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An update from Dec 2017… without re-writing anything below, I am now of the opinion that there was never a Thomas Boon property record dating to 1668. (I have strived to prove such below).  The “earliest” record of a Boon that I can even remotely consider to be a progenitor is the Nich Boon of 1667 or so in Isle of Wight, VA.  I also cannot connect any history to that Nich Boon of IOW… he is still another mystery.  So I am left with only questions concerning the early 1700s Boons of NC.  It does seem clear to me though that the Thomas Boon of Virginia that married the daughter of Mathew Strickland is the one who settled next to Carolus Anderson in 1724 on the Meherrin River. And from the will of Joseph Boon in 1728 that Thomas Boon (of VA) seems to be his brother.  My current theory is that there were 4 or 5 Boon brothers. I have no idea who could be the father other than possibly that Nich Boon from 1667 in IOW……. whew.

Within walking distance of where Thomas Boon (son-in-law of M. Strickland) lived in Virginia was where I think (but cannot prove) that Carolus Anderson grew up and lived until 1710… when George Anderson sold out and disappeared. I also think that Carolus married a daughter of one of these early Boons.

Deal with it… my head hurts.

Boon DNA stuff…

Here is my take on how to get a handle on the earliest BOONS in NC and Isle of Wight…

I would try to identify a proven connection to James Boon of Craven, NC… as identified by this deed:

1 Jan 1739 [F 60] James Boon of Craven County to John Taylor Sen 6 ¬£ for 100 A. on SS Maherrin River adj. Arthur Williams on NS Kirbey’s Creek at Spring Branch. Part of a patent formerly granted to Joseph Boon dated 1 March 1719. Wit: John Dew, jurat, Richard Bailey, James Holland Feb Ct 1739

That James Boon’s father is Joseph Boon who died in 1728… he left him the property mentioned.

That Joseph Boon (in his will of 1728) appears to be the brother of Thomas Boon of IOW who married the daughter of Mathew Strickland. (same signature mark)

That Thomas of IOW left property to his son Ratliff Boon… if an heir can be tested then you have a study base between the IOW and NC descendants.

Below are  details of the IOW Boons:


If any of those folks match… then you have the proof.

The bulk of my research leads to the above conclusions… I welcome any comments from any Boons mentioned.


According to Hugh B. Johnston in a report in 1961 in regard to the Stricklands of IOW… “There does not appear to be reliable documentary evidence of his presence in Isle of Wight county earlier than 1678.”

His reference is evidently the patent on Kingsale Swamp.
Mathew Strickland received 2 large patents… one for 902 acres near Kingsale Swamp in 1678… another several miles north on the Blackwater River for 1802 acres in 1680.

“Matthew STRICKLAND appears to have settled about 1678 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, where he passed the rest of his life. On June 6, 1687, Matthew (M) STRICKLAND gave a power of attorney to John BROWN to execute a deed to William EVANS “by reason of my nonability to travel to court held for this County the 9th of this Instant June” in Isle of Wight County, witnessed by Richard (RB) BOOTH and Elizabeth (S) STRICKLAND.”

On June 6, 1687, Mathew (x) and Elizabeth (E) STRICKLAND of the Lower Parish deeded to William EVANS of the Upper Parish for 4,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 800 acres in the Lower Parish between the Main Swamp of King Sail and Beaver Dam Branch adjoining William COLLINS (from a tract of 902 acres patented by the said STRICKLAND on September 26, 1678, of which 102 acres had been leased to Thomas JONES for ninety-nine years on November 6, 1682, witnessed by John BROWN, Richard (RB) BOOTH, and Robert ® LAWRENCE.

Richard Booth and John Brown had nearby property at Kingsale Swamp.  This is just north of the Nansemond County line. The UPPER patent on the Blackwater River is where Thomas Boon was located. I have no idea WHEN he settled there?

Hugh B. Johnston was of the opinion that Mathew Strickland “Sr” died intestate about 1696…  He seemed confident of these sons:

Children of Matthew and Elizabeth STRICKLAND Sr.
· Matthew Strickland, Jr.


(note the upper patent… look under my scribbling to the base map… it is a historic USGS map made about 1919 or so… you can clearly see “HORSE SWAMP”)

December 8, 1702, Mathew (M) STRICKLAND sold Thomas BOON for 12,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 300 acres in the Lower Parish on Horse Swamp, Blackwater, First Branch, Gum Branch, and the Arthur WHITEHEAD line, witnessed by William JOLLY, James JOLLY, and Adam MURRAY.

On April 26, 1714, Mathew (M) and Anne (A) STRICKLAND (Deed Book 1, pp. 398/399) Newport Parish sold Joseph JACKSON for 4,400 pounds of tobacco 300 acres where they were living north of Main Blackwater adjoining Ann POPE, Thomas BOONE, and Cypress Branch (from a grant of 1,803 acres to my father Mathew STRICKLAND on April 20, 1680), witnessed by William CRUMPLER and John WILLIAMS. (Deed Book 2, 1704-1715, p. 269).

In 1705 Thomas Boon “for eight hundred pounds good tobacco” sold 75 acres to John Long “being a part of a former patent of Wm Williams” “formerly Thomas Curby’s line” “by ye main Blackwater”.  Also stated as a reason for selling was he was “hereunto moveing”.  (the William Williams who owned this land was from just a few patents over in IOW near George Anderson)

Thomas Boon quickly sells 75 acres to John Long… but he kept 75 acres “apparently”…  the question to me is did he “move” from the Horse Swamp property?

William Williams got 2 patents on the south side of Blackwater:

Williams, William. grantee.

Land grant 28 October 1702.

Isle of Wight County.

Description: 600 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp. Beg.g &c. on the top of the hill by the run of the said swamp &c.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 474 (Reel 9).

Williams, William. grantee.

Land grant 24 April 1703.

County location not given.

Description: 400 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater.

Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 519 (Reel 9).


The above property that Thomas Boon purchased was several miles south of the “Horse Swamp” land… it was just a few miles west of Mathew Strickland’s patent in Kingsale:


Of interest also is the William Browne property several miles west of Thomas Boon’s new land.  I’ve never found a Virginia patent for this property and suspect it was all accomplished in North Carolina, which was unusual this far north into Virginia.  Browne had a smaller patent that WAS in the Virginia records.  William Browne died 1718 and about 1720 his widow deeded this land to William Boon.  I think that the wife of William Boon was Browne’s sister Elizabeth (more later). 

Remember that it was only AFTER 1700 that the “new lands” west of the Blackwater River was opened to settlement. When it finally opened up it was as if a dam had burst. But even in 1710 it was still a fight between the 2 colonies as to who controlled this area and the “real estate” honchos were quick to fight it out for the money to be made.

It was not until the Byrd survey of 1728 was the boundary finalized.

Richard Braswell is mentioned in the Philip Ludwell account above.  I find it fascinating that Thomas Boon and William Browne were some of the earliest settlers (or just speculators?) as early as 1702 and 1705. The Braswells, Stricklands, Boons and Brownes intermarried.

I really can’t make a conclusion of what is going on with this Thomas… was this foray south to the Kingsale area just an investment? He still has the land on the “upper” Mathew Strickland patent and he is dealing 1713/1714. Did he move? Is it important?  A later tax list of Chowan County, NC mentions one Thomas Boon as “a Virginian”…  this seems to be him. So I assume it is this guy who gets the 1724 Virginia patent on the NC/VA  border at Meherrin River.   Stay with me now… around 1720 a Thomas Boon in Chowan County is referred to as Thomas Boon “Junior”.  What the hell???  If the North Carolina deed smiths are differentiating between an “older” and a “younger” T. Boon then we may be looking at 3 Thomas Boons alive and kicking at the same time.   I gotta have a drink!  Good Grief!

Thomas Boon is referenced in this 1713 deed… This is Mathew Strickland “Jr” and wife Anne:


Matthew (M) STRICKLAND made his will in Isle of Wight County on July 14, 1730, and it was probated on October 25, 1730. His wife was Anne Brasswell.

The next patent I find for Thomas Boon is 1724… this is next to where Carolus Anderson gets his patent in 1726… it is on the VA and NC border at the Meherrin River.


I just threw in that 1790 patent to keep you on your toes… there was a Thomas Boon associated with that first 1724 patent all those years and beyond… I wanted to stress the “Carolina Line” bit…

Ratcliff Boon seems to stay on the old Thomas Boon property on Horse Swamp (acquired from Mathew Strickland)… Ratcliff dies about 1752… his son adds a few acres in 1771:


Ratcliff Boon  appears to die intestate about 1752 or so when he divides his land to his sons:

1715 -The Great Book, p. 123 (Isle of Wight Co, VA)
– March 8, Ratcliff received a 200 acres lease, adjoining his father
-(recorded Nov 25, 1717)-lease was released March 10, 1715 (wife is listed as Olive)
1723 – The Great Book, p. 591
-Oct 28-Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Boon, his wife, gave a lease deed of 180 acres, adjoining Ratcliff Boon (their son) on Horse Swamp, rec. Nov 25, 1723.
1740 Deed Book 5, p. 591 (Isle of Wight Co, VA)
-March 23-Ratcliff bought 75 acres, adjoining his own acreage, part of a patent of Matthew Strickland
1745 -Deed Book 7, p. 258 (Isle of Wight Co, Va)
-Nov 25-Ratcliff deeded 140 acres adjoining his other acreage to his son, James, witnessed by Thomas Boon
1752 -Deed Book 8, page 444 (Isle of Wight Co, VA)
-Ratcliff deeded 150 acres on the north side of Main Blackwater Swamp to his son, Ratcliff Jr, witnessed by another son, Jamed, recorded March 5, 1752
1752 -Deed Book 8, page 463 (Isle of Wight Co, VA)
-Ratcliff deeded his plantation, 150 acres, to his son, Jacob-recorded June 4, 1752

From the deeds above it appears Ratcliff Boon had three sons… Ratcliff Jr, James and Jacob.  (I have not attempted to trace James and Jacob).

The patent of 1771 shown above is for Ratcliff Boon Junior… grandson of Thomas Boon… he leaves a will in Isle of Wight about 1795.  There is a Chancery Court case about 1799 which lists his widow Patience and sons William, Jesse and Sion.  (Notice that the land description references Horse Swamp and “Stricklings” property… it was in the family for over 100 years).



My interest in the Boons are the (possible?) other sons of Thomas Boon Sr.  It is easy to throw your hands in the air, storm off, get stinking drunk and swear off genealogy forever when trying to dig up these bones.  They proliferated like rabbits and used the same names to great confusion.  I think I’ll stick to the land and neighbors…

One Thomas Boon  removed from IOW around 1723 and settled nearby to Carolus Anderson on the VA/NC border at Maherrin River. Carolus got his patent about 1726… he died 1752 and his will was witnessed by Nicholas and William Boon.  Also nearby was Thomas Pitman.

One William Boon leaves a single record that I have found in IOW…


Note that Philip “Pearce” is of Bertie County, NC.  The Pierce, Wrayford (Rayford) properties in IOW were within a mile or so of the Boon home property of the original Strickland patent.  Philip Pierce is selling some of his (inherited) land in IOW and he likely is in NC when this deed is initiated. The 3 witnesses… Rayford, Geo Pearce and William Boon are likely sons of the original IOW fathers.  At this date of 1731 they are likely also living in Bertie County (which was carved from the earlier CHOWAN County).

A 1721 Chowan tax list has 4 Boons:

James Boone

Joseph Boone

Thomas A Boone

William Boone

A 1723 Jury list for BERTIE County (Acts of the North Carolina General Assembly, 1723, CSR Volume 25, Pages 184-209) has 2 Boons:

Tho: Boon, Jn’r

Wm. Boon

(three names below Thomas is the name “Elias Fourd”… that would be Elias Fort, who witnessed the will of Carolus Anderson’s mother in 1732)

And note this militia list from 1720… Joseph, Nicholas, Thomas and William Boon:  Note also that this is the Meherrin River area.

Patterson Roster

All of these Boons are obviously born prior to 1700.  Note also that one Thomas Boon of these 1720ish records appears to be a “Junior”… the one on the 1721 Chowan list is Thomas “A” Boone (remember that the IOW Thomas had a “mark” of a capital T with a B on the stem. (see the 1705 deed above).

This is purported to be a tax list of 1722… note that he is designated “Virginian”. Perhaps to differentiate him from the T. Boons of North Carolina?   Perhaps he is living north of the Meherrin River and is considered to still be a Virginan who simply also owns land in NC?

TBoon_virginian doc

Back to William Boon… note the witnesses…  the Strickland sons are in the same neighborhood…

Deed Book C, Page 161. (Nov. Court 1729)… Bertie County, NC. William Powell of Isle of Wight County, Va. to James Millikin, 20 pds for 200 acres on NS Roanoke River, bounded by deed given from William Boon, on Beaverdown Branch, part of a patent of 600 acres granted William Boon on March 5, 1712. Wit: William Strickland , John Strickland & Jos. Strickland

William Boon died intestate;  he was married to Elizabeth ____.  No one has figured out his heirs… if any.   My guess is that he was still alive per the 1731 Pierce deed mentioned earlier. But his brothers begin dying off about this time (Joseph Boon died 1728… James Boon died 1733… Nicholas left a will but no death date).

Oddly enough, William Boon had adjoining property to James Anderson near Occoneeche Neck and the Roanoke River… all near modern Halifax, NC.   James was the brother of Carolus Anderson.


pg. 145, James ANDERSON of Chowan Prect. to Robert SIMS of the Prect. afrsd. 11 Nov. 1720, 20 pounds sterling, 100 acres on a Cypress Swamp that makes into Morattock river, joining William BOON, the Cypress Swamp, a Gum Pond and James ANDERSON’s fence, part of a Pattent to William BRASSWELL dated 4 Mar. 1711/12. Wit.: Henry SIMS (his mark), Henry WHEELER. Ack. 5 7ber 1721 by Henry SIMS before me Fred JONES, Ch. Just. Reg. 17 Sept. 1721.

1377 2 Sep 1721 William Boon of Albemarle Co and Elizabeth Boon to Robert Sims of same, 10L 200 a NS Morattock Riv upon the SS of a Cypress Br, joining William Powell and the Br now in the actual possession of the sd. Sims, part of a Patent granted to William Boon 5 Mar 1711/2, Wit Joseph Boon, Nicholas Boon. Ack 5 Sep 1721 by John Bryan by virtue of a Power of Atty from William and Elizabeth Boon.

1378 2 Sep 1721 William Boon of Albermarle Co and Elizabeth Boon to Henry Sims of same, 15L, 200 a joining the Beaverdam Br, William Powell, William Brasswell and John Pace, now in the acutal possession of Henry Sims, part of a patent for 600 a granted to William Boon 11 Nov 1720. Wit Nicholas Boon, Joseph Boon, ack 5 Sep 1721 by John Bryan by virture of power of atty from William and Eliz Boon.

[Bertie County] William Boone and wife Elizabeth to Hubbard Gibson Sr to daughter Mary November 13, 1727 6 pounds 10 sh for 100 ac on NS Marttock River -Cypress swamp-Beaverdam Swamp adj; Wm Strickland Sr.  Robt Sims, Nathan Cooper Thomas Boon Jurat Nov Court 1727    (this is still the Occoneechee property in 1727)

It appears that William Boon had at least 2 patents in the Occoneeche area… 600 acres in 1712 and another 600 acres in 1720.

But these 1721 deeds cause me to be a little suspicious… Wm Boon is cited as “of Albermarle Co” and not Chowan… he also had John Bryan as his power of attorney which seems to indicate he may have been living near the Maherrin River near Carolus Anderson?

William Boon to Carolus Anderson,   May 13, 1728 , ” for and in Consideration of a full and Valuable Consideration in money to me in hand already paid by Carolus Anderson”  200 A part of 423 Ac tract granted to Boon Dec. 3, 1720, on Meherrin River, “Beginning at a hickory tree upon the Great gutt thence running by line of marked trees adjoyning to Jos Boon to the river so down the river to the Country line and along the Country line to the river agin thence down the river to the Great Gutt begun upon and up to the beginning place”   Willm (X) Boon              Wits: Richard(R) Bayley, Natha Cooper   Bertie prect.,  May Court

Note the above William Boon is illiterate and signs with an “X“.

15 July 1721 James Boon of Albemarle Co and Elizabeth my wife to William Boon of Albemarle Co 20 £ 600 acres on the south side of Meherrin River, joining William Boon, meadow branch, John Pace and Braswell all houses, orchards, etc. now in the actual possession of William Boon as by patent to me 5 April 1720. Wit: Robert Hicks.

17 Nov 1730 [C 364] William Boon to William Little 150£ for 550 acres surveyed for James Boon, on WS of Mirey Meadow. 100 A sold to John Bobbit; 100 acres sold to Henry Simes, where Chas. Evans now lives; 150 acres sold by Simes to Wm. Little adj James Simes. Wit: R. Forster, J Pratt NC Ct 1730

All these SIMS boys and William Little lived near Occoneeche Neck.  I think William Little is identified on the 1733 Moseley Map.

It is maddening to figure this out…

Back to the “illiterate” William Boon… George Fort was the father of Elias Fort, a neighbor of these Boons of the Meherrin River area… George Fort died 1719 and note his witnesses:

Signed Sealed and Delivered

In the presence of

William (X) Boon                                     George (GF) ffort

Niccolis (N) Boon


G Fort Sigs

The actual will can be viewed on the NC Archives site…

Elias Fort witnessed the will of Carolus Anderson’s mother in 1733.

Note the witnesses to the Carolus Anderson will of 1752… these guys signed their names:

Witness my hand and Seal this 10th day of February 1752

Sign’d Seal’d and acknowledg’d

to be the Last Will & Testam’t

of Carolus Anderson in presence of                                  Carolus  CA  Anderson  his mark/seal

Nicholus Boon

William Boon        Jurant

C And _Sigs

So… I’m thinking the parents (first generation) are illiterate and the sons (second generation) “lernt to spel”!  Which is a means to figure out the deeds… If only I had access to the damn deeds!… which I don’t… I live in Florida which is a long drive to the Chowan records.


As I said, Wm Boon died intestate… details unknown.  Here are some notes on 3 other of the “apparent” brothers:

Joseph Boon d.1728









James Boon d.1733  wife Elizabeth


none named in will


Mary m. John Wynns

Eliza m. John Early

Nicholas Boon d.              wife Mary


Nicholas (dwelling plantation)








William Boon

Thomas Boon, Junr


I think, but can’t prove, that Carolus married a Boon (his wife was named Mary) but you see Mary was a common name for the Boons.  From the above though, it seems plausible that Nicholas may be the culprit… he had sons Nicholas and William (who likely signed the will of Carolus) and he had a daughter Mary.  But then the intestate William Boon may have named sons the same?

An avenue of hope for further research is the CHOWAN deeds and records.  They are not online.  I viewed some a couple of years ago at the Raleigh Archives but did not have time to muddle through the details.  Signatures and Land references may help sort out the mysteries.  Abstracts just don’t cut the mustard… we need to view the real things.

The wife of the early William Boon seems to be a sister of William Browne… per this will:

Will of William Brown 15 Dec 1718 – recorded 21 July 1719 [SS 341 p 84 NC wills]

In the name of God Amen, this 15th day of December in the year of our Lord God 1718 – I William Brown in ye county of Albermarle in ye province of North Carolina, am sick and week . . .

I bequeath to my Lawful wife my bed and furniture and my horse Tobe and a horse Cate.

I bequeath to my eldest son John ye Manner Plantation and one hundred and fifty acres of land;

to my son Thomas one hundred and fifty acres of land joyning to his brother John;

to my son Jacob one hundred and fifty acres of land up Cyprus gritt joying upon his brother Thomas;

to my daughter Ann one hundred and fifty acres of land lying upon the head of her brother John;

to John Carver fifty acres of land and ye place which his father was kild lying between two branches;

to my daughter Martha one hundred and fifty acres of land joining upon Carver;

to my daughter Mary one hundred and fifty acres of land between Martha and ye head line;

to my daughter Sarah one hundred and fifty acres of land and ye southmost fork.

The remaining part of ye land I leave holy and truly to my sonnes disposing. My hold desire is for my wife to have ye remaining part of my estate to be equally divided between her and my seven children excepting one hundred acres of land to William Boon a brother.

I do make and desire choice of Thomas Manders and my wife as executors. All children under age.

Wits: Thomas Manders [Mandue], Thomas Smith, Martha Brown.

William Browne married Martha Brasswell, daughter of Richard Bracewell d.1725 in IOW.  (She remarried to William Murphy) Since no daughter Elizabeth is mentioned in his will, I assume she was a sister to Browne. Another Bracewell daughter was Anne who married Mathew Strickland Jr.  These relationships can be seen in the various land deals.

(Also consider the obvious… William Browne and his brother Thomas Browne die 1718 and 1719… if their sister Elizabeth Browne married William Boon then she would be of that generation and age… even if a bit younger she would be up to dying also about this time… 1720s -1730s?)


However… (and now you catch me having an argument with myself)… I have gone to great pains in another Page on William Browne being the son of John Browne (Indian Trader of Nansemond).  In that compilation I arrived at the conclusion that a sister of William Browne was Elizabeth who married John Joyner.  This brings up numerous questions… 1. am I correct in both cases?  2. was she a younger half-sister by another mother?  …. bottom line- I have the same woman married to William Boon and also John Joyner.


Chowan Deek Bk W#1 193: Martha Brown of Albemarle Co, Widow and Extr. of William Brown decd. to Thomas Boone of the Province of NC. 17 Oct 1719 for 30 bbls of Pitch. 380 A. on the N side of Meherrin River part of 640 A granted to my husband William Brown 29 Nov 1716, the sd. land now in possession of Thomas Boon who was seized and possessed of the same by my husband in his lifetime. Wit: James Bate, Thomas Boon. signed Martha Brown, Thomas Mandew who is —- with me in my decd. husband’s will signed by John Dew attorney.

I would love to see some of these early signatures/marks…  since William Boon seems to live in two places (Occoneechee Neck on the Roanoke and the Meherrin River area) I wonder if it was a father and son with the same name?  It is apparent to me that these sons of the early Thomas Boon of IOW are fairly old by the time they are stomping around NC… it seems their sons would be of age to buy their own land by the 1720s or so.

Consulting 2 Hofmann abstracts (NC 1663-1729)… she notes a William Boon Sr & Jr:

2275  pg 190   William Boon  1 March 1719/20   430 acres in Chowan precinct on ye S. side of Maherron River, joining William Boon SR. and ye Slat Branch  Wit: Cha. Eden, This. Pollock, Fre. Jones, Rich. Sanderson, John Hecklefield

2276  pg 190   Thomas Boon  1 March 1719/20  520 acres in Chown precinct on ye S. side of Maherron River, joining William Boon JR., ye Slab branch, and ye Cream Pond Swamp   Wit: same as above

So… one mystery solved…  but they may or may not be father/son… perhaps just older/younger…  They had adjoining property on “Slab branch” on the South Side of Meherrin River in 1720.

Some further clues…

BERTIE Precinct, NC   B-406
May 13, 1728 Wiliam Boon to Carolus Anderson, ” for valuable consideration” 200 ac on Meherrin River, the Great Gutt, Boon and the county line…part of 423 ac tract granted to Boon Dec. 3, 1720.
Wits: Richard Bayley, Nathaniel Cooper Pro May crt

Feb. 7, 1736, Nicholas Boon to Carolus Anderson, 150 AC SE/S Coreway(sic) Swamp, part of patent to Thos. Boon, 250 A Aug. 4, 1723, Wits: Thos Boon, John Dickenson, John Brient

Aug. 10, 1736 Joseph Boon to Carowlus (sic) Anderson, 50 Ac on Meherrin Riv. at Great gut, being part of patent to William Boon., 423 A Dec. 3, 1720 Wit: John Dew, John Worrell

Oct. 16, 1739-Carolus Anderson to Benjamin Cobb, for 10 pds, part of patent granted THOMAS BOON for 250 Ac. dated Aug. 4, 1723, on SE/S Conoray Swamp, sd. land now in possess of sd. Cobb Wit: Joseph Cobb, Jr., Nicholas Boon, Abraham Stevenson May Crt., 1740

Oct. 16, 1739 John Bryant to Carolus Anderson, for 5 pds., 100 A part of tract sold by William Bennet to Thomas Boon, Jun. and by Boon transferred to John Bryant, deed dated Nov. 9, 1724., Part of a patent for 600 AC granted William Bennett, dated 1723-land on S/S Meherrin River adj. John Nelson, William Boon. Wit: John Briant, John Deberry, Sarah Revett. May crt, 1740

All of these land transfers between the Boons and Carolus Anderson is why I suspect he married into the family… also the witnesses to his will…but no “smoking gun” proof…  

Oct. 17, 1739 Nicholas Boon to Arthur Stevenson, 125 A S/S Meherrin Riv adj. Carolus Anderson, Elias Fort, Joseph Strickland, Wm. Eldridge, Robert Cobb, Arthur Stevenson, pat. Dec 3, 1720

Nov. 4, 1739-Nicholas Boon to Robert Cobb, 20 pds., 165 A S/S Meherring Riv- purch. of Wm Bennett 5/14/1723. Wits: CHARLES Anderson, Joseph Cobb, Jr., Abraham Stevenson, Nov. Crt, 1739

Sept, 15, 1741- James Tiner to Samuel Strickland, 20 pds., 150 AC S/S Kerby’s Cr. part of patent to Thos. Manden 4/1/1723 Wit: J. Dew, Carolus Anderson Nov. crt, 1741


With what appears to be a wealth of information above about those Boons I really can’t figure out squat about where they came from or how they were related.


This deed makes absolutely no sense to me… it figured it must be a typo…

[6 Feb 1754] Nicholas Boon to John Braswell, both of Northampton for 41.1.6 pds VA, 490 acres in sd Co., part of a pat. granted to Mr. Thomas Boon, decd, May 1, 1668, beginning at the mouth of a branch known by the name of Know Bottom, so up the sd branch bending on George Seller’s line to ye head line of the patent so then bending on the sd patent line to the first station. Wit: Thomas Boon, Wm. Murfree. Ackd. February Court 1754.   the typo can’t be 1768…. 

I mean… about the only folks in Northampton in 1668 were Indians and perhaps a few wayward Indian Traders… bears… deer… it was a wilderness.

Unless it was 1698… Virginia Law prohibited settling South of the Blackwater River… but North Carolina Law did not.  So it seems “a” Thomas Boon may have settled that early?  If the abstract is correct then this deed is remarkable!

Skeptic that I am, I had my friend Traci track it down…

Lo and behold there seems no doubt it is indeed 1668-  see eighth line down in the text:

ThomasBoon1668 reference1754

To further understand why I am “incredulous” about a 1668 deed see this link for a glimpse of history:


I find it silly now that I was confounded into seriously thinking Thomas Boon actually obtained land in North Carolina in 1668.  I will try to put this nonsense to rest.

Great Deed 16681

Simply put, there was an entirely common sense reason that these early settlers made reference to “The Great Deed of 1668″… they saved money on their quit rents (Tax!).

Whitehall Thursday June 22. 1732

Mr Shelton Secretary to the late Lords Proprietors of Carolina attending he was desired to give the Board an account of the Grand Deed from the said Lords Proprietors in 1668 under which the inhabitants pretend a right of paying but 2 shgs per hundred acres for land in North Carolina which he promised to do accordingly.

Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain

Great Britain. Board of Trade

June 07, 1732 – December 06, 1732

Volume 03, Pages 394-398

Below is a perfect example of which I refer… William Bush proudly proclaimed his land as being under the Great Patent.  (Saving Money!)

Wm Bush patents

That’s the proof folks… Thomas Boon did not obtain that patent in 1668… it is more reasonable to assume it was after 1700… (date still unknown).



Map is the Meherrin area I discuss… Thomas, William and Nicholas were here… perhaps James.  I think Joseph and again, perhaps, James were further south…  James was associated with Sessions and Wynns. There was apparently another Joseph Boon(e) who appears to come from South Carolina… you can find numerous records for him at the NC Archives online… a great source:

This site shows many of the wills I discuss:


My next mission is to try to plot where the Boon properties were in North Carolina… I have some ideas how to do that…
The land that gets my major attention now is that 1668 patent to Thomas Boon (which may be fairly easy to determine because of the 1754 deed which mentions it)…

[6 Feb 1754] Nicholas Boon to John Braswell, both of Northampton for 41.1.6 pds VA, 490 acres in sd Co., part of a pat. granted to Mr. Thomas Boon, decd, May 1, 1668, beginning at the mouth of a branch known by the name of Know Bottom, so up the sd branch bending on George Seller’s line to ye head line of the patent so then bending on the sd patent line to the first station. Wit: Thomas Boon, Wm. Murfree. Ackd. February Court 1754.  (I have discredited the 1668 date… it was more likely after 1700).

Looking at the folks in that deed… Nicholas “could” be the one who signed Carolus Anderson’s will in 1752?  The Thomas is “perhaps” his grandfather?

Hmmm…figure out exactly where George Seller’s land was in 1754… I think I did it…


A bit of an update… I am a stickler for details…

Some more meat to digest… this is in reference to the “T.B.” Boon of which I am still gathering data (proof). I am unable to “grab” an image of the 1728 will of Joseph Boon from the NC Archives site (the damn thing won’t load as an image… I suspect that it may also contain this same “T.B.” Boon as a witness)

Boon to Rasberry 1707

Note where Rasberry (Rasbury) winds up with a patent in 1713… (see my map above for details)

Rasberry patent 1713

Mandue to Boon1719

Here is a transcript of Joseph Boon’s will of 1728:

Joseph Boon Will, Bertie Pct., NC-Written: Feb.19,1728 Prov: October 19, 1728 (Son of Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Strickland of IOW Co, Va

I Joseph Boon: Being very sick and weak of body but in perfect memory: Do give and dispose of what worldly estate God hath been pleased to endow me with: I give and dispose after this manner following:
First I bequeath my soul to God who gave it. And my body to be buried After a decent manner, According as my Executors shall feel Convenient.
Item: I give unto my son James Boon one certain tract or division of land granted by patent in my son James Boon’s own name:
Item: I give unto my son Joseph Boon one hundred acres of land lying upon Ochonechy Neck at Roanoak:
Item: I give unto my son Thomas Boon one hundred and eighty acres: it being part of a tract of land containing 480 acres granted by patent: Baring Date ye first Day of March 1719: Lying ye South side of Mahering River:
Item: I give unto my son Ratcliff Boon my —- Dwelling plantation containing 380 acres: I say unto my son Call ?after for his mother’s ——–.
Item: I give unto my son James Boon my —- Gun:
Item: I give unto my son Joseph Boon my —— Gun:
(here there is a blank area in the copy of the will used for this transcription)
………………… Boon one certain Gray mare ……. to …….. each of them one.
Item: I give unto my sister Martha Bayley a hifer and calf …….. ye:
Item: I give to my son Thomas Boon my Siord: ( sword)
Item: I give unto my son James Boon one iron pot and a small one when he comes of ye age Sixteen years:
Item: I give unto my two daughters Mary and Elizabeth, for each of them one Cow and Calf:
Item: I give unto my Loving wife Mary Rest of my moveable estate …. and ….. for her to enjoy during her life and afterwards to be disposed to among my children:
And I desire my two young horses to be sold and ye produce of them to be disposed toward ye payment of my debts:
I appoint my Loving wife Executor of this my Last Will and Testament:
The Last will and Testament of Joseph Boon Testator: To witness my hand
This 19th day of Feb: 1728
Joseph Boon ( his mark (an E))
Witness our hands: signed sealed in ye presence of us
Thomas Boon (his mark ( a T and B on the same vertical line) Nathaniel Cooper ( in the same hand as the rest of the will)
1728-October 19, Will was probated


Note that Sadie Sparks opines: “(Son of Thomas Boon & Elizabeth Strickland of IOW Co, Va”  .   Obviously I disagree… in my opinion they appear to be brothers.  Since a son of Joseph Boon (Thomas) is a devisee in the will, I don’t think he could also be a witness.  (any lawyer comments?)

Bottom line… I am suspect that a Thomas Boon who obtained land in NC in 1668 would still be alive and kicking in 1728… if indeed the same “T.B.” Boon as the other documents above signed the will of Joseph Boon in 1728 ( I would lean to the idea it was a brother).

My guess is that the T.B. Boon who came from Isle of Wight was the son of the T. Boon of NC 1668???   Let us think in simple terms… per the NC patent of 1668- that Thomas Boon is likely born prior to 1648. Per the 1728 will of Joseph Boon “that’ T.B Boon is still alive and his death date is undetermined…. at the very least he would be 80 years of age… it is not impossible but very unlikely in my opinion.

I am curious where the 1723 death date of “a” Thomas Boon ‘supposedly’ of Isle of Wight came from?  I see it all over various web sites… was it Rupert Farnham Thompson research?  Where is any proof?

*** So I have finally got my hands on the will of Joseph Boon 1728…


Note the signature mark for Thomas Boon (Capital T with the B on the stem)… and below is another image of the 1705 sig mark to compare…


This seems to prove that the Thomas Boon with wife Elizabeth Strickland witnessed the will of Joseph Boon in 1728.


A hat tip to Forrest King…

Mr. King offers some interesting snippets of info concerning one Nicholas Boon of Isle of Wight in his piece on Mathew Strickland.

King, Forrest. “Descendants of Mathew Strickland (1648-1696) Through Four Generations,” North Carolina Genealogical Journal, Vol. 34, No. 2 (May 2008);111-142; Vol. 34, No. 3 (Aug. 2008):219-252; Vol. 34, No. 4 (Nov. 2008):293-326.

It is possible that Thomas Boon is the son of the Nicholas Boon who is found in the Isle of Wight records starting from 7 Feb 1667[92] when he owes money to William Ruffin, to 1694 when he owes money to the father of George Greene.[93] Nicholas was a follower of Nathaniel Bacon during Bacon’s Rebellion.He signed a petition of clemency in Isle of Wight in 1676.[94] On 7 Jul 1684, Nicholas was mentioned in the estate of Thomas Pitt.[95] “

This is the first concrete evidence I have seen that this Nicholas Boon had a presence in IOW other that that 1667 petition.


A random thought….

I find it interesting that the 1717 Chowan census lists only James Boon… yet the 1721 census has four Boons.  The bulk of the Boons who settled around Meherrin River obtained their patents for land in 1723.

Thomas Boon of Virginia received his patent for land on Meherrin River (from Virginia and not North Carolina) in 1724.

Is there something of importance here or just coincidence?


Another random thought…

This is a list from the site where i pull extant records of early NC patents.

The below men are who I “think” were brothers.  I am hesitant to include the JAMES Boon… simply because he was literate. (unless there were simply two James at the same period).  This James Boon seems to me to be a bit more “upper-class” than the other illiterate Boons. (I am simply speculating… I have no proof).  There appears to have been a merchant trader from London in the early 1700s who shows up in some records. I am curious if there “may” have been a relationship of this James Boon and the Joseph Boone in the Colonial records.

Here is a hard reference to the Joseph Boone I mention:

House of Lords Journal Volume 18: 5 March 1706

Complaint against Acts in Carolina.

Upon reading the Petition of William Lord Craven, One of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina; praying further Time, to be heard to the Petition of Joseph Boone Merchant, and others, relating to some (fn. 1) Act made in Carolina; as also at the Request of the Lord Granville and other Proprietors, that further Time may be allowed for the hearing them:

Proprietors further Time to be heard about them.

It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That the Matters relating to the Province of Carolina, upon the Petition of Mr. Boone, shall be taken into Consideration on Saturday next, at Twelve a Clock; and all the Lords summoned to attend.


The other brothers? could not write and used “marks”.

  • Bookout, Silas Lincoln (1); 42 acres, 1829
  • Bool Head Mountain Wilkes (1); 75 acres, 1801oomer Township Wilkes (8); 76 acres, 1903-1918
  • Boomer, H. S. Hyde (1); 4 acres, 1891
  • Boon Fork Watauga (1); 19 acres, 1868
  • Boon, Alfred Brunswick (2); 300 acres, 1845-1847
  • Boon, Benjamin Nash (1); 640 acres, 1779
  • Boon, Daniel Alamance (1); 5 acres, 1855
  • Boon, David Davidson TN (2); 1280 acres, 1793
  • Boon, Edward Rowan (1); 595 acres, 1784
  • Boon, Elisha Davidson TN (1); 640 acres, 1787
  • Boon, Garret Yancey (1); 48 acres, 1870
  • Boon, Jacob Guilford (2), Orange (1), Northampton (1), plus 1 grant in 1 other county; total 5 grants and 1171 acres, 1787-1830
  • Boon, Jacob, Jr. Orange (1); 101 acres, 1784
  • Boon, James Chowan (4), Yancey (2), Bertie (2), plus 2 grants in 2 other counties; total 10 grants and 3982 acres, 1715-1854
  • Boon, Jesse Ashe (4), Burke (3), Caldwell (1); total 8 grants and 505 acres, 1792-1848 Boon, Joab Davidson TN (1); 640 acres, 1789 Boon, Joel Guilford (1); 20 acres, 1854 Boon, John Rowan (2), Orange (1), Northampton (1), plus 2 grants in 2 other counties; total 6 grants and 1875 acres, 1738-1790
  • Boon, Jonathan Burke (2); 200 acres, 1792-1794 Boon, Joseph Johnston (7), Chowan (2), Davidson TN (1), plus 2 grants in 2 other counties; total 12 grants and 2679 acres, 1719-1787
  • Boon, Joseph, Jr. Johnston (3); 334 acres, 1782 Boon, Lewis Nash (1); 68 acres, 1803 Boon, Nicholas Bertie (3), Northampton (2), New Hanover (1); total 6 grants and 1351 acres, 1723-1818
  • Boon, Patrick Davidson TN (1); 640 acres
  • Boon, Ratcliff Johnston (3), Surry (2); total 5 grants and 950 acres, 1768-1784
  • Boon, Ratline Craven (1); 100 acres
  • Boon, Soloman Washington TN (1); 100 acres, 1794
  • Boon, Stephen Duplin (1); 100 acres, 1780
  • Boon, Thomas Bertie (2), Surry (1), Northampton (1), plus 4 grants in 4 other counties; total 8 grants and 2784 acres, 1719-1784
  • Boon, William Sampson (4), Northampton (3), Chowan (1); total 8 grants and 1118 acres, 1719-1800
  • Boone Creek Cumberland (1); 50 acres, 1790
  • Boone Fork Watauga (1); 100 acres, 1853
  • Boone Township Watauga (7); 67 acres, 1903-1911
  • Boone’s Fork Burke (4), Caldwell (2); total 6 grants and 1739 acres, 1789-1889 Boone, Aaron Tennessee TN (1); 640 acres, 1793
  • Boone, David Bertie (1); 177 acres, 1723 Boone, J. K. Jackson (1); 100 acres, 1888 Boone, James Chowan (1), Davidson TN (1), Bertie (1); total 3 grants and 1715 acres, 1716-1789
  • Boone, Jesse Burke (3); 700 acres, 1790 Boone, John Rowan (1); 266 acres, 1783 Boone, Jonathan Burke (3), Rowan (1); total 4 grants and 991 acres, 1755-1805 Boone, Jonathan, Jr. Burke (2); 200 acres, 1800
  • Boone, Joseph Johnston (1), Wayne (1); total 2 grants and 116 acres, 1783-1785 Boone, Joshua Tennessee TN (1); 640 acres, 1793 Boone, Nicholas New Hanover (2); 82 acres, 1816 Boone, Squire Rowan (1); 640 acres, 1753
  • Boones Gap Wilkes (2), Alexander (1); total 3 grants and 300 acres, 1782-1869 Boones Mill Pond Burke (1); 50 acres, 1802

The earliest property record I can find is for a William Boon in 1712.

16 July 1720 William Boon of Chowan Prect. to John Bryant of Isle of Wight Co VA 8£ current money 100 acres more or less on the north side of Menherring river, joining Matthew Rushing, the second branch and the river now in the actual possession of John Bryan all houses, orchards, gardens, etc. part of a 640 acres granted to William Browne 29 Nov 1706. Wit: Benjamin Foreman, Elias Fort

10 July 1721 William Boon of Chowan Prect. to William Powell of the Lower Parish of Isle of Wight Co VA 11£ current money of VA 200 acres more or less on the north side of Roanoke River in Ocanocha Neck, joining the Beaver Dam branch and the Edge of a Pond now in his Peaceable possession part of a Pattent for 600 acres granted to William Boon 5 Mar 1712 Wit: Thomas Boon, Robert Hicks

William Boon married the sister of William Browne.  From that I conjecture that at least William Boon may have been  around NC as early as 1706???  That seems to be the earliest “North Carolina” date that I can attribute to any of these Boons. That does not mean they were not there… it is just the earliest date I can consider.

…….an aside…  see what I did just above… I said “William Boon married the sister of William Browne”… That may be entirely incorrect.

The Braswell researchers started me on that idea… and it all may well be a goofy mistranslation-  note William Browne’s will below:

Will of William Browne 1718

Dec 1718… County of arbarmarll… sick and weak…

… to wife… bed, furniture, horse “toby”…

—-fold—– illegible

… fifty acres of Land belonging to yt (?) and my Riding horse “ball”… mare, cow, bed (etc)…

… son Thomas… 150 acres joining his brother John “Siprus gutt”… horse

… son Jacob… 150 acres… “Siprus gutt” joining brother Thomas… horse

… daughter Ann… 150 acres at “head of brother John”

… to John Carver… 50 acres at ye place where his father was kild…

… daughter Martha… 150 acres… joining upon Carver

… dau Mary… 150 acres… between Martha and head Line…

… dau Sarah… 150 acres at ye ________? fort

… remaining land… to be Equaly devided between her and seven children excepting 100 acres to William Boon at other side mahe/ page cut off  ( maherin?) River

… Thomas Mandeu & my wife executors

… I desire my son John to _____? with his mother… he is of age 19… likewise “her” son Thomas live with his mother til 19… likewise “her” son Jacob… likewise her daughter Ann til 18… likewise Martha til 18… Sarah …18

… son Thomas & Jacob a gun…

Wm Brown (signed with a signature and a mark… seemingly both his)

Thomas Mandeu

Thomas Smith

Martha (X) Brown

abstract by Marc Anderson 2013

Braswell researchers have concluded that the line:

to be Equaly devided between her and seven children excepting 100 acres to William Boon at other side mahe/ page cut off  ( maherin?) River

 where I have transcribed “at other side mahe”… according to their transcription is

“excepting 100 acres to William Boon ‘a brother'”

Obviously I disagree… and I am unsure of another so-called proof that William Boon and William Browne were brothers-in-law.  But the fact that he left property to him could show a relationship. But I still contest that the will says “a brother”.   …glad to get that out of my system.

Here is the “very nicely typed” but very wrong transcription of William Brown’s will of 1718:
Will of William Brown 15 Dec 1718 – recorded 21 July 1719 [SS 341 p 84 NC wills]
In the name of God Amen, this 15th day of December in the year of our Lord God 1718 – I William Brown in ye county of Albermarle in ye province of North Carolina, am sick and week . . .
I bequeath to my Lawful wife my bed and furniture and my horse Tobe and a horse Cate.
I bequeath to my eldest son John ye Manner Plantation and one hundred and fifty acres of land;
to my son Thomas one hundred and fifty acres of land joyning to his brother John;
to my son Jacob one hundred and fifty acres of land up Cyprus gritt joying upon his brother Thomas;
to my daughter Ann one hundred and fifty acres of land lying upon the head of her brother John;
to John Carver fifty acres of land and ye place which his father was kild lying between two branches;
to my daughter Martha one hundred and fifty acres of land joining upon Carver;
to my daughter Mary one hundred and fifty acres of land between Martha and ye head line;
to my daughter Sarah one hundred and fifty acres of land and ye southmost fork.
The remaining part of ye land I leave holy and truly to my sonnes disposing. My hold desire is for my wife to have ye remaining part of my estate to be equally divided between her and my seven children excepting one hundred acres of land to William Boon a brother.
I do make and desire choice of Thomas Manders and my wife as executors. All children under age.
Wits: Thomas Manders [Mandue], Thomas Smith, Martha Brown.

Another reference to William Boon in 1712: 

SURRY COUNTY, VA – WILLS AND ESTATES – Maj. Arthur Allen, 1712 ————–いいい————– Estate: Maj. Arthur Allen, Southmark, Surry Co, VA 1712

The Estate of Maj. Arthur Allen, Deceased

To pd William Boon 430

(I think the son of Allen had property in Southampton, VA… so this is not a big deal?)

Here is the earliest date I can associate with the Thomas Boon of Virginia (married daughter of Strickland)

December 8, 1702, Mathew (M) STRICKLAND sold Thomas BOON for 12,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 300 acres in the Lower Parish on Horse Swamp, Blackwater, First Branch, Gum Branch, and the Arthur WHITEHEAD line, witnessed by William JOLLY, James JOLLY, and Adam MURRAY.

So this appears to be the reason some folks think the Thomas Boon of Virginia was the progenitor of the NC Boons… I don’t see it. Especially when I think I have proved that Thomas Boon was still kicking when he signed the Will of Joseph Boon in 1728.

Try this on for size and see if it fits… William Boon died intestate… but we know that he was illiterate.  So to my mind, he died after 1728.  The William Boon who signed Carolus’s will could sign his name.

William Boon to Carolus Anderson,   May 13, 1728 , ” for and in Consideration of a full and Valuable Consideration in money to me in hand already paid by Carolus Anderson”  200 A part of 423 Ac tract granted to Boon Dec. 3, 1720, on Meherrin River, “Beginning at a hickory tree upon the Great gutt thence running by line of marked trees adjoyning to Jos Boon to the river so down the river to the Country line and along the Country line to the river agin thence down the river to the Great Gutt begun upon and up to the beginning place”   Willm (X) Boon              Wits: Richard(R) Bayley, Natha Cooper   Bertie prect.,  May Court


Do you know of anything earlier?

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January 18, 2014 at 9:54 am

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  1. Fascinating information. I will pass it along to my big brother. We are descended from Elizabeth Ratcliffe and Thomas Boon’s son Joseph. Thanks so much for sharing your research.


    Mary Boone

    August 23, 2014 at 11:19 am

  2. Absolutely wonderful research and commentary. I hope to follow it even further. I also descend from the Thomas Boon’s but do not believe the Elizabeth was a Ratcliffe but a Strickland. I will be back to read this site more often and to study it in detail. I also enjoyed your humor.
    My Boon’s came into NC down into SC over into GA and the female Boon joined my Davises line down into Alabama and Florida.
    I am in Fl, as well, and wish I could help you with your research.
    Again, thank you for all your work.


    Elizabeth Davis Angus

    September 17, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    • Hi Elizabeth

      This is the bulk of my dozen + years of researching these guys… and I’m still perplexed. I welcome direct Boon descendants especially because you guys gnaw on the bones a bit more passionately (smiling). Still lots of leads to follow… use the search box on the right of the site under “Pages”. The 1668 reference to T. Boon in NC has me pulling my hair out.

      To speculate… for no other reason than to start a fight… what if an early Thomas Boon from NC moved to Virginia and married a Ratcliff and his son Thomas married a daughter of Strickland and moved back to NC?




      September 18, 2014 at 3:38 am

      • You are a pot stirrer……lol

        There are many Boon researchers who are way, way further ahead in the Boonology than I am. I still work full time so I don’t have as much time as I would like. I do love it though. I did forward the link to your work here to an old Boon researcher who was a professional at one point in time. She is now advancing in age and memory but, she was in awe of the work you had done. She said she had done the same thing in one segment of the SC Boon’s but had to put it away.

        Have you worked with these researchers ?
        Lots of stuff there.

        I will be looking more closely at what you have. I just began correspondence with a lady on Ancestry who is a Boon researcher. She sounds like she has good genealogy bones once I convinced her that Elizabeth wasn’t a Ratcliffe but a Strickland. The records are there, do not take anything for granted.

        Enough for now. Thank you for all your efforts.


        Elizabeth Davis Angus

        September 18, 2014 at 9:08 am

  3. I’m familiar with that site… if there is a free Google link, I have been there at some point. I dont do any longer… too commercial in my opinion.

    That 1668 NC deed seems to have everyone stumped… folks seem to link it to Isle of Wight… it clearly is NC (again, in my opinion)

    I have a copy of the deed… I’ll try to fish it up when I have time… (still have a day job myself).



    September 18, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    • When you get some time, I would like to see the deed..

      If there is anything I can look up on, just ask me, as I have a membership. I am glad to do lookups. This is a very good cause.


      Elizabeth Davis Angus

      September 18, 2014 at 4:37 pm

      • I added the 1668 deed reference in the text…

        Not to beat a dead horse but I think this turns upside down any previous accounts of Thomas Boon originating in Isle of Wight. I suggest Boon researchers should erase any previous theories from their chalkboards and start from scratch.



        September 21, 2014 at 7:11 am

  4. Please bear with me as you are so far ahead of me as a reseacher, I stand in awe. You are saying that you think Thomas Boon originated in NC (due to the deed of land) and he either immigrated or the family then showed up in the Isle of Wight ? Please, I don’t have my notes with me, I am at work, so I don’t remember the chronology and dates, etc.

    I do not have a direct male Boon descendant but I correspond with a former Boon researcher that did the DNA.
    He is tied with the IOW Boons and we have determined that two of our Boon ancestors are either brothers or Uncle and nephew.

    I could spend weeks, just reading and looking at what you have done here. I know I sound really stupid but I am trying to get it straight in my head what you are saying. There is so much here to digest.


    Elizabeth Davis Angus

    September 21, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    • I honestly don’t know what I am asking. sorry.


      Elizabeth Davis Angus

      September 21, 2014 at 1:41 pm

      • I’m asking more questions than delivering answers:) A decade ago I ran across a Boon site that repudiated much of the current stuff scattered across the web (the Ratcliff wife supposition, the early “Nic” Boon of IOW and such…) he then began speculating there might be a Barbados immigrant…. There simply isn’t enough concrete info for anyone to connect the early father(s?) and sons.

        Yes I am speculating Thomas Boon originated in NC… this would be 10 years before Mathew Strickland even shows up in Isle of Wight with his first patent. This “could” mean that the first T Boon was of contemporary age to M Strickland Sr. It “could” mean that the “son?” married the Strickland daughter.

        I think I show in my notes above there were at least 3 distinct T Boons in the early 1700s… one in IOW and 2 in NC. Perhaps it was father, son and grandson… I don’t know?



        September 21, 2014 at 5:51 pm

  5. I too am trudging through the early Boon Family in Virginia. I know that that Thomas Boone did not marry Elizabeth Ratcliffe (odd, since my middle name is Ratcliffe); I do believe he was married to Elizabeth Strickland. You have done a more thorough and exhausting amount of work on this, do you agree with this? Also Did any of the early Boon’s marry into the Axtell family? I have two volumes of Thompson’s Thomas Boon of IOW. What do we know about the earliest Thomas Boon who came from Enfield, London?


    William Ratcliffe Boone

    August 9, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    • Hi William

      The only “Axtell” that I have found for early Boones was of the South Carolina clan found in this 1912 article:

      The Baronies of South Carolina
      Henry A. M. Smith
      The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine
      Vol. 13, No. 2 (Apr., 1912), pp. 71-83

      I see no reason to associate that Joseph Boone clan with the Boones of early IOW or Chowan County, NC.
      (The dates for this clan is much later than the Boones I research in VA and NC)

      Due to my frustration with the nonsense on the web, I have tried to start with a clean slate and do original research from primary records. I have attempted to add secondary records from maps that I have made.

      With that said… I have arrived at the conclusion that there was a Thomas Boone in NC in 1668. I think that any chance of finding any proof of that early Thomas might possibly be found in the earliest Chowan records. Unfortunately that record group is not anywhere online that I can find. (I refer to the original images… not transcripts).
      Since Thomas Boone married Eliz. Strickland in Virginia, then the only possibility for a Ratcliffe connection would be a possible first wife who died… I have found no proof of that.




      August 10, 2015 at 4:00 am

  6. Regarding Thomas of the 1668 grant – There are parish records for Enfield, Middlesex, England that note the following:

    Nicholas Boon baptism 14 May 1609 parent: Thomas
    This Nicholas married Ann Androwes on 3 Jun 1634
    Thomas Boon baptism 31 Aug 1637
    Nicholas Boon baptism 15 Oct 1640

    Could this be the Thomas who married Elizabeth Strickland?

    According to the same records, Thomas (father of Nicholas born 1609) was the son of Johannis Boone and was born in 1577.

    I have met myself coming and going so many times trying to figure out the Boons and Browns that I am now my own best friend.


    Jane Sands

    June 29, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    • Wouldn’t it be nice to make that link? Unfortunately the only reference to a “Nicholas” I have seen is the mysterious “Nic Boone” in a vague reference in IOW. Thats it for an early reference.

      I share your frustration… and am smiling at your being your own best friend… LOL.




      June 30, 2016 at 4:12 am

    • I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I got to your last line. Thanks for the laugh. Priceless.


      Elizabeth Davis Angus

      July 6, 2016 at 3:42 pm

  7. Is that reference the 1677 petition in Isle of Wight?

    I saw another, very vague reference to Nicholas Boon as a merchant of London. But that makes me wonder if the any of the Boons were on a passenger list for the ship “Merchant of London.”


    Jane Sands

    June 30, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    • This is what I’ve seen:
      “The name “Nich Boone” appears on a petition signed by residents of Isle of Wight County dated October, 1677.In the same year he was involved in an undescribed court suit.”

      This was the time of Bacon’s Rebellion and England sent agents over to get to the crux of the problem with the colonists. (The colonists were a bit miffed).

      Any passenger list would help the theory…

      There is a record group from IOW that is not digitized and available online I would love to see… Blanche Chapman did the abstracts for “Wills and Administrations” from the early 1600s…

      See for the abstracts.
      Wills and administrations bk I 1647-1719 (Virginia, IOW)

      At our level of research the abstracts just don’t cut the mustard.



      July 1, 2016 at 3:57 am

      • I have the Chapman book but it’s just abstracts. But at least the abstract will let you know that there is a record to go after. Doesn’t anyone who reads this live in Isle of Wight or at least Richmond? And is young with a good back and endurance?


        Jane Sands

        July 7, 2016 at 11:31 am

  8. I love reading this site.


    Elizabeth Davis Angus

    July 6, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    • Thank you. I try to keep it whimsical and enjoy the occasional arm-wrestling commenter. I would have preferred Mark Twain to have been a genealogist.



      July 6, 2016 at 3:59 pm

  9. “Nich Boone” is about halfway down the list.

    Bacon’s Rebellion was 1676… for a time reference. (and by logic, Boon would be at least 16 yrs… oh hell, we know he was a full grown man) (Question- why is Thomas Boon not listed? Was he in North Carolina?)

    “Petition of His Majesties most loyal and obedient subjects of Isle of Wight
    to his Majesties Commissioners, in behalf of William West, a rebel
    absconding, who took up arms against the Indians by whom his father had been
    most barbarously murdered, was taken prisoner and carried aboard a ship,
    from hence to prison and was condemned to death, but has made his escape and
    as yet has not been found. We pray for his life and the resitiution of his estate to his wife and children.”

    John Marshall John Jones John Seward Nicholas Fulgham
    Michael Fulgham Thomas Williamson Edward Prime Hopkins Howell
    Roger Davis Ed Haild Walter Harris John Stevenson Will Fly
    Thomas Smythe Robert Morgan John Askew Thomas Joyner JR
    Will Seller Owen Griffin Roger Jones Rob Mercer Rob Sturdy
    Bridgman Joyner Will Cooke John Wakefield John Bressie
    Edward Hinkson Thomas Davis James Bryan John Frizzell
    James bagnall John Lewis Solomon Davis Roger Archer
    Edward Dare or Due John Richardson Anthony Fulgham
    Timothy Fearne? John Mylord John page Thos Gandy
    John Feebty? Richard Braswell Wm Laine John House
    Phillip Thomas John Moore Edward Windom John Williams
    John Neville Ambros Hadley Hodges Council Thom Yeuer or Eure
    John Marshall Tho Marshall (((Nich Boone))) Peter Greene
    Stephen Horsfield Nicholas Osborne Reuben Gladhill
    John Richards John Whitley August Mandue John Forrest
    Thos Howell Noah Madocke Walter Morgan Clark Webster
    Will Askew Henry Hearne Jo Sharp or Tharp Rich Jones
    Robt Oldis? Wm Bamer Gilbert Adams Hercules Calcott
    Rob Barkely Edward Goodson William Bateman Tho Blake
    Henry Maddison Rob Edwards Rich Jackson John Francis
    John Frizelle John Williamson Anthony Matthews Henry Dason (Dawson)



    July 6, 2016 at 4:49 pm

  10. In my research of the Jolly family I found a land grant in Bertie Co., NC issued to Thomas Goodson 150 acres south of the Maherrin River Dec. 1, 1727. ………”Beginning at a pine Thomas Boons corner tree standing in the Wild Cat Swamp……..” Thomas Goodson married Elizabeth Jolly who was the daughter of James Jolly of Isle of Wight Co., my 6th great grandfather. When Thomas Goodson died in 1761 he and his family lived in Tarboro, NC. His will stated that he left half of his lot No. 57 in Tarboro to his daughter Winne and the other half to his wife Elizabeth.



    January 20, 2017 at 2:16 pm

  11. I have been researching my family for 25 years concentrating on Joseph Boon III ( married Sarah Bass) and his descendants. A son, Daniel Boon, moved to Hernando, Desoto County, Ms inn then 1830’s.
    I have gone through the well researched data you have here, but I still cannot find where the Boon family earlier genealogy. Is there a consenses as to where the Boon family originated?

    William Ratcliffe Boone, Jr.


    William R. Boone

    August 25, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    • It is my frustration to find that there are “Gaps” at where the first or second generation North Carolina Boons die off in the 1720s. Their missing wills simply do not leave any hard evidence to track them. Compounding that lack of data is the fact that each father had multiple sons and all the early fathers loved to keep the same family names. (If I run across another early Thomas I may well lose my mind).

      In your case of the name “Joseph”… the earliest I find is his will of 1728. Wow! one of the early guys of the 1720s with an extant actual will! In your case again, I would track any sons of his like a rabid blood hound to see if any moved to Mississippi.

      I have a preliminary map of early Chowan and later Berties County NC. I have some property locations of the early Boons.

      As you see, it is not finished. But it does have a Joseph Boon. I have yet to retire, but hope to in the near future and can find the time to continue on these maps. Perhaps some more essential clues will emerge from the early records of these Boons.

      Good hunting…



      August 26, 2017 at 5:03 am

  12. have you seen this from the book Boone family immigrants 1650?

    scroll down til you see Third Generation Thomas Boone I

    … it shows that on 13 Oct 1663, Lancaster County, Virgina, David Cant claimed the head right of Thomas Boone used in a patent of 100 acres for transport of two persons… Tho. Boone and Tobias Ceeley.
    North Carolina land grant: 1 May 1668, Northampton County, NC Thomas Boon received a land patent of 490 acres. Lays across the bay from Gloucester County VA. The land was sold by his grandson Nicholas Boone on 6 Feb 1754.



    March 23, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    • Perhaps this will interest you on my opinion of the research that you cite. Without mincing any words, I consider it bullshit.

      It was impossible for Thomas Boone to have obtained the patent referenced in 1754 in the year 1668. I have proved as much in my research.



      March 23, 2018 at 7:36 pm

      • well in all the bullshit out there, you and i have both discovered, there is some info that may be correct but wrongly used which throws us off…. i found this which may warrant further investigation….

        Immigrants Identified:

        From several passenger and immigration indexes, we know that several individuals named BOONE came to the new world, several directly to Barbados, prior to 1700. Once in America, others, originally transported to other islands or colonies may have passed through Barbados, to become residents, or to continue on to England or America.

        Jo (John or Jonathan) Boone, age 12, transported to Barbados on the “Peter Bonaventure”, with 90 others, in April 1635.Wm Boone, no age given, is listed to Virginia in 1642.Mary Boone, no age given, is listed to Virginia in 1653.Christopher Boone, no age given, is listed to Virginia in 1653, and is sited, with 29 others, as reason for a patent for 100 acres of land on Mobjack Bay, by William Debnam, in December 1653.Thomas Boone, no age given, is sited with Tobias Seely, as reason for a 100 acre land patent in Lancaster Co. Virginia, by Major David Cant, in October 1663.James Boone, no age given, is sited with 3 others, as reason for a 200 acre land patent in Matchepungo, Virginia Colony, by John Prettiman in April 1666.Thomas Boon, no age given, is sited with 23 others (including a Tobias Cely) as reason for a 1170 acre land patent in New Kent Co, Virginia, by David Brand, in March 1667.Lawrence Boone is listed as a member of Capt. Thomas Rawlin’s militia unit in St Phillip’s Parish, Barbados, in January 1679. Lawrence Boone is listed as owning 2 acres of land in St. Phillip’s Parish, Barbados, in 1680. Samuel Boone, of Taunton, a convicted rebel, is transferred from Bridewell prison, Sommerset, to Barbados, aboard the “John Frigget” in November 1685. He is indentured to John Browne in Barbados in January 1685/86.

        06 May 1679 Listed as belonging to the Parish of St. Michael’s, Barbados Baptism. Book Titled List of Emmigrants to American 1600-1700, on page 433.

        Excerpt from Court Orders of Isle of Wight County pg. 184

        Court of 12 December 1694

        “Those men that are now summoned for not assisting Wm. Murfrey in clearing the high ways have liberty granted them till next court and that then they appear and show cause (if any they have) for their default or else to be fined according to law, except Thos. Boon and Thos. Smith who now appear and excuse themselves.”

        Source: “Thomas Boon, Immigrant, Died 1723, Isle of Wight Co. Virginia and 1,00 of his Descndants”. Page 7.

        1)Historical Southern Families, Vol. VII, pp.101-103, “Boones of Isle of Wight Co.,, Virginia”, John Bennett Boddie, 1963.

        2)Thomas Boon, Immigrant, Died 1723, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia and 1,000 of his Descendants, p.7, Rupert Farnham Thompson, Studio City, CA., 1981. (I knew Rupert personally and received the 2nd book that was published)

        3)Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight Co.,, Virginia, Vol. 1, p.163, John Bennett Boddie, Wilmette, IL., 1938.


        5) Research of Richard R. Dietz – (His page can be viewed at



        March 28, 2018 at 11:25 am

  13. Matthew Strickland is my ancestor on my grandmother Strickland’s side : )



    March 23, 2018 at 2:40 pm

  14. oops.. i forgot to add this little bit of info i found wanting to know more of William Barker the Mariner and his son Henry Barker who worked out of London… : ) Here is a link



    March 28, 2018 at 10:50 am

  15. sorry, i guess i already mentioned the book LOL LOL LOL



    March 28, 2018 at 10:54 am

  16. Seriously… do you actually believe that crap? I would believe Marvel Comics history of Batman before that fantasy.
    You must be pulling my leg…



    March 28, 2018 at 11:31 am

    • wow!… your’e such a negative Nelly! just in case you missed it… the notes at the beginning of his book show that these are documented from the hard copies he obtained from the VA Library System and the Libraries of said States with page and or film #s…if you find it hard to believe such peoples documentation then you should make a trip there and find out for yourself if its true or not…. I’ll believe it above all the other misinformation out there that has no proof other than grabbing it from someones page…. also i found a Thomas Lorin and John Lorin on Suffolk Co Mass (Boston) deeds for a piece of property 45×200 ft and from the description it sounds like its on the waterfront in the Harbor…hmm… imagine that….all these familiar names of Mariners i.e. Stricklands, Raifords, Lorrins, Vardels, and Barkers! everything he documented and all having involvement with each others families ie children marrying each other and business dealings! considering there have been people long before us doing research the hard way with actual travel involved, i will lean toward their information being more correct than someone elses… check the references first before naysaying…. Sorry to bother you! : p



      March 28, 2018 at 2:43 pm

  17. With a house built of cards, no matter the prettiness of the work, if one card is removed then the house collapses.

    I removed one of his fanciful cards and in my opinion his fanciful house collapsed.

    It was a very pretty house though.



    March 29, 2018 at 8:28 am

    • I hear ya…. but i found this along with a digital image of the book the person made…
      England, Select Marriages, 1538–1973…
      Thomas Lorrin
      Marriage Date
      12 Jan 1640
      Marriage Place
      Stepney, Middlesex, England
      Mary Vardall
      FHL Film Number
      Reference ID
      yrs 1640-1642

      Elizabeth Lorin was born in 1641 making her 22 in 1663 at marriage to Matthew Strickland…. i can see it… White’s and Bennetts information is alot more accurate than any i’ve come across… for now, I’m using it for more extensive searching…. when I’m done recovering all of my lost information from 3 years ago, I will start on the Boone’s line ! ; ] Good luck to you and hope you find an explosion of truth!



      March 29, 2018 at 5:01 pm

  18. I have a comment on this website awaiting a response. I have been waiting since August 5, 2016.



    March 29, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    • My main irritation concerning these records of these early Boone’s from the work of Jim White, and the website I mention above is the lack of a simple direction that researchers may follow to document these “Dutch” ship merchant and marriage documents. It is the reason for footnotes. It is the method to establish a fact over a fiction.

      Another point… this scenario “seems” and could be entirely plausible… the “Nic” Boone of Isle of Wight records seems to be a likely candidate to have been in the seafaring profession. The few records mentioning him seem to indicate a “transient” person. Also it is well documented that the Pitt folks were seafaring traders.

      1.1.2. Captain Nicholas Boone, b. 1648, Charles City Co,, d. bef. 1700 in Chowan, m. Geertzke von Hendrikks, 24 Jan. 1675, Dutch Reform Church, Amsterdam. Nicholas Boone, m. Mary Pitt, 1709, IOW, dau. of Thomas Pitt, and Mary, dau. of Col. Arthur Smith, and Sarah Jackson.

      Again, where are the references to the actual historical documents to substantiate these genealogical claims?

      Until these folks provide some proof… then I declare their work to be BULLSHIT.



      March 30, 2018 at 5:41 am

    • I just checked again… today is Nov 26, 2018. Still no response.

      I still call his work on the Boons: Bullshit.

      Marc Anderson



      November 26, 2018 at 6:21 pm

  19. Have you looked at even one of my maps? Do you realize that all of the data I use to produce those maps entail the use of historical metes and bounds that I abstract from those documents that I find at the link you referred to?

    Have you noticed that the Dutch Reformed Church records are all online now? Have you searched for any of these Boons? Have you found any?



    April 4, 2018 at 4:51 am

    • Just ask your question… I don’t bite…




      November 26, 2018 at 6:12 pm

      • Hello Marc, have you found any exciting news recently? I have taken off a spell of searching on Matthew Strickland… it seems everyone and their grandmother is copying and pasting and sharing all the false info and destroying any facts and it’s too much to weed through! Hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday and will have a blessed New Years and a boon (no pun intended) on finding some news on your searches! : ) Take care, Darlynn



        December 30, 2018 at 8:38 pm

  20. Nothing new really…

    I still am pissed off at those people who claim the early Boons were Dutch..

    They still hide in the shadows and refuse to show any proof… waste of time.



    December 30, 2018 at 9:17 pm

  21. Or… to be more blunt… a couple of guys say the Boons were Dutch.

    I say they were not… prove me wrong.



    December 30, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    • well if people were fleeing england as recusants, they were going to neutral dutch areas and lived there for up to 5 years before coming to the colonies and just because they came from those areas doesn’t mean they are dutch. some children were born in belgium before their parents came to the colonies..I don’t recall reading anywhere that said they were dutch..



      May 5, 2019 at 8:05 pm

      • I meant Amsterdam too



        May 5, 2019 at 8:11 pm

  22. His name is mentioned in a court case dated 7 Oct 1695. A deed dated 3 Apr 1704, shows that he purchased 150 acres from William Williams. In another document he is described as “of the lower parish of Isle of Wight County.” On 1 May 1668 he received a patent for land located in Northampton County, North Carolina. This piece of land was EVENTUALLY sold by his grandson, Nicholas Boon(e), Jr. on 6 Feb 1754.



    May 5, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    • It is a misconception that Thomas Boon received a patent in Northampton in 1668.
      My rationale is here…

      I have tracked the location of that land which was sold by Nicholas Boon in 1754. It would have been
      the equivalent (in 1668) of moving to the middle of the Everglades Swamp in South Florida today. No reasonable white man would have been in that area of NC in 1668. In my opinion, that land was purchased/granted in the early 1700s… not 1668.



      May 7, 2019 at 3:21 am

      • I understand what you’re saying but just because these men bought or were granted these lands did not necessarily mean they packed up and moved there..alot of patent owners were absentee…we don’t really know what it was like..there are so many records of the Strickland and Godwin side of my family that show the name “swamp” in the name descriptions of tracts that it is very likely some of this land was swampy..I don’t know much about what they were hoping for but i guess back then people took what they could get of granted land in hopes of doing something with it if not to just resell it to build wealth which obviously they did with all those records of the same tracts trading hands not many years after acquiring. I have been to Jamestown Colony and the surrounding area is swampy and those men came in the early 1600s…swampy didn’t stop any one of them it seems and I’m sure there were plenty of dry patches for agriculture obviously, these men were getting rich off of tobacco and soon after cotton and who knows what else they were planting. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just have all the information easily accessible right at our fingertips? I think the worst feeling in searches is that I learn that records were destroyed by fires or whatever and gone forever and its all just one big brick wall. Well, maybe one day the great mystery of 1668 patent for Thomas Boon will suddenly appear and you can wrap it all up. Take Care : )



        August 24, 2019 at 10:03 pm

  23. The following is in reference to land purchased from Indians two years after a war with them in 1648 and seems to be in North Carolina by a number of individuals including Thomas TUKE. Perhaps this is where the patent of 1668 came from.



    April 27, 2021 at 6:57 pm

  24. The following is in reference to land purchased from Indians two years after a war with them in 1648 and seems to be in North Carolina by a number of individuals including Thomas TUKE. Perhaps this is where the patent of 1668 came from.


    Thomas Robbins

    April 27, 2021 at 7:01 pm

    • My understanding of “The Great Deed of 1668” was that it was a general description of sorts… it stated the purpose of a law of sorts… or of an agreement concerning any and all patents that were granted after 1668.

      In other words the reference to Thomas Boon’s patent was not to “when” it was granted but to the fact that it was granted “in agreement to the deal concerning patents after 1668”. I hope that makes sense.

      Just because several patents in the early 1700s refer to 1668 it is simply to confirm they are in compliance to the deal of 1668.

      See chapter 26 below to more fully understand what I am referring to: page 31

      Again, I am simply contending that no one named Thomas Boon was granted any land in North Carolina in 1668. My research tells me any grants were after 1700.

      Marc (Anderson1951)



      April 28, 2021 at 6:23 am

  25. Have you by chance checked out Vol I of Order of First Families of NC Ancestor Biographies? There is Joseph Boone listed. Supposedly each person is complete with documented list of children and spouses. The First Families had to be in NC before 1729, I think. Enjoy all your postings and plats. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    Sharon Hamner

    March 4, 2022 at 2:37 pm

    • Any idea where I might find that source? That biography would be fantastic.



      March 4, 2022 at 7:15 pm

      • The website says to order from John Brayton, 1900 Central Ave. Memphis, Tn 38104. I have not checked any reviews so don’t know anything about his books. He has written several. Look up First Families of NC website. Good luck and hope it is a helpful book.


        Sharon B. Hamner

        March 5, 2022 at 9:49 am

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