Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

meant what they said, said what they meant

George Anderson d.1757 Granville

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Abstracts of Granville Co. Deeds, 1746-1765, Z.H. Gwynn

520-  Feb. 20, 1756-  Benjamin Sims of Johnston Co., N.C. and Mary, his wife, to George Anderson, now of Granville Co., N.C., for 42 pds.  400 acres in St. John’s Parish of Granville Co., N.C. above Lynches tract, it being land granted to Joseph Sims at Newbern Apr. 12, 1745 and conveyed by Joseph Sims to Benjamin Simms Aug. 30, 1748.  Wts: Theo Brogdon, Eliz Beckham, Thos. Parker.

to George Anderson, now of Granville Co”

This would explain why George and his brother William are not listed in the Granville militia muster of 1754 ( if he purchased this property after the muster and it would also indicate the time of their arrival in the area.  Also if the assumption is correct that his brother William relocated a decade or so later to Cumberland County then he must have been a relatively young man perhaps dying of disease or accident and not old age.


I can’t help but be curious of the mention of Joseph Sims and Benjamin Sims….  a Joseph Sims was a near neighbor of James Anderson of 1716 at Occoneechi Neck at Roanoke River near Halifax, NC.  As yet, I have found nothing to link these Andersons.

pg. 176, James ANDERSON of Chowan Prect. and Elizabeth, my wife, to Joseph SIMS of Chowan Prect., 12 Nov. 1720, 24 pounds sterling, 100 acres on the Cypress Swamp that makes out of Morattoke River, joining Robert SIMS, the swamp and a Wett Slash, part of a pattent to William BRASSWELL 4 Mar. 1711/12. Wit.: Matt RUSSIAN, William MURPHEY. Ack. 5 Sept. 1721 by Henry SIMS before me F. JONES, Ch. Just. Reg. 3 8ber 1721.

April 18, 1751 – Benjamin SIMS, Granville Co., planter, to Joseph SIMS, son of Joseph SIMS, lately deceased  of Granville Co.,NC.  Whereas,  Joseph SIMS, dec’d. was Seized and possess’d of a certain plantation tract or parcel of Land in Granville County  whereon he lived by virtue of a patent granted to him for his lifetime, dated December 1, 1744, the dec’d died intestate & Benjamin SIMS as son & heir at law became “intitled” to the sd. plantation.  Benjamin SIMS, for & in consideration of the love & affection he bears for his brother, Joseph SIMS, and also in consideration that he is satisfied that the elder Joseph SIMS, dec’d. intended to bequeath the said plantation to along with the still, gives the property to his brother, which is now in the possession of his dearly beloved Mother Sarah SIMS, widow of said Joseph SIMS, dec’d, and allowing her to live there during her lifetime.  Benj’n. SIMS.    Wit: Thos. PARKER, Robt. PARKER, Mary HAMILTON, Frances HAMILTON.  Deed of Sale & Ret. of Joseph SIMS Jr. acknowledged Granville County June Court 1751.

Will of Robert Sims, Bertie County NC, 1729

Bartey Prect.

I Robert Sims Being Very Sick and weak of Body But in perfect Memory And Remembering the

Mortality of my Body Do in This manner Give and Dispose of what worldly Goods  God has Been

Pleased to Endow me with—

First I Bequeath my Soul to Almighty God who Gave it and my Body to be Buried Decently- According to the Discretion

of my Excex—–

Item I give unto my Son Robert Sims my new? Dwelling Plantation and the Rest of the Land

Belonging thereunto  I Say unto my Son Robert Sims for Ever and to the Heirs of his Body

Lawfully Begotten And for want of Such Heirs Then to The rest of the family—

Item I Give unto my Son Thomas Sims a Plantation and The Rest of the Land Belonging Thereunto Lying upon the Oachoneche

Neck Joyning upon William Boons Plantation  I Say unto my Son Thomas Sims for Ever and to the Heirs of his Body Lawfuly

Begotten and for want of Such Heirs Then to the next Heir of the Family

Item I give unto my Son James Sims four Hundreds acres of Land Lying upon Conaconara Swamp with the plantation Belonging         Thereunto   The Plantation That Matthew Caps now Lives upon—  I Say unto my Son James Sims—

Item I give unto John Fybash [Fiveash] The Rest of The Land Containing Two Hundred and forty acres Belonging to the Said Tract Lying upon the Bever Dam Branch and the Said Branch to Be the Devishion? between Them

Item I give and Bequeath unto my Loving Wife my Cattle and for her to Dispose of Them Equally as She Shall See Convenient

when come to age  I Likewise appoint my Loving Brother John Sims Exer. and my Loving Wife of This my Last Will and Testament

To Take a Diligent Care of my Children That They Be Brought up Christian Like

And I Do Entrust Them with all my Stock *****  ***  *** Horses and Cattles and my negro man to Remain in Service for

The Benefit of *** ****  (illegible)

Item I give unto my Son Robt Sims my negro man Dick; When Come to age: if Life permits:

The Last Will and Testament of Robt Sims Testater:

Witness my Hand and Seal

Robert Simes (signed)

William (His + mark) Boon

Elias (his [backwards E] mark) Ford  Jurat

Nathaniell Cooper

At a Court held for Bertie precinct the 10th day of Feb 1729

The above Will was proved in Open Court by the Oath of Elias Ford one of the Evidences there to Ord: to be Recorded

Test Tho Cren*ee

(transcript/ Marc Anderson/ from NC State Archives/ MARS Id:

(Robert Sims married Philis Fiveash [Fort], the widowed daughter of George Fort…sister of Elias Fort of Round Hill, VA and later Edgecombe Co, NC)


Possibly there were 4 Sims brothers…. Robert, in his 1729 will notes a brother John. A name not mentioned in that will is Henry Sims who buys property about the same time as Robert.  And there is the Joseph who dies intestate.

Robert Sims seems to have a relationship with both William Boon and Elias Fort… they witnessed his will.  Sims married the sister of Elias Fort.  I think it likely that William Boon may also have married another sister of Elias Fort… Elizabeth. (a guess, no proof)…. they had other dealings…

15 July 1721 William Boon of Chowan Prect. and Elizabeth my wife to Benjamin Fort of ye Pect afrsd. 5£ 40 acres more or less on the south side of Maherrin River, joining ye mouth of ye Deep Gutt, a swamp, Long Branch and ye River all houses, orchards etc. now in the actual possession of the sd. Fort part of a Pattent for 423 acres dated 3 Dec 1720 Wit: John Dew Sr, John Dew Jr, Robert Hicks.

6 Nov 1723 [A 210] Samuel Canady & wife Mary to Elias Fort 15£ for 100 acres on SS Meherrin River purchased of William Boon on 15 July 1721 now in actual possession of Elias Fort.
Wit: Thomas Boon, Isaac Sterling, Robert Scott. Feb Ct 1723

Robert Sims also had some sort of relationship with Mathew Capps… noted in his will.

Because of the numerous folks mentioned above, I suspect that the Sims brothers (and Mathew Capps) hailed from Nansemond County, VA.  One Robert Sims obtained a patent near Kingsale in 1694. There are also some Capps records in Nansemond.  Robert Sims married the sister of Elias Fort… where did he meet her?  The will of her father, George Fort, notes her as Phylis Fiveash in 1719… so it is after that date he married her. George and Elias Fort were both living near the Meherrin River at that time (the NC section of Meherrin R.).


But back to George…

Will, George Anderson 1757  Granville

In the name of God amen this sixth Day of July in the yeare of our Lord 1757 I George Anderson of St. Johns Parish and County of Granville Being Sick and Weake of Body but of perfect minde and memory Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in maner and forme following

Imprimis– that is to say I give and Bequeth unto my Beloved wife Mary all my Estate Real and Personal — During her natural Life and after her Ded. to my Daughter Eave Anderson and her heirs and in case She Dies without Ishue I give my Land and plantation Whereon I now live [crossed out- “and the Remainder of my Estate”] to my Brother William Andersons Son George Anderson and his heirs and assigns for Ever and the Remainder of my Estat to be Equally Devided Between him and Elizabeth Underwood Daughter of John Underwood and their heirs for Ever and I Doe hereby nominate and apoint my Beloved Wife Mary Anderson and Osborn Jeffreys my Whole and Sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament uterly Revoking and Dysalowing all other former wills or Bequests by me heretofore made Ratifiing this to be my last will and Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Day and Yeare above written

George (his mark) Anderson

assined Seald publisht pronounced

and Deliverd by the sd George Anderson

to be his last Will and Testament in

the prsanse of us the Subscribers

James (his marke) Braezer

William (his marke) Anderson

Thos: Smith

At a Court held for Granville County 7 March 1758 this Will was proved in due form of Law by the Oaths of William Anderson & Thomas Smith two of the witnesses thereto, and was Ordered to be Recorded

Teste  Danl Weldon CC

Transcribed/M Anderson/from online NC Archives


George Anderson’s Estate Inventory, 1758

A full Inventory of the goods and chattles belonging to the Estate of George Anderson Dec’d

To wit, one negro man three negro women, one negro child eight head of Cattle, Two Horses and Two mars and one mans Saddle, thirteen head of Hogs, Two feather Beds and furnitor one Do. without tree pewter Dishes two Basons, and thirteen glases, three tinn pans, Twenty two spoons, three Iron pots, one frying pan, one Copper Skillet one pair of **illars One Box Iron and hetors? [first letter looks like “l” or “h”]. One looking glass, one Set of Shoemakers Tools, and Some Carpenter Do., Two narrow axes, one Hackett, four Broad hoes? Five narrow Do. and a parsel of old Lumber, and about fifty Barrels of Indian Corn and Some Tobaco Sopossed to be about a little But the Just Qt. unknown one Cart and wheels, Two pair of Cotton Cards? One Lining Wheel onewooling Do. one Rifle gun

Mary Anderson Ex

Note on back:

[?] Court held for Granville County 7 March 1758.This Inventory was presented in Court and ordered to be Recorded.

Test Danl Weldon CC


Also included at the above noted website is an inventory of another George Anderson “of Granville” (free Black) which references the date of 1771.

Muster Roll of the Regiment in Granville County under the Comand of Col. William Eaton as taken at a General Muster of the said Regiment 8th October 1754

87. Lewis Anderson
88.William Bass
89. George Anderson

Lovewell “Lovey” Basse, born Abt. 1707 in Chowan Co., NC. She married George T. Anderson Abt. 1751; died Abt. 1770 in Granville Co., NC. Notes for Lovewell “Lovey” Basse: It appears that she never married George Anderson based on his will. Pg. 21 of the Dowd/Silvestri shows that on 3 Aug 1768, Nathan, base born son of Lovey Bass, was bound to George Anderson, On 18 Jul 1770, Dicey, aged about 4 years, base born child of Lovey Bass, was bound to Mary, wife of George Anderson. Northampton Co., NC DB 3, Page 121: 7 May 1761, Lovewell Bass and her heirs of Northampton Co. sold Jethro Bass (son of John and Elizabeth Bass) 100 acres on the north side of Uraha Swamp. It was signed by Lovewell Bass (X), Lucy Jones (X), Thomas Cagly (X) and witnessed by John Barnes Murdaugh and Charles Counsell – August court, 1761. {This was land inherited from her father.}

Notes for George T. Anderson: Will proved May 1770, named Nathan Bass, Lid Anderson (dau of Lishe Anderson), Lovey Bass, William Petteford (son of Lorrane Petteford), George Petteford, Margaret Bass, his wife Mary (1 shilling), their three children Jerry (Jeremiah?), Kate Harris and Betty Smith (1 shilling each).

Here is the will (such as it is) of George (T) Anderson … 1770/1…



Back to the other George…

An email friend of mine, Paul Anderson, compiled this list several years ago:

04 Apr. 1755 Granville Co. deed C-51, Bobbitt to Jones, 100 acres South side Buffalo Creek, witnesses William Anderson and John Steel.

00 xxxx 1757 Granville Co. tax list, William Anderson.

00 xxxx 1758 Granville Co. tax list, William Anderson, by John Martin

00 xxxx 1759 Granville Co. tax list, William Anderson.

00 xxxx 1760 Granville Co. tax list, William Anderson and Son John Anderson. by Macon. also William Anderson, Thomas Person list.

00 xxxx 1761 Granville Co. tax list, William Anderson and son John, taken by Alston.

28 Jul. 1761 Granville Patent Bk. 2-321, 470 acre grant to Gawin Black, Certified Chain Carriers, John Nott and William Anderson. Thomas Person, Surveyor. Granville County.

06 Feb. 1762 Granville Patent Bk. 2-370, 600 acre grant to John Gunn on branch of Buffalo and Mill Creeks. Certified Chain Carriers John Bert and William Anderson. Thomas Person, Surveyor.

10 Dec. 1762 Granville Co. deed F-256, Smith to Thomas Person, Esq., 200 acres at Anderson’s Creek on the Tar River. Witnesses William Anderson and John Bert.

00 xxxx 1762 Granville Co. tax list, William Anderson and son William Anderson. Bear Swamp District, which became part of Bute County in 1764.

01 Apr. 1763 Granville Patent Bk. 14-39, 400 acre grant to Thomas Person, North side of Tar River and both sides Reedy Branch, joining George Anderson and Bert’s corner. Certified Chain Carriers, William Anderson and Samuel Haynes. Thomas Person, Surveyor.


Taxables for “Bare” Swamp Districe 1761 (incomplete) Taken by Solomon Alston (Incomplete Transcription from Original Records) Transcribed by Benjamin M. West – August 3, 1999 Numbered columns on the right – first column: Masters &c Totals, second column: Whites free, third column: Blacks free, fourth column: Male slaves 16? over 6 years of age, fifth column: Male slaves under 16 years of age, sixth column: female slaves. 1 2 3 4 5 6

x Shemu? Hearney, Negroes Jack, Ned, & Nan 3 2 1 x John Wright 1

x John Pearce and Son John 2 1

x Giles Bowers, Nicholas Dilliard, & Negroe Cloe 3 1 1

x Henry Ivey and Sons William and John 3 2

x Daniel Carrell and Brother William 2 1

x William Richards and Negroe Cate 2 1

x Benjamin Lenner 1

x William Ballerd 1

x Person Rackley 1

x Thomas Shearwood 1

x William Williford 1

x John Russell and Brother James 2 1

x William Collins 1

x Thomas Bell and Negroe Hager? 2 1

x John Yarbrough and Negroe Pall? 2 1

x Benjamin Cardle 1

x John Oxford and Negroes Phillis and Nan 3 2

x Samuel Fowler 1

x William Harris 1

John Burt and Son John and Joseph Dilliard} and Negroe Lidy} 4 2 1

x James Ross and Son James} John Fowler and Jacob Whit} 4 3

x William Hutchins 1

x John Fike and son John 2 1

Thomas Smith, John Hanes, and Samuel Hanes} Negroes Ebo, Peter, Jack, Petter, Dinah,} Lucy, and Bett} 2 2 3 3

William Anderson and Son John 2 1

x James Farmer 1

x Charles Ivey 1 ___ 61

x James Pearce 1

x George Richards 1

Francis Mabry and Son Francis} Negroes Jack and Patt} 4 1 1 1

x William Oliver, Thomas Reaves & Jacob Adams 3 2

x Phillemon Edwards 1

x Thomas Tharenton? Thorenton? 1

x William Eaves, Son William, and Mark Harden 3 2 x Joseph Brantly 1

x Richard West 1

x James Brantly 1

x Joel Walker and Negroe Ned 2 1

x William Ditto 1

x John Clark 1

x Christopher Clark 1

x William Patterson 1

x John Masse and Son John} Negroes Sam, Rachel, and Tabb} 5 1 1 2

x Thomas West and Son Thomas 2 1

x Thomas Beckum 1

x Samuel Hancock and Sons Francis, Simon} and Negroe Adam} 4 2 1

x Waddenton Abbit and Son William} Negroes Frank and Mugraw} 4 1 2

x William Riley Davis 1

x Manoak Yarbrough 1

x Zacharias Yarbrough 1

Malachi Fike 1

x Christopher Johnson Cons? and Son William 1 1

x John Farmer 1

x Thomas Woodley 1

x Henry Hill of Northampton, Leonard Lenner} Negroes Sam, Isaac, and Sue} 4 1 2 1 ___ 50


Note these names of Cumberland County, 1777/79:


Taxables 1777, Capt Robert Cobb’s District. (partial list)

John Anderson Jesse Jones          James Brazier

Timothy Truelove    Joe Hay??cock        James Mayhen?

Wm Anderson Sr Able Vise ?          Ambrose Wise

Jacob Matthews      Abram Carter         Jesse Amons?

Aaron Taylor        Port Cox             John Massey?

FRANCIS SMITH       William Bullen?      Thomas Wise

Elijah Brazier      Emperor Wheeler      Jesse Lewis

William Cutts       Mark Myat            Andrew Martin

William Wheeler     JOHN SMITH           Charles Blalock

Wm Anderson Jr John Stewart         Nathaniel Carter

Shadrach Pope       Thomas Williamson    Francis Jones

John Matthews       George Anderson William Carter

William Rand        Hamer Homa ?         John Carter

James Johnson       Mark Robinson        George Cox

John Perry              William Parker

John Pope               William Robinson

Christian Brazier       Samuel Hart

Charles Stewart, Jr     Stephen Senter?

WILLIAM SMITH           John Copland

Richard Blalock         Simon Johnson

William Blalock         Arther Johnson

RICHARD SMITH           Joseph Matthews Sr

Philip Robinson         James Akins.

Drewry Braziel

Mark Cooper

Ebenezer Folsom (for

William Bryan)

David Stevens


Taxables 1779, Capt Robert Cobb’s district (partial list)

Hugh Ochiltree          Arthur Johnson   David Wheeler

Kathryn Shaw            Barnaby Johnson  John Burt

Richard Blalock         David Homes      John Burt

Jesse Jones             John Robinson    …..

Mark Robinson           Sarah Gurley     William Flood

John Wilford            James Brazier William Anderson

John Copland            Joseph Matthews  Simon Johnson

Christiana Brazier      ?????? Homes     Edward Robinson

Timothy Truelove        John Stewart     Shadrack Pope

Mark Broom              Thomas Wise      Charles Blalock

Elijah Brazier FRANCIS SMITH    William Blalock

John Perry              William Bullen

Jacob Gowan             John Anderson

Abram Carter            RICHARD SMITH

Consider these deed references: 

Bute Co. Deeds Book 1, page 78: John Townsend to James Brazor, carpenter, of Cumberland Co., for 90 pounds Virginia money, 789 acres in Bute Co., on south side of Tar River on Mill Creek where Townsend now lives. He bought 329 acres of this land 20 Feb 1765 from James Brazor, it being a Granville Grant… remaining 460 acres was bought from James Brazor 20 Jul 1765, he having bought it 16 Oct 1762 from William Blake, it being an Earl Granville Grant. Witnessed by: Osborn Jeffries, Simon West, Thomas Smith.

Bute Co. Deeds Book 3, page 120: James Brazier and Sarah, his wife, of Cumberland Co., 17 Aug 1768 to Stephen Lowe of Bute Co., for 80 pounds Virginia money, two tracts, one 329 acres on south side of Tar River, adj. Sims; two, 460 acres above James Murry. Witnessed: Giles Bowers, proved by William Russell, Registered: December 2, 1771.

Buffalo Creek and Bear Swamp are just to the northwest of present day Louisburg, NC, branching off the Tar River:

I’m not sure where I got this map….so, apologies to the contributer.

Hold down Ctrl key and use “+” or “-” to zoom… you may need to click and open in another window



Estate files for a William Brazier (1818) and William Brazier (1817) can be found at the site.  Also Joseph Burt (1802), William Burt (1805).

A couple more Andersons are listed… 1800s.

A final proof for the move of William Anderson from Granville to Cumberland County is provided by this transcript from Paul Anderson that he shared with me a few years ago…


The following is a copy of James Anderson’s actual Revolutionary War pension
application file which was received from the National Archives Trust Fund
Board, Washington, DC 20408 in December 1995. This document confirms who
James Anderson was and his moves from Granville County, NC to Cumberland
County, NC and then to Jefferson County, TN. Court records in Cumberland
County prior to the 1790 NC Census support the fact that Anderson families
existed and with the appropriate names. In the 1790 Census, there was one
James Anderson over age 16 in Cumberland County. In the 1800 and 1810
Census there were two James Andersons in Cumberland County. Only one of the
James Anderson families show a male the age of James Jr.. By 1820, there
were no James Andersons in Cumberland County. You will see that this James
Anderson moved to Tennessee in about 1812.


Copied from photo copy of original by Paul Anderson

East Tennessee
James Anderson
of Jefferson Co. in the State of Tennessee
who was a private in the company commanded
by Captain Cobb of the reg’t.(sic) commanded by
Col.____in the N. Carolina Line ____for 6 months from 1779.

Inscribed on the Roll of East Tennessee
at the rate of 20 Dollars ___ Cents per annum
(to) commence on the 4th day of March, 1831

Certificate of Pension issued the 17 day of August
1833 ___ and sent to __ an(?) Jos___
Anderson, 1st comptroller.
Arrears to the 4th of March 1833. $40
________allowance ending 4 Feb 10

Revolutionary Claim Act, June 7, 1832
Recorded by ____Alllison Clerk
book E(?) Vol. &(?) Page 35

State of Tennessee }
} July 1833
County of Jefferson }

ON THIS 6TH DAY OF July personally appeared before me, John Hodges, a
Justice of the peace of Jefferson County, James Anderson, a resident in the
County of Jefferson and State of Tennessee, aged Seventy three years, who
being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following
declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed
June 7, 1832.

That the Declarant James Anderson was born in North Carolina, on Tar River.
The day and year of his birth he does not know, never having had a record of
his age; but judging from his age when he was drafted, and the year, as he
believes, in which he Served in the Revolutionary war, he recons (sic) his
birth to have taken place in the year 1760. At four years of age, he moved
with his father to Cape Fear river, North Carolina, just below the big falls
in the upper end of Cumberland County. This Declarant was living on the
Cape Fear river when he was drafted at eighteen years of age. At the home
of one Slade, Christian name not recollected, the Declarant was drafted by
Captain Robin Cobb for a tour of Six months. He was drafted in the fall of
the year 1778, the day and month not recalled. The men that were drafted at
the time, were ordered to rendezvous at Fayetteville and report themselves
to Major Mathews. In conformity with this order the Declarant went to
Fayetteville and reported to Major Mathews who assigned him to Captain
Obediah (sic) Roundtree’s Company of infantry, of which Mr. White was the
Lieutenant. The name of the other Officers and Sergeants are not
recollected. Captain Roundtree’s Company was immediately marched by him
from Fayetteville for the Savannah River, to join General Lincoln, who had a
considerable force under him on that river. The Declarant has forgotten the
names of some of the Water Courses, which he crossed on the march; the
following are such as he can recollect – first Downing (sic) Creek, _?_Pedee
River – passed through Camden, crossed the Santee – then the Congaree,
passed through Orangeburgh, then crossed the Edisto, then marched to the
White house, one mile from Savannah River. At the White House, General
Lincoln was encamped with about fifteen thousand men. Captain Roundtree’s
Company and another Company were stationed on the road leading from Augusta
to Charleston, one half mile from the main body of the Army. Major Lewis
Commanded these two Companies. Our Company, being thus moved from the main
body of the Army, the Declarant did not know any of the Colonels and Majors
of the regular troops, of which there were some, and the names of those whom
he heard spoken of occasionally, he has forgotten. Every twenty four hours,
five hundred men were marched out on the main road – leading from Charleston
to Augusta. At the expiration of the time for which our Company was drafted,
in the first of June Captain Roundtree marched back his Company and
Declarant was discharged by his Captain just above Fayetteville, making a
service of six months from the time he was drafted until he was discharged.
This Declarant has no documentary evidence in regard to his Service, nor
does he know of any person from whom he could —?— the testimony as to
his service. The Declarant, James Anderson hereby relinquishes every claim
whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his
name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State. He never
received any compensation for his service whatever. He has lost his
discharge. When he was discharged by his Captain, he authorizes the Captain
to _?_ whatever was coming to him. The Declarant never received any thing
from the Captain – and if his father did, he is not aware of it.

Question 1. Where and in what year were you born?

Answer. I do not know in what year I was born. I was born in North Carolina
on the Tar River, Granville County.

Question 2. Have you any record of your age, if so where is it?

Answer. I have none.

Question 3. Where were you living when called into the service, where have
you lived since the Revolutionary War, and where do you live now?

Answer. When drafted I was living on the Cape Fear River. Since the
Revolution I lived on the Cape Fear river, N. C. until twenty one years
ago, when I moved to Jefferson County – where I now live on the
waters of Bent Creek.

Question 4. How were you called into service, were you drafted, did you
volunteer or were you substituted?

Answer. I was drafted.

Question 5. State the names of some of the Regular Officers, who were with
the troupes when you served and the general circumstances of your Service.

Answer. I do not recollect the names of any of the Regular Officers except
that of General Lincoln. The general circumstances of my service are
details in my declaration to the best of my recollection. The tour for
which I was drafted, an __?__ before any movement of the
troops __?__ General Lincoln from the White house for the purpose
of laying Siege to Savannah – which afterwards – took place, and which was
the object of the collection of troupes on the Savannah.

Question 6. Did you ever receive a discharge and if so, where is it?

Answer. I received a discharge which I have lost, where or when, I do not

Question 7. State the names of persons to whom you are known in your
present neighborhood, and who can testify as to your character for honesty?,
and their belief of your service as a solder of the Revolution.

Answer. I would refer to the Rev’d. Andrew Coffman, __ Capt. John Riddle,
Mr John Shipley who can be ______ _______my honesty and their
belief of my Service as a Solder of the Revolution.
James X Anderson

John Shipley
John Riddle

Subscribed and Sworn to this 6th day of July, 1833 Before me.
John Hodges, Justice of the Peace

We Andrew Coffman, John Riddle, John Shipley, residing in the county of
Jefferson truly certify that we are well acquainted with James Anderson who
has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration and to the _____
_____that we believe him to be Seventy three years of age, that he is


Misc. notes:

Cumberland  NC  Deed Book  6-415
09 Aug 1775  THOMAS SMITH of Bute Co. to William Bathea of Cumberland,
40pds, land NW of Cape Fear River, beginning at the upper end of C___
Island;  s/ THOMAS SMITH; w/ (illegible)

Combs researchers have attempted to make a connection with this George Anderson and John Underwood. I can't find one.

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