 years Examined & Sworne Saith that John Whitson being att ye house of Mr. Stephen Allens one Eveninge about Six weekes Since did fall abuseinge of his fathr in Law Robrt Spense in maner & forme as followeth, Callinge of him Welch rouge Welch dog sonn of a whore Sonn of a bitch Spawne of a toad redoubing of yese words sevrall times over wth many blody oaths that he was soe & he would call him soe & he swore bloodily yat if he Metthim on ye Highway he could as freely Kill him as to Kill a dog or at as wth many other horrible yreatnings yis depont told him he should not abuse his father soe for his poore Childs sake he swore by Jesus Christ he would & if the Child had not been a basterd his wife would have left ye charge of ye Child to him & not to her father, he Swore many deepe oths yat ye deveille Married him, ye depont replyed Noe Joh: itt was Mr Thomson yat did Marry ye, he Swore bloody noe itt was ye devil in ye Likeness of Mr. Thomson, & ye Next Morninge ye depont asked ye sd Whitson if he was in the same mind he was Last Night & he sd yes he was not drunke & further saith not. Elizabeth W Phillaps signa

John Phillaps aged aboute 36 yeares Swore & Examined Saith that he was present att ye house of Mr. Allen afore sd & att ye time afore sd & did heare ye sd Whitson declare what ye abovesd Elizabet ye deponts wife hat declared & deposeth what She hat deposed Except ye Last clause of the Next Morninge & further Saith not. John M. Philaps

Sworn before me ye 16th of August 1672

Ni Meriwether
(quote is from the website (see also: The Newsom Family: And Related Families of Surry, Isle of Wight, Southampton and Sussex Counties, Va. B. C. Holtzclaw The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 47, No. 4, Oct., 1939)

So… the “Martha” Whitson who married William Wray was an only child and was born 1671. She was 60 yrs at the death of her husband in 1731.

Alas, we are left wondering of the true facts surrounding the marriage of John Whitson since, “he Swore many deepe oths yat ye deveille Married him”.
Did he mean the preacher was “ye deville” or his wife?   Even over time some things never change.

Another tidbit to associate the Pitmans to the will of William Ray in 1731 is the witness Richard Parker, who was the son of:

PARKER, Richard: Est.-Judith Parker, Relict, admrx. 1677. Book 2, p. 141
PARKER, Judith: Est.-25 March, 1682. “Half her thirds is dew to Richard Parker, orphant“. Signed: Benj. Harrison, Wm. Simmons. Book 2, p. 307
PARKER, Judah: Est.-William Hunt asked the Court for right to administer on the estate of Judah Parker, late of the Colony, who died and left an Est. 1 July, 1679. Thos. Pittman, Wm. Carpinter, Wm. Nance. Book 2, p. 218.
To further elaborate on the confusion of these two William Wrays who die 4 years apart… here is the one of 1735:

RAY, William: Leg.-To wife, Marthy, ye Plantation at Coporhonk, for her life,
and at her death to my son, Lenard Ray. Rest of est. to wife, and makes her Exerx. Made: 9 Dec, 1735. Prob.: 21 July, 1736. Wit: Henry Sowerby, Benjamin Sowerby.
Book 8, p. 613 (Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia, 1671-1750, Eliza Timberlake Davis)

A point I wish to make is that the “planation” mentioned in the will is not in Surry County. It is in Isle of Wight. Note the reference to “Coporhonk” and consider the below deed to Benjamin Pitman in 1743:

…Give Grant and Confrm unto Benjamin Pitman One certain Tract or Parcel of Land containing [590] acres
lying and being in the County of Isle of Wight on the South side of the main blackwater… at a Pine by
the side of Copohonk branch…

Coporhonk Creek is clearly in Isle of Wight. The William Wray who died 1731 was clearly on Greye’s Creek in Surry.

So… evidently we have a befuddling situation of two Williams Wrays who died four years apart… each with a wife named Martha.

Seems likely to me they were father and son. Just sayin…


This leaves the only other known William in the area. This reference leaves no doubt that he is the son of Thomas Pitman “Jr” and that Thomas Jr was born before 1660 (which is why I “speculate” he was born say, 1655)

6 July 1680 … Thomas PITTMAN, Sr., makes a deed of gift to Wm. PITTMAN, son of Thomas PITTMAN, Jr.; gift is a heifer.

Surry Co, VA Deed Bk 4 p 107 , 6 Nov 1688
Richard Jordan of the upper parish sells to Robert CAUFIELD for 43 lbs oftobacco a tract of land on the SW side of Blackwater in the lower parish being part of 600 acres formerly granted to George BLOW dec’d. (being all of the land he held on the branch) who sold it to John BYNUM who inturn sold it to “MY FATHER RICHARD JORDAN” on 8 Nov 1679 descended to me as heir of my said father.
Elizabeth Jordan wife of Richard(II) relinquished her right of dower.
/s/ Richard Jordan and Elizabeth X Jordan
Wit: William Pittman, Thomas Waller and James X Killpatrick
Rec: 7 May 1689   (This is a coin toss as to which William… but it establishes that this William Pittman was born by or before 1668 in order to be 21 to witness the deed.)
This patent below is in 1724… Note the designation of “JR”… an older William is still alive in 1724 (clearly this is the “younger” William.)  And note also that I have found nothing to indicate that the William “Sr” ever had a son.  It is proven that Thomas Jr had a son William.
(source: Library of Virginia online patents)

Pittman, William, Jr. grantee.
Land grant 9 July 1724.
Location: Surry County.
Description: 240 acres on the South side of the main Blackwater swamp. Beginning and extending a line tree of the Land formerly belonging to Richard Hallyman, deceased.

Below is an account of “processioning” of land in 1723… note it is near Seacock Swamp which branches off westward of the Blackwater River in Isle of Wight. The names I highlite are Arthur Hayes and William Goodman (nearer to the Surry boundary line).  Another near neighbor is Abraham Jones. All these folks are involved with the several Pitmans of the area.  (source: Newport Parish Vestry Book. page 11)

James Pitman Jr married a daughter of Arthur Hayes; “a” William Pitman witnessed the will of William Goodman and the daughter of Abraham Jones quite possibly was the wife of Benjamin or Joseph Pitman who each removed to Edgecombe County, NC and died  leaving a wife Ann.

This is the full page… mention of Abraham Jones…

Now note these abstracts:

Will and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, vol 2 1719-1760, Chapman
Goodman, William. Appraised by Arthur Jones, William Crocker, W. Pitman. R. March 22, 1735. Page 96.

Jones, Abraham: Leg. – son Mathew; son John; son Abraham; daughter Ann Pitman; daughter Martha Delk. Exs., sons Mathew and John Jones.
D. March 28, 1757 R. January 5, 1758
Wit. Thomas Pretlow, Benjamin Gwaltney, James Gwaltney Page 310

Quoting from the will… ” Item. I give my Daughter Anne Pitman one Shilling Sterling to her and her heirs- “

27 Feb 1743    Benjamin Pittman of Nottoway Parish in Isle of Wight to his brother Joseph PIttman, for love and affection  200 acres on SS Main Blackwater adj. Copohunk Branch, Micajah Edwards and James allen.   (Isle of Wight County Deed Book 6, p. 359.)

This is an earlier William Goodman, perhaps the father of the one who died 1735. (But still relevant to the area)
20 June 1715: William Goodman’s inventory presented. (Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County VA 1647-1800, p. 81, ref Isle of Wight Wills, Book I, p. 597).
25 November 1715: Estate of William Goodman, appraisal by John Williams, Thomas Williams, Thomas Holliman, John Wombell. (Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County VA 1647-1800, p.81, ref Isle of Wight Wills, Book I, p. 601).

A step son of Thomas Pitman…
1737: Marriage of Thomas Gwaltney of North Carolina and Martha Goodman, daughter of William Goodman (Isle of Wight DB 5, p. 111, DB 10, p. 68) (Marriages of Isle of Wight County VA 1628-1800)     (In 1757 there are apparently 2 Thomas Gwaltneys in Beaufort Co, NC witnessing a power of attorney document involving former property of Wm Goodman)

The estate of Edward Pitman…
Will and Administrations of Isle of Wight County Virginia 1647-1800

Jordan Thomas was the vestryman of Newport Parish from 1746 to 1755.

WOMBWELL, John: Leg.- Of Isle of Wight Co. To sons, Benjamin, Joseph, John each one shilling. Daughters, Martha and Mary Wombwell. Wife, Mary, Exerx. 21 Jan, 1746. Wit: Wm. Brady, Edward Pittman, Wm. Flake, John Giles, Matthew Jordan. Book 9, p.543

This seems to be William Pitman “Jr” between 1727 and 1741. This reference is from the Isle of Wight Vestry Book (1724-1772, Newport Parish) source: I think he was living near the Blackwater River where IOW and Surry counties meet.  About 1749 is when Southampton county comes into existence and this area is stripped from the Newport Parish books (the new county line ends at the Blackwater River)…. hence, I think William Pitman simply stops showing up in those records… whether he stayed or moved I don’t know.

This is 1727… William is noted as taking responsibility for the care of an elderly couple…

Newport Parish Vestry Book, IOW, pg. 24

“Oredered yt Wm Pittman take Richard Missett and his wife and keep them att ye Rates of 1200 pounds of Tobaco pr year to be Leavyed for him att ye Laying of ye next parrish Leavy”

…the man dies and his burial is noted… the woman lives on until 1741 …  ye Vestrymen lower ye rate to 600 pounds per year  (I just made up that part)

…this is the note of her burial and also the last record of William Pitman in these “Newport Parish” records.

Here he is noted in 1736…


Dr. The Estate of Mr. Arthur Allen, Dec’d Jp Contra Cr.

To paid Mr. John Clayton £ 1 6 0 By ballance of an acct cur. of £424 10 6-1/2
To paid Thomas Aldwn? 0 6 2 said estate returned to
To paid Roger Delk 0 9 0 August court
To paid Laur. Baker 0 12 0 By Coll. John Allen 5 12 10
________ By Mrs Mary Baker 13 0 0
2 13 2 By Cash rcvd of Patrick Bracy 0 12 0
Balance 488 12 0 By do of Geo Williamson 0 4 0
_________ By do of John Chamber 1 13 0
£491 5 2 By do of Martin Dursen 1 11 7
By do of Robert Lanhask? 0 15 0
By do of William Seward 0 0 6
By do of James Ingles 2 13 7
By do Samuel Crommells? & John 0 2 6
By do of Joseph Pitt? 0 3 0
By do of Samuel Margealy? 0 11 3
By do of William Marlen 1 4 0
By do of Sarah Phelps? 1 1 0
By do of William Plabe? 1 10 0
By do of William Beringer? 1 7 0
By do of William Adkinson 2 4 1
By do of William Walter 0 10-1/2
By do of Bridger Walthampton? 2 6 0
By do of William Pitman 6 9 6
By do of William Little 0 14 2
By do of Robert Jones 0 6 3
By do of Charles Pitts 1 0 2
By do of Laur. Baker 5 5 0
By do of Susanna Mangrave 0 5 0
By sundry appraised fees 477 6 2
1 two-year old bay mare 2 0 0
1 old bay mare, 1 yearling ___? 2 5 0
2 2-year old steers 1 0 0
2 cow & 2 do w/calf 4 2 0
6 two-year old hoggs & sows 1 12 0
10 sides leather 2 ? 0
1 silver handled cane ?
£ 14 5 0
£ 491 5 2
Errors accepted March ye 12th 1736

Arthur Smith, Jr, Adm.
Elizabeth Smith, Adm.
James Bray

Source: Library of Virginia, Surry Co, VA Parts 1 & 2   1730-1738  Reel 5, page:not visible

Copyright. All rights reserved.  This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by: Von Mings Stachon,


This William appears to be the son of Thomas Pitman in 1738… although I place equal weight that this could also be a son William (of William Jr in other words).

(p. 48) 21 Mar 1738 . . . Account current of Estate of Elizabeth Champion, decd., by Charles Champion, administrator, lists “Col. Allen for Probation of my father’s will”, “for my mother”, Capt. Ruffin, Benjamin Champion, Benjamin Bell, John Wall, Sr., Absolan Atkinson, Mary Champion, Joseph King, John Bynum, Charles Kea, Nicholas Valentine, Samuel Lancaster, Jr., Lemuel Hargrove, Jr., Augustus Hargove, Anselm Baily, Henry Atkins, William Lancaster, Lawrence Lancaster, William Nettle, William Coker, John Coker, William George, Robert Mercer, Robert Lancaster, Jr., Thomas Lyles, WILLIAM PITMAN, James Stringfield, Benjamin Baily, BENJAMIN PITMAN, Richard Blow, Elizabeth Champion, John Waller, Jr., Thomas Riggon, William Barrow, Thomas Hardyman, Francis Riggon, William Davidson, JOSEPH PITMAN, Thomas Holiman, Jr., William Little, Thomas Bell, Samuel Person, Allen Warrin, Jr., James Bennit, Jr., John Judkins, Robert Landcaster (sic), James Washington and John Clarke (Surry Co VA).

Concerning the patent of 1724…

Pittman, William, Jr. grantee.
Land grant 9 July 1724.
Location: Surry County.
Description: 240 acres on the South side of the main Blackwater swamp. Beginning and extending a line tree of the Land formerly belonging to Richard Hallyman, deceased.

I think Forrest King makes this statement in his paper…

“With wife Mary, he sold this land to David Holloway of York County on 17 Aug 1743 (VASUR-DE2 p. 68). He also built 4 coffins for John Holleman (VASUR-DE2 p.21).”

I haven’t found that abstract as yet… anyone have a cite and care to share?

2 patents were granted to Lemuel Hargrave in 1749 and 1750… the latter mentions adjoining land owner William Pitman and he is not noted as “deceased”, therefore I assume he is still alive and kicking… and still in Isle of Wight…

Hargrave, Lemuel, Jr. grantee.

Land grant 15 December 1749.  Surry County.

Description: 25 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp. Adjoins the land of William Evans and Benjamin Cha[m]pion.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 29, 1749-1751 (v.1 & 2 p.1-532), p. 48 (Reel 27).

Hargrave, Lemuel, Jr. grantee.

Land grant 1 June 1750.  Surry County.

Description: 400 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater swamp. Adjoins his own land, William Evans’, William Pittmans, and Joseph Hargrave.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 29, 1749-1751 (v.1 & 2 p.1-532), p. 122 (Reel 27).

This deed is a “will” in actuality  if not in fact…it seems to indicate the impending death of William Pittman Jr… son of Thomas Pitman:

Isle of Wight Deed Book 9, page 116
5 April 1753
William (x) Pittman to his son James PIttman, for love and affection – all my estate, that my son will maintain me for the rest of my natural life.
Wit.  Jordan Thomas, William Braddy


There is a William Pitman who marries the daughter of Andrew Ross prior to 1754 (I’m guessing mid 1740s).

A question still baffling me is who is the father of the other Pitmans who moved to Edgecombe County, NC? Since the children of Thomas Pitman are accounted for in his will of 1728, this leaves one or both of these Williams as the obvious suspect. Which one I don’t know. The Pitmans I refer to are Benjamin, Joseph, James, John and another William who married Judith Ross. Benjamin and Joseph are mentioned as brothers in a VA deed. John and William “appear” to be brothers in land deals in Edgecombe Co involving some former Andrew Ross property. (There is no proof however). James Pitman is in Edgecombe until 1746 when he simply vanishes.

So… as I continue to speculate… this batch of Pitmans are sons of the 2nd generation William Pitman OR sons of the 3rd generation William OR a combination of the two. Whew.

The James Pitman who disappears from Edgecombe in 1746 is of special interest to me. A Virginia record hints that he is still alive in 1773 and I have previously discounted that they may be the same guy. I’m now reconsidering that idea along these lines… if William Pitman “Jr” was indeed born about 1675 then the above sons would likely be born, say, 1695ish (and that time period fits for the deaths of Joseph and Benjamin). IF James was the youngest son then it is entirely possible he could live to 1773 (and he does). Consider this meager reference I found in the Newport Parish/IOW Vestry Book, the time period is about 1757:    (see my Page … James Pitman 1740s)

Is this the same James who was in Edgecombe and left in 1746?

Is this William mentioned in this document below the “son” of one of the older Williams and is this the guy who married Judith Ross in Edgecombe?

(p. 48) 21 Mar 1738 . . . Account current of Estate of Elizabeth Champion, decd., by Charles Champion, administrator, lists “Col. Allen for Probation of my father’s will”, “for my mother”, Capt. Ruffin, Benjamin Champion, Benjamin Bell, John Wall, Sr., Absolan Atkinson, Mary Champion, Joseph King, John Bynum, Charles Kea, Nicholas Valentine, Samuel Lancaster, Jr., Lemuel Hargrove, Jr., Augustus Hargove, Anselm Baily, Henry Atkins, William Lancaster, Lawrence Lancaster, William Nettle, William Coker, John Coker, William George, Robert Mercer, Robert Lancaster, Jr., Thomas Lyles, WILLIAM PITMAN, James Stringfield, Benjamin Baily, BENJAMIN PITMAN, Richard Blow, Elizabeth Champion, John Waller, Jr., Thomas Riggon, William Barrow, Thomas Hardyman, Francis Riggon, William Davidson, JOSEPH PITMAN, Thomas Holiman, Jr., William Little, Thomas Bell, Samuel Person, Allen Warrin, Jr., James Bennit, Jr., John Judkins, Robert Landcaster (sic), James Washington and John Clarke (Surry Co VA).


These appear to be the sons of William Pitman Jr, son of Thomas Pitman d1730:

Benjamin (died Edgecombe County, NC, wife Ann)

Joseph  (died Edgecombe County, NC, wife Ann)

Will and Administrations of Isle of Wight County Virginia 1647-1800





My guess is this may be the wife of Edward…

WOMBWELL, John: Leg.- Of Isle of Wight Co. To sons, Benjamin, Joseph, John each one shilling. Daughters, Martha and Mary Wombwell. Wife, Mary, Exerx. 21 Jan, 1746. Wit: Wm. Brady, Edward Pittman, Wm. Flake, John Giles, Matthew Jordan. Book 9, p.543

James Pitman is covered on this Page… “James Pitman 1740s”


x misc notes:
I think I stole these references from a web posting… I forget when & where… apologies to the compiler (who might want to live forever)…
Pittman Data Bank
Part One

The following of references to PITMAN are from two Surry County, VA,
abstract books (Surry, located in southern Tidewater Virginia, was formed in
1652 from James City County. It is bounded today by Charles City, Prince
George, and Sussex counties. Brunswick was formed from Surry in 1720, and
Sussex was formed from Surry in 1753):
[ 1 ] = Surry County Records, Surry County, Virginia, 1652-1684, by Eliza
Timberlake Davis, published in 1950s, reprinted by Genealogical Publishing
Co., Baltimore, MD, 1980.
[ 2 ]= Wills and Administrations of Surry County, Virginia, 1671-1750, by
Eliza Timberlake David, published in 1955, Smithfield, VA, reprinted by
Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD 1980.

1651 … CAPT. PITMAN, by order from the Governor, to send to the Constable
these named to make their appearance at James Towne … with their arms
fixed … Feb 1651. They have replyed to Left. LUDWICK. Jno. RAWLINGS, Mr.
BARROW. [ 1 ]

7 9’br 1652 … Daniel HUTTON bargained with Thomas PITTMAN to build him a
house by a “certayne tyme,” but
conditions were altogether neglected, and petition states, and desires
damages. Wants jury to inquire how much. Depositions concerning the
building of the house of Daniel HUTTON by Thomas PITTMAN were made by Chr.
MITCHELL, aged four and thirty years; by John HUX, aged forty years; and
Thomas WOODHOUSE. Thos. GRAY, Jr., also testified. The jury found for the
defendant, and damages set at 20 lbs. of tobacco. [ 1 ]

9 June 1655 … John IVY sells 200 acres of land to Richard TIAS and Henry
WHITE. wit: Eliza. JOLLYE, Thos. PITTMAN. [ 1 ]

1656 … Thomas PEETERS authorizes Mr. Thos. PITTMAN atty. PEETERS left a
boat in Jno. BISHOP’s Creek and the sail at his house to be sent to Mr.
Walter CHILES at Jamestown, but Mr. Wm. EDWARDS came and received sd boat
and made use of it for himself and sold the boat to Mr. WOOD & MORE, of
Pagan’s Creek, etc. Thos. PITTMAN appears in a list of the accounts of
Henry and John RICHARDS. [ 1 ]

15 9ber 1657 … Order of Surry Court that we whose names are under written
should value the damage of a parcell of work, which Thos. BENNETT should
have done for Thos. BINNS, and certify to the Clerke of the Court … damage
worth 1350 lbs. of tob. Rec. 7 Aug 1658. James MASONNE, Thos. PITTMAN.
[ 1 ]

27 June 1658 … Lucas de COURTES desires that Thos. PITTMAN Impleat
Richard TIAS in an action in Surry Co. Court, on the 6 July next to take a
Deposition in the case. [ 1 ]

9 May 1659 … Thos. FLOOD sells to Wm. JENNINGS all land in his occupation
which he formerly held by lease from his father, Coll. John FLOOD, betwixt
the land of John KING and sd JENNINGS. wit: Thos. PITTMAN, Foulk MOULSON.
[ 1 ]

3 July 1660 … Matthew BATTELL, cooper, of Surry County, sells to Thos.
BUSBY, planter, in Surry County, one young horse. wit: Thos. PITTMAN,
Barth. OWEN. [ 1 ]

2 Jan 1661 … Thos. PITTMAN sells to Maj. Wm. MARRIOTT all his rights etc.
in a water mill jointly belonging to sd
PITTMAN and John RAWLINGS, sells his one-half of the mill. Thos. PITTMAN,
Francis PITTMAN. wit: Geo.

13 July 1662 … CAPT. Thomas PITTMAN’s name appears in a list of accounts
in the estate of Richard STANTON. [ 1 ]

2 May 1664 … Thos. PITTMAN Appoints John RAWLINGS to confess judgement to
Anthony SPILLTIMBER and John
LOOKE amt. due by bill. [ 1 ]

16 Dec 1664 … Pet. of Griffith DICKINSON entreats friend CAPT. Thos.
PITTMAN to petition the Ct. in his behalf and grant and order against John
DOLLYES? [ 1 ]

4 Sep 1666 … Roger POTTER to Thomas PITMAN for the use of Joseph WALL, his
son in law, 1 black heifer, delivered to Thomas PITMAN. wit: Will
CORKER, Chris MIZELL. [ 1 ]

4 Oct 1666 … Conditions agreed upon between CAPT. Thomas PITMAN & Mrs.
Mary GUALTNEY, before marriage. Thos. PITMAN gives bond that the widdowe
GUALTNEY after marriage with him, shall have the whole disposal of a horse
and mare which she now has to dispose of at her own pleasure, also 2
pewter dishes and cattle (kettle?), now called and known to be for the two
youngest children, also her youngest son, Wm. GWALTNEY, may have 2 yrs.’
schooling. Thos. PITMAN. wit: Roger POTTER, Luke MIZELLE. [ 1 ]

27 Feb 1667 … Thomas ATKINSON, son of Thomas ATKINSON, deceased, releases
Thos. PITMAN of all debts or obligations to him, Thos. PITMAN having
married the relict of Thos. ATKINSON & also the relict of Thos. GUALTNEY.
wit: Martin LAYCE, James ATKINSON. [ 1 ]

7 Nov 1667 … I, James ATKINSON, son of Thomas ATKINSON, deceased,
discharges Thos. PITMAN as he marrying the relict of Thos. ATKINSON,
deceased, & Thos. GWALTNEY, deceased, from all manner of debts or gifts
given me by my father’s will & also for Thos. GWALTNEY, my father-in-law,
give me by will or any other manner. James
ATKINSON. wit: Martin LAYCE, Thos. ATKINSON. [ 1 ]

30 June 1668 … Chris. HOLEMAN directs that Thos. PITMAN receive his pat.
of land from John BROWNE. [ 1 ]
31 Aug 1668 … John BARBER makes Mr. Richard LAWRENCE his Atty. in a debt
Thomas PITMAN. wit: Peleg DUNSTAN, Thomas GULLY, John PITKIN. [ 1 ]

5 July 1669 … Thomas PITMAN, lame and unable to attend court, makes his
wife Mary PITMAN his atty. to confess
judgement to Wm. MARRIOTT and Ed. BUSHELL for 640 lbs. tob. [ 1 ]

17 May 1672 … Pow. Atty. Thos. TABERER to “Brother SPENSER” as Adm. Estate
of John MUNGER, dec., to sue CAPT. Thos. PITMAN for debt due the MUNGER
estate. [ 1 ]

10 Sep 1672 … Tho. PITMAN of Surry Co., gent., bind myself not to make use
of any part of estate of Lidia JUDKINS, but she may dispose of all estate
she now enjoys in her widowhood to whom she pleases whenever she dyeth.
Ack. 7 Jan 1672/3. wit: Samuel JUDKINS, Wm. HAYES. [ 1 ]

26 Feb 1672/3 … Thos. WILKINSON asks Mr. Arthur JORDAN to appear for him
to prosecute action as Thos. PITMAN “the debt was made to my predecessor
Griffith DICKINSON;” also confess Jumt. in my behalf to Wm. WALLARD.
wit:Nathan KNIGHT. [ 1 ]

5 Jan 1674/5 … Pow. atty. from Thos. PITTMAN. Sr., to loving friend Wm.
SHERWOOD, to answer or implead in court, etc. [ 1 ]

4 May 1675 … Thomas PITTMAN, Sr., aged 60, examined sayeth What he knew
about the happenings at Geo. PROCTOR’s. [ 1 ]

23 June 1676 … Thos. BARLOW having to be absent from Court, desires
certain transactions done for him, relative to CAPT. PITTMAN, Thos. GIBSON,
Mr. MASON, and Mr. SALWAY. [ 1 ]

1676 … On back of a sale made to Joseph WALL by Phillip HUNIFORD (2 Sep
1671) for 200 acres, was written in effect this: that Joseph and Susan
WALL of Surry sold Richard JORDAN, Jr., in Surry, land on Blackwater, 1676.
wit: Chris. HOLLEMAN, Thos. PITTMAN, Jr. [ 1 ]

18 Mch 1676/7 … Thos. PITTMAN, Sr., was a member of a group of men
investigating the drowning death of Mary
GASGOVILLE, servant to Jno. SALWAY, judged to be suicide. [ 1 ]

6 Feb 1676 … List of pardoned Rebells in the “Late Disloyal Rebellious
Colony,” etc …(among others, 40 names in all) … Robt. and Samuel
JUDKINS, Thos. PITTMAN, Sr. [ 1 ]

5 Mch 1677 … Thos. PITTMAN, Sr., testified in an investigation of the
legal ownership of a plantation … Thomas WARREN … John SALWAY… Mr.
ROLFE… Mr. BARROTT… at the mouth of Gray’s Creek… plantation called
Smith’s Fort. [ 1 ]

3 July 1677 … Jno. PRICE, aged 22 years, testified that about the
twenty-third of last September, the Deponent prisoner at the house of
Arthur ALLEN, heard CAPT. Arthur LONG command Thos. GIBBONS to take his gun
and shoot into ALLEN’s cattle: Later, deponent was given leave to go home
by CAPT. PITTMAN and LONG and to bring dogs in the morning to catch ALLEN’s
cattle … some were killed, and ALLEN’s wheat ground in a hand-mill, then
the deponent was sent back to prison. Thomas GIBBOND, aged 30 years,
testified to about the same thing. [ 1 ]

14 Mch 1678 … Charles JUDKINS, an orphan, is to stay in custody of Thos.
PITTMAN, Sr., until he is 21 years old at the request of Thos. PITTMAN’s
deceased wife. [ 1 ]

4 Mch 1678/9 … a deed, Robert KAE and Mary his wife … to Robert CAUFIELD
… wit: Thos. PITTMAN, Sr., Jno.BARNES, Robert KAE, Samuel SWANN. [ 1 ]

27 Feb 1679 … a deed, William LYLE and Judah his wife, dau of Rowland
HUDSON … to John SMITH … wit: Thos.
PITTMAN, Sr., John GAIFFING? [ 1 ]

1 July 1679 … William HUNT asked the Court for right to administer estate
of Judah PARKER, late of the Colony, who died and left an estate … Thos.

1 July 1679 … William HUNT qual Admr. Judah PARKER dec. Bond, 50,000 lbs.
legal tob. with Wm. CARPINTER & Will NANCE surety. wit: Tho. PITTMAN, Sr.,
Wm. EDWARDS, Cl. Cur. [ 1 ]

9 Oct 1679 … LWT of Edmund HOWELL … wit: Thos. PITTMAN, Sr., John
MORING. probate 23 Dec 1679. [ 2 ]
3 June 1680 … Peter FIELD of Henrico County appoints Elias OSBORNE his
Atty. to prosecute Thos. PITTMAN at court in Surry Co. wit: Thoss.
JORDAN, Will. SIMMONS. [ 1 ]

6 July 1680 … Thomas PITTMAN, Sr., makes a deed of gift to Wm. PITTMAN,
son of Thomas PITTMAN, Jr.; gift is a heifer. [ 1 ]

20 Sep 1680 … LWT of William HEATH … wit Thos. PITTMAN, Sr., Jos.
MALDEN, Wm. HEATH. probate 1681. [ 2 ]

6 Mch 1682 … the name of CAPT. Thos. PITTMAN appears in a list of debts
due the estate of George PROCTOR. [ 1 ]

3 9ber 1682 … an indenture between Thos. WELLER and Richard LANE … wit:
John COKER, Wm. PITMAN, Richard
JORDAN, Sr. [ 1 ]

4 May 1686 … Elizabeth MORGAN, relict of Richard MORGAN dec’d … she
lately found dead in the house of Edward
NAPKIN … Signed Joseph WALL, Thomas PITTMAN Jr. [ 2 ]

3 Mch 1701/2 … LWT of James COOKE … wit Thomas PITTMAN, Robert

6 Jan 1710 … LWT of Richard HALLOMAN … sons Richard, William, Thomas,
Samuel … wife Margaret … dau Ann … wife, exerx … wit: Thomas
HALLOMAN, Charles BASS, Wm. PITTMAN, Thos. PITTMAN … probate 20 June 1711.
[ 2 ]

24 Jan 1711 … LWT of James ALLEN … to Brother Arthur ALLEN, 1400 acres
of land granted to me by patent … south side main Blackwater Swamp …
except 700 acres of land which I have sold to Thos. PITTMAN and Samuell
LANCASTER and 300 acres which I have sold to Robert LANCASTER Jr., and
200 acres of land which I have sold to Joseph WALL … probate 20 Feb 1711
Surry Co … [ 2 ]

1727 … LWT of Joseph WALL … to my son James WALL … son John WALL …
dau Elizabeth … son Joseph WALL … son Richard WALL … my wife … son
Robert WALL … son John WALL extr … wit: Robert LANCASTER, Thomas
PITTMAN. probate 19 April 1727 [ 2 ]

1 June 1731 … LWT William RAYE … wife … makes brother-in-law Wm.
PITTMAN Exer … probate 20 Oct 1731 . [ 2 ]

18 Sep 1736 … LWT of John HOLLEMAN … wit Wm. PITTMAN, Benj. PITTMAN …
[ 2 ]

Surry Militia 1687

Wm. Pittman
Tho : Pittman
1704 Quitrent Roll Surry
Pittman, Tho Junr 100
misc other notes…

The Newsom Family: And Related Families of Surry, Isle of Wight, Southampton and Sussex Counties, Va.
B. C. Holtzclaw The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 48, No. 4, Oct., 1940

The progenitor of the family was Samuel Judkins, who first appears
in the records of Surry Co. on Mar. 7, 1667/8, when Thomas Barlowe assigned
him at patent of land (D. & W. 1645-72, p. 304). His wife was named
Lydia ., and he had three sons: (1) Samuel Judkins, b. 1657-8
(first appears as a tithable in 1674) ; (2) Robert Judkins, b, 1660-61
(tithable first in 1677) ; and Charles Judkins b. 1670-71 (tithable first
in 1687). Samuel, Sr. died in 1672. His will, dated 1671 and probated
May 7, 1672 in Surry, leaves his property to his eldest son Samuel, sons
Robert and Charles, and wife Lydia. His widow, Lydia Judkins, married
in the fall of 1672 Thomas Pittman, Sr., Gent., called variously Lieutenant
and Capt. Thomas Pittman (marriage contract dated Sept. 10, 1672, D. & W.
1672-84, p. 20), and was dead prior to Mar. 4, 1678/9, when Lieut. Pittman
“at the request of his deceased wife” transferred property to Charles
Judkins, orphan (id., p. 201). This Thomas Pittman was born about 1614,
as he gave his age as “about 70″ in a deposition Nov. 4, 1684. He had at
least two sons, Thomas and William, born of previous marriages. His
first wife was named Frances (cf. D. & W. 1645-71, p. 180) ; his second,
whom he married prior to Oct. 4, 1666, was Mrs. Martha Gwaltney, widow
of Thomas Gwaltney, whose first husband was Thomas Atkinson, and who
had a son James Atkinson by her first marriage, and at least one son
William Gwaltney by the second (cf. D. & W. 1645-71, pp. 281, 299)” …


The William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 8, No. 3 (Jan., 1900), pp. 151-152

I have supposed that “Bacon’s Castle,” in Surry county, was
the oldest brick house in Virginia for which we have contempo-
rary evidence. Major Arthur Allen left this estate, which was
his “manor plantation,” to his son James Allen. The latter gave
it to his sister Catherine, wife of Benjamin Cocke. Thence it
went to Allen Cocke, her son, thence to Allen’s son, Benjamin
Cocke, then it went to Benjamin’s brother, Allen Cocke, who in
1802 devised “Bacon’s Castle” to his sister, Ann Hunt Bradby,
widow of James Allen Bradby, who at her death in 1838 gave all
her property to Indiana Allen Robinson. The estate is now
owned by Mr. C. W. Warren, who has added a modern building,
but left the old structure intact. This structure was standing in
1676, and was probably built some years previous by Major Ar-
thur Allen’s father, Mr. Arthur Allen, a justice of the peace for
the county, who died in 1671.
Now comes evidence that there is still another house in Surry
county, which has even greater pretensions to antiquity. There
is a quaint brick building, one story and a half, standing near
Gray’s Creek, on the way from Scotland Wharf to the court-
house, which is unquestionably the building referred to in the
extracts from the records below.* According to this authority,
the building began to be erected in the year 1651.
Smith’s Fort plantation lay next to 550 acres granted to
Thomas Gray August 27, 1635, “over against James City, south
side of the river, west by Rolfe’s Creek” (now Gray’s Creek), due
Gray, “as an ancient planter at or before the time of Sir Thomas
Dale,” and for the adventure of his first wife Anis Gray, his
sceond wife Rebecca Gray, and his two sons William Gray and
John Gray.f Smith’s Fort plantation lies two miles up Gray’s
The depossition of Tho. Pittmann, Senr., aged sixty-three years or
thereabouts, examined, sworn and saith:
That Mr. Tho. Warring, his heires and assignes, have peasably and
quietly possessed and injoyed in theire one Rights yt plantation called
Smiths forte on which Mr. John Sallway is now seated, and whearewith
the said Sallway is now possessed in ye said right of Mr. Warring, which
right has been held upward of twenty and eight years without any sute

or trouble or mollistation concerning the same, and further yt about five
or six and twenty yeare since, tho said Mr. Warring did begin to build
that fifty foot Brick house which now stands upon ye said land and
without being forewarned or disturbed by any person, finished the same,
and that Mr. Tho. Rolfe was then living and lived several yeares after,
and was commonly at Mr. Warring his house, before and after, and
whitest ye said house was building, and that Capt. Barrett, father to
Mr. James Barrett, now living, was then living, when the said house was
a building, and did live a while after, and that the said Capt. Barrett did
never claim that ever was known any right in any part of ye said land
before expressed, and further your deponent hath seen a wrighting in
Mr. Warring’s possession signed and sealed, wherein Mr. Tho. Rolfe did
make over all his right and titell in ye said plantation called Smiths
forte to Mr. Warring, his heires and assignes forever, and that the
righting was Mr. Rolfe his own hand, for your deponent in the yeare
1653 was at the house of Mr. Warring, and Mr. Rolfe was present when
Mr. Warring showed your deponent ye convaiance of Mr. Rolfe, and he
did own it, and tould ye said Warring that if it was not sufitiant a con-
vaiance he would make it new, with a larger expression, when he. would
have it, for he nor his heires should ever be troubled by him or his, and
that there hath been no survey of this said land this twenty and eight
yeares, your deponent having lived ever since in -the same county and
parish, very neare to the said land. This is to the best of your deponent’s
knowledge, and further saith not.
(Signed) THO. PITTMAN.

Sworn in open court held for the county of Surry, March ye 5th, 1677.
Test: WV. E. Cu.; Vera Record: th Mrch 19th, 1677.
Richd Fras testifies to same, except that he was present in Mr. War-
ring’s house with Warring, Mr. Rolfe, Mr. Mason and others when Rolfe
with his own hand wrote a bill of sale for the Smiths forte plantation to
Mr. Warring, and Mr. Warring paid Rolfe part of the consideration in
corne; and that that was about 33 or 34 years since. Signed by Fras
and recorded March 19, 1677
On June 10, 1654, Tho. Rolfe granted to Wm. Corker 150 acres land
in Surry county, lying between “Smith’s fort old field and the Devil’s
Woodyard Swamp,” being due unto the said Rolfe by guift from the
Indian King.
According to a deposition May 3, 1661, Thomas Warren was then
forty years old.

On November 2, 1670 “Jane Warren, relict of Mr. Thomas Warren,
deced, and Matthias Marriott, who hath married Alice Warren, ye only
sister of ye whole blood unto Mr. Wm. Warren, deceased, ye sonne to ye
aforesaid Thomas Warren,” joined in a deed. Sept. 25, 1654, Mr. Thomas
Warren and Mrs. Elizabeth Shepard entered into marriage articles in
favor of her children Ann, John, Robert, William, Priscella and Susanna
Bacon’s Men in Surrey
The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 5, No. 4 (Apr., 1898), pp. 368-373

John Price aged about 27 years deposeth:
That aboute the 23d of September last ye depo’nt being in
prison at the house of Mr. Arthur Allen, did heare Arthur Long
(who then had ye title of Capt:), ord’r & Comand Tho. Gib-
bons to take his Gun & shoote some one of the sd. Mr. Allen’s
Cattle, & if he could not finde any of the old steeres, to kill the
first he could meete with, upon which the sd. Gibbons set out &
killed a beast wheather steere or cow the depont. knows not, but

that night (to ye best of ye deponts. remembrance), the said
Long with Capt. Pittman gave him leave to goe home, Condi-
tionally that he should bring his dogs with him in the morning
to catch Mr. Allen’s cattle, if any of them should bee shott or
not killed, but the depont. returning according to time (but w’th-
out his doggs), mett the sd. Long in ye old field neare his owne
house, who commanded him Emnmediately to assist Gibbons in
dividing up and killing one other of ye s’d Mr. Allen’s cattle,
& tould them if one was not enough they should kill two, but
the Cattle being very shye they could not drive them to the
house as they intended, wherefore Gibbons shott at a steere of
about five years old in ye open field & killed him, w’ch when
they gave ye s’d Long an accot. of, he s’d y’t would serve to-
day & they must kill one or two more tomorrow, but wheather
any more were killed on ye morrow or not, ye depont. cannot
certainly tell, but some small time after ye s’d Long released ye
depont. out of prison to grinde some of Mr. Allen’s wheate (at
his hand Mill), which when he had ground, the s’d Long car-
ried the Meale home, & committed ye depont. to prison againe,
& further saith not.
Signed, Sign
Sworne in Surry Co,unty Cort, July 3d, I677. Test W. E.,
C. T. Cr.
Vera reconth: Teste W. E., Cl. Co., July i6th, 77


VOL. XI OCTOBER, 1902. NO. 2


Wee whose names are hereunto subscribed haveing heard &
read his Majties Gracious & most surpassing acts of Pardon &
mercy extended by his Royall & most compassionate favour to us
his distressed subjects of this late disloyall & Rebellious colony,
whose Genll destructions have in soe great a measure Involved
the most parte of ye seduced People of this country with the
guilt of it that wee in a right true & humble sense & acknow-
ledgmt of our owne Demeritts & his Majties Royall Pitty & Com-
passion offered & declared to his subjects soe repenting & sub-
mitting themselves as by his Majties is most Justly enjoyned
them Doe wth all humilitie & earnestness Implore & lay hold on
to his Majties most gracious acts of Pardon aforesaid, And being
hearily ready to comply with and pform those most due & reason-
able Condicons wth may and doe Intitle us to the benefitt thereof,
Doe most humbly & submissively through ourselves at his Majties
& ye Rt. Honoble. Sr. Wm. Berkeleys feete for Mercy and Pardon.

And humbly pray yt this our said submission and conformity
to his Majties Royall Instructions may be entered on Record.

Surry county ffebruary 6th 1676.

Walter V. Vahan Robert X. Evans Tho: Pittman Sen
Ja: Forbes Tho X Gibbons Jno. Hunnicutt
Jno X Skinner Hen: H Baker Jno Clements
Thomas Senior Robert Judkins Wm. H Heath
Geo. Williams Wm. Pettway Jno: Pulestone
Mathew M. Magnus Geo X Harris Jno Skelton
William Rugbye Ni: X Johnson Edw: Pettway
Fra: X Every Stephen Lewis Samuel Pearce
Edmund Howell Wm: W Newitt Wm. W Blunt
Jonas X Bennett George Proctor Alex A Spencer
William X Jones Jno: X Phillips Cor: X Cardenpaine
Richard True Edw: X Davis Samll X Judkins
Thomas K King Stephen Allen Tho X High
Jno: X Tarvett

Vera recordr Xbr 1st, 1677 P W. E. Cl Cur.

It was delivered me to be Recorded by Capt Spencer 9br 14
1677. W E Cl Cur.


Concerning Newport Parish and Nottoway Parish…

Hennings Statutes, LAWS OF VIRGINIA, AUGUST 1734, p. 444/5

III. And whereas the parishes of Newport, and Warwicksqueak, are upwards of sixty miles in length; and there are, in each of them, one church, and two chapels, which are very inconvenient, both to the ministers and people: Be it further enacted, That those parts of the parishes of Newport and Warwicksqueak, which lie on the north side of Blackwater, be hereafter united, and made one distinct parish, and be called by the name of Newport parish; and that those parts of the said parishes, which lie on the south side of Blackwater, be also united, and made one other distinct parish, to be called by the name of Nottoway parish. And, forasmuch as the vestrymen who were of the vestry of the said parishes of Newport, and Warwicksqueak, and now reside in the new parish of Newport, will exceed the number twelve, and the vestrymen of the two parishes, on the south side of Blackwater, who will be now taken into the new parish of Nottoway, will be under that number, Be it further enacted, That all the vestrymen of the said parishes of Newport, and Warwicksqueak, who, after the passing of this act, shall be living, and residing on the north side of Blackwater, shall continue vestrymen of the parish of Newport; but no new election shall be made, in the room of any of them that shall die, ’til they fall under the number of twelve: And that the freeholders and house-keepers of the new parish of Nottoway, shall have power to meet at some convenient time and place, to be appointed, and publickly advertised, by the sheriff of the county of Isle of Wight, and elect so many other persons as will make up the number of the former vestrymen, twelve: And such persons, so to be chosen, with those who were before vestrymen of the said two parishes, shall be a vestry for the said new parish of Nottoway. And whereas the vestry of the parish of Newport, have levied, npon the inhabitants of that parish, ten thousand pounds of tobacco, for building a new chapel in that part of the parish which will now fall into the parish of Nottoway, Be it further enacted, That the churchwardens of the parish of Newport shall pay to the churchwardens of the parish of Nottoway, the said ten thousand pounds of tobacco, or so much thereof as is not already laid out in the said building, for completing and finishing the same. And forasmuch as there will be now two glebes in the new parish of Newport, Be it further enacted, That the glebe which did heretofore belong to the said parish of Warwicksqueak, with the appurtenances, be and is hereby vested in the vestry of the new parish of Nottoway, when the same shall be elected; and in the vestry of that parish, for the time being, in trust, that they shall sell, and by deeds of bargain and sale, convey for the best price that can be got, the said glebe, with the appurtenances, by such description as they shall think fit, to any person or persons who shall purchase the same, to hold to such purchaser or purchasers, in fee simple: And when the same is so sold and conveied in trust, for purchasing, with the money arising by such sale, a new glebe, for the parish of Nottoway, or in building upon, or improving, the new glebe: And they are further impowered and made capable, to take, receive, and hold, any land, to be purchased, or given, for a glebe, for the use of the parson of the said parish of Nottoway, for the time being, forever.

IV. And whereas, in settling the bounds between the counties of Nansemond, and Isle Wight, a small tract of land, which before, was supposed to be part of the county of Nansemond, was taken into Isle Wight, and became part of the parish of Newport, yet the people inhabiting the said tract of land, have refused to pay the parish rates, or levies, in that parish, or any other, pretending an ancient exemption, which appears to be without grounds: For removing the said pretence, Be it further enacted and declared, That the inhabitants of the said tract of land, shall pay and perform all parish rates, levies, and duties, in the said new parish of Newport; and in default thereof, shall be liable to the like distresses as other parishioners, are by the laws of this colony.

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  1. I’ll add this…sorry if I’m repeating what you already know…relating to the 1711 LWT of James Allen, mentioning brother Arthur:

    “24 Dec. 1722…Thomas Pittman, Jr. and wife Elizabeth Pittman of Isle of Wight County to Samuel Lancaster of Surry County…100 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp (being the upper part of 350 acres granted James Allen on 25 Apr 1701 who sold it to said Pittman)…Thomas (X) Pittman, Elizabeth (X) Pittman” (Hopkins, Great Book vol. 2, 1715-1726, in Isle of Wight VA Deeds, Court Orders, and Guardian Bonds, 1647-1767, 1993, p. 140.)

    Same year (and same source), Thomas and Elizabeth sell 250 acres to John Williford “on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp at the mouth of the Little Swamp.”


    Traci Thompson

    November 5, 2012 at 10:59 am

    • I’m not sure when this Thomas first goes to Meherrin river/ NC but it may be he was selling out his holdings in IOW in 1722 above. This is purported to be his third wife Eliz Lancaster… his kids are seemingly spread over three wives so how can anyone with a straight face list birthdates? It boggles my mind to consider the William I’m discussing is his son also but it can’t be avoided unless and ONLY unless there is a missing Thomas before this one.

      Not shown in my map above is that property of Wm Pitman JR… it was very close to the same area. Also a Benjamin Pitman nearby.
      Oh and did you notice the “possible” Patrick Bracy (Braddy?) that I threw in there…. I was looking for Braddys in the Vestry Book when I ran across this Pitman. There was clearly a Patrick alive and well at the same time and area as the William Braddy we are discussing.



      November 5, 2012 at 11:49 am

  2. Researching Braddy Surname. I have his name was William Patrick Braddy B 1614 D 1695 Came over on the ship “Transport”


    Megan Bell

    August 19, 2015 at 3:00 am

  3. I descend from a James Pittman of IoW, father of Jordan Pittman, who later acquired land near Battle Beach Road in southern Southampton County. Jordan was born circa 1775 and died in the late 1820s.



    January 30, 2022 at 1:08 am

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