Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

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Edgecombe census 1790-1810

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My take is that there are 3 families represented.

1  The single (widow?) Elizabeth, the James Anderson and the “town” William… my speculation is that they are older remnants (for lack of a better word) of an earlier family possibly of the “commisioner” James Anderson who appears to have died about 1763.  Also note the 2 chain carriers (Arthur & James) of the 1752 survey of the below William Anderson.

2  The William Anderson who died 1789 (12 children)  …noted in yellow.

3  The Henry Anderson who died 1801 & son Henry. (these folks lived south of Tarboro very near the Pitt County line)

And never missing an opportunity to push my theory… I think the “commissioner” James Anderson is the same man as the James of Occoneechee Neck who moved from there in about 1722 or so.

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