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Robert Coleman, IOW to Bath Co, NC d.1721

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I wrote these notes 5 years ago… my current thoughts are here:


The Olde stuff…

First a thanks to Bob Baird and his research on the REYNOLDS line

and Martha Marble and Gloria Taylor.

Prior to digging into these 2 Robert Coleman’s I constructed my Isle of Wight map. (see under “Pages”).  In the NE part of the map can be seen the property of Coleman and I was having fits trying to make it all fit… as it turns out he wound up with 1500 acres on the 1704 Rent Roll and now it all makes sense. This Robert Coleman leaves a will 1715; his father at least by 1695/7 moved a few mile south of modern Franklin, VA (near South Key) and by 1706 relocated to Bath County, NC (extinct) leaving his will in 1721.

I see no reason to associate either of these two men to any subsequent Colemans in Edgecombe County, NC.  But as a caveat (isn’t there always a caveat) there is a mystery “Stephen Coleman” that I cannot account for. (I find no records in IOW or Nansemond).  Except for this:

Henry Hollowell patented 118 acres in Lower Norfolk Co.; on the north side of the Western Branch of Elizabeth River, 20 Apr. 1682, at head of his father’s land and adjacent Murraie’s line, along Slawter’s line for the transportation of three persons: Henry Creech, his wife, and Stephen Coleman. (Patent Book 7 p. 151, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. 2, Nell Marion Nugent, p. 235).

(This is Nansemond… perhaps another Coleman line from Henry Coleman of Elizabeth City County, ca. 1638?  Or this Stephen was simply used as a headright from IOW fraudulently… it happened.)

In other words, “if” there is a Coleman connection from IOW/Nansemond it has to be from Stephen Coleman.

7 Aug 1671, Stephen witnessed a deed(Charles City Co. Court Orders, p. 534) 

Surry County [Virginia] Tithables, 1668-1703 By Edgar MacDonald, Richard Slatten

1689...from Sunken marsh upwards
Stephen Coleman... 1
(listed between Henry Hollinsworth, 1 and Jno: Wilkisson, 3)

27 Jan 1691, the Surry Co. Records 1687-1694, p. 291 list an inventory of Stephen's estate

The dirty little details:

Mar 1715/6            Will of Robert Coleman:  Leg – Eleanor Giles, brother Stephen’s sons, Richard Batten, Benjamin Beale, Elizabeth Murrey, George Martin, John Watts, Christopher Reynolds and his wife Ann.  Exs., Christopher Reynolds and his wife.  Wit: John Butler, Rodger Murrey.  Recording date not noted, but entered into the book among 1716 entries.  [Isle of Wight Will & Deed Book 2, p607, abstracted by Chapman]

Quoting Bob Baird:

“This is Christopher Reynolds, son of Richard Reynolds the younger.  (Christopher Reynolds, son of Richard Reynolds the elder, was married to Elizabeth Brock.)  This appears to be the son of the Robert Coleman who died a few years later [see below entry for 9 July 1721].  That would make Christopher Reynolds his brother-in-law.  The will below identifies Ann Reynolds as the daughter of an apparently different Robert Coleman, presumably the father of this one.   

Robert Coleman (apparently this man’s father) had patented 634 acres on 29 September 1667, 300a purchased from Ambrose Bennett and 334a for transportation of seven persons, one of whom was Robert Coleman [VPB 6, p181].  He later acquired several other tracts in the area.”

Robert Coleman (Jr)                /brother Stephen (has sons)

(apparently no sons)

filed in IOW


9 Jul 1721  Will of Robert Coleman of Bath County in “Nuse”, North Carolina:  to wife Mary Coleman, life interest in entire estate, then as follows.  To son-in-law Christifer Runnills [Christopher Reynolds] negro man Frank on condition that he give my grandson David Dupuise a 6 year old negro when said David is 21 years old;  to wife’s son Dennis Odien, land called Hikkery Neck during his life and then to my grandson David Dupuies;  to daughter Elizabeth Isler a cow and calf;  to granddaughter Mary Isler  4 cows and calves; to daughter Mary White a cow and calf;  to grandson David Dupuise all my lands.  Executors: wife Mary Coleman, son in law Christifer Runnills.  Witnesses: Richard Casey, John (x) Butler, Peter Green. Attested [proved] in Isle of Wight County, Virginia before William Bridger [the I of W clerk] 25 Sep 1721 and filed in Bath County 29 March 1722.  [Bath County, North Carolina Will Book 4, p106 abstracted in Early Records of North Carolina, Stephen A. Bradley, Vol. 4, p20]

Again quoting Bob Baird:

“This would appear to be the father of the Robert Coleman of the earlier will.  There is no record of this will in Isle of Wight, but it was obviously proved there.  The Isle of Wight clerk did not enter it into the books, apparently because it was to be filed in North Carolina six months later.  Robert Coleman had been on the 1719 tax list for what eventually became Craven County, thus explaining the reference to the Neuse River.  From the witnesses names, the will was written in Isle of Wight.  The widow may have recorded the will in her new home in Bath (Craven) County in order to perform the executrix duties in a local court.  We know that Christopher Reynolds did not move to North Carolina, and with no will recorded in Isle of Wight, he apparently deferred the executorship to Mary Coleman.   

Note that Richard Casey witnessed this entry.  He was presumably the same Richard Casey who married Jane Reynolds, daughter of Richard and Joyce Reynolds.” 

Robert Coleman  wife Mary

….. son Robert (deceased in 1715)

….. son Stephen

….. son-in-law Christopher Reynolds (of Isle of Wight)   wife Ann

….. daughter Elizabeth Isler

….. daughter Mary White

filed in Bath County 29 March 1722


The really tedious details:

On 1 May1668, Mr George Gwilliam and Mr Richard Izard qualified to act as overseers of Robert Braswell’s two sons until they might be of age to act as his executors; they were bonded by Mr. Thomas Green and Richard Penny.

The estate appraised on 11 May 1668 by Gyles Driver, Benjamin Beall, Robert Coleman and Francis Ayres included 63 head of livestock, a servant boy,  a library valued at 500 pounds of tobacco, a sloop, silverware, and cattle at William West’s and Mr. Robert Stokes’s plantations. W&D B2-p55 IoW VA

Isle of Wight Deed Book I, Hopkins

(pg. 87)  3 Jan 1693….  Robert Collman states that he has nothing to say against the cattle mark of William Boddie.       Robert (X) Collman

(pg. 111)  8 Jun 1694….  Robert Collman appoints Mr. John Giles his attorney.

Wit:  James Tullegh          Robert Collman

(Eleanor Giles, legatee in will of 1715)

(pg. 127)  2 Sep 1694…. Jury does not find against Mr. Robert Coleman. [list of 12 jurors]

(pg. 144)  10 Dec 1694…. Jury in the case of Mr. Robert Coleman and Malurk Hawley  [list of 12 jurors]


(pg.29)   5 Dec 1705….  John Pope of the lower parish and wife, Susannah Pope, to Walter Waters….  70 acres on Western Branch Swamp adjoining Robert Coleman, the Beaverdam Pond and the road to Arthur Purky’s Mill.

Wit: William Jolly, George (X) Morrell and Mary (X) Morrell.

Rec:  10 Dec 1705                          John (X) Pope,  Susanna (X) Pope

(pg.74)  23 Aug 1706….  Robert Coleman and William Hunter agree that the land in question is to Escheat from Robert Dunster.

Wit:  Anne Chapman and Charles Chapman

Rec:  9 Jul 1707                     Robert Coleman

(pg.84)  23 Aug 1706….  William Hunter pays Robert Coleman for a tract of land (“left/let to me by Mr. Robert Coleman” for 34 years(?)).

Wit:  Anne Chapman and Charles Chapman.

Rec: 9 Jul 1708                        William Hunter

(pg.250)  23 Nov 1713….  William Hunter and wife, Mary Hunter, of Newport Parish to Richard West of the same….  300 acres in Newport Parish (being formerly owned by Robert Coleman of the same and now in the tenure of the said William Hunter) on Backbay Creek whereon Webbs Mill doth stand by and known as Tullagh Mill and Longs Mill now Wests Mill along Herring Branch to the Great Road.  Land is bounded by James Benn, the Widow Long, Robert Clarke, Thomas Wright and the Reedy Branch.  The land was lately Escheat.

Wit:  Thomas Pitt and Bare Mackine                             William Hunter

(pg.46 26 Jan—  Alexander Campbell of Chuckatuck Parish in Nansemond County to Robert Driver of Isle of Wight County….  100 acres or 200 acres (?)  (being 1/2 of the tract granted Miles Lewis and Richard Lewis on 29 Jan 1667) and bounded by Robert Coleman.

Wit:  William Wiggs and Samuel Seldon

Rec:  28 Jan 1716                            Alexander Campbell


1704 Quitrents

Robert Coleman 1500 acres


Coleman, Robert. grantee.

Title Land grant 25 September 1667.

Summary Location: Isle of Wight County.

Description: 634 acres beg.g &c. in a branch called the Cyprus.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 6, 1666-1679 (pt.1 & 2 p.1-692), p. 181 (Reel 6).

Seventeenth century Isle of Wight County, Virginia: a history of the county … By John Bennett Boddie,

pg.557  DEED BOOK I

Wm. Ruffin sells to Thomas Pope land that was patd. to Ruffin and Robert Coleman -900 acres- of which 450 adj. William Boddie and John Gardiner.  5 Apl. 1668.  Tristam Knowles, will Bradshaw.


Jno. Smyth and Anne his wife sold 500 acres land adj. Robert Coleman and Thomas Smith to Robert Coleman.  3 Nov. 1677.  Peter Best assigns this to Robert Coleman, 3 Nov. 1677. James Tullaugh, Jno. Wingate.  Anne Best makes Wm. Thompson of Nansemond her atty.  to sign deed to Robert Coleman.


John Marshall with consent of wife Susanna sells to Robert Coleman 250 acres at Strickland’s Bridge on Beaver Dam, etc. (no date).  Wm. Bressie


Oct. 19, 1687.  Richard Lewis now of Lower Norfolk sells to John Campbell of Nansemond his share of said patent.  17 Feb. 1687-88.  John Campbell sells same to his brother Wm. Campbell April 9, 1689.

Coleman, Robert. grantee.

Title Land grant 20 April 1684.

Summary Location: County location not given.

Description: 530 acres on the west side of Reedy Marsh, being a branch of Chuckatuck. 400 acres part there of formerly gtd. to Richd. and Miles Lewis, Jany. 29. 1667.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 7, 1679-1689 (v.1 & 2 p.1-719), p. 378 (Reel 7).

Nevell, John. grantee.

Title Land grant 20 April 1684.

Summary Location: Isle of Wight County.

Description: 92 acres between the land of Robert Coleman and said Nevill’s own land.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 7, 1679-1689 (v.1 & 2 p.1-719), p. 378 (Reel 7).

Coleman, Robert. grantee.

Title Land grant 21 April 1695.

Summary Location: Isle of Wight County.

Description: 80 acres in the lower parish. Adjoining land of Thomas Jordan, and Giles Driver.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 8, 1689-1695, p. 422 (Reel 8).

Coleman, Robert. grantee.

Title Land grant 28 October 1697.

Summary Location: Nansemond County.

Description: 450 acres near Wickham swamp, adjoining the land of Thomas and John Milner.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 109 (Reel 9).

Odier, Dennis. grantee.

Title Land grant 23 October 1703.

Summary Location: Nansemond County.

Description: 119 acres near a place called the South key, adjoining the land of Robert Coleman.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 576 (Reel 9).

(“wifes son Dennis Odien” mentioned in 1721 will of Robert Sr.1721, hence wife was Mary Odien [Obrian?] by previous marriage…  if the name Odien is pronounced O-dye-en then this deed may be of interest:

(pg.163)  23 Sep 1706….  Bond of Dennis Obrian and Joseph Gladston, both of Nantiroke in Maryland to Dr. Edward Loftis of Warwick County in Virginia.

Wit:  Nathaniel Ridley and Richard Reynolds

Rec: 9 Oct 1710                 Dennis Obryon    Joseph Gladstone

(This land is “near” South Key (this has to be the 1st or “old” South Quay just south (abt. 4 miles) of modern Franklin on the Blackwater River.) Also the patent describes the property as “beginning at a pine a corner tree of Robert Coleman”. Also interesting is that of 3 headrights, one is a Robert Coleman (another possibly Anne Braswell- hard to read)  See The Virginia Mag. of History and Biography, Old South Quay in Southampton County: Its Location, Early Ownership, and History by John Crump Parker, Vol. 83, No. 2, Apr, 1975 pg. 160.

NC STATE WIDE – COURT – Colonial Court Papers, Group 2:

Freedom of slaves, Commissions for Edenton, Other papers related to slaves

Colonial Court papers

CCR 192

Miscellaneous Papers    No date 1714, 1717

• Petition of William DERRY, a free Negro, states that he was a slave of

Robert COLEMAN of Isle of Wight Co., Va, who in his will dated 8 Mar 1715 gave

DERRY and his other slaves their freedom. Christopher REYNOLDS and Anne his

wife were named as Exec. DERRY lived in freedom and paid his tobacco debt to

REYNOLDS. About 4 years ago, REYNOLDS died, and Godfrey HUNT of Nansemond Co.,

VA marryed Anne, the Exec. of COLEMAN. On 19 July 1737, he seized DERRY at his

home on Black Cr., took his goods and chattel, and carried DERRY to the

dwelling house of William TAYLOR in ? County, and sold him, He has been

detained ever since.


source below:

From: Martha Marble <mmarble(at) 

Subject: [NCLENOIR] Coleman/Isler 

Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 07:12:42 -0400


1. #13 – 8 May 1706-07 Robert Coleman, attorn to Denis ODIA – yt he

acknowledge a patent for a tract of land to Nicholas Isler – Denis Odia of

Bath Co – 220 Ac SS News River adj Robt Couldmas Corner

2. Daniel Coleman in 1746


1. Book 2 p 607 – Robert Collman as Attorney for Dennis O’Dia acknowledge

patent for tract of land to Nicholas Isler – patent dated 1706 – 20 lbs –

220 Acs SS Neuse adj Rob Couldman – 20 ? l708

LAND PATENTS – by Hoffman

1. 1707 – Robert Coleman – land on Slocumb Creek – 1707

EARLY RECORDS OF N. C. by Dr. Stephen Bradley


1. WILL of Denis (x) Odyer – planter 16 Feb 1746 June Ct 1747 – of

Johnston County – wife Ann a child’s part of all my goods; daughter Mary –

100 acs where I now live. Rest of my children the rest of my lands Exec

neighbors Ambross Aris and John Clarke WIT Richard Byrd, Lovick Young

2. WILL of John (x) Stewart – l3 Oct 1741 22 June 1742 – Craven County

friend Jacob Tomson – mare; John Byrd son of Richard Byrd – l cow I had

from Christian Islaw. Elizabeth Prescut the daughter of Lammuel and Olive

Prescut heifer, horse. Father in law Denis O’Dyer rest of my estate.

Exec friends Denis O’Dyer, Richard Byrd WIT Jno Herring, Richard Byrd



CRAVEN COUNTY, NC – DEEDS – Index and Abstracts of Taylor Deeds, 1744-1880 This file was contributed for use in the North Carolina USGenWeb Archives by: Gloria Taylor. Transcription of abstracts contributed by: Martha Marble and Gloria Taylor {We refer to this as the “Marble-Taylor Collection”.}

Bk 19, pg 214 – 21 March 1751 – Jacob TAYLOR, Gentleman, purchased from John JONES, Planter – 100 acres on West side of Slocombs Creek, beginning at Dennis ODIERS corner Red Oak , to a pine, to a Glenn, to a pine, to a pine then to first station. Known by the name of Pumpkin neck. Witnesses: John SMITH, Sammuel COLLINS. Recorded: March 1772.

Bk 12/13, Pg 61 – 2 October 1765 – Jacob TAYLOR, Carpenter, purchased from Samuel COLLINS & Joseph COLLINS – 250 acres on Slocumb Ck. Beginning at mouth of Colemans Ck, running along the water courses to a Cave in Glovers Creek, by a line of marked trees to George LOVICK’S line, along sd LOVICK’S line to to the head of Broad Creek, then down sd. Broad Creek to the mouth, along Colemans Creek to the beginning. Being 200 acres old patent land and 50 new Patent land, patented by Robert COLEMAN, dated 10 Sept. 1707 and Samuel COLLINS Patent bearing date_{blank}. Witnesses: John GRANADE, Joseph GRANADE. Reg. January 1767. {Note also the patent date of 1707, predating the founding of New Bern. From the reference to Slocumb Creek, this is a different Broad Creek than the one on the north side of the Neuse River. this deed also gives clues to the location of Colemans Creek, since renamed & apparently a tributary of Slocum Crk.}

Bk 12, p. 65 – 28 October 1765 – Jacob TAYLOR sold to Thomas MOSS – 150 acres Originally Robert COLEMAN’S land, patented 1707. On Slocumb Creek beginning at Coleman’s Creek, running up courses by the water to the mouth of a small branch by RIGGS Landing, along a line of marked trees to Mr. LOVICKS line, along his line to a tree opposite the head of Broad Creek, down Broad Creek to the mouth, then down Collmans Creek to the beginning. Witnesses: Benjamin RIGGS, Susannah RIGGS. {See note above.}

????  the White mention caught my eye…

Coleman, William, Anson.   May 1, 1750.  Eldest sons William, Thomas and John, youngest sons James and Samuel; wife Elizabeth and Joseph White executors.  Test, John Lanier, Mary Coleman, Anthony Hutchins.  Hathaway Vol I


Another Robert Coleman (evidently unrelated) of Chowan/Nansemond near Bennet’s Creek on the Chowan River.



DB: C-1: 721-722-723.   16 Jul 1734.   Benjamin SMALL & wife Mary (M), Chowan pct.

Albemarle Co. to Robt. COLEMAN, Upper Parish Nancemond Co VA, 20lb, 167 A in Chowan

pct. near the head of BENNETTS Creek Swamp beginning at a Red Oak a corner tree of

Wm. SPIERS land & running from thence to a Pocoson known as Loosing Swamp Pocoson &

then bounded on sd Pocoson to OLD MORGAN’S land & then A long her? line to a line of

Thos. NORFLEETS land & then along sd NORFLEETS line to a line of land belonging to

Daniell PUGH & then along PUGH’S land to an Oak being a Turning tree & then along sd

PUGH’S land the other course to a Pine being a corner tree & from thence to a Pine

standing near the plantation whereon Jno. JONES now lives & from thence to ye 1st.

Sta. part of a pattent to Jno. SMALL of the Upper Parish of Nancemond Co VA for 467

A dated att Wms:Burg 16 Jun 1715 & by sd Jno. SMALL transferred to his Son Benjamin

SMALL party to these presents… Wit: Thos. ROUNTREE, Thos. WALLIS.  Ackd.  18 Jan 1734.

W. SMITH CJ.  Regd.  13 Feb 1734.  pr. Henry BONNER Regr.

15 Dec 1739 William Coleman, son of Robert Colemen of the Upper Parish

of Nansemond Co., VA deeded to Robert Peale [Peelle] son of William Peale

[Peelle (1679)] of the Parish and Co., aforesaid in consideration for 20

Pounds current money of Virginia, 167 acres in Chowan precinct, NC near

Bennetts Creek, lately purchased by Robert Coleman father of William

Colemen, 16 July 1734, & willed by the said Robert Colemen to son William

Coleman, land adjoining William Spires, Olive Morgan, Thomas Norflett,

Capt. Da— Pugh, John Joanes. Signed William (his W mark) Coleman, Jain

(her J mark) Dickinson. Wit: John (his X mark) More, Jesse (his J mark)

Peele, William Peele. Recorded Oct Court 1758. [Note that this deed was

recorded in Oct 1758, 19 years after the purchase. Also see the entry for

10 May 1697.] (Chowan County, NC, Deed Book M, Page 60.)


(The above reference “lately purchased by Robert Coleman ”  “& willed…to son William”

infers that Robert Coleman died between 1734 and 1739. Did this Wm. Coleman move…where?)



DB: E-1: 246-247, ROWNTREE to BENTON      116

16 Oct 1747.  Francis ROWNTREE, Edgcomb Co. planter to James BENTON, Chowan Co. 24lb

VA.  150 A in Chowan Co. beginning at a Pine on the side of BENNETS Creek Mary ROWNTREES

corner thence along her line the various courses to a Pine in the Indians Line her corner

thence along the Indian Line S70 E70p to a White Oak thence running down James BROWNS

line & bounded by the same 172p to a marked corner Pine standing in BENNETS Creek

thence running down sd creek & bounded by the Main Run to the first station which sd land

is part of a pattent granted to Robert LASSITER for 530 A dated 30 Mar 1721… Wit: Moses

HAMELTON, William COLEMAY (COLEMAN) jurt. pvd Oct Ct 1747.  Henry DELON C.C.

Regd.  24 Mar 1747.  Jas. CRAVEN Regr.

(I have no idea if there is a connection here or not… a Francis Rountree purportedly married a Mary Coleman.)

Written by anderson1951

July 24, 2011 at 8:17 am

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  1. Looking for info on my Robert Coleman????


    pamela turner rodgers

    August 22, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    • Actually I’m looking for the lineage of Jonathan Coleman who married Kesiah Price about 1762. {Edgecombe County).



      August 23, 2011 at 3:30 am

      • Jonathan Coleman and Keziah Price are my 5x Great Grand parents. I have found many of their children and descendants.
        Clint Coleman-Robinson


        Clint Coleman-Robinson

        October 31, 2015 at 12:49 pm

  2. I am looking for more information on John and William Jolly of Isle of Wight. John died 1687 and William was his son. William had a grant in 1705 but wondering if he went to NC. Can’t find William’s family anywhere.


    Jerry Jolly

    June 20, 2016 at 7:14 am

  3. I know that William Jolly associated with the Bennets and Colemans. Any help with his wife, children, probae, and whether or not he moved to North Carolina would be greatly appreciated.


    Jerry Jolly

    June 20, 2016 at 8:10 am

  4. Robert Coleman 1706 patent… (appears to be “Nues” otherwise known as Bath County

    Bk1, page 148 file no. 77

    see here…

    Good hunting Wes…. (check that site … I think I have ran across other refreneces to Coleman early patents)



    August 12, 2016 at 6:38 pm

    • Nice find, I have been looking for this too. Do you think there is no connection between these 2 Roberts (and Stephen) to the other later Edgecombe County, NC Coleman(s)? I am hoping to find out where they came from.


      Clint Coleman-Robinson

      August 18, 2016 at 8:00 pm

  5. I am the admin of the Coleman Surname Group where we test all of our y-DNA. We have DNA samples of living descendants of the Edgecombe County, NC Coleman(s). Our website is here:

    I am extremely interested to talk to you about the possibility that we descend from Stephen Coleman, and to see if we can compare documentation. Thank you
    Clint Coleman-Robinson


    Clint Coleman-Robinson

    August 18, 2016 at 7:46 pm

  6. Clint
    I doubt if we will have a DNA match… although I have just sent off for the 67 marker test. I am an Anderson of course. I descend from William Anderson who married the sister of your Kesiah Price, Mourning Price.
    Also to gum up the DNA… my direct descendant was George Anderson who was a son of Wm Anderson’s first wife Martha.

    All that being said, I do have an interest in sorting out the Edgecombe Colemans.



    August 19, 2016 at 3:23 am

      • This is interesting. Being the admin for all the Coleman y-DNA results, I have the ability to see distinct genetic families. I believe this link is for the Charles City County, Virginia Coleman(s). Their living descendants have a completely different DNA than the descendants of the Edgecombe County Coleman(s).

        Descendants of Robert Coleman of Charles City County, Virginia has 20 members.

        Descendants of Robert Coleman of Nansemond County, Virginia (predicted ancestor to the Edgecombe County Coleman(s)) has 17 members. This group could also be related to the Coleman(s) of Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

        Robert Coleman of Mobjack Bay (Gloucester County, Virginia) has multiple family groups claiming ownership, so we are unsure at this time who is correct.

        P.S. we have 3 descendants of Jonathan Coleman and Keziah Price as well


        Clint Coleman-Robinson

        August 19, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    • You are correct, our y-DNA wouldn’t match. I posted that mainly for anyone who reads this in the future. We have 225 Coleman members, and of those we (the descendants of the Edgecombe Coleman(s)) have 17 members in our family.

      We currently have documented lines from Moses, Robert and Charles who all lived in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. Currently there are about 7 of us that can’t reach back that far to make a prediction.

      Robert, Charles and Moses all lived and died in the same generation, so we believe they were brothers. There was possibly other brothers as well; William who died in 1750 for one. We are searching for who their father would be. We thought it would be Robert Jr of Nansemond, but the lines are getting intertwined with the Isle of Wight Coleman family. Do you have a copy of the 1715/6 will?

      I was wondering what information you could share about Stephen Coleman, since he did have sons (according to his brother’s will). Perhaps the 1715/6 will of Robert jr states land or property that was bequeathed to his nephews? That way we could see if our proven ancestors lived there.

      Thank you,
      Clint Coleman-Robinson


      Clint Coleman-Robinson

      August 19, 2016 at 9:35 am

      • What I posted online is all I have for that Stephen in Nansemond.
        Has your DNA studies ruled out the Prince George, VA clan? I speculate that Francis Coleman was an Indian trader and most likely traveled thru the Halifax, NC area on his way to the Southern Tribes c. 1704 or so. I have not ruled out those Andersons in that area for my line. My speculation would involve our two family groups knowing each other since the 1690s or so??? Just a thought.

        Also, no I do not have a copy of the 1715 will.



        August 19, 2016 at 10:49 am

  7. Clint

    Have you checked this record?

    Search “stephen coleman”… you will see a Stephen in Edgecombe in 1762/3… this may simply be the initial entry for the grant that ripened in 1778/9 … ???

    It appears that the two sons of the Stephen Coleman who died in Surry County/ Isle of Wight may have followed Robert Coleman Sr to “Bath County” and were mentioned in his will of 1721. The other person noted in the “entry” above was Aaron Coleman… perhaps these were the sons? They would not be young pups by this time.

    Google maps… search “slocum creek”… it will show up southeast of New Bern. This is not that far from Edgecombe County.

    Land Entry: 1762 September 23. 700 acres.
    Descriptive references for land: John Gully, James Williams, Moses
    Fitzpatrick, George Wimmberly. Warrant: 1762 September 23. 700 acres.
    Descriptive references for land: John Gully, James Williams, Thomas
    Jones, Moses Fitzpatrick, George Wimberly, John Bradly. Plat: 1763 March 22. 440 acres.
    Descriptive references for land: James Williamson, Aaron Coleman,
    Thomas Jones, Francis Fitzpatrick, John Bradly.
    Chain carriers: Aaron Coleman, John Bradly.
    Surveyor: William Haywood. Deed: 1763 June 1.

    At that same site you can view the 1721 will of Robert Coleman of Bath.



    August 19, 2016 at 3:55 pm

  8. Sometimes… lets say while I am shaving… I look at myself and think “Good Lord man! Do you think ALL these old guys were Indian Traders? No, of course not. Some of them were merely drunken farmers. (Not to say they were ALL drunken farmers of course).

    The little tidbit I mention of the Coleman of Prince George county, VA venturing down to the “Carolinas” in 1704 was not a “tidbit”……. it was a business… those ancestors drove teams of 40 or better horses and dealt with “literally” a ton of hides over the course of a season.

    Robert Coleman Sr (Surry/Isle of Wight/Nansemond) ventured to South Key, Nansemond (a trading post) and traveled down to Bath County (just a few years before the Tuscarorra War broke out).

    The Nottoway River ventures down to …. South Key in Nansemond. Many Indian Traders traveled that route.

    Just sayin’.



    August 19, 2016 at 7:40 pm

  9. I have been studying this for a while now, and I believe I can perhaps see a new outcome. I would like to email you a write up for this new theory. Basically it is a combination of your POV and Wes Coleman’s POV, mixed with a little DNA perspective.

    I understand if you do not wish to put your email here, so just email me directly if you want. I am very excited to show you what I have come up with, even though it still needs a little work. My email is:


    Clint Coleman-Robinson

    September 14, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    • Clint
      I sent an email for your theory. My personal interest is that my ancestor William Anderson and Jonathan Coleman each married a Price sister in Edgecombe County…



      September 16, 2016 at 4:17 am

  10. I have a question for ya regarding a William Coleman. I am plotting land grants in Pitt Co., NC on the north end of Briery Swamp. My 4th great grandfather Peter Jolly (the son of the other Peter we talked about before) received a grant in 1784 in the above mentioned area and in his grant it mentions William Coleman’s old line “Beginning at a pine in William Coleman’s old line twenty poles from Azariah Mobley’s Corner and running one hundred and seventy poles to a pine in David Knox’s line then East one hundred and fifty two poles to a Maple in the pocoson thence North one hundred and fifty two poles to a pine in William Coleman’s line thence with his line to the beginning.” I have looked everywhere for William Coleman’s grant but can’t find it. Is this the William Coleman you mentioned earlier and do you have any information on his land patent/grant in Pitt Co., NC from 1760-1780 time frame?





    November 19, 2016 at 8:34 am

  11. I am using the DeedMapper program. Do you use it?



    November 19, 2016 at 8:35 am

    • Jerry
      I use a program called “metes and bounds”. But any will work. There is a free program online also

      I don’t think any of these programs allow you to superimpose these deeds onto a base map… which is what I do. I redraw the deeds and scale to 1″ = 1 mile… then place the image onto a base map also scaled to 1″ = 1 mile. Then it is like a jig saw puzzle where you use creeks, neighbors and other clues.

      There are several reasons the William Coleman property you seek may not be available…
      … was the land inherited from his father or otherwise
      …did he purchase it?
      … was his name misspelled?


      The Mobley patent is found in the NC Land Grants website…

      Don’t get bogged down when only one deed cannot be found… you can surround a missing deed with other deeds…

      Also you can search for possible Granville Grants at the NC Archives as a last resort…

      I will often have a dozen deed descriptions working at one time in an effort to locate someone I am concentrating on..

      Good hunting…



      November 20, 2016 at 5:10 am

  12. Thanks Marc. DeedMapper superimposes it on a background map but you still have to move it to the correct place according to reference pointe I.e. Stream, river, etc. i enjoy using it.

    I’ll see if I can find your email and send you an example.

    Take care.




    November 20, 2016 at 7:44 am

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