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Peter Anderson d. 1801

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I don’t know of a document stating that Susanna Anderson is the mother of Peter Anderson.  I find the circumstantial evidence pretty compelling though…

They both have property on “Dry Pond Branch” and Peter names a daughter Susanna.  I also make the assumption that she is a widow merely because of the supposed inability of single women to obtain a grant… widows could however.  In the case of this Susanna getting a grant, she is listed in the “Book of Rights” in 1744 as “2 whites” and 0 slaves.  This appears to be her and son Peter.   Scroll down for several documents showing her grant… unfortunately the survey is missing which could have added more clues.

I think it probable that the land of Susanna and Peter Anderson was located near the modern town of Halifax. My friend David Gammon points out that there are numerous references to a “Dry Pond Branch” near the Little Quankey Creek…

Here is a specific reference to make the point and also tie in Sackfield/Sackville Adams in the 1752 era…

From the NC State Archives

Title: Jones, John. Edgecombe Co.
Class: State Records [Collection]
Group: Secretary of State Record Group
Series: Granville Proprietary Land Office: Land Entries, Warrants, and Plats of Survey
Box: Edgecombe County, Ho-J
Years: 1752
Creator: Secretary of State, Office ofGranville Proprietary Land OfficeSecretary, Office of the
Call Number: S.108.270–S.108.283
Location: MFR
MARS Id: (Folder)
Genres / Forms: Warrants, Warrants, Plats
Scope / Contents:
Warrant: 1752 April 30. 640 acres.
Descriptive references for land: Sackwill Adams, Great Dry
Pond Swamp, Edward Going

Index Terms:
Geographic Names:
Edgecombe County
Great Dry Pond Swamp
Personal Names:
Jones, John
Adams, Sackvill
Going, Edward

My point is that it is likely Peter lived the majority of his life near Halifax and not Nash County… it could be that in his late years he moved near a son in Nash County… here is another observation from David Gammon…

Hardy Anderson (son of Peter) died intestate in Nash COunty in 1834. He left a widow Sarah and four children. Sarah Anderson left a will dated 19 Jan 1849 and proved about 1855. It indicates the four children were:

Martha Emily, wife of John J.A. Drake
Sarah Ann, wife of Holman Arrington, deceased (he died 1847)
Ann Elizabeth, wife of Lemuel Wheless
Mary Elizabeth, wife of Richard Whitaker


Book of Rights (NC Archives, Raleigh)

Peter (x) Anderson 13 Jun 1801 Nov Ct 1801

Weak in body.
Wife ANN ANDERSON – 1 feather bed & furniture; lend to her where I now live, also negroes Fillis and George, etc. Son JOHN ANDERSON – all my blacksmith tools. Daughter MARY ANDERSON – feather bed & furniture. Daughter ANNEY ANDERSON – feather bed & furniture. Son HARDY ANDERSON – 243 acres where I now live, negro George after my wife’s decease, 10 pounds specie, feather bed & furniture. Son HENRY ANDERSON – 210 acres I purchased from WILLIAM ARRINGTON, negro Fillis after my wife’s decease, 10 pounds specie. Daughter SUSANNA HAYES – feather bed & furniture. After debts paid, residue to be divided among 8 of my children: WILLIAM, NATHAN, JAMES, JOHN, HOWEL ANDERSON; SUSANNA HAYES, MARY, ANNEY ANDERSON.
Ex. friend Joseph Arrington Sr., John Arrington
Wit. John Harrison, John Green, James (x) Bradey


Edgecombe County Court Minutes 1744-1762, Pub. GoldenWest Marketing Genealogy, March 1988

[XX]-XX*   * the unbracketed numbers refer to original page numbers

Peter Anderson[198]-17  (Feb 175_-Jun 1758)   On Motion of Bigans Sturdivant Order’d that a Summ. Issue for Joshua Tatum & Peter Anderson Evidences to a Deed of Feefment, from James Smith to the sd. Biggans, to appear here at Next Court to prove the sd. Deed. (this paragraph crossed out in original) [214]-25  (Jun 1758-Sep 1758)   Sackfd. Adams to Peter Anderson Deed proved by Bigins Sturdivant[215]   James Smith to Biggans Sturdivant Deed proved Peter Anderson

Edgecombe County Court Minutes 1763-1774, Book II, Pub. GoldenWest Marketing Genealogy

[109]   (Oct 1765)   A Deed of Sale from Arthur Bell & Uxr. to Peter Anderson proved by the Oath of Sampson Lassiter

[416]   (Oct 1774)   A Deed of Sale from William Borrough? (Borvough) & wife to Peter Anderson acknowledged the female was at the same time privately examined touching her right of dower by Joseseph (sic) Moore Esqr. who freely relinquished.




#425- An acct of sale of the estate of PETER ANDERSON, deced., exhibited in open court by the Excrs.


# 586- JAMES ANDERSON is appointed guardian to HARDY ANDERSON, Orphan of PETER ANDERSON, deced., who entered into bond of 1000 pounds with Benjamin Blount Security.


#909- An acct current of the Estate of PETER ANDERSON exhibited in Open Court by the Excrs.


#1057- Joseph Arrington, Executor of PETER ANDERSON, deced., exhibited in Open Court the following bonds given by the legatees of the said decedent to the Chairman of the Court to refund in case of debts hereafter appearing according to the act of the General Assembly in Such cases made and provided.


1801 Will of Peter Anderson lists his wife and children in the following order: (1) wife Ann, (2) son John (3) daughter Mary Ann, (4) daughter Anney(sic), (5) son Hardy, (6) son Henry, (7) daughter Susannah Hayes, (8) son William, (9) son Nathan, (10) son James, (11) son Howell, (12) Executors, Joseph Arrington and John Arrington, witnessed by Harrison, Green and Bradley.

I think the following quote offers an important clue to the possible parent of Peter Anderson d. 1801.

The Hayes’ of Barnwell and Allendale Counties in SC (And Other Descendants of Joseph Hayes) 1995  Gary Hayes, 520 Forest Circle, New Ellenton, SC

“John Hayes married Susannah Anderson, daughter of Peter and Ann Anderson.

…John Hayes died in 1801 between the time that his father, Joseph, and his mother, Anna, died.  John died intestate and Susannah was appointed to administer his estate.

…When Susannah was initially appointed to administer the estate of John Hayes, William Adams and Susannah’s brother, William Anderson, posted bond for her appointment.  William Adams died in 1802…”

I have to wonder what the association of the apparent son of Sackfield Adams with the daughter and son of Peter Anderson is?  My guess is Peter and William Adams were step brothers)

1745 Susannah Anderson

State Records

Secretary of State Record Group

Land Office: Land Warrants, Plats of Survey, and Related Records

Edgecombe County

200 Acres

Apr. 11, 1745

Beginning at a white oak on dry Pond Branch


Nash County, North Carolina, Abstracts of Wills


SACKFIELD ADAMS – 1 May 1779 – Apr Ct 1780

So WILLIAM ADAMS – 14 pds, 1/3 my cattle & hogs. Son ROBERT ADAMS – 26

pds, 1/3 my cattle & hogs. Wife SUSANAH ADAMS – 1 mare, 3 sheep, 1/3 my

cattle & hogs, household goods; after her death to my son ROBERT ADAMS.


From the “estate papers” found at…  one “Jackville Adams (1780):

Jackville Adams estate


07 Sep. 1757 Edgecombe Co. deed, 6-345, Smith to Sturdivant, witness Peter Anderson. 23 Sep.

1758 Edgecombe Co. deed, 6-341, Adams to Peter Anderson, 100 acres on Dry Pond Swamp joining Adams, witnessed by Weldon and Bigins Sturdivant.

17 Oct. 1763 Halifax Co. deed, 8-370, Sackville (x) and Susannah Adams of Halifax to Peter Anderson, 100 acres on Dry Pond Branch, witnessed by Charles Burks and Jeremiah Smith.

24 Feb. 1765 Edgecombe Co. deed, C-362, Arthur and Elizabeth (x) Bell to Peter Anderson of Halifax County, 107 acres, witnessed by Sam (x) Laseter and Jonas Williams.

17 Oct. 1774 Edgecombe Co. deed, 2-175, William (B) and Jane (x) Burroughs to Peter Anderson, 100 acres North of Gideon Gibson’s Branch that runs into the Swift Creek, witnessed by Edward (A) Adams and Thomas Hall.

15 Nov. 1777 Nash Co. formed from Edgecombe.

10 Nov. 1784 Nash Co. deed, 3-388, Peter Anderson to John Harrison 207 acres North of Gideon’s Branch, witnessed by Arthur Davis, John (x) Wiggins and William Avant. 20 Feb.

1787 Nash Co. deed, F-22, Lemuel (x) Laseter to Peter Anderson of Nash, 243 acres South of Fishing Creek joining Tobias Laseter and Pollock, witnessed by Tobias Laseter, Sion Laseter and John Harrison.

12 Oct. 1799 Nash Co. deed, , William Arrington to Peter Anderson, 160 acres joining Lemuel Lassiter, Anderson’s line, Jonas’s Branch, Joseph Hays and the Patent line and also 50 acres North of Beaver Dam Swamp, witnesses by William Lewis and Jesse Green.


click link below…



Below are the 3 entries for her grant of 1745… evidently the actual patent is missing…

With all the above being said, its my opinion that single women didn’t just “patent” some property… Susanna Anderson received her grant in 1745… I suppose she was recently widowed from another undisclosed Anderson who had made the land deal just prior to 1745.  Great!…another one…

This appears to be the son of Peter died 1801… note the name Arrington in this will of James Anderson 1817… this James also leaves a son “Peter”…

source:  North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970HalifaxWills, 1781-1824, Vol. 03  Image 657 of 763

Abstracts per David Gammon…

Will of James Anderson of Halifax county
will Book 3, page 606
Wife Sary  – all my lands and tenements for her widowhood, or until my youngest child comes of age.
Lend my wife ten Negroes during her widowhood:  Shade, Lyddy, Dilce, Bet, Rose, Dave, Charles, Daniel, Ann, and Aggy
My wife is to use these Negroes to raise and school the children.
When my oldest child comes of age, my property is to be valued, and he or she is to take his/her part, and as the children come of age, they are to take their part.
Enough of my property is to be sold to raise $250 to take up my bonds at the bank.
I lend my son Peter —- (torn)
Executor – friend Cyrus Rosser
Witnessed by Edwd. Smith and Orrin (X) Harris
Dated 5 Jan 1817, proved May Court 1817

Will of Nathan (X) Anderson of Halifax county
will Book 3, page 622
to my three children Susan, George Washington, and John – Negro Shade, plus whatever money may be due me for the hire of Shade in South Carolina.
Balance of property to my wife Precilla for her lifetime or widowhood, then to return to my three said children.
Executor – my brother Hardy Anderson
Witnessed by B.H. Dicken and R.J. Pittman
Dated 13 feb 1818, proved August court 1818

Again, abstracts thanks to David Gammon…

Edgecombe Deed Book 24, page 131 15 July 1845
Joseph J.N. Marks to George W. Anderson
For $57 ¾ dollars, 42 acres on the north side of the White Oak Swamp adj. Josiah Tanner.

Edgecombe Deed Book 25, page 341 1 Feb 1851
George W. (X) Anderson to John Coker, both of Edgecombe
For $100, 42 acres on the north side of White Oak Swamp, adjoining said swamp and Josiah Tanner.
Wit. William Fountain, Staton Leggett

According to Dr. Cary Anderson (descendant of Peter Anderson) the above George W. Anderson was a son of Nathan Anderson of Halifax… he relocated to Shelby Co., Tennessee with wife Sarah Elizabeth Fountain… eventually ending up in Cross County Arkansas.

This is the will of Biggans Sturdivant… I don’t find any clues, per se, but include it as Sturdivant is mentioned in the early land deals of Peter Anderson…

source:   North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970HalifaxWills, 1759-1774, Vol. 01Image 291 of 363   (page 298)



George Anderson d.1795 of Nash County… with references to Peter Anderson:

Is this a son who is not mentioned in Peter’s will of 1801?

geo1 geo2 geo3 geo4

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August 5, 2010 at 11:53 pm

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  1. I have worked since the mid-1960s tracing my Anderson ancestry. I desend from Nathan, son of Peter Anderson.

    I have never seen the Nash County, NC, Court Minutes that you have posted. They are wonderful.

    The Elias Boon being in three of the bonds, supports a suspicion I have tht Carolus Anderson married a Boon. There is a Boon descendent here in the county where I live who susspects the same. We have no proof!
    She will be fascinated to see this Boon Anderson connection.

    Next, I have long supported Susannah Anderson who obtained land in 1745 in Edgecombe County was the mother of Peter Anderson. The land went to Sackfield Adams when he married Susanna. Then Peter Anderson purchased it from his step-father Sackfield Adams.

    I have not had time to study this posting, but I was wondering if you have information as to who the husband of Susanna Anderson was. I have worked up a paper that puts her as the widow of John Anderson. I’ll have to check my material when time allows.

    It is wonderful to find another person study the same Anderson family.



    W Cary Anderson

    November 30, 2010 at 3:30 am

    • Cary
      Good to hear from you, we’ve emailed a few years ago. (I’m Marc Anderson). Sad to say… I cannot make a connection to who her first husband was.
      The Boon connection to Carolus is not proven but seems to me highly “probable”… I’ve tried to connect Carolus to George Anderson of Isle of Wight. (see my IOW map…the Boons were close by on the Matthew Strickland property before moving to Meherin River).
      See my “Pages” for John Anderson… there were 2. (again, I find nothing to connect Peter… he’s still an enigma)



      November 30, 2010 at 11:17 am

      • Cary
        I was in Raleigh last June and missed tracking down the survey for Susanna… I’d like to check for any chain carriers or other notes… do you have a copy?



        November 30, 2010 at 7:09 pm

      • Marc,

        First, I need to correct a statement made in the 30 November 2010 posting. It was James Anderson; not John, who is the strongest cadidate for the husband of Susannah Anderson who then married as a widow Sackville Adams. James is the only Anderson I have ever found in the right area at the right time to be the husband of Susannah. However, I have been unable to narrow down the exact location of James Anderson in early Edgecombe in the 1720’s.
        Since the early 1960s, I have been trying to learn more of this James Anderson, but he seems to have been on the scene briefly.
        I have only the abstract of Margaret Hofmann’s works. I, for some reason, failed to look for the patent on my three extended visit to Raleigh. There is, as you know, no chain carries in this series of Hofmann.

        I have a 12 point DNA on record, but the closest is a match of 11. I would be willing now to expend the points or whatever they are called, but I haven’t kept up the DNA project.



        W Cary Anderson

        January 1, 2011 at 6:28 pm

  2. Cary
    I’ll post a map of his property…
    As of 1721 he was married to Elizabeth (from deed references)…I’m speculating that he moved to Tarboro and became a merchant. (see the Page for Edgecombe Census 1790)
    My DNA is on the web… no Anderson matches



    January 2, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    • Marc,

      I am sure you have seen the following, but just in case:

      1742, no date. Thomas Pittman….. appears on the 1742 Tax List of Edgecombe County, N. C.

      1743, no date. Carolus Anderson…appears on the 1743 Tax List of Edgecombe County, N. C.

      1744, no date. Susannah Anderson.appears on the 1744 Tax List of Edgecombe County, N. C.

      I have not dug into the location of the eastern boundary of Edgecombe County in the 1740s, which I recognize as important in interpreting the about tax lists.

      When I was studying my direct ancestors in that part of the world, and in particular my Anderson branch in NC, it seemed almost like everytime I found one of my Andersons there was a Pitman nearby.
      After the move [c.1850] of George Washington Anderson [Nathan, Peter, James?] and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Fountain to Shelby Co., TN, and a few years later to, what is Cross County Arkansas, I still was struck by the Pitmans being close to other intertwined families with realtionship to my Andersons.

      The James Anderson that was in the Tar River area by 1723 would appear to me to not be the one back on the Occoneechee Neck, whose wife Elizabeth, died c1733.

      I would think it more likely the son James Anderson moving off to less populated land.

      Do you know of anyone who has attempted to trace the James Anderson, son of Elizabeth and James Anderson of Occoneechee Neck?



      W Cary Anderson

      January 3, 2011 at 3:53 pm

      • Cary
        The Elizabeth who died in 1733 is a different woman than the wife of James in Occoneechee Neck (their signature marks are distinctly different)… with that in mind, the Occoneechee James could be a young man. (I think he is the brother of Carolus)



        January 3, 2011 at 8:31 pm

  3. I’m a descendant of William Anderson (who is listed in the group of 8 children at the end of Peter’s will) I’m still very new at this research. Do you know for sure or is it on here if William’s mother was a Mourning Price? We have some family rumors that there is Native American heritage and just wondering if she would be the link with a name like Mourning? Any info or guidance would be appreciated. I’ve only been able to do research in SC and GA.


    Sherry Bath

    March 10, 2012 at 11:56 am

    • No… Peter was a different family than the Mourning Price. Stay tuned… I will have some new info shortly on the Peter Anderson group. Rummage around my pages… there were a lot of Andersons and a lot of different stories… 🙂

      Well… I say shortly… I’ve just arranged to get the grant for Susannah Anderson 1745 from the NC Archives… hopefully it may have some clues to figure out. I’ll try to post some more next week.



      March 10, 2012 at 12:39 pm

      • No luck… evidently the actual patent is missing…



        March 16, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    • Just found this very old post if yours. I am
      Also a descendant of Howell Anderson. My DNA just revealed I have a small percentage of Native American DNA. I know that Howell’s father and grandfather and uncles were Indian Traders and have long suspected this might be the clue if I ever learned I have Indigenous DNA. Did you ever learn more about these Andersons? I’ve done a lot of research, maybe we should put our heads together! 🙂


      Kate King

      November 26, 2022 at 10:55 pm

  4. Thank you for posting this information! I’ll save it on my computer, since I’ve started working on my Anderson line. I’m descended from Howell Anderson who moved to Barnwell County, SC.



    January 25, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    • Hi Sherry
      Post a little sketch of your guy in SC and I’ll add it to the mix… There may be some court records to give some clues on his parents???? Every tidbit helps…




      January 26, 2014 at 5:29 am

      • Marc, I’m sure that my Howell is the son of Peter Anderson of Nash County (and other counties in NC) since he was named in his will. The dates fit also. At this point, I’m interested in finding out who Peter Anderson’s (d. 1801) parents were. On, others have listed the John Anderson who died in 1733 in Perquiman’s County as his father, but they’re wrong very often. Has anybody ordered this John Anderson’s probate records? I thought I’d do so, but if somebody else already has, and it’s proven that he’s not Peter’s father, then I won’t.

        Here is Howell Anderson’s will. You’ll notice that he has a son named Hardy P. Anderson – I’ve seen where the ‘P’ stands for Peter. I’m descended from his son John J. Anderson who moved to Henry County, Alabama, where he died in 1869.


        State of South Carolina
        Barnwell District

        In the name of God, Amen. I, Howell Anderson, of the state and district aforesaid being of feeble bodily health but in my perfect senses and being desirous while I have opportunity of apportioning the property with which the Lord has blessed me among my children after my decease, do make, ordain, constitute and appoint this my Last Will and Testament revoking all others heretofore made.
        In the first place it is my desire that my body be decently interred (my Soul I resign unto the hands of Him who gave it)
        2nd It is my desire that as soon as the debts which are due me can be collected that all my debts be paid.
        3rd It is my will that my landed estate consisting of eleven hundred acres more or less be divided into eight equal parts or tracts, one of each of these tracts to be apportioned to each one of my children; and it is my desire that those of my children who have settled upon my land have their tracts so laid out as to include their settlements; also that my daughters Mary and Jane Anderson have their portions so laid out as to include the settlement whereon we now live with the out buildings____. The above named eight tracts of land are all to be appraised and the appraisement taken into consideration in the final distribution of my estate, so that each of my children shall have an equal share in my property.
        4th It is my desire that my daughters Mary and Jane be permitted to take out of the household and kitchen and other furniture such articles as they have bought and paid for with their own labor, also that they be allowed a good horse and the buggy for their sole use and benefit, and that they be allowed two hundred bushels of corn and six hundred pounds pork for this year’s supply, and that each of them, that is my daughters Mary and Jane, be allowed two choice sows with their pigs and three cows and calves (choice) each.
        5th I leave and bequeath to my son Matthew W. Anderson the Negroes Shade, Elsie, and Ron with the future increase of the females to him and the issue of his body forever.
        6th To my son John J. Anderson I leave and bequeath the Negroes Isaac and Peggy, with the increase of Peggy to him and the issue of his body forever.
        7th To my son Hardy P. Anderson I leave and bequeath the Negroes Sam and Clarissa, with the increase of Clarissa to him and the issue of his body forever.
        8th To my son Howell D. Anderson I leave and bequeath the Negroes Jim and Lucy, with the increase of Lucy (future) to him and the issue of his body forever.
        9th To my son George J. Anderson I leave and bequeath the Negroes Fred and Amy, with the future increase of Amy to him and the issue of his body forever.
        10th To my daughter Mary Ann Anderson I leave and bequeath the Negroes Tom and Betty with her child Rolly and the future increase of Betty to her and the issue of her body forever.
        11th To my daughter Francis E. Easterling I leave and bequeath the Negroes Harry and Lindy with her children Handy and Landy and the future increase of Lindy to her and the issue of her body forever.
        12th To my daughter Jane C. I leave and bequeath the Negroes Aga and Boson with the future increase of Aga to her and the issue of her body forever.
        All of the above named Negroes are not to be appraised but to be distributed as named, to my different children; any inequality arising from the value of the tracts of land to be settled, as near as can be, from the proceeds of the property hereinafter directed to be sold. As regards the Negro woman Molly, it is my wish that she be suffered to live with my daughters Mary and Jane as she has been a faithful servant. In addition to the property already allotted to my daughters Mary and Jane Anderson, it is my wish that each of them be allowed a feather bed and furniture.
        13th The residue of my property not named as stock, plantation, tools, household and kitchen furniture or my other property not named, it is my will shall be sold and the proceeds appropriated as heretofore directed.
        14th It is my desire that if any of my children should die not leaving lawful issue that the portion of property allotted to them in my last will should revert back to my other children.
        My daughters Mary and Jane, however, are hereby left at liberty to will their portions of my estate so that they leave it to any of my posterity.
        Lastly, I nominate and appoint my sons John J. and Howell D. Anderson executors of this my last will and testament.
        Given under my hand and seal this 30th day of March, 1858.

        Signed, sealed in the presence of Howell Anderson
        Wm. S. Johnson X
        J.D. Cowan mark
        William Drummond



        March 5, 2014 at 10:05 pm

  5. Very interesting. These are “my” Andersons as well. Peter Daniel Anderson b. ca. 1799, who died and is buried at Cookeville, TN, is my ancestor and his sister, Frances Ann, is recorded by her son as having been born to James Anderson and Sarah Hickman on July 4, 1815, in Hallifax County, North Carolina. This entry is among others recorded by Isaac Asbury Clarke, b. March 22,1837, a son of John P. Clarke. Isaac was well educated for his time, was a student at the University of Missouri at the start of the Civil War, withdrew to serve, and later founded Clarke Academy in Berryville, AR. Peter Daniel Anderson, b. ca. 1799, is in census for Jackson County and later Putnam County, Tennessee, and he and his wife are buried at Cookeville.



    May 26, 2015 at 10:24 am

    • Hi Rick
      Sounds like your ancestor is a grandson of Peter. I think I have some records of his father James on this site.
      To date… I have found nothing to track back further in Peter’s genealogy (d.1801) other than some sketchy speculation. If you find anything please share with the class (smiling).




      May 27, 2015 at 3:58 pm

    • I am so happy I checked this list today. Always get very excited when I see new (to me) data on Andersons of Edgecombe. I descend from Peter’s son Nathan Anderson’s son George Washington Anderson. I am a great-great-grandson of Nathan. As far as I know, I am the youngest of my generation of descendants from Nathan. However, I don’t really know much of anything of the other children of Nathan’s descendants.

      I live about an hour’s drive from Berryville, AR.


      W Cary Anderson

      May 27, 2015 at 4:43 pm

  6. I wonder how many of Peter’s children have known descendants.


    W Cary Anderson

    May 27, 2015 at 5:03 pm

  7. Just found this site again, as I’m planning a short trip soon to NC (Edgecombe & Nash Counties)…I was really on the wrong path when I initially posted some of the above info. I don’t know where my thought process was when I posted that I’m a descendant of Howell….actually I’m a descendant of William (Howell’s brother.) I’m still curious about Mourning Price..any NC connections to her and of course Peter Anderson…hope to find some evidence this month.


    Sherry K. Bath

    September 18, 2016 at 7:57 pm

  8. Just to update…Mourning Price was not married to our William…did get definitive answers on that…still haven’t had time to comb through all of the scans that I made while in NC for just 2 days.


    Sherry K. Bath

    November 29, 2016 at 3:05 pm

  9. I haven’t searched through everything on your site but in this thread I was hoping to find out the identity of Peter Anderson’s wife Ann. I’m a direct descendant of his son Howell. I’ve seen her maiden name as Welch, with no documentation or hints about her lineage. Also have seen her as a Hemings, again no proofs. Have not seen evidence of any Welch families she could have come from. Peter born about 1730? Any suggestions where to find this or how to ferret it out? Noted two Arrington witnesses of Peter’s will, could Ann be an Arrington? Any help greatly appreciated! Karen


    Karen King

    March 27, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    • I’ve posted all the meager scraps I have found on these folks… I’ve hoped that perhaps some info might pop up from some later accounts of his children in their records from the later 1800s…



      March 28, 2018 at 4:19 am

      • I have a fair amount of info about the ones who went to Barnwell County, Howell and his family on down to the present. How would you like me to convey all that to you? My grandmother was Howell’s great granddaughter. I also have descendants of Peter’s sons William and Nathan. It’s a lot more than I know how to write in this post.


        Karen King

        March 28, 2018 at 7:09 am

  10. My focus is on the “colonial” era. (prior to 1776) I leave it to others to connect the dots after that time. (smiling)



    March 28, 2018 at 7:49 am

    • Gotcha! Perhaps if anyone wants info about the descendants as I’ve mentioned they can contact me and I’ll be glad to share. I’m enjoying your blog and since it’s quite voluminous (!) it will bring me lots of pleasure as I go through it.


      Karen King

      March 28, 2018 at 7:57 am

      • Hello,
        I’m researching a Peter Anderson who is in the will in Virginia. It states he does not live in the area. Peter is (Non local) He perhaps marries Sarah Rogers. He perhaps has a sister or child named Mary Polly Anderson. Mary was born in North Carolina. This is stated on the death certificate of Thurman Rogers. I’m just wondering if they are somehow connected to Your Anderson’s. They lived in Tennessee.
        I relize it’s a long shot.



        July 24, 2018 at 7:32 am

  11. Hi Loretta

    I do not know…

    Read a bit more of my research and form your question like you are ready to slap me in the face because I do not see your point ???

    Know what I mean?…….



    July 24, 2018 at 5:12 pm

  12. I am thrilled to find this site – wish I had sooner (spent almost 20 hours trying to research Peter A, only to discover NOT MY GUY. )

    First request to anyone who has tested with FT Y testing – If you’re “I” group feel free to message me – I’ve scoured the project but it looks like there might be better info here. From the I-Z138 project, the only (except below) Anderson match has an EKA George Newell A.

    He was a needle in a haystack anyway…..I manage FTDNA kit #967421, direct descendant of some Andersons that if mentioned anywhere here, fall under SW Pioneers, more research needed. Won’t find an argument with me.

    Still, looks like I found the right place for a question that could really help (no face slapping as suggested in the post above mine…)

    My kit belongs to Jim Hale Anderson, born Grayson Co VA 1939. EKA James P Anderson Jr 1806-1876; buried in the Galax HS parking lot. He’s in the FT Anderson project. There’s a lot of strange stuff about this guy which I’ve been addicted to resolving since the results came in July.

    1. Our closest Y-match has EKA Nathan Anderson b 1767 m Elizabeth Forkner (Henry Co VA) (acc to the family record of a grandson.) Prior to this (minor) reveal, we had never heard of him. Besides that guy, we don’t have a reasonably close Y match with a single other Anderson. Anywhere.

    We also don’t closely match any testers from the south REGARDLESS of surname.

    Our Y-DNA matches Perkins Pilgrims from Mass Bay.

    2. Said Perkins have no evidence of anyone heading south.

    3. We have no autosomal with them (not SO strange).

    4. EKA James P. A Jr appears fully formed as a 22-year-old in Grayson – posting bond for appeals, running elections, housing prisoners, and seizing tax delinquent and Tory land – and selling it. He was appointed in the 30s to do the land-grabbing for the Va Literary Fund.

    He and his children also ran mercantiles – in Carroll mainly, after it formed, but he didn’t live there.

    I can find no evidence that he was orphaned anywhere – except a clue that led me to this part of NC – the will of Lydia Peterson Anderson, d1809 in Montgomery Co VA. She must have been widowed; I’ve searched in vain for a husband’s will, to no avail.

    Guesstimating by the order and bequests, her children were eldest Louisa, Francis, James, Lewis and Charles. Louisa chose a guardian in Montgomery about 1812 and vanishes. Lydia wanted the kids bound out for a trade and disallowed anyone to set foot on her property except for a Hannah Emmons.

    Son Francis was bound out in Granville County (of all places….) There’s a court order demanding whoever got him to turn him over to learn stuff…..

    Broadly I can see three ‘naming conventions’ in the area – the John/James/William/Robert crowd; the Jeremiah, Micajah, Isaac folks and the Francis/Lewis/etc. (is that a Restoration thing?) She seems to be a mix – but I can prove that’s where he went, just not how she ended up in Montgomery….

    5. I, too, was shocked to see the NY/NC travel – I jumped on Robert, William and James – but they aren’t right. Lydia Peterson came from Delaware, but we aren’t Swedish –

    6. EKA James has an unexplained middle P. It could be Peter (a reason I tracked him down); Peterson – like his mother; or Perkins – since he apparently is one.

    Nathan Anderson (our match’s EKA) was in Henry starting in 1792 – he, too, appears out of the ether fully formed. The Forkners were on the other side of the Patrick border when he married Elizabeth in about 1795 – after an ‘incident’ Nathan and Elizabeth went to Grayson, stayed from 1798-1802, then moved to Barron KY, then 1814 to Darke OH, where he died. The descendants lived in Indiana.

    There is a John Anderson in Henry also, who also leaves Henry – goes to Franklin county for a couple of years, marries off two daughters in 1802 and then vanishes as well. (Sarah Sally to David Ross; Elanor to a Packwood). John’s wife (unhelpfully) is Mary.

    Sara Sally Anderson Ross’s daughter married my EKA James Jr, thus muddling the dna if any of these Andersons are kin. There is a James Sr in Grayson – he is NOT Jr’s father – but I doubt he is related to any other Andersons in the area – mainly because he is buried in Jr’s graveyard.

    So, that’s a list of all I don’t know – if anything looks familiar to anyone, please contact me –


    Anne Lineberry

    December 21, 2022 at 12:42 am

  13. Hi Anne
    This Peter Anderson line is “unresolved” in my mind. He just “shows up” in Halifax County one day… reading my notes will reveal that I think his mother was Susannah Anderson who got a grant about 1744.

    A bit south of this area is “my guy” William Anderson d 1789 of Edgecombe County. This DNA trail leads to his “illegitimate birth” of abt 1725 near Meherrin River at the VA/NC border. ALL of the decendants of this guy have BRANTLEY DNA. I call us the Brantley Bastards. This Brantley line tracks to the 1600s in Isle of Wight.

    Bottom line… there is a DNA line connecting these Halifax/Northampton/Isle of Wight Andersons which is still “up in the air”. I am trying to track it down.

    Welcome to the madhouse.



    December 21, 2022 at 1:39 am

    • Thank you for the insight! There’s probably a psychiatric PhD thesis our descriptors – I’m calling the ‘perp’ “Randy” Perkins. Our Y matches Loomis, Gilman, Manschill, Smith, Sullivan, and others – all of whom, best I can tell, stuck near the Canadian border.

      I’m guessing that the descendants of THIS Peter have tested – I still have the mystery Lydia Peterson – don’t know who her husband was, but there WAS a Micajah around in Mont. running an ordinary. Also, a Peter A shows up in the PP records right when (given her kid’s ages) her husband may have died.

      Also, I have found a Francis A in census records (either 1820 or 1830 or both) – he is either ‘of color’ or has household members ‘of color.’ I am extremely interested in “black George” along with Susannah Anderson of the 1736 deed (recorded in 1756) actually purchasing land on Gideon Gibson’s branch.

      Yes, a madhouse!

      I think I’ve read most of this blog – one thing I haven’t seen mentioned (discovered by me while in the throes of a Va variant of the NC madhouse) – there are a disproportionate number of Andersons running mercantiles in the early US. I built a PP spreadsheet of Andersons – and started noticing the trend. I’m sure about Montgomery Co and Grayson Co – also (from memory) Chesterfield and Albemarle. There are more – and my James Jr was also a later one – but we are not related to a single one of them.

      Scotland, urged on by Adam Smith, set up mercantiles all over the southern back country (and NY) from 1783-1812 – I haven’t gotten a list yet but i thought it possible that the apprentices they sent might have taken on the name of the company – in our case, Anderson. Nothing yet, but it would explain these ‘dropins.’


      Anne Lineberry

      December 24, 2022 at 8:55 pm

      • The black George Anderson is pretty well tracked. Use my search button “anderson 1757″… his will will pop up from the early Grandville records. He was also around Northampton County in some records. I have little concerned myself with him 1. because I have found no connections, and 2 because I have to separate his family from mine.
        I have 2 theories concerning Susanna Anderson ca 1744… 1 She may be connected to the James Anderson 1716 guy in Occoneechee Neck (perhaps a later wife or perhaps a daughter) 2 She may have came from Prince George County, VA, near Petersburg …there are several vague clues that hint at that.



        December 25, 2022 at 3:04 am

  14. Is there a way to subscribe to the entire blog? I’m just signed up for this post at present….


    Anne Lineberry

    December 31, 2022 at 5:07 pm

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