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John Anderson of NC / Daniel McDaniel

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If I were a detective (and you since you are reading this) I would file these Roanoke river Andersons under “unsolved cases”… no clue where they originated or met their demise.  But we just can’t resist opening the files and pondering the evidence:

John Anderson and Daniel McDaniel (see the separate page for McDaniel)

I have no clue as to his birth date but “if” he was 20 when he began witnessing deeds then he would have been born 1706 or thereabouts…

Two of the below abstracts reference the son of Henry Anderson of Virginia; to date I have found no instance of where this John in NC interacted with the John of VA.  For that reason I assume they were not related; it just seems to me that he  (NC) would have been involved with the administration of his (VA) estate in some manner or a legatee

Since this John apparently had no property, the only lead is his witnessing the will of Daniel McDaniel in 1733.   Twelve years later in 1745 a John Anderson witnesses two deeds involving Carolus Anderson but I see nothing to link the two men.

Two of these deeds (John Brown and William Brown) may have been relatives of the wife of Daniel McDaniel – Sarah Brown.

Colonial Bertie County, NC, Deed Books A-H 1720-1757. Bell

B 144  JOHN BROWN & WIFE MARY TO WILLIAM STRICKLAND May 9, 1726.  20 pds. for 100 A. On SS Morrattock River at BROWN’s Spring Gutt.  Wit BARN MACKINNE,  JOHN ANDERSON. May Court 1726.  ROBERT FORSTER C/C

***** son of Henry Anderson of Henrico, Co., VA***************

B 353  JOHN ANDERSON of Henrico Co., Va. To THOMAS BRYANT  Jan. 6, 1727/28.  Power of atty. to collect debts, wages etc. ” to act as I myself might act….”  Wit. ROBERT WARREN, jurat, RICHARD PACE. * Court 1727. EDW. MASHBORNE D. C/C

Abstract of Deeds, 1732-1758, Hofmann

p. 73  JOHN NAIRNE of Edge. Prect., Albemarle Co. to WILLIAM BELL of Edge. Prect.  28 Apr. 1733  25 pounds Va. currency  100 acres more or less on the south side of Moratock river, joining the Crooked marsh, the Great Cain marsh, JAMES ALLEN and the Beaver dam all houses, orchards etc.  Wit: HENRY WALKER, JOHN ANDERSON, JOHN STONES ES his mark   Reg. Edge. Prect.  Feb. Ct. 1733 Robert Forster C. Ct.

D 98  WILLIAM BROWN & WIFE CHARITY To WILLIAM AVERITT  May 11, 1734.  20 pds. for 320 A. On SS Morratock River at Cabin Branch and NS Connehoe Creek.  Wit: ANTHONY WEBB, JOHN BROWN, JOHN ANDERSON.  May Court 1734.  JOHN WYNNS d. C/C

***** son of Henry Anderson of Henrico, Co., VA***************

D 206  EDWARD ANDERSON & THOMAS BRYANT TO WILLIAM BODIE  June 17, 1734.  30 pds. for 440 A. “…between Executor of JOHN ANDERSON and THOMAS BRYANT Attorney of the said JOHN ANDERSON of the one part…”  On NS Bridgers Creek and NS Morattock River which land belonged to JOHN BLACKMAN and was made over to JOHN ANDERSON.  Wit: JOHN DAWSON, WILLIAM CAIN.  August Court 1735  JOHN WYNNS D. C/C

E 179  BENJAMIN FOREMAN of Edgecombe Precinct to MARMADUKE NORFLEET of Perquimmons Precinct  Aug 7, 1737.  7 pds. for 100 A. On NS Moratuck adj. GEORGE WILLIAMS.  Part of a patent for 500 A. formerly granted March 1, 1721.  Wit: JOHN ANDERSON, JOHN HINE(?), JOSEPH WALL.  Pat. Car. N.C. Court 1737.  “Present his majesty’s Justices”

E 383  BENJAMIN FOREMAN TO THOMAS ANDREWS (ANDEROS)  Feb. 3, 1738.  40 pds. for 720 A.  Part of 2 patents: (1) One dated April 1, 1718. (2) One dated March 1, 1721.  Land at low grounds of River. adj. RICHARD MELTON, GEORGE WILLIAMS.  Part of patent for 500 A. excepting 100 A. sold to MARMADUKE NORFLEET. Wit: JOHN ANDERSON, SAMUEL GANER(?). Sen., jurat, SAMUEL GANER, JUN.  Feb. Court 1738.


NORTHAMPTON CO, NC Deeds (Margaret M. Hofmann)
May 3, 1745, Carolus Anderson to William Andrews for 6 pds cur. money, 150 a N/H Co Wit: Robert Warren, John Anderson

May 27, 1745 William Baker of Nans. Co., Va. to Carolus Anderson of N/H Co, NC 10 pds. of Va. currency, 460 A S/S Meh. Riv., N/S Little Swamp, Adj. Thomas Liles, part of patent to John Nelson for 500 A Apr 1, 1723 Wit: Arthur Whitehead, John Anderson




This may be a clue to this John Anderson (merely a hunch, but its all I have at this point)


Considering that this is about 1683, it could be possible that this JON. ANDERSON actually WAS an indentured servant and arrived about this time.  This area of Surry County, VA is also where I suspect that Daniel McDaniel was from…. (I have another “Page” for McDaniel which covers my hunch)

Here are some Virginia patents which reference many of the characters I discuss …  This “John Rogers” has just come on my radar and he may prove interesting to researchers…


1668 Tithables, Southwarke Parish – Surry Co. VA

An Alphabetical List of Surry County Tithables taken 10 June 1668 in Southwarke Parish
compiled by Eve Gregory from Surry County Deed Book 1652-1672, p. 316

– ATKINS (with John Rogers)   –
Mr. John BARKER               6 (acres)
Mr. BARKERS plantation        1
Mathew BATLE                  1
Marmaduke BECKWITH            1
Thos. BENTLEY                 1
Mr. Hen. BRIGS                2
Mr. Hezekiah BUNELL saith     1
his neighbors saith           2
Maurice BURCHER               1
Robt. BURGES                  1
Mr. Tho. BUSBY                3
Wm. CARPENTER                 2
Robt. CARTHRAGE               4
Mr. John CARY                 4
Mr. Tho. CLARKE saith         2
his neighbors saith           3
Ralph CREED                   2
Robt. DENNIS                  1
Jerrimy ELLIS                 1
John EMERSON                  1
Capt. Thos. FLOOD             4
Henry FRANCIS                 3
Tho. GREENE                   1
Mr. Ben. HARRISON             5
Wm. HEATH                     2
Francis HOGWOOD               1
Robt HOUSE                    2
Tho. HUX                      2
Mr. Arthur JORDON             4
Lt. Col. JORDON               3
John KING                     1
John KIPPIN                   2
Mr. Nath. KNT. (KNIGHT) with Dick & daukes     3
John LEGRANDE                 1
Mr. Nicholas MERRIWITHER      6
Michaell MICHANY              1
Geo. MIDLETON                 1
Wm. NEWIT (NEVIT?) & orchard     2
Mr. Wm. NORWOOD               2
ORCHARD (with NEWIT)          –
Ralph RACHELL                 1
Joh. RAWLINGS                 1
Joh. ROGERS & Atkins          2     
Richard ROGERS                2
Mr. Wm. ROOKINGS                 3
Wm. SCARBROUGH                1
Wm. SHORTE                       2
Mr. Wm. SIMMONS               6
Tho. STEPHENS                 1

Note: While this list has been rearranged alphabetically, and surnames capitalized, no names have been omitted.

Submitted by Eve Gregory <>


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note elsewhere in my notes that I suspect that Daniel McDaniel was associated with a man named ATKINS…
source: Library of Virginia Patent
Rogers, John. grantee.
Land grant 14 May 1666.
Summary     Location: Surry County.
Description: 200 acres beginning and extending on the South side the Cupess swamp; thence and extendino along Daniel Rogers’s land. Patent
Jordan, Thomas. grantee.
Land grant 22 September 1682.
Summary     Location: Surry County.
Description: 265 acres near the heads of the branches of Cyprus Swamp in the upper parish. Adjoins the land of John Rogers. Patent
Grantham, Edward. grantee.
Land grant 29 May 1683.
Summary     Location: Surry County.
Description: 300 acres on the branches of the Cypress Swamp. Beginning at Mr. Thomas Jordans marked tree in the head line of Grantham’s land purchased of John Rogers.


see map here:     look for “Cypress Creek” (head waters) Patent
Rogers, William. grantee.
Land grant 20 April 1685.
Summary     Location: Surry County.
Grantee(s): Rogers, William and Proctor, Joshua.
Description: 900 acres between John Chehockan and the main Blackwater. Beginning and extending John Collins and Thomas Smith. Patent
Roberts, Nathaniel. grantee.
Land grant October 1688.
Summary     Location: Surry County.
Grantee(s): Roberts, Nathaniel and Proctor, Joshua.
Description: 566 acres beginning and extending a corner tree of a dividend of land granted to the said Proctor and John Rogers; also adjoins land of Robert Warren and Richard Washington. Patent
Rogers, John, Jr. grantee.
Land grant 24 April 1700.
Summary     Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 365 acres on both sides the Cabbin swamp, adjoining the land of Joseph Rogers, and Wm. Howells patent now in the possession of his father John Rogers, Sr.

Did the records in Surry County drop off at about this time for John Rogers?  In other words did he move to Nansemond? Patent
Brasseiur, John. grantee.
Land grant 24 April 1700.
Summary     Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 37 acres beg.g &c. in the line of a patent formerly granted Edward Major…also adjoins land of Rogers and a patented tract of land formerly granted to Tobit Smith. Patent
Rogers, Robert. grantee.
Land grant 24 April 1703.
Summary     Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 234 acres on the North West side of a branch of Beech swamp called the Long branch, adjoining the land of John Molton. Patent
Rogers, Joseph. grantee.
Land grant 24 January 1717.
Summary     Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 197 acres adjoining land of Hugh Gough, (Goff?) John Bird, and Henry Baker. Patent
Rogers, Joseph. grantee.
Land grant 24 January 1717.
Summary     Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 607 acres on both sides of the Cabbin swamp. On the North side of Sumerton creek. Patent
Langston, Leonard. grantee.
Land grant 11 July 1719.
Summary     Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 109 acres on the south side of Summerton Swamp adjoining the land of John Barefield and Benjamin Rogers.

!!! 1728 Bertie Co Leonard Langston wit. deed of Daniel McDaniel to Anthony Lewis of I-O-W, VA. Patent
Rogers, John. grantee.
Land grant 20 June 1733.
Summary     Location: Nansemond County.
Description: 151 acres Beg.g &c. on the north side of the Beach swamp a corner tree of the country pine … Chalres Russell & … patented line.

Written by anderson1951

October 16, 2010 at 9:26 pm

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  1. Hi Marc
    I am sure you know this but just in case I thought I would let you know, there is a John Anderson in Augusta Co VA … and since I have found several men from there that have moved into the Bertie / Northampton Co NC and Southampton Co VA areas, thought I would tell you of this guy, just in case?


    Cheryl Horne

    April 30, 2012 at 6:27 pm

  2. Hi Marc, You may have this but thought of you when I ran into it: Gates Co NC deed 22 Nov 1788: John Anderson, mariner of Nansemond Co., VA. to Jesse Sanders of Gates Co NC, 25 Pds. – 50 ac. in Gates Co., it being part of a tract granted to James Many dec’d, 1740 and purchased by Thomas Fisher from Samuel Brown – sit: on Chowan River. Wits: John Pipkin, Amos Delday, John Anderson.


    Cheryl Horne

    September 16, 2014 at 10:55 am

  3. I am a new user to this site so I don’t know who will see this, but i have been researching the Andersons of Perquimans County in an effort to find my missing ancestor, you got it, JAMES ANDERSON. There were two Anderson families in Perquimans County very early. The first was a John Anderson, b. 1694 who married Elizabeth Nicholson. They were Quakers. They had a large family, including a John, b. 1735.This is not the John we are looking for. The second Anderson family was a James Anderson, b.1682 in Virginia. he was supposedly the son of James Anderson, 1660-1732 and his wife, Elizabeth (last name unknown). They came to Albemarle or some say Northampton County very early. They probably had other children but they brought four with them: James, b 1682, John, b. 1688 (this may be the John who married the McDaniel), Elizabeth, b. 1688, and Carlos, b 1700. For some reason, James, the oldest of the ones who came from Virginia moved away from his parents and bought land in Perquimans County. He married Deborah (Mullins?). The Mullins family were Huguenots, and i hhave not found a marriage, but they lived on Sutton’s Creek near all these Quaker families. James and Deborah had three children: John,1705-1745, Elizabeth,1706-1741, and James,1707-1787(?). John stayed in Perquimans County and died there, leaving three underage children: Isaac, b 1729, Henry, b1730, and James, b1733. I have not been able to find out who John’s wife was, but when he died, he entrusted his estate to Christopher Sutton because his brother James was in Craven County. christopher Sutton died soon after that, and apparently James came back and got the boys, sold his brother’s land and went somewhere else. i find records in Pitt County who MAY be some of these, but then I find a James in Tyrell County marrying a much younger woman when he was near 80, This may not be the same James, and if it is, who was his first wife and who were his children in Craven County? Any thoughts on this very complicated family will be most appreciated.



    July 18, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    • Hi Joy
      Welcome to the puzzle. I cannot answer your question, but there is a lot of info on this site that I have compiled in the same search you are on.

      Marc Anderson



      July 19, 2015 at 6:25 pm

  4. My major goal is to find the origins of one James Anderson who died in 1822 probably in Mississippi. His oldest son was Isaac Anderson b 1785 in NC. Then he moved on to GA. Isaac had sons Henry and Allen whose names tie in with this line. Maybe a connection? Isn’t this fun?!



    July 19, 2015 at 8:38 pm

  5. Do you have any info on Ann McDaniel who married John Anderson and after he died married a Martin and then Joseph Anderson and was a signer of a petition ?



    July 20, 2015 at 8:48 am

  6. I have been trying to figure out my McDaniel lines for quite some time, as well as my Browns. I noticed I may have an ancestor that is named Anderson C McDaniel born approx. 1802, probably around Greenville, South Carolina. His father I believe was Lewis David McDaniel 1775 – 1839. Some say Lewis father is John McDaniel 1750 – 1817. Anderson’s brothers and sisters were Levi W McDaniel 1801-1870, Wiley, and Martha Patsy McDaniel. Most were born in SC, but Levi’s census says he was born in Georgia. Not sure if he was or not. Levi is my ancestor, and he moved to Haywood, NC, approx. 1843 and died around 1870. Anyhow, not sure if these McDaniel’s go back to Daniel McDaniel or not, but if anyone has any info. on them I would appreciate it, they are very difficult to research. Also, does anyone know if Daniel McDaniel is related to William David “Trader” McDaniel born 1716 or so? He married Sookie Hopper the daughter of Old Hop a Cherokee. I took a DNA test and I have lots of people with McDaniels, Sookie Hopper, and Old Hop showing matches to me. However, I do not know where the connection is, unless it is through the McDaniel’s, could possibly be through both William David and Sookie, I have only been able to go back to 1750 or so. William was born in 1716.


    jason swaim

    August 31, 2016 at 2:37 pm

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