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Bacon in Isle of Wight…

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Well actually I think a Chinese firm purchased Smithfield Hams in IOW but be that as it may…

I have been wrenched of my erroneous? preconception of where Col. Nathaniel Bacon held a 1075 acre patent.  And it ignited my fascination of several folks in 1600s IOW.  Namely several HARRIS and BRANTLEY families.

An Ancient History newspaper article from way back in 1971 caught my eye:


So without further ado… I will attempt to locate Bacon’s land with the idea per the article that Bacon’s patent was near Wrenn’s Mill…  the 1652 and 1663 renewal:


“To all &tc Whereas… grant… Colo Nathaniel Bacon Esq. 1075 ares…IOW… upon a ‘BRANCH’ of the Pagan creek   Beginning at the southernmost point of the Cross Creek where Anthony Jones Land Beginneth & running over the said Creek NE x N 50 poles.  then N x E 48 to a pine where WILLIAM SMITHs line Beginneth thence along Smiths Land NE x N 320 po, thence S 1/2 pt E 884 po to [an oak]   thence SSW 190 po to a pokekory, thence W x S 244 po to the miles end of John Sparks Land and so along the said Sparke’s and Jones’s Land to the place Where it Began  … said land renewed 1663”

Mentioned above is Anthony Jones which is helpful to locate this land…


It is my notation above concerning James River… the Jones Patent is useful but does not help much as far as me mapping the damn thing… so I hunted down another patent to where Jones sold it…     now we get some meat on the bones…


Smith genealogists will clearly be interested because this Nicholas Smith obviously morphs into William Smith by the time of the Nathaniel Bacon patent. (renewed in 1663).


This still is not enough to “place” the patent… so a little more digging- it seems Anthony Jones had another patent:

MR ANTHONY JONES, 500 acres, 2 June 1635, upon east side of Pagan Point Creek, beg. At Cross Creek and running southerly to land of John Sparkes for trans. of 10 servts.

Another reference is here but this land is clearly not the area of the mystery “branch” of Pagan Creek I am looking for.  This “hunt” is beginning to smell a bit fishy.

WILLIAM SMITH, 700 acres Sept. 29, 1645.  Lying near Pagan Point, adj. Anthony Jones, Tristram Nosworthy, Nicholas Smith and Capt. John Upton, S. W. upon Hutchinsons Cr., also 225 acres of marsh land, 500 acres due for trans. of 10 pers. by his late father, William Smith, and 425 by assignment of rights of 9 pers. by Anthony Jones.


This is perplexing as hell!  This obviously matches to the Bacon patent… Jones and Sparks are duly shown as adjoining landowners.  But this patent declares Jones to be:

on the East side of Pagan point Creek!   But the patent states “begins at a creek called the Cross Creek and runs southerly to John Sparks.  That part makes map sense.   And what does this mean?  “Westerly upon the river”  I have to assume the James River.  The bit about “Easterly into the woods” I interpret to be the usual and customary 320 poles.

So what to make of it?  The author of the newspaper article is a bit quick to castigate the esteemed Mr. Morrison it seems to me…  The author, in effect, further compounded the mistake.

My son stopped by last night as I made some Southern spaghetti and we consumed a few Heinekens and a bottle or 2 of a nice wine.  With a slight hangover this morning, I again took up this conundrum and have come to the conclusion that the newspaper article of 1971 is bullsh*t (that is hangover language).  The Nathaniel Bacon patent for 1075 acres was nowhere even near the modern Wrenn’s Mill pond.

So even with the hangover I think my map of several years ago is closer to the actual truth of where his original patent was.  Viz:


I rest my case.  But to throw a bone to the good researchers of Isle of Wight, Nathaniel Bacon did have some property “somewhere” in the neighborhood of Wrenn’s Mill Pond and he very well may have built a mill there.  I have attempted and so far failed to find his specific land there… but I discuss it and provide several clues in this post:


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  1. William Smith is my ancestor. Have you read “The Smiths of Smith’s Neck” by Lloyd Warren? It was published in the W&M Quarterly in the 1930s. Kitty

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    Kitty Manscill

    January 15, 2017 at 4:41 pm

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