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Philip Ludwell

My friend Jennifer from California has stumped me with a question concerning “the Widow Early”. I hunted for her in my notes and remembered that she was mentioned in the notes of Ludwell. I got distracted as usual and could not help but take the opportunity to lambast him… this is now a sport with me.

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Ohhh… apologies to the folks … I hope I did not gore a sacred cow… but then again, in their own notes:

“Meanwhile, back in Virginia, Philip Ludwell II, who was appointed Rector of the College of William & Mary in this same year, was involved in a dispute with Lt. Governor Alexander Spotswood over allegations that Ludwell had committed improprieties in his role of Auditor of Virginia.”

The guy was crooked as hell…


An update…

I found Richard Braswell in that general area of Isle of Wight (modern Southampton) where Ludwell and his entourage found themselves needing to cross the Nottoway River. I had no idea that Braswell had ever been there… duh…

Here is the evidence he was there sometime around 1714… He bought the land from Richard Washington who finalized his grant in 1714… this means “roughly” around 1714…who knows how long before that these guys were actually there.

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May 24, 2023 at 5:22 am

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