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Joseph Pitman “The Quaker” b 1724 d aft 1782

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This guy has thrown off researchers like fleas off a dog… for several reasons:
He did not leave a will.
He lived between 2 other Pitmans that were not his direct line.  One also named Joseph who died 1763.
He was such a strict Quaker that he would never “sign his name”… never that I can find.
He disinherited his sons and bequeathed his property to a son in law-  William Faulk.

This snippit of info from the Edgecombe court minutes is the problem that has flummoxed everyone…  from the Edgecombe Court Minutes…

[117] Jan1766

Anne PITMAN Guardian of Jethro Anne & Chloe PITMAN Orphans of Joseph PITMAN deced. exhibited on Oath accts. of her Guardianship which were allow’d &c.

In a dozen court minute statements, the phrase “Orphans of Joseph PITMAN deced” was used consistently with “Anne Pitman”, never Joseph.

Nowhere in the will of Joseph Pitman 1763, husband of Anne, or in the Court Minutes is a Thomas Pitman mentioned.

Joseph PITMAN Guardian of Thomas PITMAN Orphan of Joseph PITMAN deced. exhibited his acct. by his Afirmation which was allow’d &c.

The above accounts are not only 2 different Josephs but 2 different families. I contend that this statement in the minutes is an error of a negligent court scribe:
“Joseph PITMAN Guardian of Thomas PITMAN Orphan of Joseph PITMAN deced. exhibited his acct. by his Afirmation which was allow’d &c.”

My argument and proof is here:

The argument is simple: Thomas Pitman was always referred to as “Heir” or “Legatee” of John Gay Junr… never as “orphan of Joseph Pitman”. That mistake has led researchers to conclude there was an “extra” Joseph who was unaccounted for…. there wasn’t.

So if we are on the same page in our thought processes, here is my account of the “Quaker”:

Joseph Pitman Jr b. 1-11-1724 d. 1782ish (son of Thomas Pitman d.1730 of Meherin R.)

+Elizabeth (Gay) Pitman b. 1-11-1724 d. 3-31-1761

…..Faith b. 10-30-1747

…..Elizabeth b. 1-4-1752

…..Thomas b. 1-10-1754 d. 1816 m. Dicey Newton 1793 RW pension # R8275

…..Joseph b. 10-8-1756 m. Selah Handbury  (daughter of Samuel Handbury d. 1785)

…..Abia b. 3-12-1758

…..Patience b. 9-21-1760 m. William Faulk

This DEED appears to be the intestate will “of a sorts” of Joseph the Quaker b. 1724- d. about 1782/3… the missing piece of the puzzle, so to speak…  Note that not only does he dispose of all his land… he disposes of all his “stuff”, i.e., his trade tools.

12 Nov 1782 – To all whom these presents shall come greeting know ye that I Joseph Pitman Senr of the county of Edgecombe in the state of North Carolina for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings current money of North Carolina to in hand paid by William Faulk my son in law and his wife the receipt which I do hereby acknowledge and for and in consideration of the natural love good will and affection I have and bear unto my said son in law William and his wife and divers other good causes and considerations me theretofore (having) hath given granted and by these presents doth freely and absolutely give and grant unto my said son in law William and his wife their heirs and assigns one tract of land containing ninety acres more or less (with) the appuntentures thereafter these (__) belonging and being the land and plantation whereon I now live also one (still) and one crosscut saw one hand saw and (__) carving knife one large iron pot and all my plantation tools (__) (__) (__) to have and to hold the said plantation land and premises aforesaid with the appurtenance respectively unto the said William Faulk and his heirs and assigns to the only proper use benefits and (__) (__) of him the sd William Faulk to him his heirs and assigns forever and (__) Joseph Pitman for my self my heirs (__) the land plantation and premises aforesd with the appurtenances and other articles to the afore mentioned William Faulk (__) his heirs and assigns shall and well warrant and defend forever by these presents in witness whereof I the said Joseph Pitman have hereunto set my hand and seal the 12th day of November anno Domini 1782 – Joseph Pitman – signed sealed and delivered in presence of / (Joel) Horn / Jefse Green (Edgecombe Co NC, Aug Court 1783) Edgecombe Co NC Real Estate Conveyances, 1780-1788, Vol E, 4, c.037.40006, Vol E, page 399 (William Faulk sold this land on 1 Jan 1786)                           (I think Guy Baker transcribed this…)

1780 – Joseph Pitman Sr of Edgcomb Co to William Faulk of same. 29 Apr 1780 3L. 90 acres on the south side of Tar River. Joining the mouth of Deep Branch, Joseph Pitman; also 12 acres which was part of a 340 acre Granville Grant to William Gay 15 Oct 1761 who sold it to Joseph Pitman 2 May 1762, on the south side of Tar River, joining Joseph Pitman Sr, sd William Gay. Wit: Joel Horn, Jethro Pittman. Aug Ct 1780. Edward Hall CC (Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds, Vol 3, 1778-1786, Abstracted by Dr Stephen E Bradley, Jr)

In 1761 John Gay Sr AND his son John died. Joseph Pitman had married the daughter of John Gay… Elizabeth.  The son of Elizabeth was named Thomas Pitman… In the will of John Gay Jr he left a bequest to his “eldest sister’s son Thomas Pitman all my hole estate” and his father Joseph Pitman was appointed by the court as his “guardian” to dutifully account for that bequest… which he did for a number of years.

Edgecombe Co., NC, Court Minutes 1763-1774 Book II, GoldenWest Marketing Genealogy, Temple City, CA

[314]  Dec 1761  Book I

Ordred that the Sheriff sell the Perishable Estate of Jno. GAY Senr.

Ordred that the Perishable Est. of Jno. GAY junr. be sold acco. to Law.

[28]   Jul 1763  Book II

Ordred that Joseph PITMAN Exor. to the Estate of John GAY Junr? Deced. sell the Perishable  Part of the sd. Estate accordg. Law (sic) for the Benefit of the Devisee.

Gay, John, will date “24th of ye third month” 1759, date recorded June
Ct. 1761, In the name of God Amen I John Gay of Edgecombe Co…. being
in good health in body and in perfect sound sence & memory thanks to
Almighty God… to my beloved wife Sary Gay the use of all my estate
her lifetime and after her decease I give to my eldest sisters son,
Thomas Pitman all my hole estate to him and his heirs forever; appoint
Joseph Pitman Jr  my executor, signed John Gay (X), wit. Moses Pitman,
Daniel Ross, Jesse Green. Proved by oath of Jesse Green executors
therein named qualified. Will Book A, page 57. Abstracted 4-03-06,
NCA film C.037.80001, CTC.

John Gay Jr leaves all his estate to wife “Sary” and appoints Joseph “the Quaker”,  his brother-in-law, as his executor. The legatee Thomas Pitman was underage… hence his father was obliged to report to the Court the status of his estate… which he would not receive until the death of the wife of John Gay… Sary Gay.  To repeat- John Gay’s eldest sister [Elizabeth] was the mother of the young Thomas Pitman.  

Here is a sample of why there is such confusion surrounding the 2 Joseph Pitmans who were in fact next door neighbors…

Abstracts of Deeds Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecombe Co NC, As Found In Halifax Co, NC, Public Registry, Deed Books 1-6, 1732-1758, Hoffman, Margaret M., page 2.

10 Feb 1750 – Joseph Pitman bought 240 acres from John Gay on Tar River for 35 pounds joining a branch and Gary. wit. Moses Pitman, Joseph Pitman.

The Joseph who buys the property dies in 1763… the witness Joseph is the younger “Quaker”.

14 May 1756 – Joseph Pitman, Sr. sold land to Joseph Pitman, Jr. 90 acres on Tar River, joining a branch, John Gay and the River. Wit. Moses Pitman.

Joseph Sr is selling land to the younger “Quaker”.  These 2 are NOT father and son… they are simply “older” and “younger” as was common terminology during the 1700s.

Edgecombe Co., NC, Court Minutes 1744-1762 Book I   GoldenWest Marketing Genealogy, Temple City, CA

Dec 1760

The last Will & Testament of Moses PITMAN Deced. was Exhibited by the Exrs. therein named  and at the same time Joseph PITMAN one of the People called Quakers affirmed that he saw the sd. Moses PITMAN Execute the sd. Will & that he saw Jno. GAY & Jesse GREEN sign the same as Evidence thereto & at the same Time the Exr. Qualified acco. to Law

The older Joseph Pitman was the son of William Pitman Jr and was from Isle of Wight, VA.  His wife was named Ann.
[27]   Jul 1763          The last Will & Testament of Joseph PITMAN Decd. was Exibited on Oath by the Exor. &  proved by the Oaths of James HORN & Mary GREEN two of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto & at the same Time the Exors. were qualified accordg. to Law Ordred &c. An Inventory of the Estate of sd. Joseph PITMAN was Exhibited on Oath & Orderd &c. Ordred that Elisha BATTLE Esqr. Joseph SUMNER & Daniel ROSS or any two of them being first duly qualified meet & divide the Estate of Joseph PITMAN deceas’d among the Widow &  Children of sd. Deceas’d & Return &c.

[25]   Jul 1763          Ann PITMAN is appointed Guardian to Ann, Jethro & Chloe PITMAN Orphans of Joseph PITMAN   Deceas’d giving Security in the sum of £500 Proc. Daniel ROSS & Jesse GREEN Security

It is pure coincidence that the Court Minutes show the activity of two totally unrelated families of two different Joseph Pitmans…

[28]   Jul 1763          Ordred that Joseph PITMAN Exor. to the Estate of John GAY Junr? Deced. sell the Perishable Part of the sd. Estate accordg. Law (sic) for the Benefit of the Devisee.

[35]   Jul 1763-Oct 1763          Ordred that Anne PITMAN Guardian of the Orpans of Joseph PITMAN have leave to sell the Perishable Part of the Estate of the sd. Orpahans & return &c. & that she likewise have leave to sell a Mare and Colt which were of the Estate of the sd. Joseph PITMAN deced. and not yet divided be sold to pay the Debts of the sd. Joseph & that the sd. Sale be held on last? Friday in Novemr. next.

[204]   Feb 1769          Joseph PITMAN Guardian of Thomas PITMAN A Legatee to John GAY decd. returned an acct. of his Guardianship which was approved Ordered &c.

[251]   Feb 1770          Joseph PITMAN Guardian of Thomas PITMAN exhibited an Acct. of his Guardianship  (“on Oath who” crossed out) Affermation Ordred &c.

[380]   Feb 1773          Ann PITMAN Guardian to Chloe PITMAN Orpan of Joseph PITMAN decd. exhibited  an Acct. of her Guar___ which was approved, Ordered &c.

Joseph “the Quaker” was the son of Thomas Pitman who left his will in 1728 near the Meherrin River in “then” Isle of Wight (now Southampton Co, VA).  This Joseph Pitman is noted as a legatee in that will.  He was six years old.  Thomas Pitman died in 1730 making Joseph about 8 years old… somewhere along the line I suspect he came to live with a Quaker family.  Hence this record:

Hinshaw’s Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 1, gives the following family group at the Rich Square Monthly Meeting, Northampton County, N.C., which began meeting for worship in 1753:

Joseph Pitman, son of Thomas, b 1-11-1724.

Elizabeth Pitman b. 1-11-1724; d. 3-31-1761.

Ch: Faith b. 10-30-1747.

Amy b. 5-2-1749.

Elizabeth b. 1-4-1752.

Thomas b. 1-10-1754.

Joseph b. 10-8-1756.

Abia b. 3-12-1758.

Patience b. 9-21-1760.

Tarr River   (from a 1998 post   QUAKER-ROOTS-L Archives  (I have not verified it)

The meeting named Tar River met most of its existence in the homes of members. I don’t have information after 1789, but here’s what I have. Friends were holding meeting already when Perquimans MM sent Joseph Newby to visit them, 6-6-1753. It later mentioned that Friends were holding meeting at Henry Horn’s house (8-3-1757). These Friends became part of Rich Square MM at its founding, and Rich Square MM recorded on 9-6-1760 that the meeting was circulating between Henry Horn’s house and Joseph Pitman’s. Tar River was transferred to Contentnea MM by action of Eastern QM on 8-31-1772. On 11-26-1774, Eastern QM moved Tar River from Henry Horn’s house, and by 8-19-1775 the meeting was held at Jure Watkins’ house (yes, Jure). The MM moved the meeting to Richard Vick’s on 2-21-1778. When Job Scott visited in 1789,he recorded that it was held on Stoney Creek in Nash County.

Who knows exactly what happened but in 177_ apparently the son Thomas Pitman was dismissed from the Quaker Meetings… per Hugh B. Johnston’s notes:

“Joseph Pittman, son of Thomas Pittman, was born on January 11, 1724-
1725, and settled in lower Edgecombe County. His wife Elizabeth was
born on January 11, 1724 (?) and died on March 31, 1761. They were
members of the Rich Square Monthly Meeting of the Quaker Society by
September 6, 1760, but he was on November 16, 177- “dismissed for
proposing marriage to one outside of the Society.: (This reference
could have been to Thomas Pittman, Jr.)”

Again, for whatever reasons, Joseph Pitman appears to have disinherited his sons.  As I noted above, he left the bulk, if not all, his estate to son-in-law William Faulk.  He seems to sell to his brother-in-law Thomas the property conveyed to him in 1780…  I’ve not searched to find if Thomas got the estate of Sarah Pitmna (or even if she was deceased yet?).

Edge. Co. Db 4, page 363, deed date 1 Jan 1786, recorded Feb Ct 1786, William Faulk, planter, Edge. Co. to Thomas Pitman, planter, Edge. Co. for 100 pounds, all his right to a tract of land containing 90 acres being part of a patent granted to Joseph Pitman bearing date Feb 10, 1750, on the south side of Tar River beginning at a corner sweet gum on the river in the mouth of the Long Branch then up the said branch to a white oak Jethro Pitman’s corner then south along the said line to a corner white oak then easterly to a red oak on the river then up the various courses of the river to the first station, signed William Faulk, wit. Williamson Barnes, D. Battle, Elisha Battle. Abstracted 8-19-03 from NCA film C.037.40014, CTC.

Edge. Co Db 5, page 85, deed date 3 Jan 1789, William Faulk, Edge. Co to Henry Williams, county aforesaid for 75 pounds, a tract on the south side of Tar River, beginning at the mouth of the Deep Branch then up the said branch to the (line) a white oak then along the line to a pine in Joseph Pitman’s line which is now Jethro Pitman’s then along the said Pitman’s line to the river to a white oak then down the river to the first station, containing 90 acres, also, another tract containing 12 acres being part of a tract contained in a grant from Granville bearing the date 15 Oct 1764 to William Gay containing 340 acres on the south side of Tar River and was conveyed by said Gay to Joseph Pitman on 2 May 1762 and was conveyed by said Pitman to William Faulk on 29 Apr 1780, beginning at a marked gum in Joseph Pitman, SR’s line running down the said line to said William Faulk’s own corner a pine the along the said Wm. Faulk’s line to a white oak then up the above said Wm. Gay’s back line to marked pine a corner in said line then along a line of marked trees to the beginning, signed William Faulk, wit Abisha Horn, Millie Horn. Abstracted 9-25-04, NCA film C.037.40007, CTC.

1790 Edgecombe County Census

Joseph Pitman  1 over 16,  2 males under 16,  2 females

Michael Horn

Sarah Barnes

John Pitman

Joseph Price

Ann Horn

Jethro Pittman 

Ann Pittman

Briton Adams

Amos Rose

Sion Trevathan

Frederick Trevathan 

Wm. Deloach

Wm. Elenor

Joseph Pitman 

Edge. Co. Db 9, page 335, deed date 25 Mar 1797, recorded Feb Ct 1800, John Haywood, Raleigh, NC to Michael Williams, Edge. Co for $250, a tract on the west side of Deloachs Branch containing (220) acres being part of a tract which Joseph Pitman presently lives & being the whole of the land belonging to the said Haywood on the west side of Deloachs Branch except that part where Joseph Pitman lives, containing 25 acres, signed John Haywood, wit S. Haywood, John Hudson. Abstracted 9-27-06, NCA film C.037.40009, CTC.

Edge. Co. Db 13, page 203, deed date 21 Dec 1809, recorded Feb Ct. 1810, Joseph Pitman and his wife, Selah Pitman Edge. Co. to William Moore, son of George Moore, Edge. Co. for 100 pounds a tract of land on the north side of Town Creek containing 91 acres, except for the use of 1/3 of said land to Elizabeth (Hanbury), widow of Samuel Hanbury, dec’d during he natural life and no longer, land on Ruffin Branch, beginning at a pine a corner of Samuel (Hanbury), dec’d, then along said (Hanbury) and Solomon Ward’s line west 54 poles then along said Hanbury’s line 107 poles to a corner in said Hanbury’s line then south 37 east through the (       ) to an oak in said Hanbury’s line then along said Hanbury’s line nearly a north course to the beginning, signed Joseph Pitman (X), wit. Rhoda Proctor.  Abstracted 10-29-03, NCA film C.037.40011.

Edge. Co Db 13, page 432, deed date 28 Aug 1810, recorded Feb Ct 1811, Joseph Pitman, Edge. Co. to Moses Baker, county aforesaid for ($310) a tract of land on the (    ) side of Town Creek containing (     )acres, beginning at a water oak in the Watery Branch (     ) Baswell’s corner then along said Bracewell’s line to a lightwood stake corner then north along James Moors line to a pine Moors and Hill’s corner then along Hill’s line to the aforesaid branch to a corner maple at or near the run of the said branch then down the watery courses of said branch to the first station, signed Joseph Pitman (X), wit. Isaac Norfleet, Joshua Bullock.  Abstracted 2-6-04, NCA film C.037.40011,CTC.

 That is as far as I have tracked this son Joseph…

This appears to be son Thomas…

Pension application of Thomas Pitman (Pitmon) R8275 Dicy   fn33NC

Transcribed by Will Graves     9/8/09

State of North Carolina County of Buncombe

On this the 22nd day of May A.D. 1852 personally appeared before me, an acting Justice of the County Court (a Court of Record) for the County and State above mentioned: Dicy Pitman, a resident of Buncombe County; Aged, 81 years: who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath, make the following Declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed July the 7th 1838, entitled, “An act granting half pay and pensions to certain Widows:” That she is the widow of Thomas Pitman deceased, who was a private in the Army of the Revolutionary war in the company commanded by Captain Alexander in the Regiment of North Carolina Militia commanded by Colonel Jackson, That he was a citizen of Edgecombe County in the State of North Carolina at the time he volunteered having been born and raised in said County.  She further says that the length of his first tower was 12 months and that he also served 2 other 6 months Towers one of which was as substitute for his Brother, Joseph Pitman, who was a Cooper of the Army.  The day of the month she does

not recollect on which he volunteered, but she thinks that the said Thomas Pitman spoke of the year 1776 and 1777 as the times in which he served.  Declarant further states that she has heard said Thomas Pittman speak of being in several Battlegrounds during his service but she does not recollect any particular one.  Declarant also states that she has heard the above mentioned Thomas Pitman speak of being in South Carolina during his service but that the greater part of his time was spent near the State line but that his service began and ended in North Carolina.

The Declarant further states that she has heard the aforementioned Thomas Pitman speak of other Officers than those already mentioned but that the names of the above are all that she recollects, except that of Washington, but whether the said Thomas Pitman was under his immediate command, she is not certain.  She being old, and her memory much impaired; and that a great many facts wants none with relation to the service have since the death of said Thomas Pitman escaped her memory.  That said Thomas Pitman at the date of his death was over 60 years of age and that he, the best of her knowledge, had never made any effort to obtain a pension.  She further states that her husband at his death had several papers relative to his services in the war, one of those papers she thinks was his discharge, but that a man by the name of Sawyer sent to her and got the papers and that she has not heard of them since that time.

She further declares that she was married to the said Thomas Pitman in the County of Edgecombe, State of North Carolina on the 25th day of August A.D. 1793 and that her name before marriage was Dicy Newton, and that her husband, the aforementioned Thomas Pitman died on the 15th of March A.D. 1814: that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, but that the Marriage actually took place before the first of January 1794, viz. at the date above mentioned.  She also declares that the Family record which is transmitted is true and correct.

S/ Dicy Pitman, X her mark

“Thos Pitmon and Dicy Newton was Married

in August 25th 1793, Edgecomb County noth carlina

by Lemon Ruffin, J. Peace”

[fn p. 3: copy of the last will and testament of Thomas Pitman: dated March 8, 1816, while living in Buncombe County, NC, leaving his entire estate to his wife Dicy “to strengthened and assist her in raising the family….”]

[fn p. 31: According to an affidavit given by Samuel W. Davidson on February 7, 1853 in Buncombe County,  Thomas and Dicy Pitman came to Buncombe County, NC in 1806 or 1807; that they had at that time 4 children, namely Elizabeth, Thomas, Polly and Lot; that two of those children are now dead; that Elizabeth, the eldest, is now about 56 years of age.]

Daughter Amy appears to have remained single and left a will in Edgecombe 1791.

the Estate Sale of Amy Pitman in 1791 shows some remarkable family ties…
note the buyers…
William Faulk… brother in law
Joseph Pitman… brother
Thomas Pitman… brother

In 1791 it seems Amy Pitman may have been living on her father’s property which had devolved to William Faulk…  Why didn’t she marry? Think about the pool of available men… if I am correct in my supposition that her father Joseph Pitman d.1782ish was a “strict” Quaker, then there simply may NOT have been an eligible Quaker male available.  She did note one underage daughter in her will (Elizabeth) which I suppose could indicate she was a widow of another Pitman male but it needs more research to prove… for now I am assuming she was single.


The son-in-law, William Faulk may have married Patience Pitman. Folks on the web have been trying to tie a Wm Faulk from Sumner or Montgomery Tenn who dies in 1829 to this area of Edgecombe. The problem they are having is that they try to tie to Benjamin Pitman who also had a daughter Patience and the birthdates don’t work. Supposedly this William Fulk of Edgecombe is in TN by 1804 to act as a bondsman for his daughter Aney.

Marriages Of Sumner County, Tennessee, 1787-1838, By Edythe Johns Rucker Whitley

Joh Marlow & Aney Faulk, March 7, 1804. Wm. Falck, BM.
This is the gist of all the consternation… I can’t find any source to back it all up…
William Faulk died 1829 Montogomery County, Tennessee (m) Patience Pittman
Oran Faulk will dated 26 Oct 1820 at Port Gibson, Clairborne County, Miss. never married

Wilson Faulk, MC, born ca 1797 (m) Mrs. Martha Gibson Valentine 2 Oct. 1826 in Jefferson Miss. buried Wilson Faulk Cem Vicksburg MS

Alfred Faulk ca 1797 North Carolina (M) Indiana White 15 Apr. 1824 Claiborn County, Mississippi, D Apr 1833 Buried Carlisle County, MS

Achsa Axey Faulk born 1785 North Carolina died married John Marlow 7 March 1804 died 1865 in Hickory County, Missouri

Temperence Faulk married Vardal or Vardel Halsell resided in Montogomery County TN
I have no clue as to the remaining children of Joseph Pitman “the Quaker”…

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November 23, 2012 at 7:07 am

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  1. Thanks so much!! I have researched John Marlow and Achsah Faulk for years and know that her father was William Faulk and also knew that they were from Edgecombe County but I never felt comfortable showing anyone as William’s parents. I now think that, thanks to you, we can reasonably assume that our William and this William are one and the same. Achsah named a son Pitman/Pittman which gives fuel to this belief. Your research is amazing! Have you ever found a birth date for Eliz. Gay as the information seems to indicate a copy there of Joseph’s birthdate?


    Carole Arbuckle Marlow

    December 13, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    • The oddity of the birth dates being the same for the husband Joseph and wife Elizabeth Gay is up in the air.. who knows if was an error of the Quaker records or a coincidence. Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction- I know an elderly couple who actually were born the same day, month and year… happily married 60 years! I was hoping one of you folks would stumble across my site because we were coming from different directions to find the “link”. If you find any interesting tidbits please share with the class 🙂



      December 13, 2012 at 4:56 pm

  2. This Joseph Pitman was with Tar River people and was an executor on 20 Nov 1747.

    [22 Sep 1748] A division of the estate of Richard Green deceased by in the subn betwixt Joseph Pittman & the children of the said deceased as followeth viz:
    Joseph Pittman, 3 four-year-old steers, 2 three-year-old [ditto] & 1 bull;
    Sarah Green, 2 cows & 1 two-year-old steer;
    Elizabeth Green, 2 cows & 1 two-year-old steer;
    Jesse Green, 2 cows & 1 two-year-old heifer & one steer yearling;
    Mary Green, 2 cows & 1 two-year-old steer;
    Ailse Green, 2 cows & 1 two-year-old heifer. William Dickinson, Saml Halliman, John Gaye
    Edgecombe Co Nov Court 1748…ordered to be recorded Test Benjn Wynns Clk Cur
    [Estates 1748-1753 p32 (17 of 100)]

    [20 Nov 1747] Acct of debts due from the estate of Richd Green decsd… to Mr. Acquilla Sugg… to Mr. Robt Hillard… to quitrent of lands in arrears… to paid for the acknowledging of a deed to his son Jesse Green…Josef Petmen Excter Edgecombe Co Aug Court 1749… ordered to be recorded Test Benjn Wynns Clk Cur [Estates 1748-1753 pp56-57 (31 of 100)] same as [Inventories (209 of 362) and (233-234 of 362)]



    October 24, 2016 at 6:41 am

  3. I just found your blog! I am a direct descendant of William Anderson (ca 1710-1779). Thank you for sharing all of this!



    February 24, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    • My pleasure… I’m curious why you chose 1710 as his approximate birth date?



      February 25, 2017 at 5:36 am

      • When I began researching my ancestors there was no internet, no online documents, etc. I began with what I could verify and worked backwards: Thomas Wilbur Anderson (1903-1994), Thomas Alexander Anderson (1876, San Quentin Prison 1914-16, death unknown), Daniel Anderson (1846-1928), Alexander B. Anderson (1817-1902), John Anderson Sr. (1780-1851), James Anderson Sr. (ca. 1757-aft. 1840). After Jame’s 1833 Revolutionary War Claim, the documentation got scarce. I found late cousin Paul K. Anderson’s research and hypothetical ancestors and explored the Granville/Tar River and Cape Fear River areas. He had me chasing down a Possum Quarter Creek! Paul and I both concluded that Jame’s father was a John Anderson who had a 160 acre plantation grant on the Cape Fear River. Since his son William inherited John’s land as the oldest son (and possibly the only living son), I agreed that his father was probably a William Anderson whose estate was given to son John in the May 1780 document you shared. My dates for these two Anderson’s are arbitrary and based on mathematics not legal documents. My database gives me alerts when the entered ages are unbelievable. I too have been interested in the “Danill Mack Danil” connection to our Anderson’s since we have ancestors with names like “Mack George Anderson”. Was our John Anderson married to Anne Mack Daniel? Or was this another of the many, many John Anderson’s?



        February 25, 2017 at 11:15 am

  4. Sorry to hear Paul has passed. We corresponded back in early 2000s. I just noted your William as death date 1779. I mistook it for 1789 and being my Edgecombe guy.

    I think I may have your line here:

    See what you think…

    The “smoking gun” proof for my theory is in the Rev War deposition of James Anderson wherein he states: (paraphrasing: “he moved from Granville at about 4 years of age to Cumberland County”)… if you check the dates of my chronicle of several folks from Granville- it seems a small group moved at about that time. So the circumstantial clues seem to fit. They all would up where James was recruited for the Rev War.




    February 25, 2017 at 3:04 pm

  5. Yes…and maybe…ha ha. I agree that George d. 1757 is brother to William and is my 6th great grand uncle. Other children I do not know. Are we thinking that James who bought property fromSims in 1720 was their father? Your “smoking gun” is the same as mine. I love his description of “just below the big falls” on the Cape Fear River. I take that to mean Lanier Falls in Raven Rock State Park, Lillington NC (Hector Creek runs into the Cape Fear below the falls). Over the years I have seen many undocumented family trees with a “Sims” gal married to an Anderson. This is getting very interesting!



    February 26, 2017 at 11:04 am

    • So we are at least on the same page…

      The Sims stuff is pure “theory” on my part…I have not focused a serious “hunt” for that line of folks… only a cursory glance. I think the Sims came from Nansemond, VA. My mention of them in the post was purely to attract some attention and further research.

      Your George Anderson d.1757 is still a loose end. I have no idea where he may have come from. I simply cannot tie any historical info to him prior to his death date. And to be completely honest, it may be that he was a relatively new arrival in NC perhaps in the early 1700s (???) … he is a case where he may have been an arrival in the Colonies and not documented as one of the “headright” people that every genealogist looks for.

      With that being said… It could also be the case for my known ancestor who died in 1789… while I search for clues in folks from Isle of Wight, VA about the year 1695 and afterwards… it is all “theory”. And my ancestor may be a lone wolf arrival… we simply do not know.

      I have not ran across many serious “Anderson” researchers… take a look at my notes on “John Browne the Indian Trader” and keep in mind that my only interest in him was that a descendant of one of his kids married a John Anderson…. I dig pretty deep…

      Read my stufff… and don’t be afraid to differ with me… if you have a different idea then I will certainly consider it and you may be right…

      Good huntin’




      February 26, 2017 at 5:18 pm

      • I am interested in info on George Anderson & his family who resided in Chowan County, NC beginning in 1712



        July 18, 2020 at 1:51 pm

  6. I would be VERY interested in any info of a white George Anderson in Chowan in 1712!

    The black George Anderson clan has been studied near the Roanoke River area.



    July 19, 2020 at 3:51 am

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