Andersons of Colonial N. Carolina

meant what they said, said what they meant

Peter Anderson d.1801

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A possible lead for his father is the mystery John Anderson of Halifax County who goes off the radar in mid 1730s…

A William Powell imported a John Anderson & Anne Huskey in 1711 in IOW or Nansemond.  He may have simply purchased the headrights; but if they were actually servants and did their time he would have been in time and place to migrate to North Carolina.

With that being said…

2 Sep 1721 William Boon of Albermarle Co and Elizabeth Boon to Henry Sims of same, 15L, 200 a joining the Beaverdam Br, William Powell, William Brasswell and John Pace, now in the acutal possession of Henry Sims, part of a patent for 600 a granted to William Boon 11 Nov 1720. Wit Nicholas Boon, Joseph Boon, ack 5 Sep 1721 by John Bryan by virture of power of atty from William and Eliz Boon.

I’ve attempted to map Powell in IOW and have failed miserably so far… there are numerous Powells to wade through.  Check my IOW map and toward the bottom is a patent for Robert Sims.  The Robert Spring mentioned above is connected with some “Capps”… a Matthew Capps winds up living on the property of Robert Sims when he moves to Occoneechee Neck and buys land from James Anderson…

Just sayin’…

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