Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

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my Commenters are some pretty fart smellers… er… smart fellers…

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I think I picked that up as a kid in West Texas… it has stuck with me faithfully through the years.. much like a bad smell.

So… most of you know I spend time tracking down Indian Traders… its what I do (TTT).

I’ve crossed paths with one William Gray and son in early Isle of Wight (which became Southampton in 1743). And I suspect these guys were all over the place… including Oconeechee Neck, Bath County… and they hob-nobed with Thomas Whitmel, Arthur Kavenaugh, Robert Hix and numerous other suspects… including the Tuscarora and now Nottoway and Meherrin Indians. They got around. Little did I realize how astute this commenter was… perhaps he will stop by again with some other tantalizing dirt… er, facts.

Frances Morgan (my esteemed commenter) … take a bow… (clapping wildly with much whistling and excitement)

he notes:

“From the same Mary Best Bell book of Bertie deeds, you will find records to prove that John Gray and brother William Gray were from Surry Co, VA. Henry Jones (Sr) and (son) Frances (Francis) Jones witnessed two of his earliest deeds in 1723. Some of John Gray’s land adjoined the land of Henry Jones Sr and wife Catherine Judkins in the Oconeechee Neck on the N side of the Roanoke. Henry was an Indian trader who was first granted land in the neck in 1711/12 but didn’t move his family from Surry Co until 1725. Catherine’s father was Samuel Judkins Jr, son of Samuel Judkins Sr and Lydia Gray, daughter of Thomas Gray Sr the immigrant to Jamestown. You will not find this in published sources, but it has been proven and is on file with the Jamestown Society. When Henry Jones Sr and Catherine Judkins left Surry Co in 1725, they sold her inherited share of the 800 acre Thomas Gray grant to William Gray Jr. Her nephew, William Dennis, and cousin James Judkins also sold their inherited shares to William Gray Jr at the same time. Purse and Person misquoted the will of John Gray concerning this land which created a lot of confusion. Boddie confused a later Lydia Gray with the earlier Lydia Judkins which created even more confusion. No one ever checked the actual records and discovered these mistakes. William Gray Jr did leave a will. He did not name a son John but did have a son John who predeceased him and left a will of his own. So this John Gray that you found and his brother William Gray could not be the children of William Gray Jr. Perhaps they’re from the next younger generation. Robert Hicks was an Indian trader, and Henry Jones Sr was also an Indian trader, so I’m guessing this John Gray was probably involved in the Indian trade business at some point too.”

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July 28, 2021 at 8:14 pm

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