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Anthony Lewis…that orphant boy

This is the history of two Lewis women from Isle of Wight, VA. the two women were daughters of two brothers named Thomas and Morgan Lewis (father unknown). My ancestor, Phillip Brantley, would marry Joyce Lewis and finally settle in modern Southampton, VA (old Isle of Wight before 1749) a few miles from where Anthony Lewis would settle. The other woman, Bridgett Lewis would have at least three children named Anthony, Isaac and Jacob Lewis (named her last name as they were bastards) any other children unknown.

By about 1695 Bridgett Lewis will marry John Browne the Indian Trader near Kingsale swamp in Nansemond, VA. Subsequently, about 1700, they will move to the west side of Chowan River, NC at a place called Petty Shore (still shown on modern maps). Her two sons Isaac and Jacob Lewis will settle near her in North Carolina. Numerous Brown descendants will also settle there.

Previously while living near Kingsale Swamp in Nansemond, William Brown, his brother Thomas, and their step brother Anthony Lewis will settle some land in Southampton, VA about 1702, at a place called Anthony’s Delight, a small creek branching off of Nottoway Swamp, also a creek not to be confused with Nottoway River. Later, William and Thomas Browne will settle in other areas of NC. Anthony will settle there permanently after some brief periods with his son Anthony Jr in NC.

Much of this is my theory… I think the circumstantial evidence is damn near overwhelming in support. I have more.

This is primarily about Anthony Lewis

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Below are my rough and uncompiled notes of a period say, 1750s, in Southampton, VA. It shows a later relationship of descendants of Anthony Lewis and Philip Brantley. I think the common thread is their kinship relationship of grandmother LEWIS to the Brantleys, oddly enough. Perhaps grand aunt to the Lewis’.

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