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2 Micajah Andersons of Edgecombe

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See under Pages “William d. 1789” for my notes… Two sons named William Jr…

Item, I give and bequeath unto my Son William Anderson, son of my former wife Martha Anderson, five Shillings like money, to him his heirs & assigns forever————

Item, I give and bequeath unto my Son William Anderson, Son of my present wife Mourning Anderson, five Shillings of the like money, to him his heirs and assigns forever—

Some facts and conjecture on the two:

The older William Jr. (son of Martha) was born 1756/7 and died after 1832 (according to his RW pension application).

The younger William Jr. (son of Mourning) appears to be born after 1763 (according to the marriage bond of 1763) and died unknown?

A nagging question is the utter goofiness of naming two sons the same name… which causes me to ponder perhaps Mourning Price already had a son named William entering into the marriage. (Of course that is pure conjecture just to defend against the jokes… “Duh, this my son William and my other son William.” This could also explain why my DNA may not match other descendants.

There are two Micajah Andersons – one born 1782 and one born 1803.  1803 wrote a book which has no genealogical value other than his wives and some children… only passing mention of his parents.

From his book  (

"I was born in Edgecombe County, October, 1803, of very poor and humble parents. 
Indeed, I suppose I came into the world as poor as any one who ever lived in it. 
My first recollection of my mother (my father died when I was quite young) was that 
she was toiling day and night for the support of myself and brothers and sisters, 
of which there were two girls older, and two boys and a girl younger than myself ; 
and the first work I ever did was on the spinning-wheel, assisting my mother, 
"when I could not have been more than five or six years old. "

Peruse the 1800 and 1810 census which leads me to suspect that the logical parent 
for the 1803 Micajah is the younger William Jr.  (see under "Pages" "Census Edgecombe 1790" on the right side of my main page)
(see particularly the 1810 census which has him with 2 sons and 3 daughters)

Clark’s  District   Pg 60

William                    2M to 10

1M over 45

1F to 10

2F to 16

1F to 45

1F over 45

It seems plausible that the father of 1803 Micajah dies shortly after 1810.

Consider the other sons of William Sr d. 1789:

William Jr (son of Martha) dies after 1832 (RW pension)

George dies 1837

James    …appears to have only one child (Polly) but may have died around 1812?…see deeds below which seem to me similar to a “will”.  2 James Andersons are listed in the 1820 census but may not be this James.  No James Anderson is listed in the 1830 census.  Simply put, according to the census from 1790-1820, he does not show enough children.

Kinfolks of Edgecombe County, 1788-1855   Watson

DB 13 – 385

POLLY PRICE, wife of THOMAS PRICE, was daughter of JAMES ANDERSON; JEULY PRICE was granddaughter of said JAMES ANDERSON, May 16, 1810

same as above…

This Indenture made the *** day of May in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred Ten  The said James Anderson do give to my Daughter Polly Price the wife of Thomas Price **** the Tract of Land the said Anderson Purchased of **** ***** ****** on the north side of Moors swamp during her life but? if Thomas Price dies before his wife & she Marries another man she shall posess the Land no Longer after then?  The J. Anderson do give the said Land above mentioned [obscured]  grand daughter By the name? of Jeuly Price to she and her Heirs for ever Beginning at a Gum in the run of the swamp thence North then along a line of marked trees to a corner White Oak thence agreed line Between Lane & said Anderson to a Corner pine in Richard Bradleys line thence West along a line of marked trees to a corner pine in Richard Bradleys line then down the run of the Branch to a *** Oak a corner in Moores Swamp thence down the run of the Swamp to the first station to a corner Gum Lanes corner  Eighty Acres be the same more or less  To Have and to Hold the afore Tract and parcel of Land with the appertenances & belonging thereunto belonging as is any wise appertaining to her the said Jeuly Price her Heirs & asigns to her their only proper use Benefit for ever and the said Anderson do hereby warrant and desied [devise?]  unto her the said Jeuly Price her Heirs and asigns for ever against the Lawful claim or Claims of any person or persons  Witness I Have Hereunto set my hand and seal this day & date above mentioned

Signed Sealed & delivered

in the presence of

Cordie Lane

Ishan (his mark) Oneal                   James (x) Anderson

Edgecombe County May Cort 1810 the within deed of gift was duly Exhibited in open Court Proved by the Oath of Isan Oneal and ordered to be recorded

Test    Edward Hall  CC

transcribed Marc Anderson 2011   * means the letter baffles me

Henry dies 1857

Carlos was noted as underage in the 1789 will papers of William Sr.

Which leaves William Jr (son of Mourning) as the likely father of Micajah b. 1803.

I think a lot of confusion has been generated by researchers who have not differentiated these two Micajahs.  A conundrum for me is that the 1756 William Jr inherited the bulk of the “Swift Creek” property north of the Tar River.  Doesn’t it seem likely that his sons would inherit that substantial property?  Oddly, the 1803 Micajah seems to get that property. ???

Below is who I think are the sons and daughters of William Jr. born 1756/7.  Note the near neighbors of Micajah 1782 in the census above. (I think this property is located south of the Tar River near Walnut Creek and Faulks Branch).   N.G. Worsly and wife Evalina (Charlotte Anderson in the household)

This is from the research of David Gammon*:

*David Gammon is a native of Edgecombe County, North Carolina. He has been actively involved with genealogy for over thirty years. He has abstracted and compiled more than forty volumes of records on Edgecombe, Halifax, Northampton, Warren, and Bertie Counties with emphasis on wills, estates records, and tax lists.

“I have found my notes for the estate of Josiah Anderson of Edgecombe County.  These come from the loose estates papers of Edgecombe. [NC Archives]

Josiah Anderson died intestate in Edgecombe in 1868. His widow refused to

administer the estate, and his brother Micajah Anderson was appointed his

administrator, Oct. 21, 1868. According to these papers, Josiah Anderson died

without issue, leaving only his wife. Accordingly, his wife received her dower

right, and the rest of the estate went to his surviving siblings, or their heirs

if they were deceased. These papers indicate the siblings of Josiah Anderson were:

1. Micajah Anderson

2. Charlotte Anderson

3. Elizabeth Anderson, who had married David Pittman and died before Josiah

Anderson, leaving two children…” [snip]

Charlotte Anderson is an interesting figure. [again from Mr. Gammon’s research]

“In the 1850 Edgecombe Census, she is shown as age 50, living with N.G. Wausley

(Worsley), age 35, Evelina Wausley (27), G.A. Wausley (5), Charles Wausley (3),

and Levi Wausley (1).

In the 1860 Edgecombe Census, she is shown as head of the house, still age 50,

and in the same house are Evalina Worsley (36), Georgiana Worsley (13), Charles

D. Worsley (12), Pitt W. Worsley (10), and Lucey S. Worsley (8).

In the 1870 Edgecombe Census, she is shown as age 70, in the house with Evelina

Worsley (47), Georgiana Worsley (23), Levi P. Worsley (21), Lucy S.S. Worsley

(18), and David Dillard, age 65, a farm laborer.”

“Interestingly enough, there is an Edgecombe marriage bond for Nathorn (sic) G.

Worsley to Evelina Anderson, dated Jan. 1, 1845. Could she be a daughter of

Charlotte? I find no marriage bond for Charlotte.”

With that being said, here is a link to the inventory of Josiah Anderson 1868  (paste into browser)

It seems unlikely this is the 1782 Micajah (his age would be 86) also note a “John” Anderson who likely is the son of 1803 Micajah. 

The search is still on but nothing is showing up to hint at a death date for 1782 Micajah. 

Note this…

The 1830 census of Edgecombe County has a Joshua L. Anderson listed

with the following; 1M 20-30 1F 0-5 1F 15-20, living in the same area

was Micajah Anderson, Benjamin Anderson, and Josiah Anderson.They are

house numbers 1149,1150,1151, and 1152 respectively.

The Star    8 Jan 1829

Married In Edgecombe County on the 25th, Mr. Joshua L. Anderson to Miss Catharine Bradley

Edge. Co Db 21, page 130, date of deed 25 Aug 1834, date recorded Aug 

Ct. 1834, Catherine Anderson, wife of Joshua Anderson, Aaron Coleman, 

all of Edge. Co. for $110 a tract of land on the north side of Tar 

River  adjoining the lands of (Alexander) Bradley and others beginning 

at a gum in said Bradley’s corner in a swamp then with his line north 

88 east 36 poles to a small post oak on the side of the road in said 

Bradley’s line then down the center of road 62 poles to a red oak at 

the foot of a path then and along said path as follows, north 84 east 

27 ½ poles to a small black gum then north 76 east 32 poles to a small 

red oak then south 89 east 36 poles to a pine then south 53 ½ poles to 

a red oak in Joshua Lawrance’s line then with his line south 88 west 

130 poles to a gum and maple in a swamp then up the meanders of said 

swamp to the beginning containing 55 acres, it being a part of a tract 

of land which descended to me by the death of my father, (Agy) Bradley 

and my husband Joshua Anderson having previously disposed of his life 

estate in said land bearing date 7 Sept. 1830, signed Catherine 

Anderson (X), wit. (W) Bradley, Micajah B. Bradly (sic). Acknowledged 

by Catherine Anderson. Abstracted 9-15-01, FHC film 0370237, CTC. 

[Joshua L. Anderson m. Catherine Bradley, Dec.25, 1828, Catherine was daughter of Agy Bradley and Honour Dillard]

Let’s back up to the year 1803:

Edge. Co. Db 11, page 54, deed date 3 Aug 1803, recorded Nov Ct 1803,

Elizabeth Lundy, Edge. Co to Micajah Anderson, the son of Wm. Anderson 

Jr, county aforesaid for $50, a tract on the south side of Tar River 

and near the head of Walnut Creek containing (seven and a quarter)

acres beginning at a small white and red oak on the path in Charles

Gray’s line then along said line a westerly course to a pine Gray’s

corner then along his other line a southerly course to a pine on the

path then along the path to the beginning, signed Elizabeth Lundy, wit

(Lunoy Stallings), Joseph Armstrong (proved). Abstracted 11-6-06, NCA

film C.037.400010, CTC.

Edge. Co. Db 11, page 174, deed date 9 Sep 1803, recorded May Ct 1804,

(Elizabeth Lunday), Edge. Co to John Dilliard*, county aforesaid for

$60, a tract of land on the south side of Tar River containing 30 acres

and (three) poles beginning at a small pine standing in Charles Gray’s

line on the path that leads by Wm. Anderson’s house then along the said

path south 67 east 90 poles to a red and white oak sapling in said

Gray’s other line near Walnut Creek then along said line south 80 east

12 poles to a water oak in said creek said Gray’s corner then up the

creek along Stephen Haywood’s line 54 poles to a pine and small white

oak then south 70 east 83 poles to a red oak in George Anderson’s line 

then along said line 49 poles to the beginning, signed Elizabeth Lundy,

wit Frederick Phillips, Jno. H. Phillips. Abstracted 11-29-04, NCA film

C.037.40007, CTC.

* note the David Dillard in the notes above for Worsely & Charlotte Anderson

Edge. Co. Db 11, page 226, deed date 20 Sep 1803, recorded Aug Ct

1804, Elizabeth Lundy, Edge. Co to Lott Stallings, county aforesaid for

$125, a tract on the south side of Tar River and on the head of Walnut

Creek containing 74 acres, beginning at a pine and rad oak Wm Dancy’s

corner then south (80) west 56 poles to a pine in Phillips corner pine

then along the dividing line south 7 east 192 poles to a pine in John 

Dilliard’s line then easterly 52 poles to a pine Dilliard’s corner near 

the head of Walnutt Creek then along the dividing line between Stephen

Haywood and the line of Jno Haywood(Dec’d) south 7 west 200 poles to

the beginning, signed Elizabeth Lundy, wit Frederick Phillips, Mason

Hearn (X). Abstracted 11-8-06, NCA film C.037.400010, CTC.

The 1782 Micajah seems to be living “near” his grandfather William Anderson Sr’s last homestead and uncle George Anderson.

Another uncle, Henry Anderson, inherited the William Sr. and Mourning Price property after her death (1820 or so?)…

Micajah Anderson to Ruben Johnston 1827

Edgecombe County Deeds (I transcribed this but lost the reference book… sue me, Marc)

This Indenture made and entered into this fourth day of February in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty Seven between Micajah Anderson of the State of North Carolina and County of Edgecombe of the one part, and Ruben Johnston of the same State and County aforesaid of the other part, Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Forty one Dollars to him in hand paid by the said Ruben Johnston the receipy whereof is hereby acknowledged, and myself fully Satisfied Contented and paid have bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain and sell unto him the said Ruben Johnston his heirs and assigns forever, one certain Tract or parcel of Land Situate lying and being in the County of Edgecombe and bounded as follows (to wit) Beginning at a pine standing on the path Ruben Johnstons corner running then along the Path and said Johnstons line to a red and white Oak sapling Corner in James S. Battles line, then alond said Battles line to a black Jack and pine standing in said Battles line then along said Battles line near a South course to the Beginning,  Containing Twelve Acres more or less which includes the dwelling Housing and Housing Etc where Lu*y [Lovey] Anderson and Henry Anderson now lives, and I the said Micajah Anderson doth bind myself my heirs Executors administrators and assigns forever to warrant and defend the above mentioned Land and improvements to him the said Ruben Johnston his heirs and assigns forever in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the date above Written signed sealed and delivered in preesents of }

S.L. Hart                                       Micajah X Anderson

Edgecombe County February Court 1827

… Recorded  Mich. Hearn C. C.

Again, simply put, see in the census of 1850 that 1782 Micajah Anderson is living one house away from N.G. Worsley and the other Micajah is seemingly living near the Legget area north of the Tar River.

You be the judge of my conclusions to the children of William Anderson Jr. born 1756/7:

Micajah b. 1782  d. after 1850


clue-    DB 17-513 Land of Stephen Coleman, deceased, is divided among lawful  representatives: Mary Coleman, Hartwell, Aaron, Rebecca Coleman,  and Nancy Coleman.  Lots were drawn for them by (1) Toppin Cotten;  (2) the heirs of Roderick Cotten; (3) heirs of Roderick Cotten;  (4) Benjamin Anderson; (5) Rebecca Coleman. doc date 09 Aug 1822. [born by 1801 to be legal age of 21?]

Joshua (moved to Tenn… 1830s)  (bonded for crime in 1830 or so by father 1756 William Jr)

Josiah  died intestate 1868

Charlotte b.1800  d. after 1870 (living by 1782 Micajah in 1850) (good grief, was there another Charlotte?)

Elizabeth ?


Siblings of Micajah b. 1803…

Josiah  died intestate 1868 (administrated by 1803 Micajah)
Benjamin (living next to 1803 Micajah and Josiah in 1830 census… all in 20-30 age group)

Charlotte and Elizabeth (listed in the estate papers of Josiah)

Remember per his book he only had 2 brothers…

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  1. Wasn’t the naming patterns in the 1700’s and 1800’s to name first born sons after fathers? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be more likely that Micajah (1782) to be the father of Micajah (1803)?



    March 30, 2012 at 10:21 am

    • I’m not totally sold on the naming pattern idea … sometimes the 1st born would be named after the grandfather. In this case of Micajah 1803 he wrote a book after the Civil War explaining that his father (unnamed) died while he (Micajah) was quite young… since the 1782 Micajah was around in 1850 that rules him out. The father of Micajah 1782 is up for grabs tho’…. all I can do is speculate he was a son of William Anderson Sr d.1789. Let me know if you figure it out…



      March 30, 2012 at 11:21 am

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