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Henry Crumpton

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I can’t get a track on this family….  my interest is that he signed the will of Elizabeth Anderson in 1733…

NC Archives

File No. 332, Henry Crumpton

640ac Dec. 1, 1727

Bertie Co.  Bk.3, p.198

N. side of Morattock river

2542  pg. 247   HENRY CRUMPTON   1 December 1727   640 acres on the N. side of Morattock River in Bertie precinct, joining the N. side of Potecasey Swamp   Witnesses: R. EVERARD    Patent Book III, Province of NC, 1663-1729, Hofmann

Bertie Deeds A-H, 1720-1757, Bell

C 35   THOMAS BOON, JUN. to JOHN BRYAN, JUN.   *.   13 barrels of tar for 150 A. Part of tract by deed sold by WILLIAM BENNETT unto THOMAS BOON (600 A.). Granted to BENNETT in 1723.  On SS Meherrin River Adj. JOHN NELSON, WILLIAM BOON.  Wit: THOMAS BOON, HENRY CRAMPTON.  November Court 1728.  EDW. MASHBORNE D. C/C.

C 69   THOMAS BOON, JUN. to ELIAS FORT, SEN.   Nov. 9, 1728.  “13 barrells of tar”  for 150 A. On SS Meherring River Adj. WILLIAM BOON, JOHN BRYAN.  Being “part and parcel” of a deed from WILLIAM BENNET dated 1724.  Part of 600 A. granted BENNET on April 1, 1723.  Wit: THOMAS BOON, SEN., HENRY CRAMPTON.  February Court 1728/29.  ED MASHBOURNE D. C/C.

Abstracts Of Deeds, Edgecombe Precinct Edgecombe County NC, 1732-1758, Hofmann

DB 1 pg. 67   JOHN SCOT and ELIZABETH SCOT of Edge. Prect. to NEHEMIAH JOYNER of Edge, Prect.  22 Mar. 1733   10 pounds current money of Va.  200 acres more or less as by patent 1 Feb. 1725, joining GOFF, HUMHREYS and a swamp all houses, edifices, etc.  Wit: ROBERT HUMPHREY, JOHN BROWN E his mark, HENRY CROMPTON, BENJAMIN JOYNER  Reg. Edge. Prect. Feb. Ct. 1733  Robert Foster C. Ct.

I’m convinced the Boons and the Scots were from Isle of Wight… but I find no records for Crumpton…


Will of Henry Crompton, Bertie County, NC 1735

NC State Archives (MARS I.D.

In the name of God Amen I Henery Crumpton of the [precinct] of bertie in the province of North Carolinah being att this ********

sick and weak In body yet in pfect mind and memory Thanks be Given to God therfor but knowing the cirtianty of Death and

Considering the uncirtianty of the {time?] Doe by these psents make and ordain this my Last will & testament in mannor and

forme following———————

[****]        I Commit my Soul to God that Gave itt and my body to [the] Earth to be buried att the discresion of my Executr, hearafter


[Item]     I Give and bequath to my Son Henery and my Son William and my Daughter Susanna and my Daughter Elisabeth and my

Daughter Jane and my Daughter Anne, to Each and Every one of them the Sum of five Shillings and no more——–

Item         I Give to my well beloved frind Samuell peacock (inserted as an afterthought) [his heirs & assigns forever] all my [land]

as itt Leyeth on pottecasi Creek att a place called the bever Dam it being Granted by pattent to mee bearing Date 1727

In Testimony of All which I have hearunto Set my hand and **** Seale   Appoynting and nominateing my trusty and [much]

beloved frind Samuell peacock full and whole Executor of this my Last will and testament and making null and void all [former]

wills by me made   This Eleventh Day of January Ani 1735

Signed Sealed and Delivered

In the psence of

Abraham Burton                                          Henry Crompton   (seal)

Arthur? Sellers?

Arthur Williams          Jurat

Bertie Precinct   Febry? Court 1735

The above Will of Henry Crompton was Proved in open Court by the Oath of Arthur Williams one of the Subscribing

Witnesses thereto…

(transcribed by Marc Anderson)

* the will of Arthur Williams was witnessed by Nicholas Boon and Nicolas Boon  1735__________________________________________________________________

Williams, Arthur. Bertie County.

August 8, 1735. February Court, 1739. Sons: Arthur (water mill and lands on Creek), Robert (lands on Potecasi Creek above ye Wildcat Swamp, land on Mahering River at Walnut Field, lands called the Goose Pond), John (“plantation I now live on” and land called the Reedy Branch), Moab (lands on River and land on Pottecasi called the Roundabout). To John and Moab is bequeathed small water mill. All negroes divided among sons. Executors: Robert and William (sons). Witnesses: Abraham Burton, Nicholas Boone, Nicholas Boone, Junr. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns.           Grimes, Abstract of North Carolina wills

This Arthur Williams was also from Isle of Wight.  My theory is that Elizabeth Anderson was the wife of George Anderson who had property from 1695 to 1710… then sold out.  His next door neighbor was John Sellaway… note this Arthur Williams tidbit…

On 26 September 1719, shortly after the death of his father in Virginia, Arthur Williams “of Albemarle County [sic] in North Carolina,” executed a deed of gift to his brother John of 320 acres, “part of the [aforementioned] 925 acres granted to my father John Williams, deceased.” From the same grant, Arthur Williams “of Bertie” deeded further property to John Sellaway and Elizabeth Bressie in 1729/30. See the Isle of Wight Great Book, p. 300; Isle of Wight Deed Book # 4, pp. 60, 63.

A good site for Arthur Williams info…       The “apparent” connection with these folks is remarkable.


???  This guy would have to die in his eighties to be relevant… pretty unlikely…

YORK County, renamed 1642, was formerly Charles River Co. created 1634.May 22, 1650 Mr. James Williamson, 1150 acres In Rappa. Riv. on the N. side 150 acs. being marsh. Trans.of 23 pers: SILVESTER THATCHER, Wm. Freeman, Robert Dunn, Wm. Harrison, Kath. Peirce, JamesLoyd, John Richardson, Henry Crompton, Edward Hurt, William Jury, Methusalem Hart, Ralph England, Wm.Hutt (or Nutt), Robert Wildge, Morgan Davis, Eliza. Harton, Walter Owens, Jno. Cadin, Wm. Jefferson, JohnFennell, Marg. Baker, John Davis, THO. WHITLOCK., Patent Book 2, Page 211. Cavaliers and Pioneers,page 190


There is also a Henry Crompton north of the James River in this time period… variously described as “New Kent county, St. Peter’s parish, Goochland etc…. I can’t make a connection. 

Written by anderson1951

July 8, 2012 at 9:13 am

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  1. According to my research, Henery/Henry Crompton was born 23 Feb 1649 in Bolton, Lancashire, England and emigrated to Virginia in 1650 under the sponsorship of a James Williamson. His children were born in New Kent County, Va. (St. Peter’s Parish record) and then he apparently received a land grant in Dec. 1727 of 640 acres on the north side of the Morattock River and/or Potecasi Swamp in Bertie County, N.C., where he died on 17 Jan 1735. His wife’s name may have been Catherine. Sources include Va. Immigrants 1623-1666, Early Va. Immigrants 1623-1666, England and Manchester, England birth and christening records, N.C. Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 1 and N.C. Willls & Probate Records 1665-1998, among others.


    Marian Suter

    March 8, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    • As best as I can tell the name Crumpton or Crompton are the same, o & u don’t seem to make much difference. I think you will find that Catherine in the mother of Henry Elder Crumpton, his father Henery Crompton I. Spelling was really not a big deal back then. Good Luck, let me know if you find any new information. Henery is as far back as I have been able to get.



      April 19, 2020 at 7:17 pm

    • I am a direct descendant of Henery/Henry Crumpton by Henry, his son who migrated to Craven Dist., SC after his father’s death and married Eleanor (Elenor) Rabb, daughter of Alexander Rabb in 1760 period. Rabb received a land grant in 1762 for 100 acres which he later gave to his son-in-law along with 200 more acres on a branch of Little River. Alexander Rabb may be an uncle or grandfather to the Alexander Rabb 1787 – 1805, son of a James Rabb, whom many believe is the first Alexander Rabb and is reported as such in family genealogies. This family is hard to research. If I can answer any questions, I will gladly share what I do have sourced. Jon


      Jon P Ward

      July 26, 2021 at 11:28 am

      • Jon, I too am a direct descendant of Henery/Henry Crompton/Crumpton (b.1649 England d.1735 Bertie Co., N.C.). Based on my research and his will, that Henry had 3 daughters–Susannah, Jane and Anne– and 2 sons, William (1685-1770) and Henry (1700-1782)–all b. in Va. William was the father of Henry Crumpton (1735-1806 in S.C.), who married Eleanor Rabb; William is my 1st cousin 6x removed. William’s brother Henry is my 5GGF. He married Sarah Martin and for some unknown reason, he added Sarah’s surname to his and often signed documents as Henry Crumpton Martin. Their 6 sons–Randolph, William, John, Jesse, Benjamin and Henry, Jr. all went by the surname Martin, thus ending the Crumpton name in my family. If you’re interested in more information, please let me know.


        Marian Suter

        July 31, 2021 at 8:24 pm

      • Marian, thank you for your reply. It is always nice to meet cousins. I would love sharing info as I have been tracing my Crumpton line since a teenager asking relatives questions. I have found no documented or undocumented resource on Elenor Rabb Crumpton or her father Alexander Rabb. The two are currently my focus once again as I would like to know Alexander’s migration route.  I’ve been unable to find him in NC, Virginia, Pennsylvania or on any ship. He is believed to have been Scots-Irish but have not confirmed.  I live in Fairfield County (former Craven Dist.) and have easy access to the SC Archives. His name and a William Rabb both appear in the SC Journal receiving land. I have no information on whether they were father/son or brothers. The Rabb name appears often in land transactions after 1790. The Rabb descendants in the area state (Thomas) Alexander Rabb d. 1827.  is their line with same believing he received the first Rabb grant. State records show otherwise.Crumpton and has tested 111 markers but no contacts with cousins in Fairfield County. There are a number of distant cousins but nothing promising.

        Are you familiar with the Crumpton Genealogy by John Rives Crumpton and his son David Crumpton? His grandson and I are in contact but he is new to genealogy research and states his grandfather’s research was loaned to a cousin and has never been returned. We both wonder if the research notes might contain some additional clues John did not follow, but I suppose we will never know now. Working in many directions hoping to find a break in he brick wall.   I look forward to hearing for you.Regards, Jon



        August 3, 2021 at 9:31 am

      • Jon, since my 6GGF Henry Crumpton changed his surname to his wife’s maiden Martin name and all of his sons had the Martin name, I haven’t researched very deeply into the Crumpton line in the U.S. since my focus has been on the Martin line. I was able to trace my Crumpton/Crompton line back as far as 8GGF Abraham Crompton/Crumpton b. 1585 Breigtmet, Lancashire, England & d. 20 Jan 1625 Lancashire, England (Dict. of Nat. Biog., 4 church records, & FAG). In searcing the Crumpton line, I found Joe Shoemaker’s Ancestry family tree which has 966 Crumptons listed in the Index so he is obviously interested in the Crumpton line. (In fact, Joe’s tree is where I found the source that led me to finding the Henry Crumpton Martin information.) Below is Joe’s URL to the Henry Crumpton who married Eleanor Rabb. Some of Joe’s entries have source information but many just list Ancestry Family Trees. I have the feeling that he has more sources for his data than just miscellaneous Ancestry Family Trees but I’m not sure. If you can open Joe’s Ancestry tree, I would suggest that you contact him and see if he can give you some help.

        All I have for Eleanor Rabb is birth and death dates of 1739 S.C. and 1 May 1808, Fairfield Dist., S.C.
        For Alexander Rabb, I have his birth abt. 1715 in Scotland (from Anc. Fam. Trees) I did find an 1820 Census and an 1830 S.C. will probate but they obviously are for a younger Alexander Rabb. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

        Henry Crumpton –


        Marian B Suter

        August 3, 2021 at 12:06 pm

  2. Hi Jon
    I am curious of any background info on this gentleman… where he was from… any relations (in particular to any Andersons)




    July 26, 2021 at 12:35 pm

  3. Jon, I have a 16 page Word doc Crumpton genealogy that I think I found in Joe Shoemaker’s Ancestry tree but I have no idea who the author is. It begins “Crumpton Genealogy (Name is often spelled as Crompton or Compton) From the Norman origins to the Tudors – Origins in the village of Crompton” and begins with early written records from 1246 and continues to Three Crumpton brothers (Henry, Ralph and Arthur) arriving in America in 1665 and settling in Kent County, Virginia . From there it focuses on Henry and son William and his descendants with the last entry being Alvin Quarles Crumpton IV b. 3-24-1977. I have no idea if this is the genealogy by John Rives Crumpton you are referring to but if you want a copy, I would be happy to email it to you.


    Marian B Suter

    August 3, 2021 at 1:40 pm

    • Marian, it might be an updated version of one I received in the 90’s and would indeed like a copy to compare. I will certainly let you know and thank you.


      dauby13Jon Ward

      August 3, 2021 at 2:40 pm

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