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I’ve chronicled John Browne the Indian Trader… (see Pages)

I’ve been thoroughly confused by what is apparently one of his daughters… namely Hester Browne. Or… (always leave an escape route when pontificating)… this Hester could be his grand daughter.

Since I am a Bastard Brantley and must dutifully report on their shenanigans… I am reporting now that I think this Hester Browne married Philip Brantley … my brand new ancestor as it were.

Well… Philip Brantley “Junior” to be precise. (My guess is this is a grandson of the immigrant from IOW… not sure yet?)

How can this be you ask incredulously? The bedraggled old Indian Trader was living a life of luxury in North Carolina while the Brantley’s were eeking out a meager existence near the Meherrin River in Southampton VA. How did it transpire that this witchingly scandalous daughter of the dastardly Indian Trader seduced the hapless farmer?

Those Indian Traders got around… gnome sane? Course, I suppose I should tread lightly with my innuendoes… some first cousin liaisons seem to be dangerously close. It seems John Browne Sr married secondly or thirdly (who the hell knows) to one Bridgett Lewis. Bridgett hailed from Isle of Wight as best I can tell, and may have been acquainted with the family of the original immigrant from IOW… one Edward Brantley, et al. Interestingly all these “players” seem to coalesce around a swamp in Southampton at about the same time that the floodgates of immigrants from Virginia poured across the Blackwater River just after 1700 when the taboos were lifted. Its hard to keep the boys on the farm once they’ve seen the big city lights.

Anthony’s Delight was the name of the swamp. I’ll show a close up after this…

So my theory goes..

note… my commenter “Bill” has agonized over the birthdates of Anthony Lewis and Bridgett Lewis. (he is a LEWIS guy so he has skin in the game)… Bill thinks these two were brother/sister. I am ensconced firmly on the fence and refuse to relinquish my position! Gadzooks! (that was for my buddy David… he likes the word)

an update… to explain the very perplexing William Browns of this era… both were Indian Traders, but they can be separated…

The Surry County guy usually sported a militia rank… such as Maj. (just think chicken… Col Sanders)… crap, now I’m guilty of just totally slandering this guy’s reputation.

The North Carolina William Brown was the one who died about 1718 near Oconeechee Neck.

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July 27, 2021 at 1:12 pm

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  1. I would like to give you a copy of my book titled “Anthony Lewis of Isle of Wight County.”
    Bill Lewis


    Bill Lewis

    July 27, 2021 at 5:58 pm

  2. Well you just go right ahead and make my day Bill…
    Am I on the right track so far?
    I remember you and I have gone a round or three before concerning Anthony…

    Send a reply and I’ll relay my mailing particulars…

    Marc Anthony Anderson (smiling)



    July 27, 2021 at 6:53 pm

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