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Isom, Anna, William & Isaac Anderson

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The short theory:

1732   Only mention of Isom Anderson in records that I have found

1732/3  William Anderson witness to deed Scot to Goff

1735      Anna Anderson buys 50 acres from Thompson joining Goff

1744     William Anderson noted as having property joining Lee to Knite sale

1748      Goff sale mentions “widow” Anderson

1754     Isaac Anderson sells the 50 acres bought by his mother Annah and buys

land a little south of his mother’s original property

1763     William Anderson dies

1775     Last mention of Isaac


DB 1, pg. 17   HENRY BOZMAN (prect. not identified) to JOHN MCKINNIE (prect. not identified)  21 Nov. 1732  20 pounds current money of the province of N. C.  30 acres more or less on the south side of Morotock river and the south side of Quankey creek, joining a bottom and the creek, part of a patent formerly granted to STEPHEN DUNMAIDEN and for want of an heir became due to BARNABY MCKINNIE  15 May 1730 and by the sd. MCKINNIE was transferred to the sd. HENRY BOSEMAN   Wit: ISOM ANDERSON, NEHEMIAH JOYNER, SYLVESTOR DIGNUM    Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1732

(Not much to go on here…did he die or simply move away?  The fact that Anna bought property within 3 years of his disappearing suggests to me that she was widowed. Isom makes a likely candidate.)
Abstracts Of Deeds, Edgecombe Precinct Edgecombe County NC, 1732-1758, Hofmann 

pg. 54   JOHN SCOT and ELIZABETH SCOT of Edge. Prect. to HENRY GOFF of Edge. Prect. 15 Feb. 1732/3 4 pounds in cash   100 acres more or less on the south side of Conocanary swamp, being part of 450 acres the sd. JOHN had formerly taken up  Wit: WILLIAM ANDERSON, GEORGE NORRIS  Reg. Edge. Prect. Nov. Ct. 1733  Robert Forster C. Ct.

pg. 154   WILLIAM GILL of Edge. Co., planter to JOHN STEELE of Edge. Co., merchant  6 Aug. 1754  35 pounds current money of Va.  360 acres on Beaverdam swamp, joining BENJAMIN NEVILLE, THOMAS GILL, HARMON REED, AARON PENRIGHT and the swamp   Wit: ELIZABETH JONES, WILLIAM ANDERSON, GILBERT HAYS  Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1754 B. Wynns C. Ct.

pg. 263   Inventory of the household goods, furniture, stock and other goods and chattles of JOHN STEELE of Edge. Co. merchant which is being sold by the sd. STEELE to JOHN WATSON of Suffolk Town, Va. merchant this 15 July 1755   Wit: JOHN GILCHRIST, WILLIAM ANDERSON Reg. Edge. Co. Aug Ct. 1755  J. Montfort C. Ct.

pg. 308   JOHN STEELE of Edge. Co. merchant to JOHN WATSON of Suffolk Town, Va. merchant the — day of July 1755  35 pounds current money of Va.  360 acres on Beaverdam, joining BENJAMIN NEVILLE, THOMAS GILL and HARMON REED all houses, buildings etc.  land lately purchased by the sd. STEELE of WILLIAM GILL and is a grant to the sd. GILL  1 May 1754  Wit: CHARLES ELIOTT, WILLIAM ANDERSON Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1755  J. Montfort  C. Ct.

pg. 320   JOHN LEE of Edge. Co. to THOMAS KNITE of Edge. Co. 26 Jan. 1744  7 pounds Va. currency  400 acres on the south side of Morratuck river, joining CHARITY CARNOLES, the pocosin and WILLIAM ANDERSON Wit:  WILLIAM TAYLOR, WILLIAM REDDON, THOMAS PRICE  Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1744  Robert Forster  C. Ct.

(I’ll add some notes about the “Charity Carnoles” mentioned above in some footnotes.)

pg. 123   MR. JAMES THOMPSON of Edge. Prect. to ANNA ANDERSON (prect. not identified)  21 Nov. 1735  5 pounds current money of Va.  50 acres more or less on the south side of Conocanary swamp, joining the other lands of the sd. THOMPSON and GOFF  1/2 of the royal mines excepted being just 1/2 of the land the sd. THOMPSON bought of HENRY GOFF  Wit: SAMUEL BROCK, NATHANIEL COOPER  Reg. (not given) C. Ct. (not given)

pg. 89   ISAAC ANDERSON of Edge. Co. to PAUL PATRICK of Edge. Co. 21 Aug. 1754  5 pounds current money of Va.  50 acres more or less on the south east side of Conocanary and is 1/2 of the tract conveyed by HENRY GOFF 17 Aug. 1730 to JAMES THOMPSON and conveyed by the sd. THOMPSON to ANNAH ANDERSON mother of the sd. ISAAC 21 Nov. 1735  Wit: KINDRED CARTER, JOSEPH MONTFORT  Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1754  B. Wynns C. Ct.

pg. 283   HENRY GOFFE and MARY GOFFE of N.C. to NICHOLAS NOYAL of Va. 10 Sept. 1748  20 pounds current money of Va.  50 acres on Conocanary swamp as belonged to JOHN SCOT, joining WIDOW ANDERSON, THOMAS HOWELL, ARTHUR COOK and STEPHEN CADE  all houses, out houses, orchards, gardens etc.  as by patent 1 Feb. 1725  and is the land whereon WILLIAM HOLLEY now lives  Wit: JOHN CREEL, WILLIAM HOLLEY  Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1748  B. Wynns C. Ct.

pg. 185   NICHOLAS SESSUMS and ANN his wife of Edge. Co. to ISAAC ANDERSON of Edge. Co.  20 Ja. 1755  14 pounds current money of Va.  100 acres on the south side of Cahukey swamp all houses, buildings etc. and is the lower part of the tract for 200 acres conveyed to JOHN BENBOE by BENJAMIN FOREMAN, JR. 24 Aug 1730  and by the sd. BENBOE conveyed to his daughter ANN BENBOE now the wife of the sd. NICHOLAS  Wit: ROBERT WRIGHT, WILLIAM SESSUMS  Reg. Edge. Ct. Feb. Ct. 1755  B. Wynns C. Ct.

pg.   217   JOHN SPELL, JR. of Edge. Co., planter to ISAAC ANDERSON of Edge. Co., planter 31 Nov. 1753  10 pounds current money of Va.  100 acres on a branch of Kehukee swamp, joining CORNELIUS PIERCE and Holl’s branch land the sd. SPELL had by his spouse ELIZABETH as by a deed of gift from her father JOHN BENBO 20 July 1752  Wit: CHARLES JOHNSON, JOHN BENBO  I his mark, ELIZABETH SPELL X her mark  Proved this 25 Oct. 1754  J. Hasell C. J.

pg. 317   JOHN BENBO of Edge. Co. to ANN BENBO of Edge. Co.  13 July 1752  10 pounds sterling money of Great Britain  chest, feather bed, furniture etc. Wit: WILLIAM WILLIAMS, ISAAC ANDERSON Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct.  1752 B. Wynns C. Ct.

pg. 318   JOHN BENBO of Edge. Co. to JUDAH BENBO of Edge. Co.  13 July 1752 10 pounds sterling money of Great Britain  solts and stears (stock marks are described) furniture etc. Wit: WILLIAM WILLIAMS, ISAAC ANDERSON Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1752  B. Wynns C. Ct.

Deed Bk 2 pg. 124   2 Nov. 1754, Nicholas Noyal of N.C. to Bradley Garner of Va., for ten pds. current money of Va., fifty acres joining ANDERSON, Thomas Howell, Arther Cook, and Stephen Cade whereon the said Noyal now lives, being part of 450 acres granted to John Scot 1 Feb. 1725 for land on Conaconary Swamp.  Witnesses: George Lamkin, James Lewis, Jeremiah Hardin, Thomas Howell, Patrick Garland, Richard Horne, William Brown.

20 Nov. 1754, John Jones of Edgecombe County to Augustine Curtage of Edgecombe County, for sixty pds. current money of Va., 250 acres more or less joining Thomas Martin and a prong of the Marsh swamp.  Witnesse: William Hamilton, William Anderson.


Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 By Murtie June Clark
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.  1986

Page 668     52 Soldier, Anderson, Isaac

(a William Anderson is listed but he is under the list of Captain Jacob Whitehead’s Company who I am of the opinion is William of Tarboro, died 1789.  This raises a question of where was the William of Halifax during the mid 1750s since all men between 16-60 were required to be in the militia.  This muster was for the mid 1750s.)


Edgecombe Co, NC Deeds, Vol 2:1768-1778 Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.

95-(108) William Pope & his wife Martha of Halifax Co to Thomas Lewis of

Edgcombe Co. 24 May 1769. 45(pounds) proclamation. 200 acres which Bene Pope

purchased from Saml Kennady & was part of a Granville Grant to sd Kennady 25

Mar 1752, on the south side of Sappony Swamp, joining Joseph Sealy, Stephen

Stephens, sd Samuel Kennaday. Sd femme relinquished right of dower. Wit: Jas

Hill, Wm GOODIN, Isaac Anderson. May Ct 1769. Jas Hall CC

Vol.1, DBC page 100: 1126-(517) Benjamin Andrus of Edgcomb Co to Thomas Edmoundson doctor of same. 7 Feb 1767. 30 pounds proclamation. 251 acres on the north side of Great Contentney, joining Issac Anderson, the old road. Also signed by Mary (x) Andrus. Wit: William Dun, Joshua Bentley, John Drew, Jan Ct 1768. Jas Hall CC

Edgecombe Co, NC Deeds:

DB D P 230 Jan 12, 1770 John Drew of Edge., to John Davis of same., Planter, for 10 pds. proc money a tract of 25 AC on N/Bank of Grt Contentnea Crk., adj. James Farrer. Wts: Iseral X Slaughter, Isaac Anderson, Francis X Langston

Vol.2 DB2 page 73: 76o-(i76) William Hamilton & Company merchants to James Glasgow of Dobbs Co 12 Sep 1774. 100 pounds 4 pence proclamation. 200 acres which was part of a grant to Samuel Deacock [Peacock] 28 Sep 1743, on the north side of Great Contentney Creek, joining Tosnott Swamp, Issac Anderson, Dr Thomas Edmundson. Signed by W. Hendrie for William Hamilton & Co. Wit: William Hamilton, W. Muir, John (x) Davis. Jan Ct 1775. Edward Hall CC


map_conocannara Isom

Misc. Notes:

Charity Carnoles

pg 384   ABRAHAM CARNELL of Nansemond Co., Va. to THOMAS CARNELL of Nansemond Co., Va. my grandson  11 Feb. 1739  840 acres on the south side of Moratock river in the pocosin being the upper half of the land I purchased of MR. JAMES WOOD 11 Nov. 1736; the lower half of the sd. land I give to my daughter-in-law CHARITY CARNELL for her lifetime and after her death the sd. land to go to my sd. gandson  Wit: THOMAS KNIGHT, WILLIAM BATTLE, ELISHA BATTLE  Edge. Co. May Ct. 1741 R. Forster C. Ct.

pg 44   JAMES CONNER of Tyrrel Co., planter to MARY, THOMAS, SUSANNAH and ELIZABETH CARNAL (co. not identified) 19 Nov. 1746 for the love, good will and affection I bear the children of CHARITY CONNER now my wife but formerly called CARNEL one negro each  Wit: WILLIAM TAYLOR, WILLIAM EVERITT  Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1746  R. Forster C. Ct.

pg 501   JOHN BALLARD od Craven Co. to WILLIAM TAYLOR of Edge. Co. 8 Mar. 1745  5 pounds Va. money  acres (not given), joining Roanoke river, Great swamp, Bevar pond and JOHN HUCKS whereon BALLARD formerly lived Wit: CHARITY CARNALL, WILLIAM REDDIN, ELIAS BALLARD  Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1746 R. Forster C. Ct.


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October 16, 2010 at 1:24 pm

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  1. OK I finally did it! I want to know if you think William is the father of Isom and is this your William or another one? Also, do you know the other children of your William? Is there a DNA link to him? Thanks! Joy



    August 17, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    • I am a descendant of William of Tarboro area… he died 1789.

      My guy…

      This William of Halifax County is another fella. I have noted virtually everything I can find about him in the above notes.

      I merely speculate that the other Andersons near him “may” have been related??????

      He perplexes me and I am left scratching my head… no other researchers that I know of have gotten any closer than I have in figuring him out.




      August 17, 2017 at 3:31 pm

  2. Might this be of any help in your research? I noticed the Anderson and thought, of course, of this site. You’ve helped me a lot! “November 26, 1744- Ralph R. Vickers of Isle of Wight Co. Va. deeded to Samuel Wilkins of James City Co. for 41 pounds currant money 200 acres adjoining the former William Williams plantation purchased in 1718, plus 175 acres adjoining George Pierce’s land and John Silleway, William Carver, William Williams and Richard Carver. (Part of the patent of Geo. Anderson 1710). Witnessed by John Dunkley and Thomas Williamson.” found here:



    September 13, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    • Sorry — for context, the Vickers were intermarried with the Carnells, which is why I plopped that comment on this page, having noticed you had picked out the Carnells above.



      September 13, 2017 at 11:03 pm

      • Ralph Vicars bought the George Anderson property in Isle of Wight… about 1710 if I remember correctly. Then George simply disappears. No trace whatsoever that I can find.

        An Elizabeth was the wife of George in IOW and left a signature mark in a deed of sale. Also an Elizabeth Anderson dies in North Carolina in 1733. She also left a mark on her will of the same date. The marks do not match. However to my utter dismay, her mark in 1733 was scratched by her granddaughter (if I remember correctly)… “interlined” as it was noted on the will. So there is not a definitive “disproof” that they are not the same woman.

        It is my “theory” that they were one and the same.

        The meager amount of info I have found for the Carnell folks of Halifax, NC have not jolted me to action… but they are still on my radar to research.



        September 30, 2017 at 7:27 am

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