Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

meant what they said, said what they meant

Wm. Anderson Jr b. 1756/7 d. aft 1832

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A signature “mark” study…

transcribed from National Arcives file S6512

by Marc Anderson



State of North Carolina                 August Term 1832

Edgecombe County                     Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions


On this day of August personally appeared in Open Court before the Justices of the

Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions now sitting Wm. Anderson, aged 75— a resident

of Edgecombe County, who being sworn according to law doth on his oath make the

following declarations.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named

officers and served as herein stated—-

He enlisted with Capt. John Grey for twelve months—- The company was

attached to the regiment of Col. Summer.  He was ordered to Wilmington and

accompanied the regiment from Wilmington to Charleston at the time Genl. \\\\

(crossed out) was in command.  After remaining some time in Charleston he

went to Savannah Georgia— After having been in camp at Savannah for a considerable

length of time he went to ?Opibo? Island and having ————(crossed out) then put

up provisions they returned to Savannah and remained until the death of the Captain.

The company was dissolved and he returned to Halifax and was discharged.  This

service embraced a period of 12 months.

He again entered as a substitute in the service of the United States under

Capt Edwd Clinch—with ?___ ___? 1st Lieut.  This company belonged to the

regiment of Col. Jos Clinch.  He went thro’ the Southern part of N. C~ and passing

thro’ So Carolina entered Georgia and engaged the enemy at Brier Creek.  After

the defeat at Brier Creek he returned to North Carolina.

He soon entered as a substitute in the company of Capt Bridley— this company

belonged to the regiment of Col ?Urbani?.  The company was organized at Kingston

N.C. from Kingston he went on to Charleston and remained there more than a year.

He was there during the siege— and when Charleston capitulated he was taken

prisoner by the British.  He was about six weeks guarded as a prisoner and made

his escape and returned to North Carolina.—

The first claim in the declaration he sustains by (crossed out)  Micajah


The second claim he sustains by the evidence of S___ Todd and Barret Bradly

[Barret Bradly is crossed out].

The third claim he sustains by the evidence of Nath Bradley in part— the rest

is unsustained save by the oath of himself.                            his

William       Anderson



He hereby relinquishes all claims to any pension or gratuity except the present—

and decares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency of any State.

Sworn to and subscribed

(no signatures)





State of North Carolina

June 14th 1833

Edgecombe County Ct


Personally appeared before me Hn Austin a Justice of the Peace in and for the

county aforesaid Wm Anderson who being duly sworn deposeth and saith.

That he was born in the County of Edgecombe, State aforesaid, where he has

continued to reside during his whole life with the exception of one year when he lived

in the county of Johnson— He say not in his declaration mentioned the periods of the

war when he served in the armies of the United States in consequence of his being

unable from loss of memory to specify the same but he mentioned circumstances

of sufficient notoriety, he hoped, to enable the department to decide favorably upon

his application.

He did not answer to the fact of his service as Corporal and Sergeant for the

reason that he was unwilling to embarass his application by claims he might be unable

to substantiate— He was not aware at the time that his declaration was made that

the Certificate which was afterward procurred at Raliegh could be had— indeed it

was afterwards obtained without his Knowledge, and the apparent discrepancy between

the Certificate and the declaration is thus explained—–

He entered as a substitute in the town of Tarborough and was received by

Capt Blount who was acting as a receiving officer— and the men were carried to

Kingston before companies were formed— when they were organized the declarant

was cast into company of Capt Bradley.

The certificate is wrong in stating that he is enlisted as corporal— Declarant

would merely remind the Department that men never enlisted as corporals—

their offices being subsequently appointed by the commissioned officers— at least

such was the case during the period of his service.

Applicant has not procured evidence from a clergyman because none is resident

in Tarborough and his age and infirmities put it out of his power to travel far for any

causes whatever and he thought that the direct evidence of ?Petmay?, Todd and

Bilby as to his services must have obviated its necessity—-

Applicant deposes that in the tour embraced in first claim of his declaration

he served 12 months in the second 5 months and in the last 18 months during

the last period he served as corporal and for a short time at irregular intervals as

Sergeant and for these services he claims a pension.

Sworn to and subscribed                                          his

William       Anderson

Hn Austin                                                             mark


I Michael Hearn clerk of the court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the County

aforesaid do hereby certify that Henry Austin is a magistrate as above and that

the above signature purporting to be his is genuine.  In witness whereof I have

hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office 14th June 1833.

Michael Hearn CC


note*  Battle of Brier (Briar) Creek Georgia – 3 March 1779.



16280                          16280

North Carolina

William Anderson

of (Edgecombe) in the State of (N. Car)

who was a (pr) —-in the (blank) commanded

by Captain (blank)  of the (Regt)  commanded

by (Col. Summer) on the (illegible, possibly “militia”

time for (2 years).


Inscribed on the Roll of (N. Carolina)

at the rate of (80) Dollars (blank) Cents per annum

to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831.


Certificate of Pension issued the (2nd) day of (July”33)

and (Sent to John W.

Potts, Tarboro, N.C.)


Arrears to the 4th of (March 1833          160)

Semi-anl allowance ending (4 Sept         40)


Revolutionary Claim,

Act June 7, 1832.


Recorded by (N Price)           Clerk,

Book (E)      Vol. (6)            Page (33)

2 scans from his pension files…



This is from 1830…


Not exactly a genealogical goldmine…

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