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In my simple quest to figure out who the Joseph Pitman was who signed the will of William Anderson in 1789 I’ve ran into the problem of figuring out the “big picture” of the Pitmans in general.  One of which is the William Pitman who “seems” to inherit some property from his father-in-law Andrew Ross next to William Anderson.

The Problem Ross…  (I added a Page to the right)

In my copy of the original survey of William Anderson’s property in 1752 is the reference to “joyning the Lands of Andrew Ross”.

Abstract Number 1083 – Page 256

Andrew Ross 25 March 1749, 200 acres in Edgecombe County. OR: Andrew Ross

Wits: Saml Williams Jr, D. Weldon. Survyed 10 March 1748. CC: David

Cooper, James Ross JOS Lane Surveyor

That seems reasonable but its not very specific…  BUT WAIT!

Abstract Number 1078 – Page 255

Andrew Ross 25 March 1749, 380 acres in Edgecombe County, joining Henry Horn and both sides of Stony Creek. OR: /s/ Andrew Ross Wits: Saml Williams Jr,

D Weldon surveyed 21 April 1749 (sic) CC: Abraham Evans, James Ross, Joseph

Lane, Surveyor

Stony Creek is just west of the Nash/Edgecombe border, just north of the town of Rocky Mount… roughly eight miles or so from the above Swift Creek property

Abstract Number 1081 – Page 255

Andrew Ross 28 February 1761, 166 acres in Edgecombe County in the Parish of

St. Mary on both sides of Stony Creek, joining Ross’s line and Jacob Barns.

OR: /s/ (mark followed by designation “William Pittman heirs”) Wit: Jno

Lesslie examined by: Dun Lamon surveyed 20 December 1752. SCC: Benja Bunn,

Samuel Skiner. Jno Haywood Dep Surveyor

…must be a son or some other relative…  but we notice that William Pitman inherited this property…   BUT WAIT!

Abstract Number 1098 – Page 259

Daniel Ross 16 March 1761, 160 acres in Edgecombe County in St. Mary Parish,

joining Stephen Batchelor and both sides of Sappony Creek OR: /s/ (mark

followed by designation “William Pittman heirs”) Wit: Geo Brown examined

by: Dun Lamon surveyed 24 May 1760 SOC: William Hendrick, William Vessler

W. Haywood Surveyor (?)

…so William Pitman inherits this property also… it is located several miles southwest of the town of Rocky Mount on Sapony Creek…


pd.  The last Will & Testament of Danl. ROSS deceased was produced into Court by Willoby TUCKER and Wm. PITMAN two of the Exrs. therein named and prov’d by the Oath of Sherd. HAYWOOD Esqr. & the affermation of Mary ROSS two of the Witnesses thereto subscribed and the Exrs. took the Oath by Law required for their Qualification and took upon themselves the Burthen of the Execution thereof.

The Will of Andrew RASS (sic) decd. was produced into Court by Sarah RASS (sic) one of the Exrs. and the same is proved by the Oaths of John MOOR & Thos. PRICE two of ye. subscribing witnesses and the sd. Exx. took the necessary Quallification and  returned an Inventory of the Estate of sd. Andrew RASS.

Thomas Price was a neighbor at the Swift Creek plantation…

1763 Jan. Court

Ordred that Duncan LAMON, James RIX & “William”(crossed out) Jacob HILLIARD or any two of them meet & divide the Estate of Andrew ROSS jur. Decd. among the Proper Representative_ of sd. ROSS & return.  [6] Ibid., Vol 2

All these folks are living either at the Stony Creek property and/or at the Sapony Swamp property.

But then again. I’m really interested in the William Pitman…

1763       9 Jul. WILLIAM (X) PITMAN AND JUDETH (X) PITMAN of Edgecome Co. to John Hatcher, Junr. of same, for 33/6/8 Proc. money a tract of 160 acres on Sapony Creek adjoining Stephen Batchelor, it being the whole of a Granville grant to Daniel Ross bearing date March 17, 1761, and by said Daniel Ross given to Andrew Ross in his last will, and by said Andrew Ross given to said Judith Pitman in his last will. Wit: Artur (X) PITMAN, John Hatcher, William Defnal. DB C, p. 60.

Of course now I have to figure out who this Artur Pitman is…..

…and some people wonder why I drink…

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December 20, 2010 at 9:50 pm

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  1. All I have to say, is good luck in finding the Pitman-Anderson connection. When my Andersons left NC in 1850 for Tennessee and then Arkansas, I was till seeing Pitmans close by.

    I am so glad you are delving into this and sharing.



    W Cary Anderson

    December 21, 2010 at 5:36 am

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