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Peter Anderson, Halifax, NC, d 1801

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Traci the Librarian has consulted with me (rather I consult with her) and she has posited an idea on a possible new descendant of Peter. But before I venture into the details I am curious if any folks related to his line might be willing to share their DNA data… or better yet, is there a group specifically researching that line? I remember Dr. Cary Anderson cited his known lineage. I am not a DNA guru by any stretch of the imagination so if any of you care to share any info it would behoove all of us in the several ANDERSON lines to differentiate those old bones. Unfortunately if my theory of William Anderson d 1789 is correct then that ANDERSON line (my line) is essentially corrupted do to his being a bastard son of an unknown BRANTLEY ca 1725. I use the term “bastard” not to mince words and more to its original meaning. I can use the term illegitimate if any Karens out there get “triggered”. (smiling)

What that fact means is that my line is useless to determine the male line prior to the birth of Wm Anderson d 1789. His grandfather however, is the true ANDERSON line which I theorize may include Carolus Anderson (who is noted on the Moseley map 1733).

What all that means is that the DNA line of Carolus Anderson is yet to be determined. He had no known sons that lived. His known brother James Anderson is also yet to be determined, if you catch my drift.

Traci has been a “certified” genealogist for a number of years and I welcome any of her contributions. She has guided and coached me for over 20 years. When she speaks, I listen.

Another mentor of mine is David Gammon (you know… “that” Gammon what wrote all the NC abstract books). (smiling again) Traci, David and myself are working this lead that Traci has brought to the table. We just need the DNA ammunition, which is what this post is about. Capich?

Peter Anderson left his will in 1801. A strong case has been provided by Traci that he had a son named Charles who had issue. This son died before 1801 and hence he was not included in Peter’s will. Traci has given permission to post her documentation.

Please note that these docs are copyrighted and not to be used without permission for other than personal use.

Permission must come from the Braswell Memorial Library.

Likewise here is her timeline on Benjamin Eaton Williams and wife Susannah Anderson.

Please note that I am careful to separate my “theories” from Traci’s work. With that caveat being stated I have some thoughts:

The mother of Peter Anderson arrived in Halifax about 1745 with son in tow. I think it possible she “may” have been the widow of James Anderson, the son noted in this will of Elizabeth Anderson d 1732:

Elizabeth Anderson


Recorded 24 Dec 1733

In the Name of God Amen: I Elisebth Anderson widow, on the South Side of Meherig River, In Bertie Precinct, In North Carrolina being weak in Body, But in perfect Sence and Memorey Praised be to God for the Sences Considering the Uncertainty of This Life Do make This my Last Will & Testement, As followeth

I do Bequeat my Soul to God who gave it and my Body to be Decently buryed at The discretion of my Exectrs, Hoping to Receive a Joyfull Resurrection at the Last Day Through Jesus Christ my Saviour.


I give to my Son James Anderson one Shilling


I give to my Son Carrolus Anderson one Breeding Mare and one Set of Iron wedges, a set of Harrow Hones


I give to my Daughter Elisebeth Pitman, one paire of Small Mill Stones


I give to my Grandaughter Elisebeth Anderson Two Cows and Calves and one Breeding Mare and one Feather Bed and one paire Sheets and one Blanket and one Iron Pot, and pott Hooks, and one Puter Dish and one Frying Pan and one Ewe Sheep and two Glass Bowles & Ten Spoons.


I give my Daughter Elisebeth Pitmans Son William Anderson one Hiefer.


I give to my Grandaughter Sarah Anderson Two Cows and Calves, and one Mare, and one Pot, and pot Hoocks, Two Puter Basons. And my own Bed where on I Lie with Furniture belonging there ontoo and one Ewe Sheep and one Chest


I give to my Sd. Grandaughter, Elisebeth Anderson one Bread Tray, and one parlor, and paire of Fire Tonges.

And all the Rest of my Maiables within Doors and without Doors, I Doe Give to my afore Said Sarah Anderson my Grandaughter.

And I doe Appoint my Grandaughter, Sarah Anderson To be my Whole, and Sole, Execetess of This, my Last will and Tesements whatsoever as witness hand and Seal this fifth Day of November 1732.

Tess by Wss                     Before Sig’d my Daughter

Inter Lined

Elias  EF Fort (his mark) Jurat

Ealen Fort  (her mark)                                                       Elisebeth (her mark) Anderson

Hen. Crompton  (signed)

Bertie Precinct       August Court 1733

The Afore Written will was Proved by the Oath of Elias Fort One of the Evidences thereto.          Test (signature)?

(transcribed /MA)

digital image available online at North Carolina State Archives MAR

Note that it is obvious that James was still kicking and seemingly “at hand” in 1733 since she left him one shilling.

Note the will of Carolus Anderson in 1753. Note also I defer to the work of Sadie Greening Sparks. I bow to her work, it was an inspiration to me, although I obviously have some disagreements. I also wish to highlight her work to offer an alternative viewpoint.

Nowhere in the two wills above is the name Susannah or Susan mentioned. I think that the James Anderson that Ms Sparks chronicled above was the son of Elizabeth Anderson d1733. This James Anderson who hailed from Halifax, NC in 1716 had a wife Elizabeth. I find it plausible she died and James remarried to Susanna.

The same time that Susanna Anderson proved her Rights in 1743/4, likewise did Carolus.

Did Peter Anderson name a son Charles after his “possible” uncle Carolus. Did James Anderson, brother of Carolus die before 1744? I think it is a rational question. He also named a son James… but consider that he was born prior to 1744. He died 1801.

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May 12, 2021 at 8:21 am

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  1. Fascinating! I’ve always wondered where Carolus fit in. Unfortunately, my DNA won’t help much (female LOL) but I’d love to see all of us share our GEDmatch IDs. Mine is A092178.



    May 12, 2021 at 8:55 am

  2. Marc, what YDNA test have you taken? What is your Haplogroup? YDNA testing starts with the low resolution YDNA37 and tops out with the BigY700, that really takes care of business. The BigY is a discovery test and will return your high resolution YDNA SNP’s and likely will have enough data to create a migration map and SNP tree for your male line, be it Anderson or not. If you also test a known Anderson male from a close branch (uncle, cousin) your testing may actually discover new SNP’s for publication.

    David Boyett, YDNA Project Admin for many Virginia Colony Families


    David Boyett

    May 12, 2021 at 2:52 pm

    • I have the 67 marker with FTDNA. I’m just getting informed of the BigY aspect from Traci the Librarian and will get that ordered.



      May 12, 2021 at 3:02 pm

  3. My husband is descended from Charles Anderson (c1775-1836) of Craven County, NC. Charles is probably a descendant of James of Perquimans but that connection is confusing to say the least. His DNA has been done if anyone wants to take on your suggestion of making a comparison. I am assuming no-one has already started an Anderson group on ftdna.


    Anne Wilson

    May 13, 2021 at 7:26 am

    • Hi Anne

      There is an Anderson group on FTDNA… however, I am not competent enough to analyze the data.
      Stay tuned however because Traci has identified a Charles Anderson from Halifax… which I allude to above.
      I will post her stuff later. I am trying to gauge the interest level such as yours.



      May 13, 2021 at 7:52 am

    • The Anderson YDNA Project is located at FTDNA, however all results are private (not sharing results). From what I have learned most are stuck in the large population of R-M269 which requires additional testing such as BigY to drill down the SNP Tree. You can join the project here:


      David Boyett

      May 13, 2021 at 10:10 am

    • Anne
      Use my search button… I have numerous files concerning your Perquimans/Craven guys…



      May 15, 2021 at 11:37 am

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