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Below is a deed from modern Southampton County, VA showing the signature of Joseph Pitman in 1751… the references to “Lancasters” leads me to think this is the son of Thomas Pitman/Elizabeth Lancaster who left his will in 1730. (Meherrin River near the VA/NC border).

This property is likely near the border of Surry County, Isle of Wight and the Blackwater River.  This was the stomping grounds of the early William Pitman and Thomas Pitman.   In other words, this Joseph Pitman could be a son of either.

Note the signature mark “J”.


The unanswered question is whether the guy above and the guy below is the same person…  is this the son of Thomas Pitman d.1730 or is this the brother of Benjamin Pitman who was more likely a cousin of Thomas Pitman d.1730?

source: website
North Carolina Probate Records, 1735-1970 Edgecombe Wills, 1758-1830, Vol. 08 Image 28 of 291,
Joseph will of 1786 source same… image 24 of 291

Below is 1769… Ann Pitman is guardian of 3 Children of Joseph Pitman “dec’d”   (Joseph “J” Pitman d.1763   wife Ann)

Joseph Pitman is guardian of Thomas Pitman “legatee” of John Gay dec’d  (is this a completely different family?  Is this an unrecorded death of Joseph a son of Thomas Pitman who died 1754?  Is this an account of the Joseph recorded in the Quaker minutes of Rich Square MM?

Joseph Pitman, son of Thomas, b 1-11-1724.

Elizabeth Pitman b. 1-11-1724; d. 3-31-1761.

Ch: Faith b. 10-30-1747.

Amy b. 5-2-1749.

Elizabeth b. 1-4-1752.

Thomas b. 1-10-1754.

Joseph b. 10-8-1756.

Abia b. 3-12-1758.

Patience b. 9-21-1760.

Is the above Thomas the legatee of John Gay noted in the account below?   Who is this third Joseph acting as his guardian? 

1782   This deed appears to me to be a will of sorts… this Joseph is leaving his home property to son in law William Faulk.  Four years later Faulk sells the property for 100 pounds…. note that he only paid five shillings… a nominal amount of money seemingly to legitimize the transaction.  The question is did this Joseph Pitman quietly die intestate after taking care of business?

12 Nov 1782 – To all whom these presents shall come greeting know ye that I Joseph Pitman Senr of the county of Edgecombe in the state of North Carolina for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings current money of North Carolina to in hand paid by William Faulk my son in law and his wife the receipt which I do hereby acknowledge and for and in consideration of the natural love good will and affection I have and bear unto my said son in law William and his wife and divers other good causes and considerations me theretofore (having) hath given granted and by these presents doth freely and absolutely give and grant unto my said son in law William and his wife their heirs and assigns one tract of land containing ninety acres more or less (with) the appuntentures thereafter these (__) belonging and being the land and plantation whereon I now live also one (still) and one crosscut saw one hand saw and (__) carving knife one large iron pot and all my plantation tools (__) (__) (__) to have and to hold the said plantation land and premises aforesaid with the appurtenance respectively unto the said William Faulk and his heirs and assigns to the only proper use benefits and (__) (__) of him the sd William Faulk to him his heirs and assigns forever and (__) Joseph Pitman for my self my heirs (__) the land plantation and premises aforesd with the appurtenances and other articles to the afore mentioned William Faulk (__) his heirs and assigns shall and well warrant and defend forever by these presents in witness whereof I the said Joseph Pitman have hereunto set my hand and seal the 12th day of November anno Domini 1782 – Joseph Pitman – signed sealed and delivered in presence of / (Joel) Horn / Jefse Green (Edgecombe Co NC, Aug Court 1783) Edgecombe Co NC Real Estate Conveyances, 1780-1788, Vol E, 4, c.037.40006, Vol E, page 399     [I think Guy Baker did this transcription…. ]

1780 – Joseph Pitman Sr of Edgcomb Co to William Faulk of same. 29 Apr 1780 3L. 90 acres on the south side of Tar River. Joining the mouth of Deep Branch, Joseph Pitman; also 12 acres which was part of a 340 acre Granville Grant to William Gay 15 Oct 1761 who sold it to Joseph Pitman 2 May 1762, on the south side of Tar River, joining Joseph Pitman Sr, sd William Gay. Wit: Joel Horn, Jethro Pittman. Aug Ct 1780. Edward Hall CC (Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds, Vol 3, 1778-1786, Abstracted by Dr Stephen E Bradley, Jr)

1 Jan 1786 – Edge. Co. Db 4, page 363, deed date 1 Jan 1786, recorded Feb Ct 1786, William Faulk, planter, Edge. Co. to Thomas Pitman, planter, Edge. Co. for 100 pounds, all his right to a tract of land containing 90 acres being part of a patent granted to Joseph Pitman bearing date Feb 10, 1750, on the south side of Tar River beginning at a corner sweet gum on the river in the mouth of the Long Branch then up the said branch to a white oak Jethro Pitman’s corner then south along the said line to a corner white oak then easterly to a red oak on the river then up the various courses of the river to the first station, signed William Faulk, wit. Williamson Barnes, D. Battle, Elisha Battle. Abstracted 8-19-03 from NCA film C.037.40014, CTC.

1786   This will… Joseph and Hannah… appears to be the Swift Creek property that Joseph bought of Elizabeth Pitman in 1762.  After some court

actions,  about a hundred acres is acquired by son Abner.


Not to forget the Joseph Pitman (brother of Benjamin)… could this be him?

27 Feb 1743    Benjamin Pittman of Nottoway Parish in Isle of Wight to his brother Joseph PIttman, for love and affection  200 acres on SS Main Blackwater adj. Copohunk Branch, Micajah Edwards and James allen.   (Isle of Wight County Deed Book 6, p. 359.)

PITTMAN DATA BANK is the collaborative work of hundreds of genealogists who have written to me in the years since 1985. This compilation of the descendants of Joseph PITTMAN of Craven County, N.C. is presented as the most current assessment of these families and is presented here as the groundwork for future research in this area. I do not guarantee that every assumption is accurate, and I heartily encourage all readers to submit any information that will improve upon it. The material will be reviewed and updated as often as new information is received. Remember, this genealogy has been compiled from both published references and private researchers. You should carefully verify any information that you decide to use in your own lineage. 
Beverly C. Williamson ( bcw ) [ first published to the internet September 2001; last revision 10 September 2001 ].

PITTMAN DATA BANK Family Members: 
.1896 PITMAN Bob & Claire,; (1999).

From a handwritten lineage sent to me by Bob PITTMAN, seems to have been prepared by “Mrs. W. H. Mason, Oriental, NC. “Joseph PITTMAN (1700-1752) and Elizabeth FERGUSON dau of Adam”

Craven County N. C. Deed & Will Abstracts Book 5 1745-1757 
21 Feb. 1747. Will of Joseph Pitman Craven County……….debts paid

Item: Wife Elizabeth borse called Bunhom, side saddle & Bridle, the use of my Negro woman Tempy during her natural life & after her death sd Tempy & her increase to be divided between son Southey PITTMAN & the child my wife now goes big with.

Item: Obedience PITTMAN & Juliana Pittman my plantation I now live on to be devided by a stait line to begin at Sandy Point & __________run a straig Course to a small Tarkill that binds on the road that leads into the Main road the way to South River & from afd. Tarkilt to continue a strait Course thr_______ my land, & that part of the land lying next to my Dwelling house & Orchard be given to my Son Joseph & the other part lying next to John Mason layed. of for Son Obedience

Item: Son John PITTMAN plantation that I lately bought of Francis HILL , 50 Ac

Item: Son Mark PITTMAN 50 Ac I bought of Francis HILL commonly known as Upperneck

Item: Son John PITTMAN 1 mare called Snip & a Gun 
Item: Son Joseph PITTMAN 1 Young Mare & Gun

Item: Son Mark PITTMAN a Gray Mare Called Spirit & Gun 
Item: Son Thomas PITTMAN my Young Bay Mare & Gun

Item: Son Southy PITTMAN my Gray Mare Called Flower & a Gun 
Item: Son Thos PITTMAN Negro Boy George

Item: Son Joseph PITTMAN Negro man Ceesar

Item: Son John PITTMAN Negro man Sipp but if he should Behave himself in a Stubborn Manner & run away then my will is that afd. Negro man be sold by Exr. & money to be Kept for use of afd. Son John PITTMAN until he arives to lawful age

Item: Rest of Estate to be divided among my Wife & the Child she now goes bigg with & my other 6 Children.

Viz: Obedience, John, Joseph, Mark, Thomas & Southy

Item: If either son should die in his minority or without heir his share of given him to fall to the Eldest of my sons then living that has no land given him in this Will.

Exx: Wife Elizabeth PITTMAN. Wit: John CUMMINGS, Charles REW, Comfort REW, Southy REW. Craven County Ct. Aug 1752 proved by Southy REW & Exx. Qualified. Phil. 
SMITH Cl. Cur.

DEED Francis HILL Craven County to Joseph PITMAN of Craven County 1 January 1742 
To all Christian people to whom these presents Shall Come Greetings Know ye that I Francis HILL of N.C. in the County of Craven weaver for and in Consideration of the Sum of Thirty pounds Current money of said province to me in hand paid by Joseph PITMAN of the County and province aforesaid the Receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge and myself their with fully satisfied and Contented and of every part and parcel thereof do Exonerate and Discharge the said Joseph PITMAN his Heirs Exer. Adm. Forever by these presents have Given Granted bargained Sold alienated Conveyed and Confirmed and by these presents do freely fully and absolutely Give Grant bargain Sell Convey and Confirm unto the said Joseph PITMAN his Heirs and assigns forever Certain message and Tract of Land situate lying and being on the South Side of Nuse River on the east Side Adams Creek in the County and province aforesaid Butted and bounded as follows Beginning at a pine the Eastermost Corner tree between the said Joseph PITMAN and Said Francis HILL thence runing down the branch about West to the Middle Swamp thence back up the Said Middle Swamp to my head line and along the same to the first Station Containing thirty acres be the Same more or less being part of patent dated the 25th day of July Anno Dom. 1716 under the hand of the Honorable Charles EDEN Esq. Bovernor at Sixpence ____ hundred quit Rents TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said granted and bargained premises with all the appurtenances priviledges and Comidities to the Same belonging as all woods standing and lying and all houses Ordhards fields Gardens fening (sic) water and water Courses with all other benefits and Advangages to the Same belonging or in any wise appertaining or belonging to him the said Joseph PITMAN his heirs and assigns forever to his and their proper use benefit and behoof forever and I the Said Francis HILL for me my heirs Exec. and Adm. Do Covenant promise grant and agree to and with the Said Joseph PITMAN his Heirs and assigns that before the ensealing and Delivery hereof I am the true Sole and lawful owner of the above bargained premises and am lawfully Seized and possessed of the Same in mine own proper Right and Good perfect Absolute Estate of inheritance and have in myself good Right full power and lawful Authority to Grant bargain Sell Convey and Confirm the said bargained premises in manner as above said and the Said Joseph PITMAN his Heirs and assigns Shall and may from time to time and at all times forever here after by Virtue presents lawfully peacebly and quietly have hold use occupy possess and enjoy the Said Devised and bargained premises with the appurtenances and priviledges to the Same belonging free and Clear and freely and Clearly acquited exonerated and Discharged of from all manner of former Gifts Grants bargains Sales leases mortgages will entails or any manner of troubles encumbrances whatsoever and I the said Francis HILL do further Covenant bind myself my heirs Exec. and Adm. Firmly by these presents to Warrant and defend the Said Joseph PITMAN his Heirs and Assigns in quiet and peaceable possession of all and Singular the Said Granted and Devised premises against any just lawful Claim of any person or persons whatsoever – in Withnes whereof I the Said Francis HILL have here unto set my hand and Seal the 1st day of January 1742. signed Francis (E) Hill \ 
Signed Sealed & Delivered In presence of us (no names) 
Acknowledged September Court 1743 (no names) N Routledge Clk. Co.

Webster New World Dictionary: fening water > Fen: low, flat, marshy land, swamp, bog 
The N.C. Gazetteer, page 4: Adams Creek rises in central Carteret County and flows into Craven County where it enters the Neuse River. A canal connecting the headwaters of Adams Creek with Newport River provides access between Newport and Neuse Rivers for the Intracoastal Waterway. For a part of its course Adams Creek forms the boundary between Carteret and Craven counties.

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