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John Pitman son of Thomas of IOW

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Borrowing from the research of Forrest King…

Mr King paints a complex picture of John Pitman thusly:

v. JOHN PITMAN, b. in Surry County about 1707, m. ELIZABETH (—) in Isle of Wight County,[*] and d. in Southampton County after 12 Dec 1780.[*]  John Pitman is probably one of the oldest of the sons of Thomas Pitman.  He is found in the Isle of Wight County records witnessing a will on 16 Aug 1732.[*]  On 18/19 Feb 1735, he purchases 100 acres on the north side of Three Creeks from Vaughan Helburn.[*]  John Pitman seems to have been quite a restless person.  He also makes the migration to Edgecombe County, North Carolina, probably before 1746.  John Pitman is of North Carolina when he returns to Isle of Wight County to sell 100 acres on the north side of Three Creeks on 28 Apr 1746.[*]  He purchases 150 acres of land on White Oak Swamp from Thomas Hicks on 7 Aug 1746.[*]  He is from Isle of Wight when he purchases 200 acres on Kirby Creek and Cabin Branch in Northampton from John Beel and wife Hester on 23 Feb 1748/9.[*]  He is of Southampton County, Virginia when he and wife Elizabeth sell this land to Joseph Pope also of Southampton on 1 Jan 1758.[*]  Along with wife Elizabeth, he sold 140 acres on Tarara Creek to brother Arthur Pitman on 24 Jun 1749.[*]  He makes his will on 9 Oct 1781 in Southampton County.  He gives to daughter Sarah Boykin all his land in North Carolina.[*]*XE “People:Pitman:Pratta (b. circa 1705,          )”*


Isle of Wight County this third Day of March 1728–
Whereas I Thomas PITMAN of the County aforesaid do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. First, my Soul I desire to return to God who gave it, My Body to be decently Buried, and for my Estate real and personal to be disposed of as follows (viz) My Son Thomas I desire may have an entry of Land lying up the Creek containing an hundred and fifty Acres and he having two thousand Nails to build him a house out of the Estate. For my Son Samuel I desire may have the Plantation lying on Dicks Marsh bounded by a line of Mark Trees containing an hundred Acres. To my Son Robert a piece of Land lying on the upper side of the Long Grand containing fifty Acres. For my Son Ambrose the upper part of the Survey lying above the Marsh branch containing forty Acres. For my sons John and Arthur the place called the hedge pen Neck and containing One Hundred Acres. My Sons Samson and Joseph my mannour plantation containing an hundred and Ten Acres. To my six Daughters Five Pounds to each being Ann, Olive, Pratta, Elizabeth, Lucy, and Faith and for the rest of my Estate after my debts are paid I desire may be equally shared by my Trustees among all my children. I do appoint Robert Lancaster, Wm John Dunkley and Robert Monger jun, Trustees and my son Thomas PITMAN Executor of this my last Will. I do desire my Trustees may value my Estate and equal share it without any Cost, Charges and carefully take care of it.
Joseph E. Strickling                                                                             Thomas ( tp ) PITMAN
Thomas Pitman
Edw. Hood
At a Court held for Isle of Wight County the 28th day of September, 1730–
The last Will and Testaament of Thomas PITMAN Deceased was presented in Court by Thomas PITMAN Executor and being proved by the Oaths of the Witnesses thereunto is admitted to Record. Test. James Ingles CC

The documents below show John Pitman and his brother Arthur in Southampton, VA.  Arthur dies around 1758.

John Pitman dies 1781 and appears to me to from his will has no sons… only daughters.

Still in Southampton in 1758…

His will in 1781…

I would prefer to leave John Pitman to R.I.P in Southampton.  But “a” John Pitman shows up in NC and doesn’t leave a will.

A John Pitman witnessed a deed to Robert Pitman in 1742… Edgecombe (Halifax) DB 5, p.102.

Mr. King refers to this deed below and logically supposes that it might be the Southampton John… I’m not so sure.

Edge. Co. (Halifax) Db 3, page 45, deed date 7 aug 1746, recorded Nov

Ct 1746, Thomas Hicks, Edge. Co to (John Pitman), said county for 20

pds Va, a tract on the north side of White Oak Swamp containing 150

acres being the plantation whereon said (John Pitman) now lives

beginning at a white oak on the north side of said swamp then south 80

east 153 poles to the center of two pines then north 10 east 153 poles

to a red oak then north 80 west to the White Oak Swamp then down said

swamp to the first station, signed Thomas Hicks, wit Edward Seayers,

Mary Vaughn (mark).  Abstracted 7-02-06, NCA film C.047.40002, CTC.

 I have a Page (the Pitman/Ross conundrum map) if you want to ponder the conundrum… and don’t take my map as gospel concerning the White Oak Swamp mentioned because there is another Swamp by the same name located nearer to the middle of Edgecombe County… I haven’t figured it all out.
Meanwhile, I have another fish to fry and that is the wife of John Pitman-  Elizabeth.  If I can prove that Southampton John stayed in Southampton and it was another John Pitman in the Halifax area of North Carolina then who is this Elizabeth Pitman in 1744?  The document below is from  an Edgecombe estate sale (modern Halifax County).   Could it be that it is not his wife but his sister Elizabeth who is noted in the will of Thomas Pitman above?

In Forrest king’s paper he mentions a deed which I have not seen yet which is also interesting…

“Robert Pitman is first found in the Isle of Wight County records witnessing the sale of land from Jesse Moneham of Bertie County, North Carolina to Edward Chitte on 22 Sep 1730. … His spouse is not known but there was an Elizabeth Pitman who also witnessed the Jesse Moneham deed mentioned earlier and she may be his wife.”

Could that again be his sister?

All of this is of interest to me, particularly their signature marks, because I have a single woman identified as “widow” Pitman living a few miles northwest of Tarboro, NC in 1749 who I think is that sister of John and Robert Pitman:

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January 14, 2012 at 2:06 pm

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  1. I’d like to make a comment…I’m full of ’em, you know…

    1758 to 1781 is 23 years, plenty of time for the next generation of Pitmans to grow up and begin appearing in records. Every one of the sons of Thomas probably had a John – maybe some of the daughters too – everyone has a John – most common name next to, oh, say, Elizabeth. 🙂

    Next, once in awhile you see movement between VA and NC, but generally, once they made the trip south they tended to stay there, not jump back and forth. Consider what a pain travel was.

    And, just because a son doesn’t appear in a will doesn’t mean he didn’t exist. 🙂

    I will get off the soapbox now.


    Traci Thompson

    January 25, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    • I think you and I are on the same side of your point…. I think the John who is in NC is a different guy too…



      January 25, 2012 at 3:28 pm

  2. Great! Now we can move onward from here. I actually had a bit of an epiphany about John today after mulling all this over…I need to do a little more research though.


    traci thompson

    January 25, 2012 at 8:14 pm

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