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Thomas Price d.1779

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The first Thomas Price I find in Edgecombe County… first land grant at least by 1744… seemingly lived near Roanoke River in modern Halifax County.

FamilySearch online
North Carolina Probate Records, 1735-1970EdgecombeInventories, 1733-1753,  Image 297 of 362
pg 102

A True and Perfect Inventory of all and Singular the Goods and Chatteles, Rights and Credits of the
Estate of Thomas Price Deced  so farr as is come to the Knowledge and Possession of Mary Price
Relict of the said Thomas Price_____  Vizt:
.......... list of possessions..........

                                                                   May 11th, 1751
                                                                                      Mary (her mark) Price
pg 120/121

Price Division
Aug 10th, 1751
A Division of the Estate of Thomas Price Deceased between the Widow and Children

... third part to Widdow Price
... children listed.... William, Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Rachall

Wee certyfie... just & true division...     Henry Andrews, John Wiggins, Joseph Moore
abstract- Marc Anderson

Note that there is not a son "Joseph" or "Jacob" mentioned above.  Because of that,
 I don't think the above Thomas Price is directly connected to the Thomas
 who writes his will in Edgecombe in 1779... they may be cousins perhaps but I have no proof.


The below Thomas Price  is the father of Mourning Price who becomes the 2nd wife of William Anderson Sr. in 1762.  The daughter Kesiah marries Jonathan Coleman 1763.

Gammon Wills, Vol I, pg 66 #323, 3/13/1779, AUG Ct. 1781, DB B-79

Thomas (X) Price

“…being sickly and weak of body…”

Son JESSE, son WILLIAM, son CADER, son JOSEPH, daughter MONEN

ANDERSON, daughter KIZIAR COLEMAN, daughter ANN GWIN, daughter

RACHEL ALLEN-five shillings each. Wife ELIZABETH PRICE-lend half of

my manor plantation and orchards where I now live, for her lifetime

or widowhood. son ELIGE the manor plantaion where I now live with

100 Acres. Daughter ELIZABETH PRICE cow and calf.  Daughter MARY

PRICE cow and calf.

Ex. Brother JOSEPH PRICE and my son ELIGE PRICE


Thomas Price/ wife Elizabeth             brother Joseph Price






…..Mourning Ander[son]

…..Kesiah Coleman

…..Ann Gwin

…..Rachael Allen



When did he obtain the property next to William Anderson Sr.?  If you check my Edgecombe map (see Pages) you will notice he is noted on the deeds of Anderson and Ross by 1760.

Edge Co Db 2, Pg 106, Jan 31, 1774 Thomas (X) Price of Edge Co. to Cader Price of same, for 10pds Proc. Money the 100ac plantation whereon sd Cader Price then lived, situated on the north side of Tar River and northeast side of Falling Run, it being part of the land granted to James Pittman by patent bearing date May 5, 1742 Wit: Eth’d Philips, Exum Philips

Note in the below will of Joseph Price of Martin County in 1785 that he makes mention of his “niece” Ann Gwin.  Compare the mention of her in the Thomas Price will in 1779 (his daughter).  This will of Joseph Price also bequeaths land in “Virginia” to another brother (Jacob).  I suspect, but have not gathered any evidence yet, that it is possibly Isle of Wight.

Price_Joseph1785 Price_Thomas 1779 Price_Thomas_Inventory1781


The Thomas Price (father of Mourning Price) property is where James Pitman is noted on the map… reference the plot lines and note the “T Price” on Anderson & Ross’s patents.    (click on any of these images and you can ZOOM in)


I also have to caution myself from jumping generations… but the Thomas Price of Isle of Wight looks suspiciously possible of being this guys grandfather.


The southside Thomas…. bear with me (this guy is different than above)…

Edge. Co. Db 1, page 477, deed date 30 Oct 1762, recorded Jan Ct 1763,

Thomas Price, Johnston Co, NC to James Braswell, Edge. Co for 30 pds

proc money that plantation tract of land on the south side of Tar River 

beginning at a black oak and running south 80 east to a ( ) oak in the

head of a small (branch) then south 39 west 180 poles to a corner pine

then north 49 west to a red oak an agreed corner on the back line then

along a line of marked trees to the first station, containing 175 acres

being part of a tract granted by patent to said Price dated 8 Jun 1739,

signed Thos Price, wit Samson Braswell, Solomon Bracewell (proved),

Richard Bracewell (X). NOTE: VERY HARD TO READ. Abstracted 6 Mar 07,

NCA film C.037.40002, CTC.

(I think this is the Thomas Price that ratted out Richard Braswell for counterfeiting.  These guys were clearly SOUTH of Tar River.  Braswell researchers have had a ton of fun with that.)

I thought this Elizabeth Price of 1837 might be his daughter or kin but the references appear to be the Prices of the SOUTH side of Tar River:

Edge. Co Db 21, page 657, date of deed 19 Oct 1837, date recorded Nov

Ct. 1837, Elizabeth Price, Edge. Co. to Wm. H. Dicken, Edge. Co. for

$100 a tract of land containing 50 acres, beginning at four bays and

three gums in a small branch then down the meanders thereof south 50

east 20 poles then south 25 east 20 poles to a sicamore stake persimmon

and oak then south 41 poles to a sicamore stake in the patent line then

with the patent line west 115 poles to a sicamore stake then north 70

poles to a sicamore stake then east 92 poles to the beginning, being a

part of a tract of land granted to Thomas Price bearing date 13 June 

1760, signed Elizabeth Price (X), wit. William S. Baker. Abstracted 10-

31-01, FHC film 0370237, CTC.

Edge. Co Db 21, page 109, date of deed 4 Nov 1833, date recorded May 

Ct. 1834, Elizabeth Price, Edge. Co. to James Oneal, Edge. Co. for 

$150, a tract of land on the north side of Mercers Mill Swamp 

containing 25 acres, beginning at a red oak an agreed corner William H. 

Dickens and David Lane believed by the parties to be the original 

corner then along said Dickens line south 110 poles to a post oak 

another corner by the said William H. Dickens and David Lane, then 

along said Dickens line south 64 west 24 poles to an oak on the run of 

Moore’s Swamp and another agreed corner between the said William H. 

Dickens and David Lane then up the various courses of said run to a 

black gum said Lane’s corner then with his line north 6 east 125 poles 

to a sycamore (steak) in said Dickens line then south 89 west 28 poles 

to the first station, signed Elizabeth Price, wit. M.E. Manning. 

Abstracted 9-15-01, FHC film 0370237, CTC. 

As this “other” Thomas Price emerges it reveals some interesting points:

a tract granted by patent to said Price dated 8 Jun 1739″


“tract of land granted to Thomas Price bearing date 13 June 1760”

and he seems to have moved west to Johnston County by 1762…

And my point is this: He is situated SOUTH of the Tar River by 1739.

Also, any deeds referencing “Braswells” is probably his kin.

Our guy is living NORTH of Tar River at Falling Run just west of Swift Creek at least by 1760 and possibly before. (Unless he owned several plantations and also owned the property south of Tar River and just wanted to play a cruel joke on future genealogists like me.)

I have a TOTAL BRICK WALL tracking William Anderson Sr. prior to his first appearance with his survey of 1752 (aside from my bastard son theory).  Which makes this deed interesting:

JOHN LEE of Edge. Co. to THOMAS KNITE of Edge. Co. 26 Jan. 1744  7 pounds Va. currency  400 acres on the south side of Morratuck river, joining CHARITY CARNOLES, the pocosin and WILLIAM ANDERSON Wit:  WILLIAM TAYLOR, WILLIAM REDDON, THOMAS PRICE  Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1744  Robert Forster  C. Ct.


Minutes of the North Carolina Governor’s Council

North Carolina. Council

November 19, 1744 – November 27, 1744

Volume 04, Pages 703-710

The following Persons were admitted to prove their Rights Vizt

Whites     Blacks

William Kendrick           Edgecombe         3

George Stevens                  Do                        1             5

Thomas Price                      Do                       4

(note the “other” T. Price had his land by 1739)

As an aside… (regular readers know I have a strange fascination with Indian Traders)

Is this the (son perhaps) of Thomas Price south of Tar River ?

Minutes of the North Carolina House of Commons, North Carolina. General Assembly, November 18, 1786 – January 06, 1787, Volume 18, Pages 226-483

pg. 330/331

Mr. Wyatt Hawkins from the Committee of Propositions and Grievances, delivered in the following report to wit.

Your Committee of Propositions and Grievances to whom was referred the petition of George Lewis and William Price, report that from the representation of George Lewis and the several affidavits and other papers laid before them in support of the facts set forth in the said petition, it appears to your Committee that Capt. Thomas Price, father to William, one of the petitioners, was regularly licensed to trade with the Cherokee Indians, and that during the time of his trading with them he credited them for goods to a very large amount. It also appears that George Lewis was in Copartnership with said Price while trading with said Indians, and that they from necessity were obliged to accept of a Deed from the Indian Chiefs for a considerable Quantity of Lands as a restitution for the monies due them from said Indians, as they had no other means of satisfaction for the debts due. It also further appears that the Land in that part of the country has since the late War, been indiscriminately allowed by the State to be entered by the Citizens thereof. That previous to the opening of the Land office, Captain Price was killed in defence of his Country, and left behind him an helpless widow and orphans, that George Lewis was at the same time blind of both his eyes in which situation he now is, and being far distant from the office at which Lands in that part of the Country were to be entered, and having as they thought a right to said Lands as Capt. Price in his life time and the said George Lewis had made considerable improvements thereupon did not avail themselves of the opportunity of entering the said Lands until some time ago, when on attempting to enter them they found it was previously done by a certain William Sharpe so long before that the said Lewis and William Price was by law excluded from a right of Caveating.

Your Committee under these considerations and from the distressed situation of said petitioners, are of opinion that they are objects worthy the benevolence of the Legislature, therefore recommend that a Portion of Lands in that part of the Country equal to the sum of money specified in the Deed given by the Indians to Capt. Price be laid off to the said George Lewis and the widow and orphans of the said Thomas Price.

All which is submitted.


The House, taking the said Report into consideration, concurred therewith.

Whereupon the following resolution was entered into in pursuance of a report of the Committee appointed to consider of the petition of George Lewis and William Price this day delivered and concurred with by this House.

Resolved, That the said George Lewis be allowed the Quantity of four Thousand acres of unappropriated Land lying in this State on the west side of Cumberland Mountains, and that the male orphans of the said Thomas Price in the said report mentioned, be also allowed the same quantity of Lands situated on the west side of the said Cumberland Mountains, and that John Armstrong, Esquire, Sole Entry Taker, be directed to issue warrants for the same.

pg. 342

His Excellency, the Governor, to direct the Hon. Robert Burton and Nathaniel Macon to proceed to Congress, and the Resolve allowing George Lewis four Thousand Acres of Land, and the Male Heirs of Thomas Price the same quantity. Endorsed in Senate “Concurred with.”

The House adjourned ’til 4 O’Clock.

Written by anderson1951

July 16, 2011 at 4:05 pm

10 Responses

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  1. I have several PRICE lines in both Halifax and Edgecombe Co’s. The one I have a brick wall on is Whitmell or Whitmore PRICE who married Julia SOREY in 1819 in Halifax.

    I also have Mourning Price who married William Anderson thru my Anderson lineage as well as Elizabeth Price who married William Faithful.

    Any help in connecting these family would be greatly appreciated.



    August 28, 2011 at 9:17 am

    • Hi Cheryl
      I can’t help with the SOREY connection. What I have posted is about the extent of my info, perhaps someone will chime in with some comments. Do you know any particulars of the Halifax area Thomas Price?

      JOHN LEE of Edge. Co. to THOMAS KNITE of Edge. Co. 26 Jan. 1744 7 pounds Va. currency 400 acres on the south side of Morratuck river, joining CHARITY CARNOLES, the pocosin and WILLIAM ANDERSON Wit: WILLIAM TAYLOR, WILLIAM REDDON, THOMAS PRICE Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1744 Robert Forster C. Ct.

      I think he died in Halifax but I can’t find my reference.




      August 28, 2011 at 2:17 pm

      • I found an Inventory from 1751 and added it to the Page notes…



        August 30, 2011 at 4:44 pm

  2. I have an ancestor Sarah/Sally Llewellen (varied spellings) who was the wife of Thomas Price. Births unknown, but circa 1735. A deed for land from the Cherokee Indians dated 22 november 1775, to Thomas Price is witnessed by “Abednego Llewellin and Meshack Lewelin”. It is assumed these two Llewellins are relatives of Sarah/Sally. This deed was signed by the Cherokee chiefs “Ettakilkullica (known as the Little Carpenter), Woocah, and Sucky”. Document states this deed was signed at the “dwelling of Thomas Price on the Tyger River” near Capt. John Prince’s – Prince’s Fort was near the residence of John Prince.

    It has been a long time since i have reviewed any of this data. I have an old Windows 98 computer and in the process of getting data from it. I received many paper documents from Mitzi Price Freeman way back when, and i believe she manages a website for White County, Tennessee and could be more helpful.

    Thomas Price married Sarah/Sally Llewellen date unknown. Thomas was an Indian trader, had a store in the Indian nation around 1769/1770, a dwelling in 1775 on the Tyger River (based on court document of his son William, near Capt. John Prince. South Carolina.

    Thomas was a Captain in the North Carolina militia during the American
    Rev. He died siege of Augusta GA. 1781. Their known children are:
    William born 1762; Thomas born 1766; and George born 1779.
    Thomas’ son George is my ancestor. He and his brothers, William and Thomas lived and died in White County, Tennessee. after they were awarded land grants from the courts.

    In hopes this helps you determine what you need…..



    November 17, 2011 at 10:18 pm

    • Hi Sherrie
      Thanks for the input… there seems to be a couple of interesting Price “Indian traders”. One who wound up in S. Carolina and one (perhaps from Virginia) who was in western N. Carolina. I think the ones of my interest were humble farmers of Edgecombe County (one d. 1751 and one d.1779). It will be difficult to sort them out.



      November 18, 2011 at 3:28 am

    • I have finished my family tree with & discovered my great-great-great-grandfather was Captain Thomas Price thus allowing me to be inducted into the Sons of the American Revolution. His wife, Sally Llewellen moved to White County in Tennessee.

      Eventually the Thomas Price lineage married into the Saylors and then the Olivers (Saylors cemetery outside of Sparta, TN).

      If you want additional information then contact me at:


      Jerry C. Oliver

      April 9, 2013 at 9:39 am

      • Hi Jerry
        Do you have any info earlier than the 1786 document I cite above?



        April 9, 2013 at 4:00 pm

  3. Marc

    I am really enjoying looking over your site. I feel my ancestor is from this line, but I cannot figure out how he fits in. I think he is probably from a son of Thomas’s whose probate and/or will does not name children. My guy’s name was Willie Price b ca 1785, his wife was names Mary b ca 1783 and their children were Priscilla, Oren Wiley, Elizabeth, Alfred and Drusilla, all born in NC but the family moved to Henry County TN sometime in the 1830’s. My Willie is in the 1810 census next to a Hardy Price and on the page after where Joel Price is listed (the son of Jesse Price). In 1806 Wilie Price bought 65 acres adjoining Jesse Price, Dempsey Battle, John Sumner and sold it to William Price in 1809. In 1810 he then purchase 100 acres in South Side of Swift Creek beginning at Indian Branch adjoining Nasworthy Mials/Mails. In 1833 Willie Price of TN sold that land to Willis Wells. In 1815 Willie Price was listed as a buyer for the estate of Joel Price and a year later in 1816 of Joel’s widow Nancy. Willie is neither an heir to Joel, nor to Joel’s father Jesse who died a couple of years earlier. This leads me to believe Willie was most like a cousin to Joel, thus a child of one of Jesse’s brothers, possibly Elijah or William.

    In 1824, my Willie Price was the Administrator to the Estate of an Elizabeth Mials of Edgecombe County. Some buyers include Richard Manning, Willis Wells, Burwell Rose, Willie Price and Micajah Rose.

    In 1847, Willie Price was Administrator of the Estate of Exum Manning in Henry County TN. After more searching, I realized he was the son of Thomas Manning who died in Edgecombe County, NC abt 1824. In Thomas’ will he lists his wife Mourning, and sons Richard, Exum, Nathan and Thomas, the latter 2 both minors. It appears Exum may have gone to Henry County with the Price’s and his brother Thomas went to Robertson County TN with a Richard M. Rose and his family. Both Exum and Thomas appeared to remain single and their brothers seem to have married and stayed in Nash and Edgecombe Counties.

    If you have run across this Willie Price (pronounced Wiley), I would certainly appreciate a heads up! I cannot find out which family he is from, nor his wife’s maiden name and yet I keep solving mysteries of other families he was involved with.

    Joel H Hutto
    Dripping Springs TX


    Joel H Hutto

    November 19, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    • Hi Joel
      Thanks for your input… I’ll do some digging around your clues and see what I can find…



      November 22, 2013 at 1:14 pm

  4. Hi Sherrie, I am a descendant of Capt. Thomas Price through his son George. Would you have a copy of the above-mentioned deed? (A deed for land from the Cherokee Indians dated 22 November 1775, to Thomas Price)


    Robin Price

    May 6, 2019 at 11:18 am

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