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Occoneechee Neck

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This may not be precise but it is close…

William Little is shown on the 1733 Mosely map at this area.

Below I have transcribed the 1722 deed of James Anderson to John Gray.  The point I wish to make is that James is moving south ( I theorize to what will become Tarboro).  The term “Chowan Precinct” is just beginning to be used for this area of Occoneechee Neck and I think this deed with its use of the “County” designation strengthens my point.  Another observation I have made is that Rivers are consistently described as north or south and almost never east or west (in deed descriptions).  If he indeed is moving to Tarboro as I think, it was considered to be in Bath County.

Letter from William Gordon to John Chamberlain

London, May 13, 1709

Colonial and State Records of North Carolina Volume 01, Pages 708-715

(observations concerning Chowan Precinct)

There are, I think, no Quakers or any other dissenters in this parish: the people indeed are ignorant, there being few that can read, and fewer write, even of their justices of peace and vestrymen; yet to me they seemed very serious and well inclined, both in public and private, many of them being very ready to embrace (as far as they could) all opportunities of being instructed. The worst is, that the narrowness of their sense and conceptions occasions many differences and quarrels amongst themselves, for which no man can find any shadow of reason, but their ignorant mistakes of one another’s meaning, and upon this account I found these more frequent here than in any other country I have ever travelled….

Bath county contains most of that land which lies to the southward of Albemarle Sound to Pamplico River, and about thirty or forty miles more southerly to Neuse River, which (being but lately peopled with a few French who left Virginia) is not laid down in the draft….   In this as in all other parts of the province, there is no money; every one buys and pays with their commodities…

Bertie Deed Book A

19  No 12          Jas. Anderson to Jno. Grey

North Carolina_  To all of whom these presents shall come James Anderson of the County of Bath send Greeting Know ye that I the said James Anderson for and in Consideration of the Sum of twelve pounds current money of North Carolina to me in hand paid by Capt. John Grey of the County of Albermarl in the Province aforesaid before the Insealing and Delivery of these presents the Receipt thereof I do hereby Acknowledge and thereof and of every part and parcel thereof do fully Clearly and Absolutely asign_ exonerate & Discharge the said John Grey his Exers. & Admrs. in and by their presents and for Divers other good causes and Considerations me thereunto move especially moving Have Granted Bargained Sold Aliened enfeoffed and Confirmed and Confirm unto the said John Gray and to his Heirs and Assigns forever a Certain Tract or parcell of Land lying on the North side of Morattock River in Occoneechee Neck in Albermarle County containing ffour Hundred Acres the same being part of a Larger Tract of Six Hundred and forty Acres formerly Surveyed or laid out by Collo. William Maule for William Braswell and by the said Braswell conveyed to Matthew Capps and by the sd Capps conveyed to me James Anderson which said Tract or parcell of Land lyes upon the Cypress Swamp joyning upon William Boons Land to the Southward and upon John Nellsons Land to the Northward And also all and Singular the wood waters and Rivers together with all priviledges of Hunting Hawking Fishing & Fowling to have and to Hold the said Tract or parcell of Land and all and Singular other premisses herein before mentioned and Intended to be hereby Granted with their and every of their apperten unto the said John Gray his Heirs and assigns forever to the only use and behoof of him the said John Gray his Heirs and Assigns forevermore and I the said James Anderson for myself and my heirs the said Tract or parcell of Land and all and Singular the Premises with their and every of their appertces unto him the said John Gray his Heirs and Assigns against me the said James Anderson my Heirs & Assigns and against all and every other person or persons whatsoever Lawfully me Claiming or which shall and may Lawfully claim by from or under me them or any of them shall and will warrant and forever Defend by these presents In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this 3rd day of March Anno_ Domini 1721/22

James (I with horizontal slash) Anderson & a Seal, Sealed and Delivered in Presence of us Patt; Maule   Mau: Moore   No. Carolina March Matt?

the above Deed was proved by the Oaths of Pat Maule & Mau Moore Evidences thereto this 20th Day of April Anno Dom 1722, Let it be Registered  C Gale Cl_

Transcribed Marc Anderson, 2011

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January 2, 2011 at 10:30 pm

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  1. Would you have any family information on Robert Lang shown on the map above?




    January 3, 2011 at 3:00 am

    • Here’s a couple references… also you may want to contact the abstractor (Mr Colbert) he may have some insight…

      File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:
      Tommy Colbert

      Edge. Co (Halifax) Db 1, page 5, deed date 28 Oct 1731, recorded
      Edgecombe Precinct Nov Ct 1732, Richard Jackson, Bertie, to (Thomas
      Haynes), precinct aforesaid for 15 pds VA, a tract of 90 acres in
      Bertie Precinct in the (?? Elk Marsh) on the south side of Moratuck
      River beginning at a red oak(by) the marsh side then north 22 east 160
      poles to a red oak then (north 46 west) 160 poles to a red oak then
      south 100 poles to a sweet gum by the marsh side to the first station,
      being granted to Richard Jackson by patent dated 1668, signed Richd
      Jackson, (Richard Haynesworth), (Sylestie Diguenne), (Robt. Lang)(X).
      Abstracted Jan 07, NCA film C.037.40001, CTC.

      Edge. Co (Halifax) Db 1, page 30, deed date 13 Feb 1732, recorded Feb
      Ct 1732, Robert Long and, wife, Eleanor Long, Edgecombe Precinct to
      (Jos Lewis), for 36 pds VA, a tract containing by patent 525 acres on
      the south side of Moratock River and on the north side of the Upper Elk
      Marsh dated 13 Feb 1732 beginning at a white oak on the north side of
      Elk Marsh then east 20 north 250 poles to a red oak then south 20 east
      320 poles to a red oak then (west 20 south) 260 poles to a white oak
      stake in the marsh then south to the first station, signed Robt Long
      (mark), Elinor Long (NOTE middle initial W could by mark), wit Samuel
      Williams Richd Haynesworth, (Edward ?). Abstracted Jan 07, NCA film
      C.037.40001, CTC.



      January 3, 2011 at 11:41 am

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