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One of the neighbors of James Anderson of Oconeechee Neck was Robert Sims. In his will(Robert Sims) is an obscured part from a fold (which I can’t read)  which references ***horses. I think he was an Indian Trader…


December 31-January 7, 1736
Williamsburg Gazette

By a Letter from Col. James Millikin, in North-Carolina, dated at Roanoak, December the 10th, we have the following Account, That he received a Letter from Mr. Thomas Brown, of the Cutaboes, the chief Trader there, informing him. That on the 9th of October last, Three Indians came to the House of one William Syms, on Pine tree Creek, and (in his Absence) killed his Wife, another Woman, Three Children, and a Negro Man; and then set Fire to the House, Tis suppos’d they carried a White Girl away with them alive, who liv’d at the House, but can’t be found.

They were followed the next Morning by Five White Men, upon the Track, who found they had stopp’d in the Night, near a Place called Mars-Bluff, on Pedee River, where they had shared the Plunder, and left the bloody Cloaths of the murdered People. The Indians bent their Way Northward, which makes it believ’d they were Tuskaroroes. Mr. Brown wrote the above Account to Col. Millikin, at the Request of the Governor of South-Carolina, desiring him to use his Endeavours to apprehend these horrid Murderers

Edgecombe County, North Carolina deed of William Sims to James Millikin for land on the south side of Quankey Creek [DB 1:20] 

On motion of Mr James Millikin in behalf of the Inhabitants of that part of Bertie Precinct that lyes on the South Side of Roanoke River that a bill for an Act to be preferred to this house for Establishing that part into a precinct by the name of Edgcombe also on the Motion of Mr Maurice Moore in behalf of the Inhabitants of Onslow and Bladen that a bill be preferred to confirm them into seperate precincts which Motions are granted.  1735

There were 3 different Sims that James Anderson sold property to (Robert, Henry & Joseph)… one of them was the father of this William Sims .

The Robert Sims will can be found here…   (search “Robert Sims” for the online scan)

If you figure out where the Sims (brothers?) came from, let me know please.

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  1. “If you figure out where the Sims (brothers?) came from, let me know please.” Don’t have an answer but may only offer the following;

    Name: John Thornton
    Date: Apr 3, 1687
    Location: Isle Of Wight
    Notes: This probate record was extracted from microfilmed copies of the original Will Book.
    Remarks: John Thornton. Leg.-son William; daughter Elinor; wife Willmuth, at her decease to her two sons, Richard and Robert SIMS.
    Description: Testator
    Book: 2-274
    Prove date: May 1, 1688
    Virginia Land, Marriage, and Probate Records, 1639-1850

    I am chasing the Thornton’s that are NOT of the “the hills.”

    p.s. your writing is adorable.


    Jennifer Thornton

    December 4, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    • I am offering a correction to the last name of SIMS, regarding the step-son’s of John Thornton (IOW), Richard and Robert. The actual last name is, GLINN. This mistake has been played forward (family tree’s and web-sites) as a result of transcription error.

      Further investigation found an indenture on 21 Jan 1723 between Richard Glinn and William Thornton describing a “certain tract or parcel of land in the lower parish of Isle of Wight County being a patent granted unto John Thornton bearing Date the 20th of April 1682 by estimation containing 190 acres (original grant was 390 ac.) given by John Thornton by his last will & testament unto the aforesaid Richard Glinn & Robert Glinn whom the said Richard survived.” From this I infer that Willmuth had been married to a Mr. Glinn and they had two sons, Richard and Robert Glinn. After Mr. Glinn died, Willmuth married John Thornton and they had William and Ellinor Thornton. Note, Robert Glinn was deceased by 21 Jan 1723.


      Jennifer Thornton

      May 25, 2021 at 8:57 pm

      • Jennifer,
        I have never ran across a “Richard” Sims associated with these guys. My impression is that your guy Thornton married the widow of a _____? Sims in IOW.

        I think this may be the father of the Sims I chronicle.

        William Sims, Indian Trader?

        I’ve never tracked these guys but my hunch is that they came from Nansemond (I remember running across some Sims in one of my maps???)



        May 26, 2021 at 1:38 am

      • I was issuing a correction to my post from 12-4-2019. John Thornton married the Widow GLINN, not Sims.

        What is known from the will of John Thornton, signed April 3, 1687 , is that his “loving” wife is Willmuth, and their two children are William and Ellinor whom are not yet of age, and Willmuth had two sons from a previous marriage: Richard and Robert. The last name of Richard and Robert is not certain due to its appearance. However, another document gives credibility to the last name as GLINN.

        20 April 1682, John Thornton was granted 390 acres in IOW on the Western Side of the Western Branch . His neighbors were, William Powell (granted 257ac in 1679), Francis Bridle (granted 422ac in 1679), William West, John Nevill and (FNU ) Durdon. (all credit for this is from you! Mr. Anderson)

        John Thornton’s will was proved in open court on April 8, 1688. Son William is given two hundred acres of land “when he comes of age,” Willmuth is given a life estate in the remaining 190 acres and at her death, to be divided equally “between her two sons.”

        Glinn is also sometime spelled, Glyn/Glynn. “Widdo Glyn” is shown as the owner of 390 acres in IOW, in 1704.

        *The Powell family of Norfolk and Elizabeth City Counties, Virginia, and their descendants by Lucas, S. Emmett (Silas Emmett), pg. 17. [the dots don’t clearly connect and more digging would be needed to prove the connection put forth in this book].
        *FHL Film # 007645159; Mixed records, Vol. 2 1661-1719 Mixed records, Vol. 3 1726-1734; image 134/605 (actual page 274). Isle of Wight Circuit Court 17000 Josiah Parker circle Isle of Wight VA USA 23397.
        *Land Grants, 1674-1705, pg. 697; Bk. 7, P. 158.
        *FHL Film 007645141, image 324/492; Deeds and wills Vol. 2(2nd vol.) 1715-1726.
        *Ibid, image 316/492.

        Respectfully your avid reader,


        Jennifer Thornton

        May 26, 2021 at 9:33 am

  2. Thanks for clarifying… my commenters don’t usually miss much and tend to nit-pick. Which I tend to enjoy and exacerbate when I can. I vaguely remember trying to map Thornton now… a real pain… no offence. (smiling)



    May 26, 2021 at 9:53 am

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