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Thomas Mandue IOW

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My focus of interest for this guy is one of his “headrights” of his 1682 patent…. Thomas Anderson.  I’ve learned not to get excited about headrights  because they were often simply bought, sold or traded… you just can’t put much stock that the individuals mentioned were even anywhere near where they are listed.  With that said, however, “sometimes” they were.  If any can be accounted for in the general area then they may be legit.

Here is the abstract and actual patent…


P. 238

THOMAS MANDUE, 320 acs., Is. of W. Co., on brs. of the Black Water, 20 Apr. 1682,

p. 165.Begin at George Perce’s land, in possession of Phillip Wrayford; to Mathew

Strickland; to the Coblers line, &c. Trans of 7 pers: Tho. Parker, Richd Stanly,

Christopher Ellis, Samll. Bott, John Phillips, Jeter Moore, Tho. Anderson.


Thomas Mandue’s property in IOW  ADJOINED  George Anderson’s.  That gets my attention.  But so far I have found nothing to tie him to any Andersons… he was just a near neighbor.  Perhaps only by coincidence his apparent son made his way down to North Carolina and wound up near Carolus Anderson (roughly 1730s)… they each had property on Kirby’s Creek near the Meherrin River.

And here is an abstract that just drives me nuts!  This is the only reference I have ever found for a Thomas Anderson in this area at this time period.


DEED BOOK C #1, Chowan County, N.C.

#1552 pg. 360 JAMES COURLEE to WILLIAM DOWNING  27 Mar. 1721 assignment of a Pattent dated 7 Mar. 1717/18 for 320 acres

Wit.  THOMAS ANDERSON, WILLIAM SHARP   Ack. 29 Mar. 1723 before me C. GALE, C. Just.   Reg. 6 Apr. 1723

So what to make of it?  It is 41 years from the headright of 1682 and this deed of 1723… so it may mean nothing… I just don’t know.  I think this Thomas may have had an interaction with James Anderson of Occoneeche Neck about 1716 but I can’t nail it down.

This transcribed deed has a Thomas Mandue “senior” with wife Sarah and is witnessed by a Thomas Mandue “junior”… . One Thomas leaves a will in NC in 1736. I find no will for a Mandue in IOW during this time period.

ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY, VA – DEEDS – Phillip Rayford (Rafford, Raiford) To

Thomas Mandue (Mandew), 6 Oct 1681

Thomas Mandue (Mandew) & Wife Sarah To

Abraham Rickes (Ricks, Rix), 4 Jan 1699


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by: Matthew W. Harris


Isle of Wight Co., VA, Deed Book 1 (1688-1704)

abstracted by Matt HARRIS [surname capitalization, line breaks & brackets


Isle of Wight Co., VA, Deed Book 1, pp. 331-32

6 Oct 1681  Phillip Rayford (Rafford, Raiford) To Thomas Mandue (Mandew)

Deed of Bargain and Sale (Copy)

4 Jan 1699  Thomas Mandue (Mandew) & Wife Sarah To Abraham Rickes (Ricks, Rix)

Deed of Bargain and Sale

This Indenture made ye of October in ye year of O.r Lord God 1681 & in ye

33.d year of ye Reigne of o.r Sov’raign Lord King Charles ye 2.d of Great

Brittaine, France & Ireland Defender of ye faith.

Betweene Phillip RAYFORD of ye Isle of wight County of ye one P.t & Thomas

MANDUE of ye aforesd. Isle of Wight County of ye [other] P.t

Wittnesseth y.t [that] ye sd Phillip RAYFORD for & in Consideration of a good

& valuable Consideration to him already made, & in hand paid by ye sd Tho:

MANDUE before ye ensealing & deliv’ry of these p’sents wherein he

acknowledgeth himself fully Contented, satisfied & paid have granted, demised

& sold, & by these p’sents doe fully, Clearly & Absolutely grant, demise,

bargaine, sell, Alienate, Confirme & make over unto ye sd Thomas MANDUE, his

heires,,, & Assgs for Ever two hundred Acres of land more or less

lyeing & being in ye aforesd Isle of Wight County, being part of a Pattent of

[“five” struck out] three hundred And fifty acres of land Granted unto ye sd

Phillip RAYFORD beareing date ye 23.d of Aprill 1681 ye sd two hundred Acres

of land being bounded as followeth (Viz.t)

bounded upon a Corner line of ye sd RAFFORDs unto a Corner Red Oake, from ye

Red Oake along ye line to a Reedy Branch & soe downe ye Reedy Branch to ye sd

RAFFORDs line & soe along ye line to ye aforesd Corner line.

Wich ye sd Phillip RAYFFORD doth for himself his heires,,

[page break]

Or Assgs: & to ev’ry of them y.t he ye sd Thomas MANDUE his heirs,, or Assgs shall from ye day of ye date for Ev’r hereafter have, hold,

occupy, possess & quietly Enjoy ye sd two hundred Acres of land before demised

with all rights  proffitts, Commodities & hereditam.ts w.tSoever thereunto

belonging or in any wise appertaining out any lett or hindrance, or

molestation, or Contradiction of ye sd Phillip RAYFFORD, or his heires,, or Assgs or by any other p’son or p’sons w.tSoever by his knowledge,

Consent or procureation out any other manner of Condition, or limitation

of uses or uses, Rent or Rents (ye Kings only excepted) & for ye better & more

Authenticke Confirmation of ye before demised p’mises ye aforesd Phillip

RAYFORD doth hereby Oblige himself to Acknowledge this deed of sale in open

Co.rt w.n thereunto Required to his free Act & Voluntary deed.

In Wittness whereof I ye sd Phillip RAYFORD have hereunto sett my hand & seal

ye day & year first above written.

Phillip RAYFORD  *Seal*

R  his m’ke

Signed, Sealed & delivered

in ye p’sence of


George PEIRCE  G  his m’ke

Acknowledged in Co.rt held for ye Isle Wight County ye 9th of June 1682

by Phillip RAYFORD to be his Act & deed and Ordered to be recorded

Test’  John PITT  Cl Cur:

[cit., Isle of Wight Co., VA, Wills, Deeds, Etc. 1 (1662-1715), pp. 482-83]

Be itt known unto all men by these p’sents y.t I Thomas MANDUE sen.r & Sarah

MANDUE his wife, o’r heires, or Assgs for ye Consideration in

hand rece’d have fully by these p’sents Assged over unto Abraham RICKES, his

heires,, or Assgs all o’r Right title & Interest of this within

specified deed of Conveyance for Ev.r

In Wittness hereof we have hereunto sett o’r hands this day of Jan’ry


And for further Confirmac’on ye P.ties above menc’oned together wY [with]

their son Thomas MANDUE Jun.r have obliged themselves to acknowledge this same

said deed before o’r Court held for ye Isle of Wight which being Aprill Co.rt

next after ye date hereof in ye year 1700

Thomas MANDUE  *Signim*

T  his m’ke

Sarah MANDUE  *Signim*

S  her m’ke


Thomas MANDUE Jun.r 


Acknowledged in open Co.rt held for ye Isle Wight County ye 9th of

December 1700 by Tho: MANDUE & Sarah his wife to be their Voluntary Act & Deed

& Ordered to be Recorded

Teste  Cha.s CHAPMAN  Cl

It seems to me from the above account that Mandue “Senior”, after all the dust settled, may have “assigned” all his holdings to Robert Ricks… (I haven’t studied this all out)?

By 1702 he patents some land at where the modern Sounthampton county is…

Mandew, Thomas. grantee.

Land grant 28 October 1702.

Isle of Wight County.

Description: 390 acres on the south side the main Blackwater. Beg.g &c. by the run of Nottaway Swamp.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 473 (Reel 9).

By Colonial Law, settlement to the west of the Blackwater River was not opened up until about this time…1700 – 1702…

Richard Brasswell and wife Sarah sell to Thomas Mandue 100 acres on the Blackwater River… 1709.  Another deed I have seen from this era referenced “Mandue’s Landing”… this land was directly on the Blackwater River.


I have no idea which of any of these “Blackwater/ Nottoway” deeds are Senior and/or Junior…

Mandew, Thomas. grantee.

Land grant 31 October 1726.

Isle of Wight County.

Description: 240 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 13, 1725-1730 (v.1 & 2 p.1-540), p. 51 (Reel 12).


It may be pure coincidence that Mandue Sr. lived near George Anderson in IOW and that his apparent son lived near Carolus Anderson in North Carolina.  George Anderson sells his property in 1710 and just vanishes.

Will of Thomas Mandue , 1736 in North Carolina:


I mean, what the hell, add a comment… give me a clue…

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  1. Will book1, page 3 has a will for Mandue in 1719. Must be the Sr.



    December 3, 2022 at 9:01 pm

  2. Evidently Thomas Mandue md the widow Bunn as his heirs including a daughter named for his wife Hannah were selling the Bunn farm in Isle of Wight County, Va.



    December 3, 2022 at 9:23 pm

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