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Alexander 1666

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I am attempting to tie this Alexander Anderson with the George Anderson who lived in close proximity.  The amount of evidence is too scarce to draw a reasonable conclusion… it is appearing to me that this Alexander is probably the same one who ultimately wound up in York County.

7 Jun 1666.  Alexander Anderson, included in list of 156 headrights for Captn Joseph Bridger and William Burgh.

7800 acres in the Isle of Wight or Nancemond County. Beg.g. &. by a white marsh or meadow about 1/2 a mile

from the main Blackwater.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 5, 1661-1666 (v.1 & 2 p.1-369), p. 628 (Reel 5). Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

(This same patent is listed twice at Lib. of VA., one for Isle of Wight and one for Nansemond, which gives a good indication the land was thought to border the two counties.  The headrights are not shown on the online image of the patent…It is listed in Caveliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 5.   This would place Alexander in the vicinity of the property he would gain a patent for four years later.  It is noteworthy that he amassed six headrights, also, since he did not claim himself, implying that he was already in the colony; perhaps an indentured servant to Joseph Bridger)


Anderson, Alexander. grantee

22 April 1670

Location: Nansemond County

Description: 300 acres adjoining the land of James Long and Hugh Sanders

Source: Land Office Patents No. 6, 1666-1679 (pt.1 & 2 p. 1-692), p. 311 (reel 6).

The Library of Virginia, Land Office Patents & Grants/Northern Neck Grants & Surveys

To all &c Now know yee that I William Berkeley Knt Governor: &c give and Grant Alexander Anderson three Hundred Acres of Land in ye upper pariush of Nanzemond County at a m**ed Gum, and soe Runing West by Soute 150 pools to a mked Gum, and soe Soute and East 320 pools, to a mked pine butting on ye land of James Long and soe East by Norte *** pools Joyning to Longs Land to a mked pine, and soe Norte by West, 320: pools, Joyning to Hugh Sande*s his Land to ye first Station, ye said Land being Due y and for the Transport of six per**  to have and to Hold &c and to be Held &c yeilding & paying; Provided: &c Datted the 22 of Aprill —  1670

Jno *iskeson        *en  North      *** Randall

***  Harris            Anth Roon      Geo  B?ayfeild

(transcribed by Marc Anderson, original spelling.   *means the letter baffles me)

Alexander’s patent is noted in red.  The only evidence to identify him is his listing in the headrights of Joseph Bridger and this patent of 1670.  The surrounding patents, particularly Hugh Sanders, James Long and William Denson, help locate the land.  It appears that he may or may not have even occupied the patent.  I was perplexed by the references to Richard Lovegrove in the adjoining patents of Sellaway , Underwood and Pope.  Apparently he acquired the land.  He is equally mysterious as is Alexander

I found this tidbit reference to an Alexander in Warwick County, VA in 1660.  Warwick was located across the James river from Isle of Wight.  The question is whether this concerns the Alexander of York County or Isle of Wight / Nansemond.
Warwick County Virginia, 1659
Source: Warwick County, Virginia, colonial court records in transcription By Richard Dunn, Jones House Association, Inc, 2002
From will and subsequent inventory of:
…Whereas I Henry Jacksonne Senior of Mulberry Island being at present very weake…    …May Anno Domy 1659     Henry Jackson  [seal]
By ye 3d of tob according to invantory being 61978 is                  20657
By the 2 3rd of the debts                                                                        8462
By 2? 3ds ofe Allexander Andersons
bill being 152… not …                                                                               100
By Sallary for  9000 [lbs] tob …                                                                900
By 2 3ds ofe 400 [lbs] tob for 2 ewes [d]elvd to                                     266
… –mes                                                                                              30385
… In money ye 2 3ds of 22-01-00
In plate ha[v]erdupois weight
340 ounces.  the two thirds                    14 ounces & 2 3ds of ..
1little pott  1 can    2 payre stilliards   1 crakt pott & …
[Last of 4 sides re Major Griffith:]  Major Edward Griffith as hee intermaryes wth ye
relict and Administratrix ofe Capt Henry Jacsonne dec’d is Debtor to ye orphan of the Sd Capt Jacksonne and ye orphans of [his] Administratrix June 18th 1661
To ye 2/3 parts ofe ye estate according to Inventory and
apprasemt amounting to in ye whole: 65486 [lbs] of tobacco is    43656
To ye 2/3 of 22:01:00 is…  [snip…continues with tally]
From Patrick Anderson’s website-
1.  Alexander4 Anderson  (“Intermediate”3, “York Watershed”2, “Colonial Virginia”1) (Source: Library of Virginia, Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants,  (, “Electronic.”) was born Bet. 1635 – 1637, and died 1687 in York County, Virginia.  He married ?.
Notes for Alexander Anderson:
It is tempting to follow the lead of early writers and assign this man as a son of the early Andersons at Gloucester Point, but 2 things make me hesitate: First, he lived on the South bank of the York River and secondly, since his son was excused levies in 1676 it is assumed he was 21 then and born in 1655,  which makes his father’s birthdate range extend earlier than the limits of the Gloucester Point family.
VA Patents
1653 Alexander Anderson headright of Edward Dobson Mockjack Bay
1665 Alexander Anderson headright of Christopher Greenway Gloucester County
York County Wills  & Deeds
1673        Richard Fayr received of Alexander Anderson 50 acres.
3/1/1676 John Anderson son of Alexander Anderson discharged from levies due to his infirmities.
York County Deeds, Orders, Wills, Etc., 7, 1684-1687  Library of VA
p.297 for date of court, 24 May 1687
p.299 for executor’s bond for the estate of Alexander Anderson
pp.308-309 for the will of Alexander Anderson, dated 4 May 1687
In the Name of God Amen I Alexander Anderson planter of the Parish of Hampton in the County of York, being Indisposed of body but a perfect mind and memory and understanding thanks be to Almighty God for the same and being willing to dispose of that Small Estate that it hath pleased God to Lend me and intitle me unto doe make my last will and Testament in Maner and forme as followeth first I doe give and bequeath my Soule unto Almighty God that gave itt one assuredly hoping and Expecting a Joyfull  Resurrection att the last day and my body I give unto the Earth from whence itt was, to be Decently buryed by my Executors here after Named, I give and bequeath the Land that I now Live upon unto my Eldest Son John Anderson and his heires for ever, which if itt please God he Should dye without heires, the said Land to fall to the nigh Sonns, I doe also give and bequeath unto my three Sons, John, William and Richard twelve head of Cattell to be Equally divided Amongst them, onely my Eldest Son is to have the first bull Calfe I give likewise to Each of my sons two pewter Dishes, and two plates apeece, I doe alsoe give unto my three sons all my hoggs Equally to be divided amongst them, I doe further give unto my Eldest Sonn my best bed, Rugg and blanketts and to Each of my other Sons I doe give a bed with the furniture belonging to them, I doe give unto my Son William Anderson my horse Button, but with this pviso that hee Shall be for the (short blank space) of plantacon that is to say to Cart to Mill and to Church and I doe likewise give unto my Said Son William one Black Colt called Dyamond with her increase to him and his heires, and I doe likewise give unto my Son Richard one bay mare Called by the Name of Bose with her increase, I doe like wise give unto my Son William one great Chest, I doe also give unto my three Sons all my Debts  hopeing in god by their honest Indeavoes to purchase a Negroe, which if they  doe I give itt my Son John, I doe likewise give unto my Son John one Iron pott the Choice of two, the other I give unto my Son William I doe likewise give unto my Son John my Cross Cutt Saw with all my wedges and one Small pestle and Mortar, and to my Son Richard  one Small Chest, I doe Likewise Nominate, Constitute and appoint my Eldest Son John Anderson my full and Sole Executor to see this my last will and Testament, Interlined th[is] the thirteenth time(sic) this Ninteh (sic) day of January 1686/7(sic)
Testis   Daniell Taylor             Alexander (his mark) Anderson
ffra: Rosse
John Ashby
May y.e 4th. 1687
Proved in Court by the oath of ffrancis Rosse and is Recorded.  June y.e 24th. proved then by the oathes of Danll Tayler & John Ashby.
Test // J Sedgwicke D: Cl C[?]
At a Court held for York County May y.e 24th 1687…
// A Probate of the last will and Testament of Alexander Anderson Deced. is granted to John Anderson hee being Executor. therein Named, and proved in open Court by the Oath off ffrancis Rosser and (blank)
(will transcribed by Marc Anderson)
I found this in the Jefferson papers:

Yorke County

in Virginia


Wee whose names are subscribed being a Jury impannelled y sworne by vertue of a writt from Thomas Ludwell Esq Escheate & genll of Virginia Dated the 5th of January 1674 to enquire what Land John Breath? was seized of in the parish of Bunton? formerly knowne by ye name of Midle*** parish in the Countie of James Citty and Yorke and whether the said Land doth Escheate to his Sacred Majtie or not and haveing carefully **sed such papers as have pduced to us doe find e yt by a Pattent under the hand of Sr John ____ Kt Govern g. of this Collony and Seale of the sd Collony Dated the 16th of September 1639 the said John ______ was seized of 300 acres of Land bounded on Queens Creeke and other bounds mentioned in the said Pattent and wthin the sd pish of Bunton formerley Midletowne? pish and in the County of Yorke e yt the sd 300 acres of Land doth Escheat for yt to our knowledge the sd Bl*as* was a ffrench man borne and not within his majties dominions e yt this is [our] true verdict wee have hereunto before the said Escheate Genll set to [our] hands e seals this 12th of January in the 26th yeare of the Reigne of [our] soverigne Lord King Charles the second over England ye king and in the yeare of [our] Lord 1674

This inquiry was taken

the day y yeare above

written before mee

Tho: Ludwell Escheate   seal

John Whisler         seal

Jo: Risly                 seal

Jo: Sanders           seal

Tho: Barber           seal

Robt Booth            seal

Alex: Anderson     seal

Lawhon Borson    seal

Edwd Vicars          seal

Robt Jurbson?      seal

Otho Thorne          seal

James Bodull        seal

Thomas Whaley  seal

Transcribed by Marc Anderson 2010

The Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 8. Virginia Records Manuscripts. 1606-1737.

Virginia, 1665-76, Foreign Business and Inquisitions

Image 487 of 881


Below is a reference to Richard Lovegrove who apparently aquired Alexander Anderson’s property in IOW.

Nansimond County Virginia

An Inquisition Indented taken this seaventh day of June in ye yeare our Lord God 1670 before me Wm Alford Gent: Deputy Escheator of ye County aforesd by testes: of a Writt to me directed from ye Rt Honble William Berkeley Knt Genle & Capt Genll of Virginia __? __?__? in ye Country dated ye first of March last past first makeing ye present (patent?) Inquisition, In obedience where unto I have caused a Jury of yt Neighborhood to be impannelled and given them in Charge to inquier what lands John Garrett of ye County aforesd was at ye time of his death seazed of whether hee had [to any of their Certaine knowledge][crossed out] disposed of any of his sd lands by Will or otherwise, as whether hee had to any of their Certaine knowledge any heire in ye Country or whether hee was an Alien or freeborn subject to wch upon their oathes they have brought in this verdict first wee of ye Jury whose names are hereunto subscribed with our hands & seales doe declare according to ye best of our Judgmtt & according to ye Charge layd before us wch we have carefully pased? doe find yt ye sd John Garrett dyed seized of four hundred acres of land granted to him by pattent dated ye five & twentieth day of July 1640: wch land ye sd John Garrett did by his will dated ye twentieth day of September 1655 devised unto Margarett his wife who afterwards married unto Coll Thomas Colley & hee since dyeing as (well?) (and was?) intestate and finding noe heir in ye Country to our Certaine knowledge ye sd land being now in ye possession of Edward Dyson? (Edward Ison perhaps-see margin note) who purchased ye same? in his owne- wrong of ye sd Coll Colley of right (sic) doe therefore give verdict yt ye sd land doth Escheatee to his Sacred Ma:tie to wch verdict doe hereby Confirme ye same & together wth ye sd Jury have signed & sealed two of this present date & contents? and doe hereby Certifie ye same unto his ___? treasurer according to ye terms? of ye sd Writt into ye secretaryes offices

Jno: Braslow?                seale

Jno: Bryan                     seale

Rich: Lovegrove seale


Wm: (C) Scott                seale

ffra: Harris                     seale

Jno: Nevill                     seale

Samuele ffurmond          seale

John Holland                  seale

John ?rulhe (Bralhe?)


James (capital I with dash) Colens? seale

Henry Gay                        seale


Jno (capital T with dash) Turner seale

Margin note: Granted to Edw: Isan (Ison, my note)

Margin note: Wm Alford Deputy Escheator Seale

Transcribed/Marc Anderson, 2010, from: The Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 8. Virginia Records Manuscripts. 1606-1737. Virginia, 1665-76, Foreign Business and Inquisitions, image 402

Lovegrove in noted in the 1704 rent rolls and a few other references but I can find nothing of genealogical significance.


Another theory I had is that Alexander Anderson may have met his demise during Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676… I have found nothing to substantiate that.  Ziltch…Nada.

I did find this list which is interesting:

“Petition of His Majesties most loyal and obedient subjects of Isle of Wight

to his Majesties Commissioners, in behalf of William West, a rebel

absconding, who took up arms against the Indians by whom his father had been

most barbarously murdered, was taken prisoner and carried aboard a ship,

from hence to prison and was condemned to death, but has made his escape and

as yet has not been found. We pray for his life and the resitiution of his estate to his wife and children.”


John Marshall    John Jones    John Seward   Nicholas Fulgham

Michael Fulgham   Thomas Williamson   Edward Prime   Hopkins Howell

Roger Davis   Ed Haild    Walter Harris    John Stevenson   Will Fly

Thomas Smythe    Robert Morgan   John Askew    Thomas Joyner JR

Will Seller   Owen Griffin    Roger Jones    Rob Mercer   Rob Sturdy

Bridgman Joyner    Will Cooke   John Wakefield    John Bressie

Edward Hinkson   Thomas Davis    James Bryan John Frizzell

James bagnall    John Lewis    Solomon Davis   Roger Archer

Edward Dare or Due    John Richardson   Anthony Fulgham

Timothy Fearne?    John Mylord    John page    Thos Gandy

John Feebty?   Richard Braswell Wm Laine    John House

Phillip Thomas    John Moore    Edward Windom   John Williams

John Neville    Ambros Hadley   Hodges Council    Thom Yeuer or Eure

John Marshall   Tho Marshall    Nich Boone Peter Greene

Stephen Horsfield    Nicholas Osborne    Reuben Gladhill

John Richards    John Whitley    August Mandue John Forrest

Thos Howell    Noah Madocke   Walter Morgan    Clark Webster

Will Askew   Henry Hearne    Jo Sharp or Tharp    Rich Jones

Robt Oldis?    Wm Bamer    Gilbert Adams   Hercules Calcott

Rob Barkely    Edward Goodson   William Bateman   Tho Blake

Henry Maddison   Rob Edwards    Rich Jackson    John Francis

John Frizelle    John Williamson    Anthony Matthews   Henry Dason (Dawson)

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  1. I descend from John Pittman Wiggins (Alabama), and a slew of other early settlers (Strickland, Wall, Hill, Collins, Wiggins, etc) from North and South Carolina, that seem to have migrated to the area just north of Mobile, Alabama at some point. It’s interesting to see how many of my family lines (seemingly unrelated) appear to have “co-mingled” much higher up in the genealogical lineage, earlier on, but later wind up back together again in other areas (like Morgan Co. Alabama, and Washington/Marengo County/Mobile, Alabama).



    May 17, 2013 at 4:29 pm

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