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Joani’s Map…Buck Swamp_ Walnut Creek folks

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map_Walnut Cr Andersons


map_Walnut Cr Andersons


By 1787 William Anderson d1789 had moved south of the Tar River to near Falk’s Branch.

Deed Book 4

81-(492) Elijah(x)Horn of Edgecombe Co to William Anderson of same. 26 Jan 1787. 106£ 13s4p NC. 136 acres which had been a grant to John Cohoon 12 Feb 1761, on the south side of Tarr River. Wit: Etheldred Philips, Wm Teat. Feb Ct. 1787. Edward Hall CC

So far I do not have enough info to plot the survey on the map…below is the original survey of John Colhoon. Note that nowhere can you find a reference to any adjacent landowners… So… the best I can do is a guess.

John Colhoon Granville Grant plat 1753

John Colhoon Granville Grant

In 1795 Henry Anderson sells 20 acres of the above property to his brother George:

Edge. Co Db 8, page 586, deed date 24 Dec 1795, recorded Nov Ct 1796,
Henry Anderson, Edge. Co to George Anderson, county aforesaid for 10
pds a tract on the south side of Tar River beginning at an ash in
Brakes Branch then north east to a corner pines then south west along a
line of marked trees to Falks Branch
to a sweet gum then down the said
branch to the head of Brakes Branch then down said branch to the
beginning containing 20 acres, being part of a tract granted by deed of
sale from Elijah Horn to William Anderson 26 Jan 1787, signed Henry
Anderson (X), wit W.R. Gray, Jos Pitt, (Mitch Dormon), acknowledge in
court. NOTE: Mitch Dormon has middle initial that could be “el” to
make Mitchel. Abstracted 21 Jun 07, RD copy, CTC.

Note that we now have another reference… “Brakes Branch”.

And an aside… per his father’s will of 1789, Henry was not to receive any of this property until the death of his mother (Mourning [Price] Anderson)… for that reason I now thing his mother died prior to 1795.  That would make the Mourning Anderson on the 1800 census (probably) the daughter Mourning Anderson also noted in the 1789 will.

From the will of 1789:

“Item, after all my Just Debts & le(g)acy’s are paid, before mentioned , I lend upon my loving wife Mourning Anderson, all my land and plantation whereon I now live Situate in our said County of Edgecome & on the South side of Tarr River & on the No. Side of Tyanichey (Tyancokey?) Swamp & on a branch Called Faulks branch,”

Another specific reference… “Faulks Branch”.

So I have a precise survey of the metes and bounds. It was located south of Tar River, north of Tyancokey Swamp on Brakes Branch and Faulk’s Branch.

map_Walnut Cr _Early

Backtracking to study the Gray properties…

map_Walnut Cr GRAY


An AHA! moment. Apparently the above Sherwood Haywood deed of 1779 might be a non issue… before the ink was dry, Sherwood died in 1780… Also Sherwood Haywood was not the grandson of Moses Hare evidently.


Edgecombe Will Book B, p 45

Haywood will1

Haywood will2

Haywood will3

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  1. I love your maps. Any suggestions on a way to search the various names. Dawn King
    (I am researching Branch families.)


    Dawn King

    June 15, 2015 at 7:45 pm

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