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George 1695

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The hard evidence to identify this Anderson is the initial grant that he obtained in 1695;  the other fact is the sale of his property in 1710… along with his listing in the 1704 Rent Roll of Virginia.  Otherwise, I have found no other information about him.   I do however think that I have compelling “circumstantial” evidence to tie him to who I think is his widow who left a will in North Carolina in 1733.   I welcome any comments if you agree or just as importantly if you disagree.

The Library of Virginia, Land Office Patents & Grants/ Northern Neck Grants & Surveys

Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 22 (reel 9)

Look under the Page “Alexander 1666” to see a map of the location of this property.

Ardrewson(sic), George. grantee

25 October 1695

Isle of Wight County

175 acres adjoining the land of George Pearce, John Silleway

Wm. Carver, Wm. Williams and Richd. Brassells.

To all &c whereas &c Now Know yee that I the Said Sr. Edmond Andros Knt

Governor &c doe with the advice and Consent of the Councill of State——-

Accordingly give and grant unto George Andrewson one hundred Seventy

five acres of Land in the lower parish of the Isle of wight County bounded thus

begining at a red oake in George Pearces line John Silleways Corner tree

and runing on George Pearces line west Southwest fifty Eight pole to apine

William Carvers and William Williams Corner tree then on Williams line South

forty Seven degrees East two hundred Ninety Six pole to apine by Corner

tree then South fifty five degrees- East twenty two pole to apine  Richard

Brassells Corner tree then North Nineteen degrees East one hundred fifty

eight pole to a Lightwood Stake in John Silleways line then on Silleways line

North Sixty nine degrees—-west two hundred forty Eight poles to the first

Station, the Said one hundred Seventy five Acres of Land being due Unto

the Said George Andrewson by and for the Importation of four persons into

this Colony all whose Names are to be in the records–

Mentioned Under this Patent  to have and to hold &c to be held &c Yeilding

and paying &c provided &c Dated the 25th day of October Anno Dom 1695

E Andros

James: Samson   three times

Eliz Samson his Daughter

(Transcript by Marc Anderson, original spelling)


Isle of Wight Deed Book 2 1704-1715 (William Lindsay Hopkins)

(p.175)   29Dec 1710….George Anderson and wife, Elizabeth Anderson, of the lower parish in Isle of Wight to Ralph

Vicars of Chuckatuck Parish in Nansemond County…. 175 acres in the lower parish (being land granted said Anderson

on 25 Oct 1695) and bounded by George Peirce, John Silleway, William Carver, William Williams and Richard Bracewell.

Wit: Francis (X) Seagrave, Andrew Griffin and John (X) Langhorn.

Rec: 26 Feb 1710                                                                               George (X) Anderson

Elizabeth (X) Anderson

And_George 1710

A coincidence of interest is the headrights of George Anderson.  I’m not sure if the James Sampson is the father or the son; but be that as it may…

Charles Barcroft was granted 300 acres in Isle of Wight County, Feb. 10, 1637 ( C. & P., p. 80). On June 17, 1647, Elizabeth Barcroft was granted 1200 acres of land in Isle of Wight County. This was Charles Barcroft’s daughter, Elizabeth, who married James Sampson, for her son, James Sampson, Jr., still held this 1200 acres in the Quit Rent Rolls of 1704.

Barcroft, Elizabeth. Publication 17 June 1647. Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. Note Location: Isle of Wight County. Description: 1200 acres near the head of Sewards Creek adjoining the land of Mr. Cooper and Captn. Barnard.

To all & Whereas & Now Know yee that I the Said Sr. William Berkly doe with the Advice and Consent of the Council of State Accordingly give and grant unto Elizabeth Barcroft Twelve hundred acres of Land Scituate lyeing and being in the County of the Isle wight Neare the head of Sewards Creeke bounded as followeth Vizt. South and by East upon the Land of Mr. Cooper and Capt. Barnard North & West into the woods, wth Sd Twelve hundred acres of Land being due unto the Said Elizabeth Barcroft by the Transportation of twenty four persons into this Colony all whose names are in the records mentioned under this Patent, To have and to hold & to be held & yeilding and paying & wch payment is to be made seven yeares after The Date hereof and not before Provided & Dated this 17 June 1647

Char: Barcroft

Arth: Buckley

Alan? Prichard

John Hardy

Elias Colewell

Eliz. Wates (ers?)

Edmond Green

Geo. Minnors (es?)

Owen Middleton

Jno Godwin

Wm. Bilbey

Bridger Caleup

Cha: Barcroft

Jno Lewis

Martin Crastow

Wm. Lour

John Bighill

Wm. Downing

ffran: Anderson

Dorothy Darling

Edw Graves

Garrett Wynn?

Arth. floyd

Charles Barcroft

(transcribed by Marc Anderson 2010)

I wonder who Francis Anderson was… appears twice as headright?


That is it!… George gets a grant in 1695- sells it in 1710 and leaves no other trace.

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August 22, 2009 at 11:18 am

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