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1658  One Joseph Whitmell mortgaged his crop to one Ralph, Raipf or Raphael Creed (Surry County record, Wills & Deeds 1645-71, p. 117)  per article Virginia Gleanings from England, The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 56, No.1 (Jan, 1948), pp. 75

1688 Thomas Whitmel Jr. born.  In Jan 1690 judgement granted one Thomas Whitmel Sr in Charles City County.

(His birth is noted from an extant bible record… Whitmel of Bertie from Southside Virginia Families – Vol 1 edited by John Bennett Boddie)

1693   Thomas Whitmel (Sr) died.  Probate allowed to his widow Mary.

1695   John Weever (security for Mary Whitmel as guardian of the orphans of Thomas Whitmel) prays for relief as their mother has lately married Arthur Cavenaugh.

(John Weaver Jr. (in 1723) had property “on NE side of Joans Hole Sw”)

1704   VA Quitrents:   Arthur Kavannah   Prince George   60 Acres

(Thomas Whitmel Jr. is sixteen years old having been with Kavanaugh since the age of 7 or so.)

1704 DB W#1, Chowan, MM Hofmann, #128  Pg. 63

JOSEPH SKITTLETHARP (residence not given) and MARY my now wife to JOHN BYRD (residence not given)  25 Sept. 1704  5L  100 acres being our plantation on ye west side of Chowan river and ye west side of Coshoke creek, joining HENRY LYSLE and MARY BRANCH and is part of a greater tract given me by my father-in-law (step-father?) RICHARD GRIFFIN by will  Wit.: RICHARD GRILES, GEORGE CHAMBERS  Reg. 2 Jan. 1704  8 Dec. 1704 “The above deed was assigned in Court in these words: A Signe of JOHN BYRD to JOHN ANDERSON”  Wit.: JAMES BLOUNT, ARTHUR KAVANAUGH, HENRY LYLES

(This reference to Byrd has Kavenaugh near the Cashy River in 1704… this Anderson is (I think) of the Perquimans group.  Thomas Whitmel will later settle on the Cashy River.   see “Old Albemarle” by Worth S. Ray for Byrd references.)

1706   Arthur Kavanaugh, and wife Mary, of Meherrin River, to Robert Hicks. Two tracts of land, 1,280 acres, on north side of Meherrin River; patented 17 July, 1706. Deed dated April 20, 1709. Test, Jacob Gotten, Ralf Jackson, Joseph Evans.

(Thomas Whitmel is 18 yrs old now.)

“In the meantime Robert Hicks was not indifferent to other aspects of life. When leave had been given for taking up land on the south side of Blackwater Swamp in 1705, he and Robert Bolling were among the first to patent together four hundred acres at the mouth of Stony Creek. Hicks soon transferred his share to Lewis Green. Then on April 20, 1709, he made a purchase of two tracts of land, totaling 1,280 acres, that was to have a bearing on all his subsequent history. Both tracts were on the north side of Meherrin River and one was the site of what would later be known as Hicks’ Ford. The land had originally been patented in 1706 by Arthur Kavanaugh “of Meherrin River” who lived in Surry County but “pretending to be of North Carolina” when he ran into some trouble with the Virginia authorities the year before he sold to Hicks. He was accused of purposely creating misunderstanding between the Sapony Indians and the English, signing papers in the name of “Gentlemen of

Note in these parts.” His conduct was ordered investigated. If found guilty Kavanaugh was to he taken into custody until he gave bond for his good behavior We do not know the result of the investigation but he seems to have led an orderly life thereafter. He became a close neighbor of Hicks at Hicks’ Ford. It is quite probable that Robert Hicks moved from Petersburg to the Ford in 1709, or shortly afterward. Certainly he was here before 1711.  It is also most likely that he established a trading post about the same time, though this is conjecture. Tradition persists that there was a Post (or “Quarter”) at the Ford. The location was a strategic one – about half way between Fort Henry and the numerous Tuscarora towns in

eastern North Carolina. It would also have been in close proximity to the Meherrin fort (town) and in the midst of a large Indian population.  Hicks’ experience as a trader makes him the logical one to have established and operated such a Post.”     Historical and Biographical Sketches of Greensville County, Virginia 1650-1967.” Second Ed. 1968-2000. The Riparian Woman’s Club, Emporia, VA, 2000  Chapter II,   “That Honest Man, Captain Hicks”

Executive Journals, Council of Colonial Virginia   Vol. Ill (May 1, 1705— October 23, 1721)

At a Council held at the Capitol … July 1708

…   This day the King of the Saponie Indians attended the President and Council and in name of that Nation presented a petition praying that the said Indians might be received under the protection of this Government they being willing to become Tributarys thereto, Whereupon the Council finding that the said Indians were once Tributarys and included in the Articles of peace agreed at Middle plantation the 29’^ of May 1677 till upon some misunderstanding they withdrew towards the mountains and are now Returned are of Opinion that it is for her Majtys Service that the said Indians be received into the protection of this Government as Tributarys and they are received accordingly of which the said Indians were acquainted by their Interpreter. And whereas the said Indians have desired that land may be allowed them for their Settlement either in the Forks of three Creeks or the land between Unotee and Reeves’s quarter the Council were pleased to agree to the said desire provided the same doth not interfere with the Rights of any of her Majtys Subjects And the sd Indians were made acquainted that the Prcsidt and Council would speedily inform themselves thereof and in the mean time take Care that the said Indians should not be disturbed in their possession of the Land where they now live

Ordered that it be recommended to Coll° Benja Harrison to enquire if the Lands lying in the branches of the three Creeks or the Lands between Unotee & Reves’s quarter on the northside of Maherine River be possessed or entered for by any of her Majtys Subjects and make report to the next Council to the end this Board may be better enabled to answer the desire of the Saponie Indians who have prayed that land may be assigned them in either of those places.    pg. 188


Whereas this Board are informed that one Arthur Cavenner an Inhabitant of Surry County but pretending himself of North Carolina hath used diverse ill practices with the Saponie Indians on purpose to create misunderstanding and Jealousy between the sd Indians and her Majtys Subjects of this Colony such as signing papers under the name of Coll° Harrison and other Gentlemen of Note in these parts importing an Order to cutt off and destroy the sd Indians, for preventing the future pernitious practice of the said Cavenner. It is ordered that the Sheriff of Surry County make enquiry into the truth of the sd Information and if he find that the said Cavenner has been heretofore or

shal at any time hereafter be guilty of any such proceedings that he forthwith take him into Custody untill he give bond with good security for his good behavior for a year and day then next coming.

N. Carolina notes

Chowan Co., NC DB 1 P. 86

Arthur Kavanaugh of Meherrin River in ye Co. of Albemarle and Mary his wife to Robert Hicks of ye Co. of Prince George 20 April 1709 for 1 Indian slave and 18 pds; 1280 acres in 2 tracts excepting 1 small tract sold to Edward Goodridge and another small tract sold to Rolif Jackson the sd. 1280A being on the N. side of the Meherrin River and bounded by 2 patents; one dated 17 Jul 1706 and ye other of ye aforesd. date all houses, buildings, gardens, orchards, etc. Wit: Jacob Cotton, Ralf Jackson, Joseph Evans. Reg. (not given)

Chowan Co., NC DB 1 P. 87

Arthur Kavanaugh of Meherrin River is held and firmly bound unto Robert Hicks of Prince George Co. 11 Apr 1709 in the sum of 96 pds. Sterling a mortgag of 1280 A. Wit: Jacob Collcon, John Evary. Reg. (not given)

(This property seems to be what became Hick’s Ford in present Emporia, VA which is about eight miles north of the N. Carolina/VA border.)

Kavanaugh to Hicks 1709

1707   Arthur Kavanaugh, of Surry County, Va., to Thomas Hicks. 200 acres on branch of Indian Town Creek, as per patent in my name, dated August 11, 1707. Deed dated July 19, 1715. Test, R. Hicks, Jon Gordon.  (Hathaway, Vol I)

1709   Arthur Kavanaugh, and wife Mary, to Ralf Jackson. 50 acres land north side Meherrin River; April 4, 1709. Test, Charles Griffin, Jno. Lillington.

1713   Richard Turbeville, and wife Ann, of Isle of Wight County, Va., to Arthur Kavanaugh, 600 acres land on north side Morattuck River, known by the name of the “Three Holes”; July 8, 1713. Test, John Ward, John Green, Elizi Magrit.   (The North Carolina historical and genealogical register, Volume 1 By James Robert Bent Hathaway)

1713   John Jackson and Rebecca his wife of Prince George Co. and Ambrose Jackson of said Co. to Ralph Jackson of Surry Co. for 11, all that plantation of 100 acres in Prince George Co. being land formerly belonging to Henry King Sr. and sold to John Jackson Sr. dec’d and by him given to John Jackson Jr and Ambrose Jackson his sons, and is bounded by Robert Tucker, George Williams and James Williams with all houses etc. signed John Jackson and Rebecca Jackson Ambrose Jackson Wit. Arthur Kavanaugh, Batt Crowder, John Evans Rev. 23 Oct 1713.   (Prince George County Ledger Bk. “B” pg. 244 (Wills & Deeds 1710-1713) Deed 12 Oct 1713)

William Boddie and his wife Elizabeth Boddie of Isle of Wight County then sold to John Duke “that plantation which Henry Kinge lately lived on. The said plantation and woodland ground is bounded thus . . . over against John Jackson’s ould plantation . . . whether the plantattion be one hundred acres or two hundred acres . . . we do not know.” The deed was witnessed by Anthony Davis, William Fowler and Walter Howell and proved 21 Oct 1689 (Isle of Wight Co VA Deed Bk 1, p. 21)

1714   Bartholomew  Chavis  was living in Henrico County on 1 March 1707 when he recorded his cattle mark in court. On 2 September 1708 he sued Francis Scott for trespass, and on 1 October 1708 Thomas Evans sued him for a 6 pound debt. He had left the county by 1 November 1708 when Evans attached his estate which consisted of a stallion branded “BC,” a bed blanket and some corn in the field [Orders 1707-9, 28, 74, 92]. He was sued for trespass by Ruth Parker in Surry County, Virginia court on 15 October 1712. The suit was dismissed when neither party appeared at the next session on 29 November 1712, and on the same day a suit against him for debt by Robert Rogers was dismissed when neither party appeared [Orders 1701-13, 405-6, 408]. And neither party appeared again in 1714 when he was sued for debt in Surry County court by Arthur Kavanaugh [Orders 1713-18, 32]. He was in North Carolina on 1 March 1719/20 when he received a patent for 300 acres on the north side of the Roanoke River near Urahaw Swamp in what was then Chowan County.   (

1715   (15 Oct) – Chowan Ct  – Lewis Bryan proved rights  for ye importation of Symon, William, Edward, Jannett, Lewis, Elizabeth, Mary, Joanah, Sarah, and Ann Bryan, Lewis Bryan, Jr and Elizabeth Bryan Jr.  (Chowan Deed Book B #1 Hofmann)

(Thomas Whitmel marries Elizabeth, daughter of Lewis Bryan)

1715   Arthur Kavanaugh, of Surry Co., Va., to Thomas Whitmell, of Surry Co., Va.; July 13, 1715. 600 acres on north side Morattuck River, known as Hull Hole, beginning on the low grounds of the river, as by patent to said Kavanaugh may more fully appear. Test, John Keeter, Lawrence Mague. (Bertie County.)

Same, to same. 600 acres land in Province of North Carolina; July 14, 1715. Test, John Keeter, Lawrence Mague.  (The North Carolina historical and genealogical register, Volume 1 By James Robert Bent Hathaway)


Library of Virginia, online patents

Kavenaugh, Arthur.

23 March 1715.   Surry County.

175 acres on the north side of Maherine River, in the counties of Surry and the isle of Wight. Beginning and extending on the bank of the river, thence and extending by the side of Reeves’s Branch.

18 February 1722.   Isle of Wight County.

50 acres on the south side of Maherin River, and on the east side of the Great Swamp.

22 June 1722.   Surry County.

165 acres on the south side of Meherrin River. Beginning and extending by the river side just below the mouth of a small branch a corner of Matthew Smarts land.

22 June 1722.  Surry County.

300 acres on both sides of Meherrin River. Beginning and extending on the north side of the river, a corner of Robert Hix’s lane.

3 February 1728.  Brunswick County.

Description: 100 acres on the south side of Maherin River.


???   Adam Ivey, II, the son of Adam and Elizabeth (?) Ivey, of Prince George

County, Virginia, received a State Land Grant for 150 acres of land in

Isle of Wight (now Brunswick) County, Virginia, on the south side of the

Meherrin River, on February 21, 1720. The land bordered lands belonging

to John Thweat and Arthur Kavenaugh. Adam Ivey, II paid 15 shillings for

the grant.

Jul 6, 1720 Chowan Precinct: RALPH MASON of Chowan Prect., planter and SARAH my wife to THOMAS ARRINGTON of Chowan Prect., planter 20 pds current money of this Province. 160 ac more or less on the North side of Moratuck River, adj.

RICHARD TURBAVILL, JOHN HATHHORN, the dividing branch and a pond. Wit: ARTHUR KAVENAUGH, JOHN COLESON (his mark) Regist. Chowan Prect 2rd Tuesday of Jul, 1720. Test.: THOMAS HENMAN, Clerk. DBK F #1, Chowan Co, NC p.48 [Chowan Precinct NC Genealogical Abstracts of Deed Books 1696-1723 by Margaret M Hofmann]

Aug 20, 1722  Bertie County:  THOMAS WHITMELL & WIFE ELIZABETH TO RICHARD CUERTON of Prince George Co., Va.  Aug 20, 1722. 15 pds. for 200 A. on NS Morratuck River granted to ARTHUR CAVENAUGH. On Double Bottom Branch adj. RICHARD TUBERVILLE. WIT: JOHN GRAY, WILLIAM GRAY. Oct. 31, 1722. C. Gale C.J.   [Bertie County DB A, A 3   Bell]

Jul 11, 1728   Bertie County:  HUBBARD GIBSON, EDWARD GIBSON, HUBBARD GIBSON, JUN. TO SAMUEL CHAMBERLIN of Hanover Co., Va.  5 sh. For one year lease on 370 A. On NS Morattock River Adj. ARTHUR HAVENNUGHS(?) , RALPH MASON, JOHN HANTHORUS(?) on Falling Run. Land formerly granted to JOHN GIBSON dec’d. son of said HUBBARD, SEN.  Patent dated Aug. 10, 1720.  EDWARD and HUBBARD GIBSON, JUN.  sons of HUBBARD GIBSON, SEN.  Wit: DAVIE HOPPER (KOPPER?), ROBERT SIMMS, JOHN EVANS.  November Court 1728.  E. MASHBORNE D.C/C  [Bertie DB C 37, Bell]

Jul 12, 1728  Bertie Co:  HUBBARD GIBSON, EDWARD GIBSON, HUBBARD GIBSON, JUN. TO SAMUEL CHAMBERLIN of Hanover Co., Va. 15 pds. for 370 A. Adj. ARTHUR KAVENAUGH, RALPH MASON, JOHN HANTHORN.  Land granted by patent dated April 10, 1720 to JOHN GIBSON, dec’d. son of HUBBARD GIBSON, SEN.  Wit: DAVIE HOPPER, ROBERT SIMES, ____ EVANS.  November Court 1728.  EDW. MASHBORNE D.C/C [Bertie DB C 38, Bell]

Arthur Kavanaugh’s Will and Inventory 1733

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  2. So I am continuously coming up with DNA cousin matches to the Colsons, Busbys, Harringtons, Whitmells, Bryants, etc. I can’t untie those knots, but it’s this crew for sure. I can’t understand why they were trading with the Chickasaw and living beside the Tuscarora. What was the Tuscarora link? Also, I have no genealogical connection to these families. My ancestors started to surface in Gates County in the 1780s, with some people who had surnames that at least coincided with those on the Indian Woods deeds. There is no paper trail for them prior to that time.



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