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James Pitman 1740s…

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From what I gather the general assumption is that he was the grandson of Benjamin and son of Moses Pitman…


In the Name of God Amen I BENJAMIN PITMAN of Edgecomb County in the Province of North Carolina…

Item…to Son MOSES PITMAN five Shillings..Money of Virginia…

Item…plantation and tract of Land where on I live..Wife ANN PITMAN her life and after her Deceas to my loving Son JACOB PITMAN

Item…Son MICAH PITMAN…Feather bed and Furniture

Item..Son SAMSON PITMAN …feather bed and furniture

Item…Daughter PATIENCE FAULK five Shillings

Item…Wife ANN PITMAN the one third part of all my Estate and the rest to be Devided amongst my Children as followeth that is MARY BOTTOMS, and my Daughter ABIGAL PITMAN, LACY PITMAN and my Daughter CELA PITMAN and my Daughter JH_MIAHA PITMAN my Sons JACOB PITMAN, MICAH PITMAN, and my Son SAAMSON PITMAN…

…Wife ANN PITMAN Executor…twenty third day of August 1755

Benjamin (B his mark) Pitman   Wit: JOHN STREATER, JOHN JAMESON, JO_ MURPHREE

Recorded May Court 1756…oath by the Exor…proved by oath of JOHN STREATOR, JOHN MURFREE

(abstract of will: Marc Anderson, from online MARS, NC State Archives)

MOSES PITMAN — 24 March 1759 — Dec Ct 1760 — O A/16 — Wife Elizabeth PITMAN – one third of my estate. Remaining estate to be divided between my children James PITMAN, Moses PITMAN and Mary PITMAN. Ex. wife, Andrew ROSS Wit. Joseph PITMAN (Quaker), John GAY, Jesse GREEN

Edgecombe Co NC Will Abstracts 1732 – 1792, Gammon, David B., page 65: (315)


Dec 1760

The last Will & Testament of Moses PITMAN Deced. was Exhibited by the Exrs. therein named  and at the same time Joseph PITMAN one of the People called Quakers affirmed that he saw the sd. Moses PITMAN Execute the sd. Will & that he saw Jno. GAY & Jesse GREEN sign the same as Evidence thereto & at the same Time the Exr. Qualified acco. to Law

Edgecombe Co., NC, Court Minutes 1744-1762 Book I   GoldenWest Marketing Genealogy, Temple City, CA


I’ve previously identified some of his land being below the Anderson property near Swift Creek and adjacent the Elizabeth Pitman property.  My current thought is that this is a non-issue in that he promptly sold the property shortly after acquiring it and probably never lived there.

Edgecombe County Land Records:

p. 216: James Pitman and Elizabeth Pitman of Edgecombe Co. to JOHN STALLINGS of Edgecombe Co., 21 February ____, 20 pounds current money of

Virginia. 200 acres on north side of Tar River, joining Falling Run.    Witness: Abram Evans, Robert Coleman, Jr., Thomas Woodard. Registered: Feb Court, 1743.

I’ve since found another reference that could also be this James Pitman:

NC Records (Online MARS)

1742   Book 5, pg 340

File No. 536, James Pitman

May 5, 1742, 200 acres…”S. side of Sapponey creek”


1742   Book 5, pg 359

File No. 551, James Pitman

May 15, 1742, 200 acres… “S. side of Sapponey Creek”


1742   Book 10, pg 211

File No. 935, James Pitman

May 5, 1742, 200 acres… “The So. side of Soppony Creek”


1751, 1754   Moses Pitman

Warrant  1751 April 17.  200 acres

“Tar River, William Horn Deed: 1754 April 26”


Since he disappears from Edgecombe records, perhaps references to this James will show up in later Nash County resources (I don’t have any deed books or minutes)…

My point of this post is that I see no connection between this James Pitman and the widow Elizabeth Pitman of Swift Creek.  Also it begs a question that James appears to acquire property 10 years before Benjamin (his supposed grandfather)… could it be that he is not the son of Moses?

(see the Edgecombe map under “Pages” to see the property I am referring to)

All of which leads to my main point which is that all of the information below is essentially correct:

From the research of Donald Gordon (a Pittman descendant):

Thomas Pitman,of Monmouthshire, England, fled England during the Cromwell rebellion and landed in Virginia in 1649. He purchased land in Surry County, Virginia and had two sons Thomas and William. This grandson, the third Thomas moved about 1707 to Isle of Wight County. His daughter Elizabeth and son Robert, with Robert’s two sons, Samuel and Joseph moved to Edgecombe County North Carolina about 1738. Deeds in Edgecombe County show Robert, Samuel, Joseph and Elizabeth holding several hundred acres in the area North and West of Tarboro. Joseph who first appears on Edgecombe records as a bailiff of the court had a son Abner (b. 1758) and grandson born 1787. By this time the Pitmans became Pittmans and all spelled their name with two tees . The Pittmans held land North of Leggett stretching into southern Halifax County. Here Joseph and his wife Mary had a son Henry Elias born 1828. In 1850 Henry married Lucy Anderson who in 1852 gave birth to Biscoe Pittman who married Martha Alice Walston. To this marriage was born, as the last of eight children, Hobson Lafayette Pittman (1899) at Epworth.


I checked the Pittman file at the Blount Bridgers house – The item you had was an exact quote from the paper by Donald Gordon who was a nephew of the artist Hobson Pittman. There is no other information about Elizabeth and Donald’s research was not documented. He came down through Abner and Joseph’s lines which he worked on. (Monika Fleming, Tarboro, NC)

I am attempting to prove that the Joseph Pitman who acquired the Elizabeth Pitman land was the son of Robert Pitman and also the man who signed the will of William Anderson in 1789.


Notes from typescript notes in a file at Blount Bridgers House on Pittman family (compiled by great granddaughter Lena Pittman Weeks – 1949)  McKajah Anderson the grandfather of Biscoe Pittman, the great grand father of Lena Pittman was a wealthy land owner – the number of acres cannot be numbered as writer does not have correct information. He made large sums of money by selling his huge cotton crops after holdings from “War between the States.” He was born on the old McKajah Anderson farm, now owned by the later Robert Pittman heirs. McKajah Anderson made his will in 1879 and is duly recorded in the Edgecombe County Court House Will Book G page 545.  (per David Gammon)

A daughter of Micajah Anderson, Lucy Anderson, married Henry Pittman, the father of Biscoe Pittman.

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