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Regarding the case of Daniel McDaniel…  I have followed a few leads in Surry County and found a rather incriminating reference to our man in the will of one Lawrence Fleming in 1710.  Apparently this McDaniel fellow was indebted to Mr. Fleming but found favor with the dying man since he forgave the debt if the son of McDaniel was “schooled” as it were.  As you no doubt surmise, this puts our man McDaniel in the awkward position of being married before we picked up his trail in North Carolina.  Since I find no property attributed to our man, I can only assume that he was of the “working” class… ahem.  The sordid notes are in my Page for McDaniel which I have diligently updated.  How and when he arrived in Virginia is still a mystery.

As to his criminal involvement in the death of the good Reverend Ebernezer Taylor, Clerk, “dec̄ed”, I am still at an embarassing loss to find any hard proof that it was “our” man and not another fellow with the same name as Daniel McDaniel.  It seems that another McDaniel had taken up residence in Carteret Precinct in 1723 and left a record in a list of Jurymen. The notorious Rob’t Atkins also left his footprints in said County.  I find it suspicious that our man was furiously wheeling and dealing property between 1717 and about 1722… I cannot ascertain where he was living and find it rather frustrating as he seems to have several involvements with different properties.  However it opens the possibility still that he is our culprit and may simply have spent a short time in Carteret County.  A sly move on his part as it establishes an alibi if such be the case.

Again, as you no doubt surmise, since he had a wife (possibly) and a known son in 1710, his age may have been perhaps 25 (a guess, forgive me)…  Alas the poor woman MUST have met her demise before 1715 as the cad remarried a mere child of 15 or 16 years! Scandalous!  Proof of this nefarious marriage is found in a deed in my notes.

The poor child, not knowing any better obviously, stayed with McDaniel until his death in 1733.  Which begins another mystery of one John Anderson who seems to marry the befuddled widow sometime after her widowhood and obviously partaking of his rather sizeable estate, I might add.  The ONLY clue and lead I have at this point is a rather unremarkable reference to a man of his name as a “headright” in 1683.  Forsooth Holmes! I need more evidence!

as always, your faithful servant, etc, etc…


A CLUE Holmes!

I just uncovered evidence of the suspect, dare I say rogue Robert Atkins! (I leave it to you to ascertain whether he was indeed a mutherer, of course).  The noted detective, Bob Baird,  detailed some interesting court documents in his own investigations.  Vis…

0 Feb 1711/2    Special Bail:  In the suit of Richard Rogers vs. Daniel MackDaniel, the plaintiff demanded special bail whereupon Richard Blow became the defendant’s bail, and judgment granted plaintiff for 50 shillings.  [Surry County Orders 1691-1713, p389]

”Special bail” was a relatively uncommon occurrence.  It meant that, if the defendant failed to pay, the special bail would pay on his behalf – or, in the extreme case, would serve his time in debtor’s prison.  Richard Blow’s relationship with Daniel McDaniel must have been a reasonably close one to undertake this action. 

Note, Holmes, that we are not the only ones who are suspicious of this McDaniel fellow… Mr Baird evidently also has his eye on him. And with good reason I might add.  One Robert Atkins was also lurking in the shadows at about this time and place…

18 Jul 1718        Robt. Atkins appointed overseer of the highways from Richard Blow’s through the main Blackwater Swamp by Joseph Wall’s. [Surry County Orders 1713-1718, p148]

Is this proof Holmes?  Is this sufficient evidence for an indictment?  I leave it for you to decide.

… again, your humble servant, etc, etc….


Holmes (in reply):

Nice try Dear fellow… but no cigar.  The Robert Atkins you mention stayed in Virginia while our suspect was simultaneously dealing his dirty deeds in North Carolina.  Unless he had a son by the same name then your efforts were for naught.  Have a Scotch… Rethink… and perhaps move your investigation to North Carolina.


My notes as usual can be found in my Pages…  Daniel McDaniel, Sarah McDaniel and John Anderson….

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July 2, 2013 at 4:11 pm

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  1. I have two McDaniel families and am waiting to see if you find anything that connects to them


    Vivian Markley

    July 2, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    • The only thing at this point that would steer me away from my fixation on the Surry McDaniel is ANY sort of proof of a link to the Perquimans Precinct/County McDaniels. To date I have nothing to show this guy in that area. The “timetable” of the few facts that I have found has me convinced so far. The reference to Carteret County is baffling. Good fun.



      July 2, 2013 at 4:46 pm

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