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Eagle-eyed Traci has me digging… she spotted some errors in various transcripts of the will of one Henry Shadock of Chatham Co. NC d 1778.

The analysis is completely open right now… here are her clues:

Both transcripts above have errors, as she observed.

Note the Braswell connection above.

The actual will of Henry Shadock:

The Brantley connection:

From the Joshua Brantley section above:

” James married Easter Shaddock. In 1777, James Brantley & wife Esther and Benjamin Braswell & wife Mary sold land on the Deep River in Chatham County, NC. That same year they both appeared on a petition in Wilkes County, Georgia to remove General McIntosh from his command. James and Esther also sold land in 1774 to Valentine Braswell. He too would later reside near Joshua in Walton County, Georgia.”

Hester Hall and one Pattey Brantley are missing from the transcripts.

I have a 67 step DNA match to one Benjamin Hall of Chatham Co (this same era). Remember that my DNA is BRANTLEY. What gives???



As an aside which may just be my overly excitable imagination concerning the Hill name reference from the will …

this is a snippet from one of my posts:

There is a 1831 marriage certificate for Zachariah Griffin and Margaret BRAKE so this seems to be a later marriage… (first wife unknown to me)Griffin, Zachariah will Apr. 26, 1837, no probate date, wife & extx. Margaret, lend tract whereon I now on lines of John Anderson, now Lot Stallings line on east side of Grassy Branch, one negro, pot and books, Dutch oven, pr. flat irons, griddle, skillet, mare, side saddle, bridle, china press and contents, riding chair and harness, stone jar, 4 good sitting chairs, trunk, chest, table, sow and 14 pigs, shoats, cow and calf or yearling, loom and gear, 6 geese, pork, corn, wheat, 20 lbs sugar, 10 lbs coffee, 3 bu. salt, 5 gal. molasses; dau. Maria Ruffin, wife of John Ruffin, land whereon they live; Martha Hawkins, wife of Fredrick Hawkins, land whereon they live; The land I Bequeth to Mariah Ruffin and Martha Hawkins are the two tracts being lands bought of David Barnes and James Griffin residue to be divided between dau. Elizabeth Spicer, heirs of James Griffin, heirs of Oney Hill, Rebecca Moore, Winifred Sawyer, Mariah Ruffin, Martha Hawkins, exr. Jesse C. Knight, wit. William Hinton, David Matthews. Abstracts of Wills, Edgecombe Co., NC, 1733-1856, Williams & GriffinNote the statement “heirs of James Griffin”… apparently he also is dead…I have found no will or inventory for a James Griffin… he just vanished.  But if he moved, who are the “heirs of James Griffin” mentioned in Zachariah’s will?…Question- did Oney (Aney, Annah, etc) Griffin remarry a ____ HILL and have children? …And of course… adding to the confusion… a William Griffin sells 40 acres to a Henry Anderson in 1838… (the consensus of researchers is that Henry Anderson/Lovey Staton have removed from Edgecombe County by this time)Edge. Co Db 22, page 415, deed date 24 Feb 1838, recorded Nov Ct 1839,
William Griffin, Edge. Co to Henry Anderson, county aforesaid for $110
all his right to the tract said Griffin is now possessed of containing
40 acres beginning at a pine in the run of the branch then nearly a
north course along the fence to a pine corner then nearly east along
James S. Battle’s line to a black gum then south along Elizabeth
Griffin’s line to a post oak in said E. Griffin’s line then nearly
south to a sassafras stake then nearly west to a hickory then nearly
south to an ash a corner then up the various courses of said branch to
a pine beginning, it being a part of the land where I now live, signed
William Griffin, wit Robt. Bryan, J.W. Calhoon, proved by Jno. W.
Cahoon. Abstracted 9 Oct 08, NCA film C.037.40018, CTC.__________________________________Sticking in my craw at this point is another odd reference of the Zachariah will of 1837 (above)…“heirs of Oney Hill

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