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Elizabeth 1733

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I think this is the wife of George Anderson who sold his property in 1710 and then disappeared from the planet.  (the Black Hole)

Elizabeth Anderson


Recorded 24 Dec 1733

In the Name of God Amen: I Elisebth Anderson widow, on the South Side of Meherig River, In Bertie Precinct, In North Carrolina being weak in Body, But in perfect Sence and Memorey Praised be to God for the Sences Considering the Uncertainty of This Life Do make This my Last Will & Testement, As followeth

I do Bequeat my Soul to God who gave it and my Body to be Decently buryed at The discretion of my Exectrs, Hoping to Receive a Joyfull Resurrection at the Last Day Through Jesus Christ my Saviour.


I give to my Son James Anderson one Shilling


I give to my Son Carrolus Anderson one Breeding Mare and one Set of Iron wedges, a set of Harrow Hones


I give to my Daughter Elisebeth Pitman, one paire of Small Mill Stones


I give to my Grandaughter Elisebeth Anderson Two Cows and Calves and one Breeding Mare and one Feather Bed and one paire Sheets and one Blanket and one Iron Pot, and pott Hooks, and one Puter Dish and one Frying Pan and one Ewe Sheep and two Glass Bowles & Ten Spoons.


I give my Daughter Elisebeth Pitmans Son William Anderson one Hiefer.


I give to my Grandaughter Sarah Anderson Two Cows and Calves, and one Mare, and one Pot, and pot Hoocks, Two Puter Basons. And my own Bed where on I Lie with Furniture belonging there ontoo and one Ewe Sheep and one Chest


I give to my Sd. Grandaughter, Elisebeth Anderson one Bread Tray, and one parlor, and paire of Fire Tonges.

And all the Rest of my Maiables within Doors and without Doors, I Doe Give to my afore Said Sarah Anderson my Grandaughter.

And I doe Appoint my Grandaughter, Sarah Anderson To be my Whole, and Sole, Execetess of This, my Last will and Tesements whatsoever as witness hand and Seal this fifth Day of November 1732.

Tess by Wss                     Before Sig’d my Daughter

Inter Lined

Elias  EF Fort (his mark) Jurat

Ealen Fort  (her mark)                                                       Elisebeth (her mark) Anderson

Hen. Crompton  (signed)

Bertie Precinct       August Court 1733

The Afore Written will was Proved by the Oath of Elias Fort One of the Evidences thereto.          Test (signature)?

(transcribed /MA)

digital image available online at North Carolina State Archives MARS


The graphic below is probably the only extant record of the signature marks of these 2 Elizabeths…however, neither is signed by them.  The first, in 1710, was undoubtedly recopied into the Isle of Wight deed book by the clerk.  The second, in 1733, was signed by her daughter (Elizabeth Pitman?).  I can see the 1733 sig as being a N and I… or I can see 3 vertical lines with a line across them.  Of course I have a dog in this fight because I have the theory these two women are the same person.

sig_2 copy

Now if your eyebrow is raised with skepticism about the above signature comparison consider this-
There is a deed that I have not been able to obtain yet referenced by Hugh B Johnston where he evidently saw and described the above 1733 Elizabeth’s signature as an “S”.  (His assumption being that the 1720 and 1733 Elizabeth were the same person):
Update:  Well I went to the Archives in Raleigh and managed to find a microfilm of the 1721 deed of the “other” Elizabeth Anderson.  It appears that a stain has blemished the signature mark- but even so, it appears to me that this is clearly a “mark” made with curves and not vertical, horizontal or diagonal pen strokes.  Hence, the Elizabeth who died at Meherrin River in 1733 is NOT the same woman married to the James Anderson of Occoneechee Neck. 
According to David Gammon the capitol I with the slash in the middle is simply the “Latin” symbol for “J”.  Now that I look for it it shows up quite a bit with names that start with “J”. Duh.  Normally I would yank his chain and explain that there wasn’t any stinking “J” in the Roman alphabet but I’m sure he would bring up that ridiculous “long S” the colonists insisted on using and would also note their habit of using double “ff”s where a simple capital F would work just fine. I’m sure he is right but I just like to argue with him.

Article by Hugh B. Johnston, “Looking Backward”, March 13, 1966 JAMES ANDERSON

On July 12, 1716 Matthew (X) and Elizabeth (E) Capps sold James Anderson certain land in Chowan Precinct that formerly belonged to William Brasswell; witnessed by William Brasswell and Edward Howard.  On November 12, 1720, James (I) and Elizabeth (S) Anderson of Chowan Prect. sold Joseph Sims of the same place 100 acres from William Brasswell’s former patent on Cypress Swamp on March 4, 1711-12, adjoining Robert Sims: witnessed by Matthew (M) Russian and William Murphey.  On September 17, 1721, James (I) Anderson of Chowan County sold Robert Sims of the same place for an unspecified sum 100 acres from William Brasswell’s patent on Cypress Swamp dated March 4, 1711-12, “yt. Makes into Morattock River” and adjoining William Boon, Gum Pond, and said Anderson: witnessed by Henry (S) Sims and Henry Wheeler.  On April 20, 1722, James Anderson of Bath County sold Captain John Grey of Albemarle County for 12.0.0 pounds current North Carolina money 400 acres north of Morattock River on Cypress Swamp adjoining William Boon and John Nellson (from 640 acres in Occoneeche Neck in Almemarle County patented by William Brassell and sold to Matthew Capps who sold the same to said Anderson: witnessed by Patrick Maule and Mar. Moore.

Elizabeth Anderson (widow of James Anderson) made her will in Bertie County on November 5, 1732, and it was probated in August Court, 1733:  (1) son James Anderson,  (2) son Carrolus Anderson; (3)  daughter Elizabeth Pitman;  (4)  granddaughter Elizabeth Anderson;  (5)  granddaughter Sarah Anderson;  (6)  witnesses:  Elias Fortt  __ Fortt, and Henry Crompton.

Children of James and Elizabeth Anderson:

1. James Anderson

2.  Carrolus Anderson

3.  Elizabeth Anderson married ___Pitman

As an aside, I scanned a signature mark for James Anderson from a 1721 deed… rotate it sideways and compare it to the IOW signatures… I don’t find anything relevant to a “proof” but do find it interesting…

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August 22, 2009 at 1:46 pm

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  1. Is Elizabeth Pittman the daughter of Elizabeth (d. 1733 near the Meherrin River) who is suspected to have given birth to the now suspected BRANTLEY branch of the Anderson Tree? Have you found any clues on how the names Anderson, Hall, Hart and Brantley all came to share near identical stretches of Y-chromosome indicated by FTDNA?


    jwesley hall

    November 29, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    • That is my current theory. It seems likely the daughter of Elizabeth d.733 had a son William by an unknown Brantley… per the DNA match.

      I have 2 theories as to the father of Elizabeth (Anderson) Pitman… 1. he was George Anderson of Isle of Wight… 2. he was James Anderson of Prince George County, VA. I lean to George of IOW.

      I have been mapping some Brantley folks in the Meherrin River area… per this map…

      My guess is that the “event” happened around 1725ish. Hence, I’m snooping for the likely Brantley in the area at that time. He could have died or removed to who knows where?

      I’ve been bogged down and side-tracked lately trying to map the immigrant Edward Brantley in IOW to get a handle on where and when the line removed to Meherrin. (will publish the map soon)

      George Anderson (wife Elizabeth) was in IOW from 1695-1710… then he disappears. Elizabeth Pitman could easily have been born in that period. However I do not have a shred of proof to back up the theory.

      The HALL connection has him born 1773 or so… so I would guess his link may go back a generation or 2. The speculation for him I find online suggests a female Brantley… obviously for the Ydna link there must be a male ancestor… Of course there may have been several horny Brantleys sowing some seeds around?


      It is interesting and perplexing from an Anderson perspective that the DNA link will be broken around 1725ish. The brother James Anderson of Elizabeth Pitman will obviously have a Ydna strain different from my line from William Anderson d1789 in Edgecombe.

      The Carolus Anderson line had no male heirs…


      We need some more clues…



      November 30, 2016 at 4:51 am

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