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old Chowan Precinct Map updated…

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Hat tip to Traci the Librarian… she tantalized my senses with a brand new account of a James Anderson I have not discovered. That got me going on the map… it seems that an Indian Interpreter by the name of William Charlton is involved.

This guy in 1697 or so was living near Edenton ‘Town’… I haven’t researched him to any satisfaction yet… he may have even had some dealings with the Hotshots down on Cape Fear River. Those guys were involved notoriously with wiping out the Tuascaroras in the ‘War’… see Pararamore’s account below.

But now to the fun part… most of my readers know I get a kick out of finding and mapping the Old Guys… Edward Moseley thought he was remarkable enough to be included on his 1733 Map…

…as usual click the filename below the map/ not the download for a better view…

I found an excellent account of the Tuscarora Indians by Thomas C. Parramore at this link… the research of Mr Parramore is Top Notch… a good read. See also his account of Tuscarora Jack… Mr Parramore could be very objective.

The man Danced with Indians… well, actually I just made that up.

Anyway… if I can associate the mystery James Anderson with the above rouge, I shall Post it promptly. And, if you check my latest update, I have included Mr Charlton exactly where Mr Moseley said he was in 1733… all cozy with the Indians.

Hmmm… when Mr Charlton was not cavorting with the Indians he did find amusements in other avenues… to wit:

Rumor has it that he thought about swearing a fifth time… but he said to hell with it and took another drink. We surely would praise him today for not lowering himself to that beastial and unspeakable level such as Jno Hassell who to his utter damnation… dishonoured Almighty God himself!

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January 7, 2023 at 7:03 am

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  1. William Charlton was previously a resident in Surry County, as he appears on a Tithables list there in 1680. He married the daughter of one of the larger landowners, Edward Smithwick
    His brother in law Luke Mizell is there next to him on the map. All the North Carolina Mizells descend from Lawrence Mizell, but there are unrepentant believers that they descend from Lawrences’ brother Luke, who only had two girls. That’s another story though. which involves misinterpreting land records.. one original and one that was abstracted… [shakes my head] That’s another story though..
    William, Jr. was also a miscreant… presented William Charlton Junr of Chowan Precinct planter for assaulting beating and grievously wounding Thomas Heath of the said precinct. Whereupon it was then & there Orderd that the Attorney Genl should make prosecution thereof. And then the Grand Jury was dischargd from further service at this Court


    ScrivenorChad Olivent

    January 7, 2023 at 9:25 am

    • You sound like a witty writer who just needs an excuse to send me a few pages of dirt on Mr Charlton. I have some notes on a Robert Anderson who was associated with Mr Smithwick near Cashy Town (I think). I have mapped a bit of Luke Mizell in IOW/Surry… so I am somewhat familiar.

      Come on… pony up some dirt… (I’ll add it to the write up I’m working on… gawd knows I can use some help) smiling



      January 7, 2023 at 11:14 am

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