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Meherrin River / Brantley study

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I did this a while back but it did not enlarge well. Hopefully this is better. The base maps I used are from 1919 but the one I want to concentrate on near Edward Brantley is better served by a slightly newer map. I highlight it with a close up.

I saved this as a PDF so perhaps it will enlarge well… let me know if not.

A clean base map for reference.

Historical Topographic Map Collection

The Indian version. (Click the link below). Fort Christanna came about when the several tribes were relocated (from various tribes as I understand it). Many of these land grants were given in return for “helping” to relocate the Indians. I used C/S to designate these types of patents when I found them. Edward Brantley’s 1717 grant was one of these. And if I am correct, Edwards Brantley’s 1717 patent was basically where the Indians pitched their tents. But note that I did not place his land 100%… the surrounding landowners are needed to do it to that level of accuracy. But I am confident I am close.

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July 15, 2021 at 8:05 am

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