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Daniel McDaniel (MacDaniel, Mack Daniel)

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There were some McDaniels in Perquimans area late 1600s and early 1700s but I find nothing specific to connect him to the Roanoke river.  As a matter of fact I find no “Daniel”.

I’ve found a few references to a Daniel McDaniel in Surry Co., VA :

Surry VA  1702/3

A List of tythables belonging to Lawnes Pish Taken p Tho: Holt In ye Year 1702

Mj Hen: Tooker for Mr. Geo: Gollond,  Lodwick Crafford,  Danll. Mackdanll.,  Amos, Tim, Jack, Mary & doll Neg.     (sic)     7

p Wm. Browne Junr

A List of tythables in ye lower precinct of Southwark pish taken the 9th of June 1703 per me the Subscribed

Mr. Joseph Iron (?), Daniell Mackdaniell 2

(the above Browne is not connected to IOW Brownes…MA)


Will of

Lawrence Fleming:  Leg.- To Robert Watkins my plantation I live on with all the land thereto belonging. To James Davis the use of the Plantation John Revell now liveth on until ye said Revill’s youngest Son that now is, shall come to ye age of 21 years, then I give sd. Plantation to son of sd. Revelle.  To John Revelle the debt he now oweth me and to be disposed to schooling of his youngest son to whom I likewise give a cow.  To Daniel Macdaniell the debt he oweth me to be disposed of as schooling his son, John Macdaniell, and give him a cow.  The rest of estate I give to be equally divided between Mr. John Watkins, his six children, wife, four sons and two daughters.  Appoints Mr. Robert Watkins, Exer. To Phillis Fort my riding horse.  8 Dec, 1710.  prob: 25 Feb., 1710.  Wit: Edward Bayley, Sam’l. Williams, Elias Fort.  Book 6, p.44.

(Wills and Admin of Surry County, VA 1671-1750, Eliz. T. Davis)

Since he has a young son, his age is probably at least in his twenties… and it indicates a likely first wife…


7 Nov 1710 At a court held at Southwark… A commission of administration is granted Martha Jordan on the estate of Robert Jordan deceased… Daniel MackDaniel & David Andrews presenting themselves securitys for Martha Jordan’s due administn. of the estate… Joshua Proctor, William Rose, and Willm. Rogers appointed to appraise the estate of Robert Jordan decd… [Surry Orders 1691-1713, p351]

20 Feb 1711/2 Special Bail: In the suit of Richard Rogers vs. Daniel MackDaniel, the plaintiff demanded special bail whereupon Richard Blow became the defendant’s bail, and judgment granted plaintiff for 50 shillings. [Surry County Orders 1691-1713, p389]

(One of my commenters, Rogers Smith, is researching some Rogers that made their way down to where the father-in-law of Daniel McDaniel lived… it adds a bit of weight to this theory)

Most all of the folks mentioned above can be found on this map near Cypress Creek in Surry County… my guess in McDaniel was an indentured servant, then “hired hand”,  in these early years…

McDaniel map

 Also see Bob Baird for some history of Blow… his site is “Bob’s Genealogy Filing Cabinet”.   


This patent is the father-in-law of McDaniel  1700 (Nansemond, VA)…

Brown_T_headrights 1700

See map here for his property near Potacasi Creek and Thomas Browne…

McDaniel also bounced around near the Nottoway Swamp in Virginia around 1717… hard to say exactly where he was living…

MacDaniel, Daniel. Bertie Precinct  (Grimes)

April 16, 1733. May 2, 1734. Sons: Nicholas, Daniel, James (negroes to each). Daughters: Ann and Sarah McDAN(EL. Wife and Executrix: Sarah. Witnesses: John Anderson, Alex. Wight, John Bryan. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1722-1735, page 295.

Bertie Co. NC, County Court Minutes 1724-39  Haun

Aug 15, 1733   The last Will & Testament of Danll. MCDANIEL was proved by the Oaths of John BRYANT & John ANDERSON Evidences thereto and at the same time Zerah MCDANIEL whole & Sole Exx. thereto took the Oath of an Execx.

Chowan #755 p.177 Thomas Brown of Chowan and wife Christian to Daniel

McDaniel 19 July 1715, gift to son in law 100 ac adj Old Tree Swamp. wit.

Jacob X Lewis. Val X Brasswell

(above shows that Daniel McDaniel had married Brown’s daughter at least by 1715)

This Patterson roster from 1720 notes a “Daniel MacDonnell” … this is McDaniel… Thomas Brown died in 1718 so he would not show up obviously… many other names are of interest, i.e., Braswells, Boons and others…         from Worth S. Ray book…
(the William Brown listed may be son of Thomas Brown…)
Deed Book B #1, Chowan Co., NC#1184 pg. 644 CHRISTIAN BROWN of Albemarle Co., widow to JOHN ROGERS (residence not given) 21 8ber 1718
for 1000 pounds of good Merchantable Tobacco 118 acres more or less, joining ye River pocoson and WILLIAM BROWN
Wit: (not given) Reg. 27 Feb. 1718
Patterson Roster

A side note on the Patterson roster above… evidently the good colonel wrote his will in 1717 but did not die until after 1720.  Of note in that will are these bequests:

Item. I give unto my well beloved friend James KEEN one hundred acres of

land at a place commonly known by the name of GRUBBY NECK next beginning a line which

was Thomas BROWNS, I say unto the said James KEEN and to the heirs of his

body lawfully begotten forever.

and this:

Item. I give unto Andrew ROSS the son of Andrew Ross of Nansemond County

and Mary his wife one hundred acres of land lying and being upon a place

known by the name of the Beaverdams adjoyning to the land of Daniel McDANIEL,

I say unto the said Andrew Ross and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten

forever.     Evidently the old boy was a close neighbor…


I’ve finally got around to abstracting the Thomas Brown will…

Will of Thomas Brown 1718

April 1718… Albermar County… sick & weak

… to Christian… my wife… plantation whereon I now live beginning at the corner tree above the inden parth so running down the Line to potocati Creeke and so including six hunderd ackers of Land and Like wise six hunderd ackers of Litwood Land for the use of the sd plantation and for the maintanance of his children beginning? at Thomas Conners corner tree and Line and so running to bells branch and so up ye sd…

—-fold—- illegible

… wife c all my moveabel estate within and withoute untell hirr children come of age or marries then if can be spend_______? to have to cowes and calfs a peace Except my son Thomas brown when he is of age or maners? marries? the to him three cowes and calfs if they can be spard

and my dafter Sarah mackdaniel I give unto her twenty shilings

and every one of my children _______? or ______? as they come of age if (any?)(they?) can be spend

… unto son Thomas… to hunderd eakers and twenty eakers of land being and lying upon potacati Creeke

… son William the half of the upper sirveys beginning at the ____? tree swamp

… son Thomas… other half of ye sd sirveye

… son John and Edward Brown my Land that Lies on ye South side of meharin Creeke and (land that is left of the Land that I sould to George Stevins)

… son Howell and James… the sd plantation and all the land belonging after my wifes deses…

Thomas (X) Brown

Judeth (X) Perry

Thomas (X) Perry

abstract by Marc Anderson 2013


It seems apparent that Daniel McDaniel relocated to Roanoke River about 1722…  since Sarah McDaniel is mentioned in Brown’s will of 1718  (and ALL the other kids seem to be underage) she likely was a young pup when she wed… perhaps 15-18 … not much more than 18 if she was the oldest?   I’m highly skeptical that the wife of Thomas Browne was Christian [Maule]… she seemingly married Thomas around or before 1700… William Maule does not seem to arrive in North Carolina until 1710, plus he did not mention a daughter Christian in his will.. it just does’t add up.  William Maule did however live only a few mile SE of Thomas Brown (on Chowan River).  Maule also relocated to Roanoke River very near Daniel McDaniel and William Browne.

The North Carolina historical and genealogical register, Volume 1 edited by James Robert Bent Hathaway pg 299   John Milton, to Daniel McDaniel. 200 acres adjoining lands of John Crosby, and Thomas Vincent; July 17, 1717. Test, Robt. Hicks, William Braswell.Daniel McDaniel assigns above tract to Thomas Brown

pg. 300   Thomas Browne, to Thomas Browne. 185 acres adjoining land of Daniel McDaniel, and others; July 16, 1717. Test, Benj. Foreman, Isaac Hill, Richd. Washington.

A 155   JOHN BLACKMAN & WIFE ELIZABETH to JAMES PARKER   Feb. 12, 1722.  20 pds. for 320 A. on Yauerah Swamp “betwixt” THOMAS KIRBY & DANIEL McDANIEL, Wit: NEEDHAM BRYAN, THOMAS SEALY  Aug. Ct. 1723

A 379   DANIEL MACKDANIEL & WIFE SARAH to LAWRANCE HOBBY   Nov. 10, 1724   14 pds. for 600 A. adj. WILLIAM BRASWELL on Yorworhah Swamp.  Patent date March 9, 1717. Wit: JAMES BRYANT, THOMAS WILSON, W. MAUL  Feb. Court 1724

B 11   THOMAS WHITMEL to JOSEPH TURNER of Isle of Wight Co. Va.   Aug. 10, 1725.  40 pds. for 460 A. on SS Moratock River Adj. JOHN NAIRNE in “Cheastfield” at Cypress Swamp.  Adj. DANIEL McDANIEL, JOHN HAMILTON.  Wit: JOHN NAIRNE, JOHN BROWN.  Aug. Court 1725

B 64   DANIEL MACK DANIEL & WIFE SARAH to JOHN WILLS, JUN. of Norwick Parish, Va.  Nov. 8, 1725.  20 pds. for 240 A. on SS Moratock River. Adj. JOHN NARON, JAMES TURNER, HENRY TURNER.  Wit: JOHN BRYAN, JOHN SPEIR, WM. BROWN.  Nov. Court 1725

B 309   DANIEL MACKDANIEL & WIFE SARAH to HENRY TURNER   Aug. 7, 1727.  10 pds. for 200 A. On SS Morattock River Adj. JOHN NAIRN, JOHN WILL (JUNIERS).  Patent dated Aug. 4, 1723.  Wit: JOHN BENBO, NATHANIEL PIGOTT. August Court 1727

B 310   DANIEL MACDANIEL & WIFE SARAH to THOMAS TURNER  May 8, 1727.  10 pds. for 200 A. On SS Morattock River Adj. JOHN NAIRN, “WHITMELL’S corner”.  Patent date Aug. 4, 1723.  Wit: JAMES TURNER, JOSEPH TURNER.  August Court 1727

C 4   DANIEL MACDANIEL to ANTHONY LEWIS of Isle of Wight Co., Va.  Aug. 13, 1728.  24 pds. for 410 A. On Beaverdam Swamp at Spring Branch.  Adj. JOHN CROSBEY (CROSBY), THOMAS ____INSON.  Tract granted by patent on March 9, 1717.  Wit: LEONARD LANGSTON, JOHN NAIRRUR.  August Court 1728.  Edw. Mashborne D. C/C

Aha!… here we have Daniel McDaniel involved with a next door neighbor of William Brown’s property near the Nottoway River… could it be he was living there  in 1717?  Note also that Leonard Langston had dealings with Thomas Brown.    The plot thickens…

C 74   JOHN NAIRN (NAIRNE) to ROBERT SURGINER, cordwinder   Feb. 12, 1728/29.  5 pds. for 50 A. On SS Morattuck River Adj. DANIEL MCDANIEL, JOHN NAIRN, WILLIAM SURGINER.  Wit: GEORGE WILLIAMSON, EDWARD BROWN. Feb. Ct. 1728/9  Ed. Mashborne D. C/C

C 140   DANIEL MCDANIEL to WILLIAM BROWN   Mar. 29, 1729   30 pds. for 200 A. On SS Morattuck River at Beaver Damm adj. DANIEL MCDANIEL.  Wit: THOMAS HOLLAND, EDWARD MASHBORNE.  Aug. Ct. 1729   Thomas Crew D. C/C

D 94   WILLIAM BROWNE (BROWN) of Edgecombe Precinct to JAMES WOOD   April 13, 1734.  25 pds. for *. On SS Moratock River near Beaverdam.  Adj. DANIEL MCDANIEL.  Being land formerly bought of DANIEL MCDANIEL by Deed dated March 29, 1729. Wit: ROBERT BUTLER, JOHN BALLARD. May Ct. 1734.  John Wynns D. C/C

E 54   JAMES WOOD & wife SARAH to ABRAHAM CARNAL, SEN. of “upper Nansemond parrish in the Colony of Virginia” Nov. 11, 1736.  110 pds. for 840 A. (1) On SS Maratock River in Edgecombe Precinct bought by JAMES WOOD from JOHN WILLIAMS. Deed dated Dec. 16, 1728.  (2) “another percel” of 200 A. in Edgecombe Precinct on SS Marrattock River which JAMES WOOD bought of WILLIAM BROWNE on April 13, 1734. On Beaverdam in the River Pocosin adj. DANIEL MCDANIEL. Wit: ROBERT BUTLER, JOHN BATTLE, JOHN BROWN.  “…SARAH, the wife of sd. JAMES WOOD, being privately examined by THOMAS HANSFORD, Gent., one of the Justices of the said court, declares that she acknowledges her dowrie thereto, freely, which motion is declared registered…”  Nov. Ct. 1736 John Wynns D. C/C

G 117   JOHN LEWIS of Isle of Wight Co. Va., to BENJAMIN HILL  Nov. 3, 1740.  12 pds. for 400 A. “…Land whereon my father THOMAS LEWIS formerly lived… which the said THOMAS bought of DANIEL MCDANIEL as by said patent bearing date ninth day of March 1717…” At Beaver Dam Swamp on Spring Branch.  Adj. THOMAS VENSON, JOHN CROSBEY.  Wit: ALEXANDER MCCULLOCK, WILLIAM MANNSELL (MAUNSELL), SARAH MCCULLOCK. N.C. Court  July 27, 1748.*.


Below is theory… an observant commenter found a reference which throws serious doubt as to the McDaniel referenced below being the same guy as near Occoneechee Neck…  a man can’t be in 2 places at the same time… or can they?  Atkins stays and dies in Carteret County… McDaniel leaves no records in that county that I can find.


A List of Jurymen in Carteret Precinct.
Cap’t. Jno. Nelson 1 Jn’o. Simpson 11 Rich’d. Caneday 21
Rich: Rustull, Esq’r 2 Tho: Gillikin 12 Char. Coxdell 22
Enoch Ward 3 Rob’t. Strey 13 Wm. Wills 23
Rich: Whitehouse 4 Rob’t. Atkins 14 Levi Cressey 24
Jos. Hulford 5 Rich’d. Harvey, J’r 15 Jn’o. Shaw 25
Ed. Ward 6 Edm’d Ennitt 16 Jn’o. Fraser 26
Ross Bell 7 Mich. Packquenel 17 Jn’o. Hatten 27
Wm. Shubridge 8 Rob’t. Osborn 18 Wm. Noble 28
Jn’o. Jarret 9 George Coxdell 19 Daniel Mackdaniel 29
Rich: Williamson 10 David Shepert 20

With that challenge to my theory in mind… if you go to this NC Archives website and type in “Thomas West”:

you will find a 17 page account of the Administration of the former Treasurer of Chowan County (Thomas West… wife Martha)… the court proceedings are at Queen Anne’s Creek at Edenton… among the various summons to appear is a summons for one John Blackman and one Daniel McDaniel.  Blackman and McDaniel became neighbors near Roanoke River at about the same time… 1722/23.  I have shown above that McDaniel was living just a canoe ride north of Edenton in 1722… you be the judge of my theory.


…an Atkins tale…


I hazard a guess that Daniel McDaniel was a “truck driver”.  In colonial times that would involve sailing/rowing a “periauger” down the Roanoke and unloading in Cashy Town. The Indian Traders would deposit their pack trains of deerskins at Foltera Fort and McDaniel would then haul them down the river. The Occoneechee area of NC was a “boom town” of Indian Traders during the early 1700s. Note that Daniel initially settled inland on the Urahaw Swamp property but he later acquired property directly on the Roanoke river.  Note this interesting tidbit:

The North Carolina historical and genealogical register, Volume 2   edited by James Robert Bent Hathaway


Rev. Ebenezer Taylor died on his way from Pampticoe to Core Sound, so says a letter written to Gov. Chas. Eden, Feb. 22, 1720, by Richard Rustull; he was in company with Daniel McDaniel & Son and a negro named Jack, the weather was extremely cold; he is buried on a Sand hill on the South west end of Cedar Island. He died in a canoe refusing to go on shore with the others; be had quite a large sum of money on his person, which after his death disappeared. McDaniel however showed that he delivered it and his other effects to other parties.

Also accused of nefarious activities is one Robert Atkins:

from the Colonial Records:

“Read the Petition of John Porter Gent Admr of the Estate of the Reverend Ebernezer Taylor Clerk dec̄ed with the Will annexed shewing that the said Ebnezer Taylor being possessed of a very valuable Estate consisting of Goods and money of this Government to the value of divers hundreds of pounds and in the course of his mission Travelling by water from Bath Towne to Core sound he fell sick and Dyed and not without some suspition of foule practices of Daniel Mack Daniel and others who Transported him Upon whose death the said Daniel Mack Daniel being in possession of the Goods and Money belonging to the said Ebenezer Taylor confederating with one Robt Atkins (as is Supposed) embezelled or Stole most of the Money at least Two hundred and Ninty pound”

I’ve found very little about Atkins… but this caught my attention:

On Dec. 16, 1729, according to North Carolina records, Robert Atkins of Craven County was granted 640 acres of land by the Lords Proprietors…land which contained the present Kinston and Lenoir County. However, according to Oct. 1744 court documents, Atkins’ lands were sold to satisfy a mortgage of 100 pounds to well known New Bern lawyer William Herritage who paid 399 pounds for the 640 acres. In 1769 when Herritage died, he left the property to his son John Herritage who lived for many years near Kinston at Harrow, a house he built near Woodington.

Kinston, Lenoir County’s county seat, was acquired December 16, 1729 by Robert Atkins as part of a 640-acre tract land grant. It then lay in Craven County until 1746, Johnston County until 1758, and Dobbs county until 1791, and then to present day Lenoir County. Atkins lived between present day Kinston and Goldsboro where he ran a trading post along the Neuse River. After his death in 1731 with no heirs he assigned his estate to his lawyer William Herritage

I’m sure that both Daniel McDaniel and in particular Robert Atkins were nice guys… but it probably would not have been wise to get in a bar fight with either:  I’m paraphrasing from the Colonial Records:  (The full account is in a footnote)

Feb. 11, 1723. John Simpson, constable of Carteret Precinct in the County of Bath, attempts to arrest Robert Atkins. Atkins explains to the constable that the Justice who authorized the warrant “had nothing to do to grant a warrant for him and that [his] Authority was good for nothing.” Simpson further states that Atkins scurrilously & in Contempt did say ” the Authority might kiss his Arse and that he (the said Constable) might kiss his own Arse.” Constable Simpson, undeterred evidently, was “utterly obstructed and resisted”, i.e. ” then and there by force & Armes with the assistence of his Servants & doggs with stick staves & weapons…[was] violently & seditiously…drove away.”

Feb. 14, 1723. Constable Simpson, armed with a fresh warrant from The Honoble Christopher Gale Esq: Chief Justice and additional “aid as he thought necessary to apprehend the said Robert Atkins”, was nevertheless met again by Atkins “malitiously and in utter defyance”. He “did take his gun and present the same at the Constable & his aid” and said “Stand off at your perrill or else by God I will shoot you” and again “Go farther off or by God I will blow your Brains out”…opprobiously calling his aid Rouges & doggs.”

A year later: Apr 2, 1724. Atkins pleads Not Guilty but is evidently counciled to change his plea and humbly ask the Court for Mercy. He is fined 40 pounds and gives Security of 100 pounds to “be of Peace & good behavior for twelve months & one day”. He also,much to his chagrin I am certain, had to pay court costs. The Rouges and Doggs are not mentioned further.

I have recently found this little factoid which places a Robert Atkins within a stone’s throw of Richard Blow in Surry County in 1718.  Recall that Richard Blow provided “Special Bail” for Daniel McDaniel in 1712 in the same locale.

18 Jul 1718        Robt. Atkins appointed overseer of the highways from Richard Blow’s through the main Blackwater Swamp by Joseph Wall’s. [Surry County Orders 1713-1718, p148]


See here where I had a little fun with the theory…




Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina

North Carolina. General Court

November 01, 1720 – November 03, 1720

Volume 02, Pages 408-416

Danll McDaniel & Robert Atkins being bound by Recognizance to appear at this Court and thereof failed, Ordered that a Scire fax do issue agst the same Recognizance.


Minutes of the North Carolina Governor’s Council

North Carolina. Council

April 04, 1722 – April 05, 1722

Volume 02, Pages 450-457

Present The Honble Thomas Pollock Esqr President &c

William Reed Esqr Lds proprs Deputy

Richd Sanderson Esqr Lds proprs Deputy

Christophr Gale Esqr Lds proprs Deputy

John Lovick Esqr Lds proprs Deputy

Read the Petition of Coll Maurice Moor and Mr John Porter attorney to John Walker Admr of the Estate of Ebenezr Taylor Clerk Deced in the words Vizt that the sd Ebenezar Taylor being possessed of a very valuable Estate Consisting in Goods and Money of this Government to the value of divers hundreds of pounds And in the Course of his Mission Travelling by water from Bath Towne to Coor sound he fell Sick & Dyed and not without Suspicion of some foule practices of one Daniel Mack Daniel & others who Transported him upon whose Death the said Daniel Mack Daniel being in possession of the Goods and Money belonging to the sd Ebenr Taylor confederating with one Robert Atkins (as is supposed) Embezzled or stole most of the money at least Two hundred and Ninty pounds whereupon process being Issued against the sd Mack Daniel and Atkins who were attached to answer Felony who thereupon deposited in the hand of the late Chief Justice the aforsd sum of Two hundred and Ninty pounds that was stolen from the sd Ebenr Taylors Estate and the sd money stil remaining in the hand of the late Chief Justice as forfiet praying that the Equity the sd John Walker hath unto the said money may be considered of And that such an order may be granted them as that the sd late Chief Justice may deliver the sd money to him that so he may be Enabled to pay the Debts of the Dec̄ed &c

Ordered That Coll Frederick Jones late Chief Justice have notice hereof and that he attend this Board at Mr Badhams house at Edenton to morrow by Ten a Clock in the forenoon either in person or by his attorney to Shew Cause why the sd money should not be delivered as prayed for

Thursday morning this Council met according adjournmt

Present as before

Coll Frederick Jones having been ordered to attend this Board upon the petition of Maurice Moor and John Porter &c this day and the sd Jones not appearing nor sending any satisfactory message

It is the opinion of this Board that the moneys lodged in the hands of the sd Coll Jones, late Cheif Justice as a pledge for the appearance of Robt Atkins and Daniel Mack Daniel at the General Court ought to have been delivered to the present Chief Justice with the General Court papers and records And thereupon It is Ordered that the sd Coll Frederick Jones do imediately pay to Christopher Gales Esqr Chief Justice or his order whatever money he has in his hands as aforsd for the appearance of the aforsd Robt Atkins and Daniel Mack Daniel and for his so doing this shall be his sufficient warrant and in case of failure hereof The Attorney Genll is hereby ordered to take proper measures for the recovery of the same


Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina

North Carolina. General Court

March 27, 1722 – April 07, 1722

Volume 02, Pages 463-473

At a Councill held at Edenton April the fifth 1722

Present the Honble Thomas Pollock Esqr President &c

William Reed Esqr Lords Deputy

Richd Sanderson Esqr Lords Deputy

Christophr Gale Esqr Lords Deputy

John Lovick Esqr Lords Deputy

Thos Pollock Junr Esqr Lords Deputy

Collo Fredrick Jones having been Orderd to appear before this Board this day by Ten a clock upon the Petition of John Walker &c which he not complying with, nor sending any satisfactory message:

It’s the Opinion of this Board that the money lodged in the said Collo ffredk Jones hands late Cheif Justice for the appearance of Robert Atkins and Daniel Mackdaniel at the Genl Court ought to have been deliverd to the present Cheif Justice with the Genl Court Papers & Records

Orderd that the said Collo ffredrick Jones late Cheif Justice doe immediately pay to Christopher Gale Cheif Justice or his Order whatever moneys he has in his hands lodged as aforesaid for the security of the appearance of the said Robert Atkins and Daniel Mackdaniel at the genl Court and for so doing this shall be his Warrant and in case of failure hereof the Attorney Genl is hereby Orderd to take proper measures for the recovery thereof

A Copy


To which Order Collo ffred Jones Answerd that he would not deliver the money therein mentiond but to whom he should think fitt and as for the Kings Attorney he might take what measures he pleases for he shall take noe Notice thereof

Test THOMAS HARVEY Provost Marshll &c.

Upon motion of Daniel Richardson Esqr Attorney Genl made in obedience to the foregoing Order of Councill

Orderd that a Scire ffacias do issue out thereby requiring the aforementiond ffredrick Jones Esqr to be and appear att the next Genll Court to be held for this Governmt at the Court House in Edenton on Queen Annes Creek the last Tuesday in July next then & there to render an Accot upon Oath what money he rec̄d from Robert Atkins and Daniel Mackdaniel aforesaid as security for their appearance &c to answer &c as by Recognizance Dated the sixteenth day of June 1720 doth appear and likewise to shew cause (if any he has) why the money so rec̄d by him as Cheif Justice is by him detained and refused to be deliverd in disobedience to the aforementiond Order of Councill &c.

and then

Adjourned to the next Court in Course

C. GALE Ch. Just.


W. Badham Clk.


Minutes of the North Carolina Governor’s Council

North Carolina. Council

August 02, 1723 – August 03, 1723

Volume 02, Pages 491-496


The Honoble William Reed Esqr Presidt &c

Chris Gale Esqr Lds Proprs Depty

Richard Sanderson Esqr Lds Proprs Depty

John Lovick Esqr Lds Proprs Depty

Thos Pollock Esqr Lds Proprs Depty

Read the Petition of John Porter Gent Admr of the Estate of the Reverend Ebernezer Taylor Clerk dec̄ed with the Will annexed shewing that the said Ebnezer Taylor being possessed of a very valuable Estate consisting of Goods and money of this Government to the value of divers hundreds of pounds and in the course of his mission Travelling by water from Bath Towne to Core sound he fell sick and Dyed and not without some suspition of foule practices of Daniel Mack Daniel and others who Transported him Upon whose death the said Daniel Mack Daniel being in possession of the Goods and Money belonging to the said Ebenezer Taylor confederating with one Robt Atkins (as is Supposed) embezelled or Stole most of the Money at least Two hundred and Ninty pound Whereupon process being Issued against them the sd Mack Daniel and Atkins and were Attached to answer the said felony and thereupon deposited in the hands of the late Chief Justice Jones the sum of Two Hundred and ninty pound for the securing the appearance of the sd Atkins to answer the felony aforsd and the sum becoming forfeit for want of the said Atkins appearance the same was afterwards paid into the hands of the present Chief Justice Christopher Gale Esqr by the Exrs of Frederick Jones Esqr late Chief Justice pursuant to an order of Council bearing date the fourth day of April Anno Dom 1722 in whose hands that same sum of Two hundred and Ninety pounds still remains praying That the right which he hath (in his Capacity aforesaid) unto the said money may be considered of and that such an order may be granted thereon that the same moneys now remaining in the said Cheif Justices hands may be paid unto him that he may thereby be enabled to preform the will of the dec̄ed or that such further orders may be taken concerning the same as shall be Agreeable to Justice

And this Board desiring the opinion of Daniel Richardson Esqr Recr General whether in case of fines and forfietures it was in the power of this Board to remit or appropriate the same he gave in Answer that According to an Article in his Instructions it was and It plainly appearing to this Board that the prosecution of the said Atkins was principally carryed on to Induce the payment of the said money to be made to the Admrs of the said Taylor and Mr Chief Justice Gale informing the Board that he had acquainted the Lds proprietors that such a sum of money was lodged in his hands and that it was his opinion that the money of right belonged to the Petitr and that he believed an Order of Council would pass from this Board for delivering the money to the said Taylors Adminstr promising their Lordships that he would take security that in case their Ldps should within twelve months Signifye that they were against the money being so disposed that then the persons receiving the same should refund it according to their order.

Whereupon It is hereby Ordered That Mr Chief Justice Gale deliver the said Sum of Two hundred and Ninety pound lodged in his hands as mentioned in the Petition the Petr giving Bond with sufficient Security to him to refund the same agreeable to the assurances he has made to the Lds Proprs


Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina

North Carolina. General Court

March 26, 1723 – April 02, 1723

Volume 02, Pages 507-510


Christopher Gale Esqr Cheif Justice

John Worley Esqr Assistanst

Edmd Gale Esqr Assistanst

Adam Cockburne Esq Assistanst

Henry Clayton Esq Assistanst

And now here at this day vizl &c. came the Extors of Collo ffredrick Jones deced. late Cheif Justice who by Edward Moseley their attorney appear, and deliverd to the Honoble Christopher Gale Chief Justice two hundred and ninety pounds being the money lodgd in the hands of the said Jones by Robert Atkins and Daniel Mackdaniel for the Security of the Recognizance by them forfeited.



Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina

North Carolina. General Court

March 31, 1724 – April 04, 1724

Volume 02, Pages 542-551

William Little Esqr his Majestys Attorney Genl comes to prosecute a Bill of Indictment found by the Grand Jury against Robert Atkins for obstructing and contemning the Authority of this Government in these words vizl

North Carolina—ss.

To the Honoble Christopher Gale Esqr Cheif Justice & to the rest of the Justices of the Generall Court &c.

The Jurors for our Sovereign Lord the King on their Oath present that Robert Atkins of Carteret prcinct in the County of Bath in the province aforesaid planter maliciously intending to move sedition and to obstruct and contemn the lawfull authority of this Government Vizl in the Parish of St John’s in the prcinct of Carteret & County of Bath aforesaid on the eleventh day of ffebruary one thousand seven hundred & twenty three John Simpson Constable of the said parish by virtue of a lawfull warrant to him directed by Joseph Bell Esq: one of his Majesty’s Justices of the said prcinct the said Robert Atkins according to Law apprehending he the Said Robert then & there did resist and utterly refuse to yield obedience thereto and did publickly then & there seditiously and contemptuously say the said Joseph Bell (the aforesaid Justice meaning) had nothing to do to grant a warrant for him and that the Authority (the Authority of this Government meaning) was good for nothing. And further scurrilously & in Contempt did say the Authority (the Authority of this Government again meaning) might kiss his Arse and that he (the said Constable) might kiss his own Arse and he the said Robert then & there by force & Armes with the assistance of his Servants & doggs with sticks staves & weapons the aforesaid John then & there in the Execution of his office being, violently & seditiously did assault and drove away and utterly obstructed and resisted. And that thereupon the said John Simpson complaining of the assault and contempt aforesaid to the Honoble Christopher Gale Esq: Cheif Justice of this province who by his warrant required the said John the Constable aforesaid with such aid as he thought necessary to apprehend the said Robert Atkins the aforesaid assault & contempt of Authority aforesaid to answer & in pursuance thereof he the said Constable the aforesaid Robert Atkins apprehending vizl in the parish aforesaid on the fourteenth day of the said Month of February He the said Robert Atkins malitiously and in utter defyance of the Authority of this Government did take his gun and present the same at the said Constable & his aid these following threatning words & speeches seditiously then & there uttering. Stand off at your perrill or else by God I will shoot you (the said Constable & his Ayd meaning) and again Go farther off or by God I will blow your Brains out (then again the said Constable & his aid then & there in the Execution of their office meaning) opprobiously calling the said & his aid Rogues & doggs with divers other threats & menaces and utterly resisted the said Constable and him violently & seditiously in the Execution of his office did obstruct & hinder by force & Armes to the great contempt of the Authority of this Government manifest danger of raising sedition & contention & subverting the good and wholesome Laws and Constitution against the peace of our Lord the King that now is his Crown & dignity & Contrary to the form of the Laws & statutes in such case provided &c.

To which Indictment the said Robert Atkins pleaded not Guilty but being called to the Barr a second time in Order for his tryall he prayed leave to withdraw his plea which being granted he then pleaded Guilty and humbly moved the Court for Mercy: Whereupon it was Considerd and adjudgd that he pay a fine of fourty pounds & further that he give good & Sufficient security in the sum of one hundred pounds that he be of the Peace & good behaviour for twelve months & one day and pay costs, and that he stand committed till this Sentence is performed



Update… I have further researched old Daniel d1733 and am now convinced the guy associated with Robert Atkins and supposed to be the “murderer” of the preacher are one and the same. He showed up in Carteret County ca 1723 per a record as a Juryman but I dismiss this as hard evidence that he lived there for any length of time, if he did indeed live there?

Here are a few more accounts of his dealings with the “authorities” who were very concerned with where the cash went after the death of Ebenezer Taylor in February, 1720.

The general context

From the Inventory

Above is where I assume McDaniel was living 1717. His father in law Thomas Browne would die a year or so later and McDaniel appears to strike out on his own.

Written by anderson1951

October 16, 2010 at 5:57 pm

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  1. Whoever did this research, please email me, I am researching my families history and its interesting that both John Browne’s seem to be crossed at times, here’s what we know, John Sr was born in 1626 in Ingatestone, married Bridgett Lewis, they had John Jr in 1650 who married Mary Boddie. John Sr had made more than one trip to the colonies.


    Danny P. Brown

    July 7, 2011 at 2:54 pm

  2. I am Marc Anderson
    I am not so sure that the John Browne connected with the arrival of Boddie in Isle of Wight is the father of the Brownes who wound up in North Carolina… see under “Pages”… TTT John Browne of Kingsale for more specifics.




    July 7, 2011 at 3:18 pm

  3. Our connection is John Sr Born 1626 Ingatestone,Eng Died Chowan 1712, married in Isle of Wight 1644, Bridgett Lewis Born in Herfordshire,Eng 1627/28, Died in Chowan Co 1713. One son was John (Jr), Born 1650 in Ingatestone, married in IOW to Mary Boddie, Born 1653 in line is connected to their son Thomas, B 1675 in IOW, Died in 1718 in Chowan (Wake Co), he was married to Christian Maule, Born 1680 in Chowan, Died 1719. One of their sons was William, Born 1708 IOW, married 1734 in Bertie NC, Died 1779/80, William married Charity Holmes, Born 1710. Their son James was born 1745, died 1818 in Bertie, NC, he was married Patty redding, born 1755, died 1810 in Bertie NC. Their son was Jacob, b 1777 in Martin NC, died 12/10/1819, he was married to Susannah J. Hyman, their son was Thomas Hyman Brown, born 1805, married Asenith Mayo (close landowner) in 1825, their son was Jacob Wilson Brown. We the “Patriot” connection to James and Jacob Brown(e).


    Danny P. Brown

    July 7, 2011 at 4:50 pm

  4. Danny P. Brown

    July 7, 2011 at 5:05 pm

  5. I found your fascinating entry about Daniel McDaniel the “truck driver” and his legal difficulties regarding the death of Rev. Ebenezer Taylor. However, in researching the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina at, I discovered that Daniel Macdaniel was selected as a juryman on 11/23/1723, in Carteret Precinct which is a very long way from Bertie and Edgecombe counties where your Daniel was patenting and selling land like crazy. “Truck driver” Daniel is associated with Charles McDaniel. It’s always neat to include anecdotes like that about our ancestors, but sadly, I don’t believe this one applies.


    Jan Christie

    February 15, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    • Well that certainly throws a monkey wrench in the theory. I had looked into the Charles McD folks and never found a connection before that… have you found any other connections? The Atkins character wound up around Kinston, NC which could advance your speculation.



      February 15, 2012 at 4:26 pm

  6. Daniel McDaniel was my upteenth great grandfather…I forget the exact count.
    He was captured at the battle of Keppoch…Scotland…by the English and was given the choice of death or servitude. He made the wise choice and was given to Thomas Browne. Years later, Thomas Browne’s daughter, Sarah, fell in love with him and they were married with the Brownes consent. They even gave them a parcel of land on which to farm.
    That is the reason for the crossing of the paths of these two men.


    Byron Jones

    August 21, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    • Great story… I’ve read something of the account you suggest but have never seen any proof. Can you direct me to any documents to substantiate the facts. I’ve yet to account for the Thomas Browne you mention also. Your account would seem to have Browne and McDaniel each coming from Scotland… but again, I have seen no proof.



      August 22, 2012 at 3:54 am

      • The Battle of Preston occurred in November of 1715 so the Daniel McDaniel who was captured there was not the one already married to Sarah Brown in Chowan Precinct in July of that year.



        March 1, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    • the ‘Scipio” which brought Daniel McDaniel or McDanell to America as prisoner/indentured servant did not arrive until 1716 in Virginia. Other ships went to the Carolina’s but not the ‘Scipio”. Daniel McDanell/McDaniel was the only one on any of the ten ships that I found.


      Glyniss McDaniel

      November 7, 2019 at 2:04 pm

      • “30th March 1716 shipped on Board the Scipio Frigate Capt.
        John Scraisbrick Commander for Antigua 96 Rebels” – direct from the link provided.

        And it went to Antigua, not Virginia. This is definitely a different Daniel McDaniel! Our Daniel was married already and living in North Carolina.


        Chad Olivent

        November 8, 2019 at 11:53 am

  7. I just stumbled into your site and it seems we hold a similar interest in but I find the blogging format confusing, as I it does not seem to be searchable and I cannot tell if you have other McDaniels posts. May I ask, since this leaves me wondering if there are two men being discussed here, just when and where does your Daniel McDaniel appear? I am interested in two McDaniel families one in Virginia and the other in North Carolina. I would be glad to discuss anything I know about them, but would like to have a better handle on your Daniel first.v


    Vivian Markley

    January 24, 2013 at 9:46 am

    • Glide over to the right hand side of the main page … scroll down and you will find a “search” window.
      I only have my speculation as to the “progenitor” of the Halifax area McDaniel… I simply can’t find any concrete evidence of where he came from. My research has been posted for a couple of years now but no one seems to be forthcoming with any facts… so I am left speculating. You ask if there are two men being discussed and there may well be… a commenter suggests that there seems to be another McDaniel at about this same time in Carteret Precinct and may be correct that they are different men… a bit of proof would be nice! (smiling).
      I looked back as far as my resources go to the early McDaniels of Perquimans County and frankly did not find any reference to a “Daniel” McDaniel in that crowd… period…. someone show me ANY evidence and I will gladly pursue it. That is the reason I “suggest” the flimsy evidence of the “possible” connection to the Virginia McDaniel…. that’s it … its all I have.
      Thanks for stopping by my little blog…



      January 24, 2013 at 7:25 pm

  8. New acquaintances ! I have overlapping genealology( plus historical analysis and maps)with John Browne, of Kingsale Swamp Is. of Wt and his two sons William and Thomas Brown (e). Thomas Brown and joining neighbor John Rogers II w/ Mary Booth were very close friends, Thomas Brown , born in 1659 and John Rogers in1660. The original John Rogers I w/ Mary ye elder lived on Cypress Cr. Surry Co. John Rogers II and Mary lived in I of W Beaverdam Swamp as it vertually touches an uppermost prong on the Kingsale Sw. headwater. Adjoining Beaverdam to the NORTH is Corrawaugh Sw.(locale of an Indian Fort, See- Boddie 17th Century I of Wt.)The Rogers property came from his brother-in-law Richard Booth w Elizabeth. Booth’s other in law was a Thomas Mann.. Richard Booth and John Browne were both Indian Traders (per ITT John Browne report, ) Booth began as an indentured servant on the Plantation of Benjamin Harrison in Surry. Interestingly enough, Richard Booth, because of his exploration south by canoe, was an early arriver to N.C. at Wiccocon Cr. on the Chowan. (also Thomas Mann Jr. (ca. 1702). William Browne, Thomas Brown, John Rogers II & III(/wife Bridgett Cooke) plus Joseph Darden of Is of Wt moved to the N.S. of the Meherrin in 1706-1715. This was less than 5 miles E. from Murfreesboro at a river crescent later called Cheshire’s Ferry then Hill’s Ferry. This was a “Kings Landing”( public trading location for ship’s, See historian Tho. Parramore).Leading from the north across the Rv. was “the great road”, and it moved on easterly toward the Chowan R. below Winton. William Brown’s first N.C.patent was 1706 at the ferry location. Thomas Brown and John Rogers actually moved together in 1700 from Is of Wight to adjoining property on Sommerton Cr. at todays Va./N.C. border, then called Nansemond Co. Some of these Rogers properties originated from a William Howell patent, see Pioneers and Caveleers- Nugent (Benjamin Joseph, John, Robert, and Thomas Rogers
    After this, Thomas Brown and John Rogers moved to the SW across the Chowan R. into NC on the N.S. of the Meherrin R. Thomas Brown also bought property North of and also South of nearby Potecasi Cr. ( ca 1715 a short distance below). The property to the N. side was near Bells Branch and given/sold to Thomas Brown Jr. w. Jane Williams and Dan. McDaniel/w. Sarah Brown. By ca. 1720 Mc Daniel had moved down to the Uraha and then to SS of the Morratuck ( as said previously). Interestingly Mc Daniel had property trades near William Maule. He was the father of Christain Brown wife of Thomas. and a William Brown. This William as descendant of Thomas ( I THINK). He is of the same family. Maule, being the Surveyor General of N.C. was heavy into property as was McDaniel and the Browns. As you see all of these men were early on taking advantage of the rush for hew land.
    I am a descendant of Jonathan Rogers who in 1762 lived on the N.Side of Potecasi at Old Tree Sw. near it’s junction with the Catawhiskey Cr. This was a part of the original land of Thomas Brown land just to the south of Bells branch mentioned above. (later owned by James Denton 2nd spouse of Christain Brown)

    Benjamin Rogers Smith: The Rogers Family of Ouachita Co. Ark., The Search For Jonathan Rogers by Land, The North Side of the Meherrin River. Uncopyrighted,avail in some southern libraries incl. N.C. State Lib. in Raleigh; Cordova, Tennessee


    Benjamin Rogers Smith

    April 17, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    • Interesting… it sounds like you have come to some of the same suspicions that I have. (independently from me, which is telling).

      In 1702 a William Brown(e) was associated with a Braswell and acquired property in the area you reference across the Meherrin River… I think you and I each are on the right track…

      Patent-William Browne IOW 1702
      Lib of Va. Deed Bk 9, pg 471
      To all &tc Whereas &tc Now know yee… Francis Nicholson…give & grant unto William Browne [156 acres] in the County of Isle of Wight on the South side of the main blackwater beginning at a point of land where a Pocoson & a branch called Anthony’s Delight meets & soe runing up the various Courses of ye sd Pocoson to a red OOake marked at the mouth of a small branch & thence North [34] degrees E 78 pole to a Hiccory thence S 55 deg E 129 pole to a Hiccory thence S 3 deg E 40 pole to a white Oake at the head of the aforesaid branch & soe down the aforesd branch to ye beginning… transportation of four persons… 28th Day of October 1702
      Nicholas Smith
      Robert W*ld
      Anne *ru*kney
      abstract: Marc Anderson 2010
      [1703-9 Oct] William Brown sells land to Richard Bracewell, Jr.
      To all People to whom these presents shall Come be it known that I WILLIAM BROWN & my wife of the Lower Parish of the Isle of Wight County . . . by a certeyn sume of money . . . in hand . . . for us our heirs Exrs Admrs or Asns forever, doe hereby . . . bargain, aleinate make over sell & deliver all our hole right, Tytle & interest of a parcell of Land as followeth to RICHARD BRACEWELL JURr, to him his heirs Exrs Admrs Asns forever, It being part of a pattent of one hundred fifty six Acres of Land granted unto WILLIAM BROWNE bearing date ye 28th day of Octobr in the year of 1702 It being on the South Side of ye Maine Blackwater in the County & Parish aforesd, wherefore I the sd Wm BROWNE me my heirs Exrs Admrs or Asns doe warnt the Sale of Thirty five acres of Land, more or less wth the aforsd pattent to RICHARD BRACEWELL aforesd, to him his heirs Exrs Admrs or Asn lyeing & begining att the mouth of ye aforesd Wm BROWNES Spring Branch, runing up the northwest side of the aforesd Spring Branch, to a Red Oak marked wth two notches, and thence to a small White Oak Sapling, thence to a pine marked wth three notches att the aforesd Wm BROWNs Side Lyne, all ye Land on the Northwest Side of his aforesd Bounds to the foresd RICHARD BRACEWELL TO have & hould to him, his heirs Exrs Admrs & Asns wth all privlidges & appurtenances & . . . . thereunto belonging . . . . . this 9th day of Octbr 1703
      Wm W Bracewell (mark) MARTHA BROWN (mark & seal)
      DEED BOOK 1, 1688-1704, PAGE 401

      Immediately following the above instrument (pp. 401-402):
      WILLIAM and MARTHA BROWN to THOMAS BROWN of Nansemond County, for “a certeyn sume”, 50 acres of the same patent of 156 acres to WILLIAM BROWN that is mentioned above, this tract to begin “at the mouth of a Branch called ANTHONYS GOLIGHT Branch . . . to a Red Oak Saplin a corner tree standing on ye side of a pocoson, called ANTHONYS GOLIGHT corner tree standing on ye side of a pocoson, called ANTHONY GOLIGHT Pocoson . . . ”
      Signed October 22, 1703 and witnessed by RICHARD EXUM and ROBERT GUILS (?).

      IOW Deed Bk 1, 1688-1704, Hopkins

      There are extant Virginia patents to substantiate the above… the full story here is still untold. I have never been able to find a “smoking gun” proof to connect the Wm. and Thomas Browne brothers of Occoneechee Neck, NC to the Indian Trader John Browne of Kingsale, VA. Nor have I been able to establish any conclusive proof of where McDaniel came from.



      April 17, 2013 at 3:21 pm

      • Anderson 1951- I am greatful for youir blog. Particularly the history of Richard Booth and Indian trader Joh Brown. UNLess I misread the above you quoted the 1702 land deal about William. This is Isle of wight.
        I loved it that he quoted Thomas Brown OF NANSEMOND Co. It added to the proofing and story of Thomas Brown Cabin Swamp, Sommerton Cr. Thus for a good many years “his story is the story of John rogers II and III”. Thomas Brown was born in 1659 as indicated in court I of Wt.minutes……John Rogers ll 1660. Rogers, John Brown, Strickland, Booth and Thomas Mann are wit:s in other deeds. (neighbors) My work is heavy in deed map locale and “neighborhood” families. This is because ther are almost no wills in three successive John Rogers I,II,III,IV. I have about 15 maps. The NGS map shows one road from NE to SW into Bells Branch as still called Tom Brown road. (this is fun) Two years ago I went to the Raliegh library & the Murfreesboro Historical Society. I came home with a few new things. One was The Stout Map done about 1970 per county. One 81/2 11 copy per page will not cover a map page. It is to scale and includes some streams, swamps not labeled on early maps. Also, I now have a document covering new recruits into the Hertford Co Militia dated Nov 5 1778 tha includes my Jonathan Rogers. It names about 90 men incl. /Williams Brown in Capt Sharps Co. that includes Jacob Johnson, Isaac Chamblee, Walter Blake, William Doughtie, Robert Owens.. I recognize many of the names in this Meherrin River group but none of the 5 names above.. THIS IS a draft…. not the whole regiment. Jonathan Rogers was too old and I do not know if he served a day. Perhaps they were all older….Cornwallis came throuigh NC you will remember.
        Fiinally, I purchased three small paper bound books by Thomas C. Parramore ( a distinguished NC historian.
        The most helpful to me was the early history of the movement into the Meherrin River area
        “Murfreesboro, North Carolina and the Founding of the American Republic 1608- 1781 “.
        One last question: Daniel MacDaniel had a son, Alexander, who married a Rogers..Rebecca, Penelope, or
        Pricilla. It’s buried here some where??? Do you know who her father was? Thank you, and I hope to learn more. Oh yes, and this might help some. The Anthony’s Golight Br. (1702above) refers to Antthony Lewis, The l lewis family is in early Bertie.



        Benjamin Rogers Smith

        April 18, 2013 at 1:30 pm

      • It is my suggestion that William and Thomas were neighbors and friends with John Rogers while they grew up. This is the reasom they are together in two successive locations, Nansemond and on the Meherrin.

        I believe that it would be interesting to the Brown recearchers that the 1702 deeds were @ the Anthomy Golightley ( also referred to as Delight) vis. Anthony Lewis. This interest would be because a forefather, John Brown, married a Bridgett Lewis. from mempory MacDaniel also had contact with Anthony Lewis ..??



        Benjamin Rogers Smith

        April 19, 2013 at 10:37 am

  9. The son Alexander (Elexander) is a bit of a mystery, as are most of these folks…

    Deed Book Two, Edgecombe Precinct, (Hofmann)

    pg. 23 ALEXANDER MCDANIEL (co. not identified) to JOHN BASS, SR. of Northampton Co. 10 May 1754 15 pounds lawfull money of England 100 acres more or less on the south side of Fishing creek, joining the creek part of a grant to MR. JAMES CASTILLOW for 494 acres 10 Apr. 1730 the sd. land belonging to my brother ARCHIBALD and he dying without children, the inheritance became mine Wit: HENRY THORNE, JOHN BASS, JR., ELIZABETH THORNE X her mark Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1754 B. Wynns C. Ct.

    See the “Page” : Sarah McDaniel (widow) and John Anderson?

    I will probably make a new post concerning your John Rogers starting about 1666 or so in Surry County, VA… and thank you for bringing him up… there are simply too many instances where your guy interrelates with many of mine to disregard…



    April 18, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    • I need to e-mail you my latest research document. possibly a couple of maps. Your e-mail address??

      First, Daniel Mac Daniel was @ the Uraha Cr. prior to SS of the Morrotuck. At that location specifically
      Uraha Cr, Antonkey and Plaquit Br. This location is being used by myself and relatives as documentation of the Robert Rogers Group (same one I mentined at Sommerton Cr.) a Robert Rogers married Ann Wood. The James Wood family and the John Bass family were in that area. Part of that group was a Daniel Rogers..who was connected by neighborhood to most of the folks at Antonkey / Plaquit. this is because nearly all of them previously resided in the ” Bells Branch, Potecasi cr. , Hot House Branch area.

      I have to simply follow all of these folks to identify the Rogers envolved


      Benjamin Rogers Smith

      April 19, 2013 at 10:49 am

      • Now that we have made a general connection between the John Brown family and the John Rogers II family
        in Isle of wight, I will state the real link to the Rogers family.

        Jonathan Rogers bn. ca 1735-40, deed 1762 on Potecasi Cr.,Hertford Co. Died Wayne Co. N.C. 1793
        m. Elizabeth Daniel (Rogers) 2(Issac Dickinson) (Elizabeth had Bible Gen.)

        Jonathan Rogers (Jr.) b.1793 d. Ouachita Co. ARK d.1791
        m. Sarah Rountree 1794 m. 1812

        Ephraim Daniel Rogers # 3 of 1 b. 1817 Ga d. 3-7-1901 (photo)
        m. Martha Ann L. Booth m 1838 both died in Ouachita Co. ( Camden) SW Arkansas

        Ephriam was my Gr. Great Grandfather and the Key to the Rogers, Brown, Daniel, and Dickinson relationships.

        His namesake was:
        Ephriam Daniel , who m. Brambley Caroline Brown, He was a best friend of Jonathan Rogers Sr. His father, Joseph Daniel, lived just South across the Potecasi Cr. , Samuel Brown, who m. Jane Hart. also lived across the Potecasi . Their daughter was BRAMBLEY Caroline. Samuel Browm = son of John Brown= son of Thomas Brown w/ Christain Maule

        Here is the particular deed abstract that began all of my Meherrin River research abt. 1998.

        Chowan Precinct abstracts: Thomas Brown Chowan Precinct and Christain, his wife, to John Dickinson of the precinct afrsd., 2 Aug. 1715, 5 and 30 pounds current money 120 acres more or less on the NS of the Meherrin River, joining John Applerite, a Long Pond, John Rogers and the River Pocosin Wit: Joseph Rawlinson, John Molton, William Collins ( indicates that Ths Brown and J. Rogers moved here prior to 1715)

        William Brown: (brother) issued Land grant here in 1706
        John Dickinson: would move to the NS of the Catawhisky(SS of the Potecase) raise a large family
        John Applewraight: a large land investor in Is of Wt.
        John Rogers II; Thomas’ neighbor in Nansemond 1700, Is of wt 1782-1699
        John Molton: had land Gr. in Nansemond near John R. and Thomas B.
        William Collins: had land very close to Rogers and Brown on the Corrawaugh Sw. Is of Wt.
        Joseph Dardin: (Durdain) soon moved adjacent to Rogers and Brown. His name is on many deeds here.
        His father had a grist Mill ” Dardin’s Mill” on Corrawaugh Sw.
        “Corrawaugh Swamp Isle of Wight mouth on the Blackwater’
        adj. & below is Beaverdam Sw. ….adj.&below B’dam is Kingsale Swamp.

        William Brown would move on to greener pastures SS. of the Morratuck and Beale Brown would remain.
        John Rogers II, III. lV and poss. another generation would be born here. The wives of II and III woiuld sign the 1731 Bertie Co. will of Abraham Ricks. . Mary & Bridgett Rogers. The sons and grandsons of Thomas
        Brown would settle the land on the NS of the Potecasi near Old Tree Sw. and Bells Branch.
        Jonathan Rogers would purchase his plantation from William Brown ( Thomas’ lineage) in 1762 on the north bank of the Potecasi which had been owned by James Denton w/ Christain (Brown) Denton.

        The land granted in1706 to William Brown on the Meherrin River became known as Cheshire’s Ferry and later Hill’s Ferry. It was a “Kings Landing” and one of the most important trading and shipping areas of the new N.C. colony. R.S.


        Benjamin Rogers Smith

        April 19, 2013 at 1:47 pm

  10. I found the “Rogers” account in Volume 2 (Southside Virginia Families, Volume 2
    John Bennett Boddie)… Boddie’s account seems to substantiate that the Surry Rogers did indeed move to Nansemond. My own research places at least one Rogers in Nansemond surrounded rather closely with the other culprits we are investigating (John Browne and possible sons William and Thomas Browne)… the puzzle pieces seem to be falling into place. The mystery guys Daniel McDaniel and John Anderson “perhaps” were “hired hands” of some of these folks?



    April 19, 2013 at 4:51 pm

  11. The research paper should have every thing you need. i.e. Nansmeond- Cavileers and Pioneers and
    chowen/ Bertie deeds about the Hills Ferry location. Bear in mind there are quite a few more here as it was a prime location. No douby that Thomas and William Brown were the First to locate here. I would think John Rogers was there at the same time as Thomas or very close to it.

    History about Thomas Brown has been an indespensible and major part of my preponderance of evidence on Jonathan Rogers. The only records left on Hertford Co. (old Northampton) are small tax records on Hertford about 1778-1782. who is there, how many acres, and a few other tid bits it one is lucky.

    My history about Thomas extends to Christain’s next marriage to James Denton as his fingerprints are on the old Thomas land NS of the Potecasi. R.S.


    Benjamin Rogers Smith

    April 20, 2013 at 9:02 am

  12. I just spotted your Thomas Brown USGS map which perfectly depicts The Thomas Brown land which lies north of the Potecasi near Bells Branch. Old Tree Seamp is moving south. I will be sending yoiu a fragment of this USGS area. It shows the Old Tree that meets the Potecasi ;and the Catewhiskey is coming North into the south Potecasi bank just east of the Old Tree 1 mile or less. Thomas Brown’s land touches the Old Tree Mouth and also extends on south of there as noted by the script in his will. My Jonathan Rogers is at that Old Tree Junction. this puts him in the thick of old blood Brown land and new blood Brown Land”.
    I was thrilled with myself when I figured this out a few years ago. RS


    Benjamin Rogers Smith

    May 1, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    • What proof do you have for his widow remarried to Denton?

      The Virginia patents are somewhat easy to plot… all the patents are online at Library of VA. Unfortunately I don’t have a source for the NC patents. I would love to see the Chowan books online… but alas.



      May 1, 2013 at 3:17 pm

  13. I do not think I have the deed abstracts to send you on James Denton but its there . Chowan Precint I think.

    I will look as he and Christain are mentioned together. One is selling some of the Hill’s ferry prooperty to John Rogers I think.



    Benjamin Rogers Smith

    May 2, 2013 at 11:30 am

    • I found one for Roanoke River… sounds like you reference another for Potecasi Cr.

      Deed Book B, 32
      7 Dec. 1727 – JAMES DENTON & wife, CHRISTIAN to CAPT. JOHN SPIER – 180
      pounds, for 580 acres on South side Morattock River, according to patent dated
      6 April 1722.Witnesses: THOMAS BRYAN, PETER WEST. Nov. Court 1727

      Lots of Dentons to sift thru tho’, one seems to stay at home another moves? Which is which?

      File No. 543, James Denton
      Grant No:
      Issued:Sept. 8, 1722
      Warrant No:
      Entry No:
      Book No:3
      Page No:106
      Location: S. side of Morattock river

      File No. 94, James Denton
      Grant No:
      Issued:Mar. 22, 1760
      Warrant No:
      Entry No:
      Book No:14
      Page No:272
      Location:Lying on the No. side Poticase Creek

      This looks like a son of Thomas d.1718…

      Ibid A-127 Thomas BROWN and wife Jane to James DENTON 11 May 1723 12 pds 240
      ac on north side Pattacasie Br of Meherrin Cr. pat 30 Aug 1714. Wit. Robert

      Ibid B-182 Thomas BROWN and wife to John ROGERS Junr 1000 pds tobacco 110 ac
      on north side Meherin River adj River Islands & Joseph DARDEN part of 640 ac
      pat. Wit. Jacob BRACEWELL, Mary BRACEWELL.


      James Moor is a witness to a transfer by John Speir to Robert Hilliard. May 10, 1735. 80 Pounds
      “silver mony at the weight now current in Virginia” for 710 Acres on Southside Cypress Swamp
      at Dividing Branch at James Denton’s Headline adjacent Benton and Speir. At Kekoekey (?) Swamp
      on Southside Marratock River. Part of 580 Acres granted James Denton April 6, 1722 ‘wheref is
      two hundred and sixty acres of the said Pattent as will more largely appear by Deed dated the
      Seventh day of December (1727)…to Speir by James Denton…the other (450 Acres) by patent dated April 6, 1722….”
      Altogether 710 acres. Witnesses are John Wilks (?), Benjamin Johnston, James Moor. May Court 1735. *

      1756… back at Potecasi…

      Deed Book H., 403
      9 Nov. 1756 — ISRAEL JOHNSON, joyner, to LEONARD LANGSTON, 10 pounds, for
      100 acres adjoining JAMES DENTON at Bell’s Branch. Wit. LUKE LANGSTON, ROBERT
      YEATES, JAMES DENTON. April Court 1757

      Still nothing to hang a genealogist’s hat on… ???



      May 2, 2013 at 3:49 pm

  14. Hello, In order to help identify: Leonard Langston, Yeates, JAMES WOOD, Benton Moore, Peter West, probably Thomas Bryan (all above with MacDaniel) are found on Bells Branch (North of the Potecasi) and/or south of the Potecasi on HOT HOUSE BRANCH( N-S). Another cr. adjacent to HotHouse is Blue Water(E-W).
    I know the names because of my research of Daniel and Tristram Rogers, two sons of Robert Rogers and Mary.. There are many others in this
    Hot House/Bells Branch neighborhood. these men often moved to NEW locations together. One of those new neighborhoods was Uraha Cr. and yet another was SS of the Morratuck as you see in your proofing.
    The pairing off of these families has aided me indentifying the Rogers group. You will soon have a map or tow that show this small area. RX


    Benjamin Rogers Smith

    May 3, 2013 at 9:50 am

  15. I did my families ancestry a couple years ago and found that Daniel McDaniel came here from Scotland, because there was a war that his father (John) didn’t want his son in (I believe there was a brother too, but I don’t remember his name, Edward maybe?) but he was sent as a slave to Thomas and ended up marrying Sarah and from what I could find there was a long list of John’s and Daniel’s in the family (my grandfather’s name was John as was his oldest son, and his oldest son is named John also) but when my grandfather went to WW2 his last name was changed from McDaniel to Daniels and his brother also changed theirs, except for one, kept the last name McDaniel, but he unfortunately didn’t have any children


    Amber (Daniels) Hendrickson

    October 24, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    • Daniel MaDaniel was a great grandfather (would have to pull out my records to check on how many greats). My Mother had always told me that the McDaniels were from Virginia, then to North Carolina, and then Georgia and Florida. She also said they were from Scotland,but she did not give me any background as to when, how and why he landed in America. My line is through Silas. Do you have any info on Silas? I am having a little problem on his date of death and of his son, Silas. Let me know if you need any info and I will see if I can help, Thank you!!


      Betty Childress

      January 11, 2018 at 8:40 pm

      • Idk honestly, I don’t have the paper I wrote everything down on, my uncle has it… And my particular part of the family is from Kentucky… But I’ll try to get it and get the information for you and message you back


        Amber Hendrickson

        January 12, 2018 at 5:59 pm

      • Thank you for all the help you can give me. I appreciate it.,


        Betty Childress

        January 15, 2018 at 8:15 pm

      • HI Betty,

        Here is what I have on Silas :



        January 13, 2018 at 3:03 pm

  16. There has to be someplace where I can find definite dates on both Silas Jr and Silas for death. I was under the impression that Silas (1795 a/k/a known as Silas Sr by us) was in the Campbellton unit, and not Silas Jr.
    If the CSA muster out sheet shows Silas McDaniel, then that is our Sr. The father is never known legally as a Sr., as it is not on his birth certificate. All official documents would be Silas McDaniel (1795) and then Silas McDaniel Jr for his son. If I remember right, (I have to pull out my boxes of info) Beauregard lived with his mother (Holland) until she passed away. Thanks for your help.


    Betty Childress

    January 15, 2018 at 8:24 pm

  17. Amazing research! Puts the lie to the canard that Daniel McDaniel was a prisoner of war from Preston. I’m beginning to think that Daniel McDaniel actually ended up in Antigua, like the Scipio manifest says was their destination. Now, if we can just figure out where this Daniel McDaniel came from, in advance of my trip to Scotland this fall!


    NoJuan Importante

    March 31, 2018 at 8:43 am

    • Juan, keep in mind that Daniel McDaniel was already married to Sarah Brown and living in North Carolina months before the Battle of Preston took place. That proves it was someone else. By the way, go to Scotland and the Clan Donald Center on the Isle of Skye.. this is where all the McDonalds, McDaniels, etc had the clan seat… beautiful place.


      Darwin Olivent

      March 31, 2018 at 9:35 am

      • Yes, your notation of that discrepancy is what led me to this wonderful research. So all these references to the Danell McDannell from Mowlin, Perthshire (from the Hugh Torabene research) is not accurate, best as I can tell. Now the hard work. Figuring out where this Daniel Mack Daniell came from.


        NoJuan Importante

        March 31, 2018 at 9:40 am

      • I have a McDaniel cousin that is also a direct descendant, I just need to convince him to take the YDNA test.


        Darwin Olivent

        March 31, 2018 at 9:42 am

      • Yes, your notation of that discrepancy is what led me to this wonderful research. So all these references to the Danell McDannell from Mowlin, Perthshire (from the Hugh Torabene research) is not accurate, best as I can tell. Now the hard work (I mean HARDER work-this is all painstaking difficult work-of which i appreciate very much). Figuring out where this Daniel Mack Daniell came from.


        NoJuan Importante

        March 31, 2018 at 9:44 am

    • Misstated that. All of this is hard work. Obviously. I meant to say now for the “harder” work.


      NoJuan Importante

      March 31, 2018 at 9:41 am

  18. Since we know that Daniel McDaniel had relocated to Roanoke River area from your fine research and we have his will listing his descendants, and George McDaniel (1755-1827) married Sarah Earles in Fishing Creek, N.C., not too terribly far from that area, later moved to Cheraw District, S.C. with brother Thomas and either an uncle or brother or father Joseph, and I have DNA matches from several McDaniels along this line, surely they are related, but that George name is not one oft used, suggesting a first wife, or illegitimate birth. I am looking for the connection between that Daniel McDaniel (I), his son Daniel McDaniel (II) and George or perhaps other children. I would be willing to pay for this research if it is available.


    NoJuan Importante

    March 31, 2018 at 9:37 am

    • A good friend of mine is David Gammon (the author of several genealogy books) he collaborated quite a bit with me on these Halifax/Edgecombe county McDaniels. Much of the below is compiled from our email exchanges.

      My focus is to figure out who this mystery John Anderson was who saddled up with McDaniel’s widow. I still have no idea who he was…



      March 31, 2018 at 9:50 am

      • I’m going to move in the direction that George is descended from the Sarah (Anderson) (McDaniel?) that was descended from George Anderson, for no other real reason than name, since I see no other Georges in the McDaniel lines. Thanks for the tips.

        “To further confuse matters there was the George Anderson (Black) family of Bertie Co. at this time… my assumption is that this Sarah Anderson is his daughter.

        NC Wills, 1662-1749, Vol II, page 48 – Bertie Co., NC Will of John Bass 18 Jan 1732/Feb Ct. 1732”


        NoJuan Importante

        March 31, 2018 at 10:23 am

  19. A Daniel Mackdaniell keeps popping up in my research and I’m not sure how he is connected to my line
    I am stuck with my 5th great grandparents, George McDaniel who married Margaret Goff in 1748. George was born in 1722 in Richmond or King William County Virginia. They lived their life in Virginia and he died in Amherst County in 1821
    An old Bible states that George was the son of John who was the son of John, a native of Scotland.
    A book written on the Rucker family states that John Goff (Margaret’s father was John Goff but unsure if this is the same person) was given property in 1702 for transporting 11 people, one of which was a Daniel Mackdaniel. If this John Goff was Margaret’s father, he would have only been about 18 when he received this land so I’m not sure it’s him. But regardless, Margaret Goff married George McDaniel. Her sister Martha Goff married Henry McDaniel, his brother. I’m not sure this is just a coincidence that a Daniel Mackdaniell is associated with John Goff.
    Any help would be most appreciated.


    Tammy Weider

    October 1, 2019 at 6:20 pm

    • Forgive me because I don’t have my information in front of me, so I’m remembering off the top of my head. Also there was a string of Daniel’s and John’s and I don’t remember which order they were in when the journey to the US Started.

      From what I can remember of my research a Thomas (Brown I think, if I’m remembering correctly) brought them (John (or Daniel) and a brother, I don’t remember the brothers name) to the USA (Virgina) as slaves in the early to mid 1600’s. Their father, Daniel (or John) sold them because of a war that was making it’s way into Scotland at the time. And when John (or Daniel) arrived as a slave he eventually married his ‘masters’ daughter Sarah Brown. I wish I had the info with me so I could give it to you about the later generations born in the US. (I can tell you I found all of this info on Ancestry, I did alot of work myself but once I got to a certain point I was able to find info someone had done that took it back to Scotland and had the information about the first generation to make it to the New World. I hope this helps your research more Than it hinders it 🖤


      Amber Hendrickson

      October 3, 2019 at 10:26 pm

  20. Have any of the people commenting on the the McDaniel’s had their DNA tested? My husband had his tested and his line which the oldest person we know for sure is an ancestor is Joseph McDaniel born in North Carolina in 1727-1735 died in South Carolina in 1803 has a null value. He had the 111 Y DNA test through family tree completed. His null factor enables “them” to know he descends from Clan Colla. The only McDaniel’s we have found through the DNA testing we already knew were related and were down the line from Joseph. I wish I knew someone that is definitely descended from Daniel that has had their DNA tested to notify me.



    Glyniss McDaniel

    November 7, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    • I am researching my connection to this family tree. I have several DNA matches to descendants of John McDaniel, son of Archibald Duncan McDaniel, son of Daniel McDaniel, who was I believe was the son of this Daniel McDaniel.

      I’d be interested to compare DNA to see if we have a match. I believe the Joseph you are referring to was the brother of Daniel McDaniel, sons of Daniel McDaniel.



      January 29, 2021 at 8:28 am

    • My uncle had his DNA tested, and the furthest back it took him was to Jacob McDaniel (b. c1750 NC, d.1833). He had also done the other DNA testing which showed we descended from John of Islay, Lord of the Isles…probably through the McDonalds of Dunnyveg. All the research I’ve encountered, keeps showing both your Joseph and John McDaniel (supposedly the father of Jacob) as being sons of Daniel McDaniel (1690-1734), but I can’t find any evidence that shows that?


      Cori McDaniel Barry

      March 15, 2021 at 10:55 am

      • please contact me and let me know what company your uncle tested through and we can see if we can compare my husband’s with his.


        Glyniss McDaniel

        March 25, 2021 at 9:22 am

      • It seems to me you need to slow down a bit and realize that the Daniel McDaniel that I chronicle is a brand new character in the puzzle who has never been identified. The closest I have come is the theory that he may have been associated with a guy in Virginia. (see my notes)

        Any more speculation that that is, shall we say, wishful thinking.



        March 25, 2021 at 2:31 pm

  21. Just to keep you folks on your toes…
    There is an unexplained John McDaniel about 1735 or so…

    He seems to have good reason to disappear hisself from Nawth Carolina… just sayin’

    Could this be the son of the Surry County Daniel McDaniel? Sorry…I just have to stir the pot…its what I do.




    November 9, 2019 at 4:46 am

    • Rogers Smith: For the past two Years I have been in a deep study of The Murfreesboro NC area.. ( Deed abstracts) . I have several maps of this “ 10 mile area”. My purpose has been to disclose any important relationships via”settlement history” in Murfreesboro 1719-1761. This pertains to Jonathan Rogers, William Brown, And George Ward. The study began years ago as William Brown 1761 Sold adjoining property to George Ward and Jonathan 6-7 miles south of Murf. at “ Panther Sw.” Straight down the Nhtn./ Hertford Co. line of Nov. 1760.

      Your interest here Has been on the an Anderson side. I recently saw your deed mapper Of Murfreesboro that has entries on the immediate south side showing “Timothy Hines” William Ricks, Benjamin Ricks. **Could you provide additional deeds at that area of… Thomas Ward, Robert Edwards, possibly George Ward. ( George is last in this “subdivision of properties”)

      As you know Murfreesboro is split by the Hertford line. I found a few neighbors of William Brown 1760 that show ownership by “joining the line of….” yet their original Deed record is wiped out by the Hertford cty. fires”. I.e. John Brown, Thomas Brown, and more. Because of this William Brown is also obviously Lacking in Deed or so there.

      Extra… The 1732 Edgecomb records show a John Rogers JR. of Hills Ferry Rd ,and (perhaps) Murfreesboro , moved to Fishing Cr. His adjoining neighbors of Fishing cr. were. John Proctor, Aaron Drake, John Bailey. These three had original plots at “Crag bottom”…. This was ground Zero for William Murfree’s family. There, too, at fishing cr. were two adjoining neighbors of the original grouping at Hills Ferry Road Edward Powers, Arthur Benn, And another. Of course I noted Your Anderson group at “Murfreesboro” and Edgecomb/ Martin with the many other residents of Murfreesboro. Regards, Rogers Smith

      Sent from my iPad



      Rogers Smith

      November 16, 2019 at 8:16 am

    • Could this John McDaniel not be the son of Daniel referenced above? And often what some consider thefts are what somebody else considers their lawful property through inheritance.

      Will of Lawrence Fleming: Leg.- To Robert Watkins my plantation I live on with all the land thereto belonging. To James Davis the use of the Plantation John Revell now liveth on until ye said Revill’s youngest Son that now is, shall come to ye age of 21 years, then I give sd. Plantation to son of sd. Revelle. To John Revelle the debt he now oweth me and to be disposed to schooling of his youngest son to whom I likewise give a cow. To Daniel Macdaniell the debt he oweth me to be disposed of as schooling his son, John Macdaniell, and give him a cow. The rest of estate I give to be equally divided between Mr. John Watkins, his six children, wife, four sons and two daughters. Appoints Mr. Robert Watkins, Exer. To Phillis Fort my riding horse. 8 Dec, 1710. prob: 25 Feb., 1710. Wit: Edward Bayley, Sam’l. Williams, Elias Fort. Book 6, p.44.

      (Wills and Admin of Surry County, VA 1671-1750, Eliz. T. Davis)

      Since he has a young son, his age is probably at least in his twenties… and it indicates a likely first wife…



      February 18, 2021 at 10:37 am

  22. Marc Anderson, I really enjoy your research, thank you for all your hard work.

    I believe I am a descendant of Daniel McDaniel, I’m still working on the connection. My theory is based on DNA and two descendants of John McDaniel, son of Archibald Duncan McDaniel, son of Daniel McDaniel, who was a son of this Daniel McDaniel in your research.

    In reading through your information I was somewhat surprised to see so many surnames that I al also related to. McDaniel, Rogers, Andersons and probably other surnames listed throughout your information.

    Have a Blessed day…



    January 29, 2021 at 8:42 am

    • Hi Wayne,

      I have a McDaniel cousin I am talking to about this. Please email me



      January 29, 2021 at 10:26 am

    • Question for Wayne McDaniel- do you have a null value on one of your DNA markers?


      Glyniss McDaniel

      November 27, 2022 at 9:34 am

    • Hello Wayne! We are also descended supposedly from Daniel McDaniel m. Sarah Browne. We match DNA from that branch and the branch that came down supposedly from John McDaniel m. Anniss Pasley. Both my uncle Greg McDaniel and my father, Bruce McDaniel, Jr. have done the FTDNA test…Greg Big Y, Bruce Y-111. I would love to compare notes with you! Please email me at

      Cori McDaniel Barry



      November 27, 2022 at 10:52 am

  23. This is aa great blog


    Brody C

    November 27, 2022 at 6:48 am

  24. Hello all!! Newcomer here to ancestrial research. I believe I descend from the George McDaniel (1755-1826) that some have mentioned, through his son Thomas C. McDaniel. Many, and other DNA type system users have a Daniel McDaniel, b. 1740, as George McDaniel’s father. If George’s birth date is 1755, have found no proof of this, does it seem probable that Daniel produced a son at the age of 15? Also, none of the Daniel McDaniel wills mention a George. Maybe George’s family referred to him by a middle name? Anyway, I have DNA tested on, 23andMe, and also have my DNA uploaded to Gedmatch and maybe another I can’t remember!! My email is and my maiden name is Neely Jo McDaniel. My father is Nathaniel D. McDaniel b.1949 (FL), his father Gideon Ezekial McDaniel b. 1909 (AL), his father, Adoniram Judson McDaniel b.1850 (SC), his father, Thomas C. McDaniel b. 1804 (SC), and I believe his father is George McDaniel b. 1755 (NC). Although, maybe a brother of George is Thomas’ father. Happy to share any information I have, which might not contain anything new, but also seeking new information. NJ


    Neely Jo Harrington

    March 7, 2023 at 11:54 am

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