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James Bryan of Isle of Wight

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Ca…late 1600s / early 1700s. Ken Brantley rattled my cage about this guy.

I’m pretty neutral at this moment… meaning I have not formed any opinions about this guy. So my initial comments right now are strictly about his land… and nothing about “him”, if that makes sense? I have no dog in this fight.

None of his patents have a “t” at the end of his name.

I hazard a guess that the 1689 patent “on the Blackwater River” was deserted by said James Bryan. My reason is obvious… note that William West got the land in 1705. Also because Bridgman Joyner and Henry Applewaite also deserted the land. correction… commenters have stated Bryan held on to the 1689 land and later sold it off (I stand corrected and have revised my map)

Note Philip Brantley in the upper Left Corner. (my reason for this particular map)

I’ll also include this patent because it references the name James “Brian” and is adjacent in 1692. It seems to me this gives a clue to how his name was pronounced in 1700s… for what its worth. This particular patent is perplexing because I do not see any way for me to draw in the missing parts to include going from “Beaver Dam” to “Kingsale” to the beginning? … a head scratcher… welcome to my world. (smiling)


Note for the 1702 patent. I was mistaken that the 1702 patent which was adjoined by Richard Williams was for a “Samuel” Bryant… I now am convinced it was this JAMES Bryant.

David Boyett has chimed in with the theory that the early Bryans(t)s may have been imported as indentured servants via Britton England… he has some links to his site in the comments…

The 1652 patent to John Bryan (possibly the “Agent” who did the importing) is referenced by this map which shows my attempt to find “Indian Creek” which was a branch of the Nansemond River.

I will attach the John Bryan 1652 patent which references William Storey and John garrett.

James Bryan in North Carolina. The 2 Chowan patents.

from this source:

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July 31, 2021 at 5:01 am

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  1. Marc, I have researched this line and believe that are from Bitton, England and related to Ballard, Boyt, Langston, Howell, Joyner, and many other IOW/Nansemond Families.
    John Ballard, Bristol Ship Record 1659 – listed as indentured servant on ship
    from Bristol to Virginia in 1659. Indentured for 6 years on August 15, 1659 Agent, John Brian (aka John Bryant, Bryan and Bryant of Bitton).

    NOTE: Also indentured at the same time was a Lewes Brian of Bitton:
    Record Identification Number=5197
    Servant Name: Lewes Brian Name Gender: male
    Place of Origin: Bitton, Gloucestershire
    Date of Indenture: August 15 1659
    Indenture Length: 5 years Destination: Virginia
    Information Agent Information: John Brian Gender: male

    Database source:
    By David Boyett on April 18, 2007

    Additional information on John Bryan and Lewis Bryan:
    Ken Lindsay and Bryant Family research
    Needham BRYANT born 1772 as a son of Lewis and Nancy (Hinton) BRYANT of Johnston Co., North Carolina. (Batch #8709608, Sheet #94, Source Call #1396328).

    Nugent’s Cavalier and Pioneers P. 518 15 Oct 1652 shows us that a John Bryan on 15 Oct 1652 was granted 168 Acres on Nansemond River, called Indian Creek.

    Nearly seven years later, we know John Bryan was living in Virginia, as records in England, dated 15 August 1659, the following Lewis Bryan and Robert Bryan were bound to “John Brian, planter, to serve in Virginia: Lewes Brian of Bitton, Glos, yeoman, for 4 years; Robert Brian of Bitton for 5 years.”


    David T Boyett

    July 31, 2021 at 6:13 am

    • Hi David
      I just reviewed the 1713 patent for Richard Williams and now think his land references “James Bryant” as an adjoining landowner. That pretty much closes the deal where James Bryan settled by about 1702. I’ll add the note to the Post.
      Also the Brantley Association folks may be making comments… this looks like a hot button post.

      Interesting stuff..



      July 31, 2021 at 6:21 am

  2. Edward Bryan arrived on the Bono Novo in 1620 as a servant of Edward Waters. He survived the 1622 massacre and is on the 1623 census living in Elizabeth City. Waters used him as a headright in 1624 to patent 100 acres of land two miles below Blunt Point in Elizabeth City County. I don’t know whether the following is true or not, but Worth S. Ray thought there was circumstantial evidence to declare he married a daughter of John Needham, another indentured servant. The name Needham was used for generations among some branches of the family. This theory fits in nicely, maybe even bigly.. No need for layering in Irish royalty, or any of that. It is remarkable enough for anyone to survive in early 17th century Virginia. At least one John Bryan is claimed as a son of one of the Edwards. Every once in a while I take a look at the Bryan/Bryant family and scratch my head. Good ole Daniel McDaniel had offspring that married into this bunch after they moved into Carolina. Just my two cents worth.



    July 31, 2021 at 11:56 am

    • I haven’t tackled many of the Bryants yet… but they are on my to-do list… very intimidating tho’. Like the Boons, they multiplied like rabbits.

      I’ve noticed that the Thomas Bryant around Morratock River acted as attorney for a lot of the folks I chronicle… appears to be something of a brainiac I suspect. I think the old man James Bryan settled just northeast of him on Urah Swamp. I’ve added him to my Oconeechee Map.

      nice input… ‘preciate it…



      August 8, 2021 at 8:40 am

  3. Marc he must have held onto part of the 1689 patent or obtained another as well: Isle of Wight Deed Book 2, p 154, 18 November 1717 Feb 1717/18, James and Elizabeth Bryant appointed their son Thomas Bryant to appear in Isle of Wight County VA to acknowledge the sale of 462 acres on the north side of Black Water River to William Beal, part of a patent of 762 acres granted Bryant on Oct 20, 1689. Also a sale to Thomas Davis of 315 acres, land patented to Bryant on Feb 22, 1683. James moved into North Carolina about 1705-1708 from what I can determine, but held onto some of his lands in Isle of Wight.

    4 Feb 1717 – James Bryant of Albemarle Co in NC to Thomas Davis of Isle of Wight – 315 acs between Kingsale Swamp and the main Blackwater River adj William Mayoe, Richard Boothe, Hodges Council, and Bridgeman Joyner being part of a patent granted to said James Bryant on 22 Feb 1683 Wit John Barnes, Richard Drake, Richard Beel



    July 31, 2021 at 12:22 pm

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