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Robert Pitman sons

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Robert Pitman d. aft 1760 wife unknown (no will found)

….. Joseph
….. Samuel
….. Jesse
….. Arthur

Joseph and Samuel each have “smoking gun” proofs…

In the Edgecombe County Court minutes of Feb 1757/8 [187]…
“Jos. PITMAN son of Robert (Overseer marked out) Constable in Room of George WIMBERLY”

Samuel is noted in a family bible… source:

I have this little bit on Samuel Pittman of Halifax County.  (thanks to David Gammon)

Samuel Pittman md. Mary Lane. He was born Oct. 6, 1736, was son of Robert Pittman and grandson of Thomas Pittman of 1730 will. He died April 24, 1812. his wife Mary was dau. of John and Mary Lane. She (Mary) died 2 October 1811. Issue:

1. Henry Pittman, born ca 1768, died Oct. 4, 1811, unmarried.
2. Mary Pittman, born ca 1770, died before 1811, md. Robert Josey.
3. Elizabeth Pittman, born ca 1772, md. Benjamin Joyner and moved to South Alabama.
4. Blake Pittman, born Aug. 28, 1773, died Apr. 19, 1822, md. Nancy Crowell.
5. Robert John Pittman, born ca 1774, died Aug. 12, 1836, md. Elizabet Cotton, daughter of Elizabeth Cotton and sister of Drederick and Spencer D. Cotton.
6. David Pittman, born ca 1776 died March 25, 1815, md. Charlotte Barnes.
7. Priscilla Ann Pittman, born ca 1778, died Aug. 29, 1847, unmarried. She was blinded at the age of five months.

Interestingly enough, David Pittman and wife Charlotte Barnes were the parents of David Pittman (Jr.) who married Elizabeth Anderson, sister of Leggett Micajah Anderson.


Jesse has more of a BB gun proof (this is still speculative)… so I’ll have to add some smoke…

Brothers, John and Robert Pitman (sons of Thomas Pitman d1730 of Meherrin River) are mentioned below. Their father left them about 50 acres each in his will of 1730:
“To my Son Robert a piece of Land lying on the upper side of the Long Grand containing fifty Acres. For my sons John and Arthur the place called the hedge pen Neck and containing One Hundred Acres.”
John Pitman died about 1781, leaving a will and apparently only daughters. Arthur died 1758 and left no known heirs. Each seem to have stayed in Southampton County, VA.

Robert Pitman moved to Edgecombe Precinct (later Halifax County) about 1738. This Robert apparently retained ownership of some land in the Southampton, VA/Northampton, NC area until it was sold in 1764 by one Jesse Pitman. Since Robert left no will or estate papers, I am left speculating as to his death date. I assume that this Jesse is an heir and therefore his son.

That’s it… the smoking gun… its all I got.  I’m guessing that Robert is deceased and his death prompted the sale of this property.

Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., abstractor, The Deeds of Northampton County, NC, 1759-1774 (Keysville, Va: Bradley, 1994), p. 57, entry # 603-(384): “Jessee Pitman to Harmon Tayler. 8 Nov. 1764. 27 pounds 10 shillings NC. 150 acres which was patented by sd (?) Robert Pitman, on north side of Meherrin River, joining the country line. Jessee Pitman. Wit: D. Williams, Joseph Pope, Elizabeth Pitman. May Ct. 1765.”

2 other deeds further referencing these folks and the area…

Northampton County, North Carolina, Deed Book 3, 1759-1766
1762 Robert Smelly & Patience Monger of N Co to John Pitman of Southampton Co Va. Ws of Kirbys Creek, joining Roanoak Branch, John Atkinson, John Smelly, School House Branch. Wit: Joseph Pope, Harmon Taylor, Joseph Garner.

Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., abstractor, The Deeds of Northampton County, NC, 1759-1774 (Keysville, Va: Bradley, 1994), p. 57, entry # 597-(378): “John Pitman of Southampton Co. VA to Harmon Taylor of Northampton Co. 14 May 1765. 28 pounds VA [money]. 200 acres which was part of 3 patents (50 acres part of a patent to Benjamin Joyner Apr 1723; the other 150 acres part of 2 patents to Robert Smelly, 1 for 520 acres 1745, the other for 600 acres 1749), on west side of Kirbys Creek, joining Roanoak Branch, John Adkinson, John Smelly, School House Branch, John Pitman, Elizabeth Pitman. Wit: Joseph Pope, Theopus. Tharp, Wm. Strickland. May Ct. 1765.”

This map may have enough clues to help form some opinions… the Carolus Anderson property is dead on accurate (I took actual measurements from the Wm Byrd II survey notes)… the rest of the folks are “iffy” but “ballpark” close…  Bear in mind that Isle of Wight extended all the way to the NC state line until after the Byrd survey of 1728 (the same with Surry County, VA).   Southampton County, VA did not come into being until 1749.

Page 4, Rocky Mount Evening Telegram, Sept 27, 1960… Hugh B. Johnston:
“Arthur Taylor may have been a native of Surry County, Virginia. On july 14, 1733, he witnessed the will of Matthew Strickland in Isle of Wight County. On January 23, 1737-38, Thomas Taylor, Arthur Taylor, and Robert Pitman appraised the estate of Augustine Nixon. On July 14, 1742, Arthur A Powell sold Arthur Taylor of Isle of Wight County for 0,5,0 pounds a tract of 83 acres south of Sweat House swamp on a branch formerly patented by Nathaniell Powell, witnessed by William Bynum, John Edwards, and Robert Pittman.” … “On February 13, 1755, Arthur Taylor of Edgecombe County sold Thomas Turner of Southampton County, Virginia forr 63 pounds current Virginia Money 75 acres in the latter County, ‘being the Plantation Whereon the said Arthur Taylor formerly Lived’ bounded by Joseph Lane and Tarrarah Creek…”
(the mention of Tarrarah Creek (Tarraro) puts this property near the land of Thomas Pitman d1730 of Meherrin River)

Page 4, Rocky Mount Evening Telegram, Sept 11, 1959… Hugh B. Johnston:
“Gale Bryant, son of Robert Bryant and wife Mary Gale of Southampton County, Virginia, settled in Edgecombe County. On March 9, 1754, Arthur Taylor sold him for 50 pounds Proclamation Money 150 acres north of Tar River, witnessed by Duncan Lamon and Thomas Vanlandingham. On February 21, 1782, Thomas Vivarett of Nash County sold Gale Bryant of Nash County for 70 pounds in specie 140 acres on Town Creek in Edgecombe County, witnessed by Jesse Pittman, James Cobb, and Nathaniel Hickman.” “Gale (G) Bryant made his will in Edgecombe County on April 8, 1788, and it was probated in November Court 1793.”
(the Robert Bryant mentioned above had property near or possibly adjoining Thomas Pitman of Meherrin River)

It is purported that William HICKMAN left Isle of Wight Co VA about 1730 for Edgecombe co NC; he died there 1744, his son Nathaniel HICKMAN, Sr d/1795, probably married Sarah STRICKLAND

“North Carolina, Marriages, 1759-1979,” index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 20 Oct 2012), Jesse Pitman and Christian Hickmen, 19 Oct 1765; citing reference , FHL microfilm 6330315.

Nathanial Hickman died 1795… in his will he mentions daughters Morenin Pitman and Elizabeth Vivrett…
“Item I give and bequeath unto my loving daughter Morening Pitman my Negro man called Amrit after the decease of my said wife Sarah Hickman to her and her heirs lawfully begotten of her body. Also I give her one third part of the cattle, horses, hogs and sheep and working tools after the decease of her mother to her her heirs and assigns forever…
Item I give and bequeath unto my loving daughter Elizabeth Vivrett the sum of five shillings sterling to her and her heirs and assigne forever”

Mourning m/1___ Carter; m/2, Jesse Pitman, whose will was proved in Edgecombe in 1793, Nathaniel Hickman, Jr., a witness. Children, from will: “son Hickman shall have my manured plantation of 250 acres”; other children, Felix, Jesse, Patience, and Christian Hickman, 5 shillings each.

Edge. Co. Db C, page 369, deed date 10 Jun 1765, recorded Oct Ct 1765,
Jesse Blackwell, Edge. Co to (John Artis) for 10 pds proc money, a
tract beginning at a maple in the Mill Branch then north to Arthur
Dew’s line to a pine and by the said Dew’s line and Hickman south a
pine then along said Hickman’s line to the Mill Branch to a live oak it
being part of a grant to the said Jesse Blackwell dated 3 Nov 1761,
signed Jesse Blackwell (X), wit Jesse Pittman, Nathl Hickman (Sr).
Abstracted 10-5-05, NCA film C.037.40002, CTC.

Edge. Co. Db 4 page 308, deed date 14 May 1785, recorded Nov Ct 1785,
Jesse Pitman, Edge. Co, planter to William Bond Whitehead, county
aforesaid for 130 pds specie, a tract on the south side of Toisnot
Swamp on Mill Branch beginning at a pine William Bond Whitehead’s
corner in Thomas Clark’s new line then running with said line west 118
poles to a corner a lightwood stump then with his other new line south
92 poles to a corner gum in Cornelius Jordan’s old line then up the
various courses of said swamp to the fork of the swamp then up the
various courses of the south prong of said swamp to a maple in said
prong to an agreed line between Jesse Pitman and Nathan Johnson then
along said agreed line to a pine east 227 poles to a pine then with
another agreed line to said Pitman’s & Nathaniel Hickman Jr’s north 25
west 92 poles to a pine then with another agreed line by said parties
north 55 east 124 poles to a maple in a small branch and Nathaniel
Hickman’s old line then with said line up said branch south 4 poles to
the corner a large pine in said branch then with his other old line
south 50 east 134 poles to the corner willow oak then along his other
old line north 40 east 8 poles to a black gum in said line and in the
Mill Branch then down said branch south 35 east 32 poles to a live oak
at the run of the said branch and in William Bond Whitehead’s old line
then with said line south 45 west 36 poles to the corner stake then
with his other old line south 45 east 98 poles to a stake in said line
and said Whitehead’s new corner a stake then with his said new line
south 50 west 66 poles to a corner stake then with his other line to
the first station, containing 540 acres, granted to said Jesse Pitman
28 Oct 1782, signed Jesse Pitman, wit William White, Nicholas Dison
(sic). Abstracted 27 Sep 07, NCA film C.037.40003, CTC.

Edge. Co Db 5, page 74, deed date 24 Dec 1782, recorded Feb Ct 1789,
Thomas Clark, Edge. Co, planter to Dempsey Barnes, same place for 450
pounds, a tract of land on the south side of (Tosnoat Swamp) beginning
at Herod Clark’s old corner a post oak running then west 328 poles to a
lightwood stump then south 92 poles to a black gum in Cornelius
Jordan’s old line then along said line east 160 poles to the corner a
pine then along his other old line south 158 poles to the corner a pine
in Thomas Dixon’s old line then along said line east 140 poles to the
corner red oak then along agreed line by said Clark and Nicholas Dixon
north 48 east 76 poles to Herod Clark’s old corner a red oak sapling
then along said Herod Clark’s old line north to the first station,
containing 400 acres, signed Thomas Clark (X), wit Jesse Pitman,
Michael Horn. Abstracted 9-25-04, NCA film C.037.40007, CTC.

Jesse, in a fit of wordiness, apparently left 2 wills. In due respect, I’ll post BOTH of them…

His estate papers can be found at… here is a synopsis…

Petition of Benjamin Cobb, who had a land entry adjoining Michael Horn,
Thomas Viverett, William Dew, and John Dew to run around the lines of John
Dew, who refused to let the surveyor run his lines. 6 Jan 1783
Petition for settlement of estate. Thomas Viverett died on 18 October 1791,
leaving a will with Jesse Pitman as executor. Said Pitman died intestate in
1793, and administration was granted to William Dew and Cornelius Joyner, who
refused to make a final settlement with Micajah Viverett and Lancelot
Viverett, two sons of the deceased. No date.

Thomas Vivrett: Judgement (27 Aug 1799) made against goods of Jesse Pittman,
decd in the hands of Mourning Pittman, Felix Pittman, Patience Allen, Jesse
Pittman, Robert Pittman and Christian Pittman, as the result of a suit in
favor of Cornelius Joyner, admr. of Thomas Vivrett.

I note that Jesse named a son Robert (after his grandfather presumably?).


Arthur Pitman doesn’t provide even as much as a popcorn fart for proof of his parentage… so I’ll tap dance and throw out shiny objects to make up for it…

Edgecombe deed book 1 p 89 Edgecombe Co NC: Elizabeth PITTMAN of Edgecombe Co to Arthur PITMAN planter, 26 Sep 1761, 90 acres north side of Tar River…Granville grant to said Elizabeth…May 1749.

The above noted Arthur is too old to be the son of Ambrose Pitman (his son Arthur left a Rev War pension indicating his birthdate as 1749 I think… he would have been only 6 years old for the militia).  There is no other Arthur in Edgecombe at this time.

He is noted in the 1754 militia rolls:

Captain Jacob Whitehead’s Company

10 Corporal, Coleman, Charles

14 Soldier, Pitman, Athur
17 Soldier, Coleman, Robert

30 Soldier, Coleman, Charles

36 Soldier, Anderson, William

43 Soldier, Ross, Andrew (neighbor of W. Anderson)

50 Soldier, Battle, Elisha

66 Soldier, Griffin, James

69 Soldier, Pitman, William (son-in-law of Andrew Ross)

82 Soldier, Pitman, Joseph (son of Robert Pitman)

86 Stallings, James
87 Coleman, Aron

90 Pitman, Thomas (son of Thomas d.1754)
91 Pitman, Nathan (son of Thomas d.1754)

Road Orders from 1760..

[267]-8  (Sep-1760)  Robert Coleman is appointed Oversr. of the Road from Sweetens Landan (sic) on Tar River to Mial’s Bridge on Swift Creek.  Ordrd that the following hands Work on the same, towit:…(list includes)Joseph Pitman, Andw. Ross, Arthr. Pitman, Robert Coleman, James Stallions, Wm. Anderson

This is somewhat of a smoking gun… he sells the Elizabeth Pitman property to who I think is his brother Joseph…

DB 1, p. 381: 20 Sep 1762 ARTHUR PITMAN of Edgecombe Co., planter to JOSEPH PITMAN of same, planter, for £20 Proc. money a tract of 100 acres on the north side of Tar River adjoining ELIZ. PITMAN, John Fountain and Robert coleman. Wit: Wm. (X) Anderson, Handover (X) Hatcher, John Foundain.
Edgecombe County Court Minutes Sept 1762
A Deed of Sale from Arthur Pitman to Joseph Pitman proved by Wm. Anderson

ABSTRACT OF WILLS, EDGECOMBE COUNTY, N.C., VOL. I, 1732-1792 by David B. Gammon, 1992, pp 36-37: John Hatcher, 1 Oct. 1765, Jan Ct. 1766, A/153 (Book A, p. 153). Will names son Jeremiah Hatcher, 100 acres at the mouth of the Dividing Branch adj. Hendricks Creek. Wife Dorothy – life estate in my remaining land with reversion to my daughter Sarah Hatcher. Daughter Mary – bed. Son John Hatcher – ten shillings. Wife – lend all moveable estate for her lifetime with reversion to my four children Hancock Hatcher, Jeremiah Hatcher, Sarah Hatcher and Mary Hatcher. To ARTHUR PITMAN – ten shillings. Ex. Hancock Hatcher. Wit: John Miall, Isom Pitman.

JANUARY, 1766:   LWT of John HATCHER proved by John MYALS and Jesse PITMAN & Executors qualified.

Arthur apparently moves to Nash County about 1762…

1 November 1762 William (H) Henry of Edgecombe Co. planter, to ARTHUR PITMAN of same, planter, for 26/6/8 Proc. bills of N.C. a tract of 160 acres on the south side of Sapony Creek on the Great Branch adjoining Stephen Batcheler. Wit: David Pridgen, John (X) Basey, John Fountain. DB 1, p. 493.

20 January 1763 William (X) Hendrick of Edgecombe Co. to Eldread (Eldrick) Hendrick of same, for £10 Proc. money a tract of 120 acres on the south side of Sapony on the Old Place Branch, it being part of a tract of 556 accres granted to said William Hendrick by Earl Granville bearing date Sept 17, 1744. Wit: Thos. Carter, ARTHUR (a) PITTMAN. DB 1, p. 456.

7 January 1765 ARTER PITMAN to WM. PITMAN, £25 Virginia money a tract of land on the south side of Great Sapony Creek and on the Great Branch adjoining Stephen Batchelder. Wit: Thos. Harburt, Wm. Defnell. DB C, p. 434.

7 January 1765 ARTER (X) PITMAN of Edgecombe Co. to WILLIAM PITMAN of same, for £25 Virginia money a tract of 160 acres on the south side of Great Sapony Creek adjoining Stephen Batcheler. Wit: Thos Harbirt, William Defnall. DB 0, p. 147.

At some point after this, Hancock Hatcher moves to Duplin County and apparently Arthur Pitman was not far behind…

Duplin Co., NC, Deeds, Bk. 3, p. 281, as abstracted in Max R. Peterson, Jr., Abstracts

Sampson-Duplin Deeds Books 1-3 (c1750-c1774), p. 122:

Hancock Hatcher, blacksmith, sold to Jesse Wodkins for 10 pounds, 80 acres “on a branch called the Cabbin Branch making Out of the Beaver dam On the East side.” Deed mentions James Wodkins, Robert Bell, and William Bird. Land was “part of a small survey granted to Richard Ratliff by Patent Bearing date” 23 Apr 1762. Wit: Benjamin Bell and Thomas Wodkins.

Note: Hancock’s wife, Margaret, has been found in two different marriage sources as Margaret Watkins and Margaret Wilkins. Note that the above deed mentions Jesse Wodkins, probably Watkins. This could indicate that her name is most likely Watkins.     see here for more details…

Here is the proof…

John Watkins To Thomas Carr Deed 13 June 1782

(Transcribed by Joan S Dunn)

Deed Book 1 A Page 35, 36, 37, & 38

John Watkins To Thomas Carr

Deed of 140 acres of lands

State of No. Carolina Duplin County.  This indenture made this thirteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty two, between John Watkins of the County of New Hanover, planter of the one part and Thomas Carr of Duplin County planter of the other part, witnesseth that the said John Watkins for and in consideration of the sum of eighty seven and a half Spanish Mill’d dollars to him in hand paid by the said Thomas Carr at and before the ensealing nad delivery of the presents the receipt whereof he the said John Watkins doth hereby acknowledge and therefore hath granted bargainded sold alined released and eonfirmed and by these presents doth fully and absolutely grant bargain sell alien release and confirm unto the said Thomas Carr and his heirs & assigns forever a certain tract or parcer of land containing by extimation one hundred and forty acres be the same more or less situate lying and being on the West side of the Lin nension Duplin County being part of a tract of land containing four hundred and fifty acres granted (by patent bearing date the 22nd day of July 1774) to Arthur Pitman, which said one hundred and forty acres is butted and bounded as follows.  Begining at a red oak in Garin’s line and running up the said line to a pine, thence up the said line to Turkey Cock Branch, thence up said branch to a poplar thence along a new marked line to a Black Oak, thence along a new marked line to a post oak on the Short Branch 280 poles, thence down the said branch to Byrd Lanneare’s line cornering in a pine, thence up the said line to the corner, thence along Arthur Pitman’s line to the first station, and all houses woods orchard water courses inprovements and appurtenances thence unto belonging or in any wise appertaining and also the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders, rents & services of all and singular the above mentioned premises and also all deeds evidences and writings touching and eoncerning the said premises or any part or parcel thereof.  To have and to hold all and singular the said premises above mentioned and every part and parcel thereof with the appurtenances unto the said Thomas Carr his heirs and assigns the only proper use and behoof of the said Thomas Carr his heirs and assigns doth covenant and grant to and with the said Thomas Carr his heirs & assigns that he the said John Watkins now is the true lawful & rightful of all and sungular the premises above mentioned with the appurtenances & also that he the said John Watkins is lawfully and rightfully siezed in his own right of a good sure perfect absolute and undefeasable estate of inheritance in fee simple  of in and to the premises above mentioned with the appurtenances, whitout any manner of condition mortgage, or in any other matter cause or thing, to allow change or determine the same, and also that he the said John Watkins now hath good rightful power, and lawful authority, to sell and convey the prmises above mentioned, with the appurtenances, to the said Thomas Carr his heirs and assigns forever, according to the true intent and meaning of these presents, and also that he the said Thomas Carr his heirs or assigns shall and may at all times forever hereafter peaceably and quietly have hold occupy possess and enjoy all and singular the above bargained premises and appurtenances without troubel, hindrance, molestation internuption and denials of him the said John Watkins his heirs & assigns and of all and every other person or persons whatsoever and that free’s discharged and indermnifyed, from all former bargains, seals, gifts, grants jointures, mortgages, dowers, uses, wills, tittles troubles and incumbrances wharsoever made, done, committed or suffered by the said John Waktins or any other person or persons whatsoever claiming or to claim by from or under him them or any of them and also the said Jno. Watkins for himself his heirs and assigns doth further covenant and promise to and with the said Thomas Carr his heirs and assigns that he or they shall or will warrant and defend the above bargained land & premises against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever and further that he the said John Watkins & his heirs and all and every other person or persons and his her or their heirs, any thing having or claiming in the said premises above mentioned or any part thereof, by from or under him, shall and will from time to time and at all times hereafter upon the reasonable request, and at the cost and charges of the said Thomas Carr his heirs or assigns make do or execute or cause or procure to be made done and executed, every such futher lawful & reasonable act & acts thing & things devise and devises conveyance and conveyances in the law whatsoever, for the further better and more perfect conveying and assuring of all and singular the premises, above bargained, with with the appurtenances to the said Thomas Carr his heirs & assighs to the only proler use and behoof of the said Thomas Carr his heirs & assigns forever as by the said Thomas Carr his heirs or assigns or hims her or their counsl. learned in the law may or shall be reasonably devised or advised or required.  In Witness whereof the said John Watkins hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written.

John Watkins

Received the day and year above written of Thomas Carr eighty seven & an half Sph. Milld. dollars, being the full consideration money for the above bargained premises.

John Watkins

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us

W. Sharpless

Dempsey Pitman

State of North Carolina, Duplin County, July Court 1784.

There was the within deed proved in Open Court and ordered to be registered.

Test W. Dickson, C. C.

And to sum up…I found remnants of an estate file in Duplin County for one Arthur Pitman, 1814…

All of which must leave you scratching your head asking yourself, “Why is this Anderson researcher concerning himself with these Pitmans?”
Glad you asked…
Why is it that Joseph Pitman and Arthur wound up with the property of Elizabeth Pitman, a “widow”… property that adjoined the land of William Anderson? Is it a coincidence or was there a family relationship? My hunch is that they were living on her property since the 1750s… as they are noted in that area in the 1754 militia roll and clearly in the 1760 Road Orders. Samuel seems to stay near his father Robert in Halifax County. I don’t know where Jesse was in the 1750s (was he in Southampton)?

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  1. FYI, I believe the David Pittman who died in March 1815 was my great great great grandfather. I cannot understand everything you posted but I’m trying to figure out if these Pittmans were the Pittman family who came to America from Monmouthshire, Wales in the mid 1600s.



    April 4, 2014 at 2:40 pm

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