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A mystery Robert Coleman in Nansemond… (well, sort of Nansemond but not quite)

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Modern Gates/Chowan County, NC to be precise… but it was in the area that VA and NC disputed until 1728…

Benjamin Small and wife Mary, to Robert Coleman, of Nansemond
Co., Va. 167 acres near the head of Bennett’s Creek, adjoining
land of Win. [Wm.] Speirs and Daniel Push. [Pugh] 467 acres issued by
grant to Jno. Small, of Xansemond County, Va.. -June 16, 1715.
This deed is dated July 16, 1734. Test, Thos. Rountree, Thomas

Bottom line (from a research point of view)… this is the first Coleman I know of in what could be reckoned as “Nansemond” since the removal of Robert Coleman in the early 1700s. The question is “were they related”?

I searched the onsite VA patents to frustration… then I found this reference… (thanks to the hard work of Mr. Rodenhizer)

All of the early court records on Nansemond have been destroyed, but
there are early land patents listed. John Small and John Small, Junr.,
patented several tracts of land; the first in 1714, the last in 1731.

John Small 69A. (N.L) upper part of Nansemond County on the west side of
Mabering (Meberrin?) Swamp down the Pipeing Branch – 16 June 1714.
Importation of two persons, John Gordon and Ursillas ____ (Gordon?).
(Patent Book 10, p. 133)

16 June 1714, he also patented 467A. (N.L.) on Bennitt’s Creek. (Patent
Book 10, p. 176) Importation 10 persons.
24 Jan. 1717, 350A. in Nansemond Upper Part (Ibid. p. 358)

13 November 1721, 150A. in Nansemond (Patent Book 11, p. 66)

31 October1726, 230A. in the Maple Pocoson. (Patent Book 13, p. 45)

John Small, Junr., patented two tracts.

11 July 1719, 178A. on south side of Loosing Swamp. (Patent Book 10, p.

25 August 1731, 52A. on the NE side of a place called the Bear Garden by
a cart path. (Patent Book 14, p. 294)

This means I will have to construct a map of the East side of the Chowan River to figure out these Olde Chowan “Precinct” patents…  many of them are under the Virginia patents…

I do have an interest because the STALLINGS of Edgecombe County also originated from this area…

Groan….   don’t get me wrong, this is my hobby.. but it is a pain…


15 Dec 1739 – William Coleman, son of Robert Coleman of the Upper Parish of
Nansemond Co., Virginia, deeded to Robert Peale son of William Peale of Parish and
Co., aforesaid in consideration for 20 Pounds, 167 acres in Chowan Precinct, NC near
Bennetts Creek, lately purchased by Robert Coleman father of William Coleman, 16
July 1734, & willed by the said Robert Coleman to son William Coleman, land adjoining
William Spires, Olive Morgan, Thomas Norfleet, Capt. Dan Pugh, John Joanes. Signed
William (his W mark) Coleman and Jain (her J mark) Dickinson. Witnessed: John (his
X mark) More, Jesse (his J mark) Peele, William Peele. Recorded Oct 1758. (Chowan
County, NC, Deed Book M, Page 60.)

Note above “Jain (her J mark) Dickinson”…  it seems logical that Jane was a sister of William Coleman… so there is a clue if a DICKINSON connection can be made. (I haven’t found one YET).

Taking another tack…

I fell back to the venerable Hathaway, Vol. 1…  (he wrote around 1900… he was a bit older than me)




 This is a Red Flag if I have ever seen one...
The names KADER and MOSES show up prominently in the Coleman line... and KADER is unusual.

And I think it is plausible that this Francis Roun(d)tree was the same who had land on Catherine Creek on the EAST side of the Chowan River early on.
This was a buggy ride from where the Coleman property was...

Note the date... "15 Dec 1739 - William Coleman, son of Robert Coleman of the Upper Parish of
Nansemond Co., Virginia" sold out his property near Bennet's Creek.

I found this in the Colonial Records...  note the date...

At a Council held at Newbern the 14th February Anno Dom 1739/40

Present His Excellency the Governour

The Honoble Ch Jus Smith Esqr Member of Council

The Honoble Nath Rice Esqr Member of Council

The Honoble Col Halton Esqr Member of Council

The Honoble Edwd Moseley Esqr Member of Council

The Honoble Eleazr Allen Esqr Member of Council

The Honoble Roger Moor Esqr Member of Council

The Honoble Math Rowan Esqr Member of Council

Read Sundry petitions for Patents Vizt

Wm Bartrim for 70 Bladen, John Bull 200 Bertie, Jno Collins 400 Do, John Cain 160 Edgcombe, Benja Larkeed 300 Tyrril, Jno Cox 200 Craven, James Craven 646 Tyrril, Wm Drake 160 Edgcombe, Jos Dwight 250 Beaufort, Jno Etheridge 300 Currituck, Wm Taulk 400 Edgcombe, Christo Gun 500 Do, Wm Gardiner 160 Tyrril, Christo Guin 400 Edgcombe, Robert McRee 300 Tyrril, Jerman Howard 640 Onslow, Thos Hall 100 Do, Wm Howel 200 Edgcombe, Jno Holmes (560ac retd) 640 Do, Wm Horne 160 Do, Jere Hilliard 200 Do, Eman Jones 300 Onslow, Wm Johnston 300 Edgcombe, Eman Jones 350 Onslow, (Thos Murphy for a resurvey of the Land whereon he Dwells), Jos Moore 400 Edgcombe, Edmd Peirce 190 Beaufort, Benja Regney 225 Do, Jno Worsley 640 Do, Nath Draper 500 Do, Jeremiah Sunions 300 N. Hanover, Sam Noble 320 Carteret, Jno Pope 400 Edgcombe, Jno Veal 240 Bertie, Chas Stevenson 1,280 Do, Wm Suggs 140 Craven, George Suggs 400 Edgcombe Richd Wiggins 160 Do, Frans Roundtree 200 Do, Jno Vernan 500 Beaufort, Eliz Procter 250 Do, Edward Bunch 200 Bertie, Jno Worsley 300 Beaufort Frans Hoptons 400 Tyrril, Moses Houston 300 Carteret, Jas Herbert 200 Craven, Robt House 210 Bertie, Steph Howard 640 Onslow, Robt Halton 500 (be marked J

[ Do means ditto]

——————– page 441 ——————–

Oathy he had granted formerly for the same) N. Hanover, Wm Kennedy junr 320 Tyrril, Anthony Lewis 150 Onslow, Jos Lane 400 Edgcombe, Jos Moore 240 Do, Thos Fulcher 150 Craven, Jno Jewell 300 Beaufort, Seth Pilkington 640 Do, Frans Roundtree 400 Edgcombe, Dan Sunions 200 Beaufort, David Wharton 300 Do

The Court adjourned till tomorrow morning 9 o’Clock.

He wrote his will and died 1748… why it mentions “Johnston” (which I assume is the county he died) I do not know… perhaps he was living with a child at his death?

A 1739 “Edgecombe” reference…

Edgecombe Co Deeds 1732-1741, p. 287:

August 15, 1739. Jacob Pope of Edgecombe sold Thomas Woodward of Nansemond Co. for 14 lbs a tract of 275A on Cypress Pocoson (from a patent dated June 12, 1730); witnessed by Robert Coleman and John Sykes. 

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  1. You can look at my blog for some leads on the eastern side of the Chowan. I have done a lot of work on a place called Scratch Hall Pocosin. My ancestors were living there. This is around modern-day Eure, and a place called Fort Island. This is a good starting point:



    September 19, 2016 at 11:25 pm

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