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Daniel McDaniel and John Anderson revisited

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Note*  I’ve revised much of this and added a Page…  see Sarah McDaniel


April 16, 1733. May 2, 1734. Sons: NICHOLAS, DANIEL, JAMES (negroes to each). Daughters: ANN and SARAH MCDANIEL. Wife and Executrix: SARAH. Witnesses: JOHN ANDERSON, ALEX. WIGHT, JOHN BRYAN. Original missing. Recorded in Book 1722-1735, page 295.

(Source: Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, By: J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State, 1910, Page 229)

I found this Inventory for a Daniel McDaniel died 1741/2 in Edgecombe County (modern Halifax).

North Carolina

Edgecomb County

February 1741/2 To the worshipful Court Now Sitting This Being a true and perfect Inventory of all and Singular of the personall Estate of Daniel McDaniel Descd By me —–

Serah Anderson Exittrix *e —-

This appears to me to be the son of the 1734 Daniel and the daughter Sarah is Executor for her brother. This would also explain her name “Sarah Anderson” if she was the wife of John Anderson who witnessed the 1734 will. The only alternative would be that this is a delayed probate of the 1734 Will (seven or eight years seems unusually long a delay). Also how to explain her name change? I don’t know of another Anderson the widow could have married other than the John mentioned. Drat… another brick wall.

Another Inventory is for James McDaniel 1744/5 and is possibly another son of 1734 Daniel:

A True and Perfect Inventory of the Estate of James McDaniel taken into my Possession as Guardian appointed by this Worshipful Court Viz. One Negro Man, one cow & calf, 2 chairs 2 Spoons 1 Pewter Dish 1 Pewter Bason 1 Iron Potrack 1 Iron Square 1 Hammer pr. me Edward Brown. Febry 19th. 1744/5

(Source: North Carolina Probate Records, 1735-1970, Edgecombe Estates, 1730-1747 Image 66 of 92,

This Edward Brown is likely related to Sarah Brown the widow of 1734 Daniel McDaniel and why I suspect this is a son. Also, since Edward Brown is appointed “Guardian”, I suspect James McDaniel may have left children.

Another Inventory is for Arch.l McDaniel 1744:

An Accot. of Sales of the Goods & Chattles of Arch.l McDaniel Deced. for Danl McDan.l Adm.r and Sold by S. Holliman —

June ye 30th 1744 —

(a modest list of items totalling 4 pds, 16 shillings)

Samll Holliman

(Source: North Carolina Probate Records, 1735-1970, Edgecombe Estates, 1730-1747, Image 48 of 92,

Deed Book Two, Edgecombe Precinct, (Hofmann)

pg. 23 ALEXANDER MCDANIEL (co. not identified) to JOHN BASS, SR. of Northampton Co. 10 May 1754 15 pounds lawfull money of England 100 acres more or less on the south side of Fishing creek, joining the creek part of a grant to MR. JAMES CASTILLOW for 494 acres 10 Apr. 1730 the sd. land belonging to my brother ARCHIBALD and he dying without children, the inheritance became mine Wit: HENRY THORNE, JOHN BASS, JR., ELIZABETH THORNE X her mark Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1754 B. Wynns C. Ct.

Another Inventory for Daniel McDaniel 1768/1770:

A Trew Inventory of the Estate of Daniel McDaniel Decest taken by me Daniel McDaniel June 13th 1768

(list of items totalling L21,17, 10)

Edgecombe County Sd. February Court 1769

Exhibited on Oath and Ordered to be recorded Test Jas Hassy CC

In Obedience To an Order of Edgecombe County Court, We the Subscribers appointed have met and Decided the Estate of Daniel McDaniel Decd. as followeth

John McDaniel in procl………………………………. L 32, 10, 2

Elizabeth McDaniel in procl……………………….. 32, 10, 2

Cammel McDaniel in procl………………………… 32, 10, 2

Edgecombe County for May Inferior Court 1770

The above Division was Exhibited in open Court

and Ordered to be Recorded Test Jas Hasspy?

Dennis Grimes

William Clark

John Fort

A later short inventory dated 1770 identifies Daniel McDaniel “Execr” as “Junr.”

(Source: North Carolina Probate Records, 1735-1970, Edgecombe Estates, 1764-1772 Image 25 of 92 also Image 44 of 92 )


So what to make of all this?

Daniel McDaniel (the immigrant?) d. 1734

son Daniel d. 1741

son James d. 1744/5

son Nicholas (unknown)

dau Ann (unknown)

dau Sarah m. John Anderson?


Daniel McDaniel (the immigrant?) d. 1734

widow Sarah m. John Anderson

son James d. 1744/5 relatively young

son Daniel d. 1768

gson Daniel probates father’s will in 1768

To speculate further and since this is the first evidence I’ve discovered of a Sarah Anderson directly associated with Daniel McDaniel and John Anderson…

?What if? John Anderson was the son of James Anderson who first shows up in this area in 1716? (See under Pages to the right for more details on these folks)

Note this will of 1733…

Elizabeth Anderson


Recorded 24 Dec 1733

In the Name of God Amen: I Elisebth Anderson widow, on the South Side of Meherig River, In Bertie Precinct, In North Carrolina being weak in Body, But in perfect Sence and Memorey Praised be to God for the Sences Considering the Uncertainty of This Life Do make This my Last Will & Testement, As followeth

I do Bequeat my Soul to God who gave it and my Body to be Decently buryed at The discretion of my Exectrs, Hoping to Receive a Joyfull Resurrection at the Last Day Through Jesus Christ my Saviour.


I give to my Son James Anderson one Shilling


I give to my Son Carrolus Anderson one Breeding Mare and one Set of Iron wedges, a set of Harrow Hones


I give to my Daughter Elisebeth Pitman, one paire of Small Mill Stones


I give to my Grandaughter Elisebeth Anderson Two Cows and Calves and one Breeding Mare and one Feather Bed and one paire Sheets and one Blanket and one Iron Pot, and pott Hooks, and one Puter Dish and one Frying Pan and one Ewe Sheep and two Glass Bowles & Ten Spoons.


I give my Daughter Elisebeth Pitmans Son William Anderson one Hiefer.


I give to my Grandaughter Sarah Anderson Two Cows and Calves, and one Mare, and one Pot, and pot Hoocks, Two Puter Basons. And my own Bed where on I Lie with Furniture belonging there ontoo and one Ewe Sheep and one Chest


I give to my Sd. Grandaughter, Elisebeth Anderson one Bread Tray, and one parlor, and paire of Fire Tonges.

And all the Rest of my Maiables within Doors and without Doors, I Doe Give to my afore Said Sarah Anderson my Grandaughter.

And I doe Appoint my Grandaughter, Sarah Anderson To be my Whole, and Sole, Execetess of This, my Last will and Tesements whatsoever as witness hand and Seal this fifth Day of November 1732.

Tess by Wss Before Sig’d my Daughter

Inter Lined

Elias EF Fort (his mark) Jurat

Ealen Fort (her mark) Elisebeth (her mark) Anderson

Hen. Crompton (signed)

What if Sarah Anderson was her granddaughter-in-law?

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